It was peaceful day in Windmill Village. Children were playing; running across the dirt path. Mothers smiled and chatted other mothers. Fathers taught their sons the way of the village. Daughters would lingered around the garden, or peeking in on her crush.

It was a peaceful day in Windmill Village.

Beyond great hills, dark forests, grand cliffs, was a home. It was an average-sized home. The outside was falling apart, piece by piece. The tried covering it up with wood planks and duck tape; but the other places started falling apart. This was Dadan's Bandit Family House. Housing over 30 bandits, plus some...

"GET BACK HERE! YOU BRATS!" called the orange haired lady. She opened the curtain, which was used as a door, and screamed at the three children playing in the yard.

The one dressed in blue gulped and handed the cloth to the freckled one.

"GIVE IT BACK! YOU BRATS!" she yelled again.

The freckled one smirked in the orange's haired direction and starting running wards the trees. He turned his head, and threw the cloth to the youngest one. She caught the colored cloth and used her rubber powers to jump over a jump in front of her.

Dadan ran after the three brats. Behind the fat women was her two goons, Magra and Dogra. Magra was the slowest out of the group; he was chasing Sabo. "Now, now, come back here!" he called.

Sabo turned around, grin from ear to ear, and stuck out his tongue at Magra.

Ace laugh along with his brother. He was running behind Luka, who still had the clothed cloth.

"YOU DAMN BRATS! IF YOU DON'T GIVE IT BACK, OUT WITH YA! ALL THREE OF YOU!" Dadan threaten. All three of them laughed at the threat; it wasn't like she could do something against the trio of 'brats'.

Luka unfolded the cloth, "Oh! It's a pirate flag!" The cloth was longer than her arm width. It was white and red. A perfect flag.

Dadan cheeks redden, and she yelled; even the the peaceful Windmill Village heard it.

"I'm captain!" called Sabo.

"Nope, I'm captain!" argued Ace.

"I'm the one with the flag. So I'm captain!" called Luka.

Ace turned to her, and grabbed the cloth from her hands. "Now I'm captain!"

"Yeah right!" shouted Sabo as he jumped over them; pulling the cloth away as he was doing so. He shoved it under his arm and took off ahead of the two of them.

"Boss! What should we do?!" exclaimed the little runt, Dogra.

"Chase the freakin' brats!" ordered Dadan. She was determined to get her cloth back from the kids.

"Catch us if you can!" teased Sabo.

Ace used this chance to take back the cloth from Sabo. "Hey!" Sabo yelled.

Ace stuck out his tongue and turned a quick right; away from everyone.

Luka used her rubber to shot herself through the air. She landed in front of Ace. "Ace-nii! Will you give it back?" she asked him with a puppy-dog face. He shut his eyes, but soon he gave in.



"No! It's our pirate flag!" shouted Luka. She ran with the underwear unfolded; it flowed in the wind. A smile planted on her face as the others followed her.

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