Chapter 4

Mason's POV

We heard the serpentine alarm go off. I threw the cards down on the ground as Kai, Ann, and I ran out the door. Ann didn't know why we were running but i admired her running with us. We entered the bridge, "What happened Sis." Kai asked as soon as he entered the room. On the screen were readings of the large sum serpentine. "Did they multiply?" I asked. "Looks like it." Nya responded. Then Jay, Zane, and Cole came in. They looked at the same screen that us three saw. "Lets go kick some snake butt." Cole said. We all started to head out the door, "Wait," Ann called. We all stopped, i already knew what she was going to ask. "May i please go on the mission with you?" She said fluttering her eyes. "No, you need more training." Kai responded. I knew Kai was in for it. I started to back away from Kai, Cole and Zane backed away the same. Jay seemed to get what we were doing and said he was going on the deck. She stepped closer to Kai, and Kai didn't seem to take the hint that he was in trouble. The bad part was the Bounty was still flying, i knew she would use that to her advantage. In less than a minute there was a fight that Ann won. She paralyzed him for a bit, just long enough for her to, drag him by the foot, and dangle him over the edge by his foot. "Alright, alright you can come!" Kai screeched. She pulled him on deck, then we went to kick some snake booty.

Kai's POV

Ow was my only thought as i walked. It might not be best for me to fight in this condition, but i will keep going. *30 minutes later* "Ow" i mumbled. We just finished the fight with the serpentine and won. We have two captives, i say that was a win. As we walked back home i felt a sharp pain in my leg, the same leg that Ann had dangled me from. I felt the sharp pain again only stronger. I felt the pain a couple more times each more worse that the last. My body couldn't take it any more. I collapsed on the ground. "Kai, are you okay?" I heard before i blacked out.

Ann's POV

I freaked out when i saw Kai black out. I knew i did that to him. I carried him back to the bounty. "Hey Ann, do you want me to carry him for a while?" Cole asked. "No, i feel i should carry him back. I think his leg muscle is pulled to much." Cole just shrugged and we all kept walking. When we got to the bounty i realized two new people on the bounty. Waiting with Nya, Lloyd, Ali, Lin, and Sensei. They seemed to look at Jay and Cole. Jay and Cole realized who they were.

Cole's POV

We were nearing the Bounty when i noticed two new figures staring at both Jay and I. I soon realized the one that was staring at me had raven black hair, with a small flower in her hair. "No", i thought in horror, my little sister. She is the second most annoying thing on the planet, i consider Jay to be the most annoying. As we got closer i could see my sister's cherry red lips and pale skin. That was definitely Chaya.

Jay's POV

Oh, well there is my sister Kitty. I could feel her blue eyes staring at me. Kitty is sweet, but always wants to what I'm doing. We got on the bounty when Nya and Ali took Kai from Ann. I could tell by the look on Ann's face that she felt bad about Kai. We all went inside, i did not make eye contact with Kitty. We got to the dinning table witch we had to extend. But before we all sat down i told Cole and Zane that i needed to talk to them in privet. They already knew i what i was going to say. They walked into the room we were meeting in. I pulled up three chairs. "Sit." I said both Cole and Zane rushed to the seats. "Did you think i forgot?" I asked. "I was hoping that you would." Cole said sheepishly. I pulled my chair closer to Zane's and grabbed my tools. "Zane while we talk i am going to fix your arm. Is that okay?" He already knew that his arm needed fixing, but he probably didn't like the idea. I gave him no choice and started working on his arm. "So how did this happen Zane?" He didn't respond. "Zane do i need to take out your memory chip and watch what happened?" I asked. Zane looked like he was going to burst. "Jay we aren't aloud to tell you anything." Cole said not looking at me. I was about to open the panel were Zane's off switch is, when Zane was called to make dinner. Zane let out a sigh of relief while i muttered, "rats". I looked at Cole after Zane closed the door. "Both Zane and I know a secret we weren't suppose to know." I heard Cole say. "What kind of secret." I question.

Zane's POV

That was to close for comfort. before i started making dinner i told Ann about jay's behavior. she looked really, REALLY angry. She stormed off into the room Jay and Cole were in. A few moments later, he heard jay screaming to stop, as I see ann pulling on his ear leading to the only room that is completely sound proof, her bedroom. She found out that it was sound-proof last night and stubbed her toe, then crashed into the dresser. I didn't want to find out what she was going to Jay. I saw Cole peak his head out the door hoping that Jay was gone. "It's fine Cole, He is in Ann's care now." I said as he relaxed, "We better get back to the table and explain what Jay wanted us for." Cole and I made our way to the dinning room, I saw Kai had woken up and was sitting at the table. Dinner was quickly made and everyone but Ann and Jay. "Hey Zane do you know where Ann and Jay are?" Nya asked noticing the two spots with no one in them. "Last I saw Ann and Jay, Jay was being pulled by Ann by the ear into her room." I said. Mason stopped eating when he heard that. "Are you sure thats safe?" He asked. Just as he said that Ann came in and grabbed Jay's and her plate and walked back to her room without an other word. All of us stopped eating for a second. Poor Jay.