Kyūdō Sennin

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Naruto is manipulating everyone right now, but if Deidara releases a C-3 right now and destroys Konoha when Naruto doesn't want it gone, he will need to reveal his eyes to stop the attack.

This does not mean Naruto is weak, just that he can't handle an explosion large enough to destroy a hidden village unaided. I do like my characters to have some logic for abilities and such.

Though the point is rather moot now because of what happens this chapter.

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Chapter IX: The Snake and the Rabbit Attack

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"Well... that's different." Naruto mumbled as feathers fell during his match. "Why is that?" Naruto shook his head and resealed Sōgyo no Kotowari into katana form before sheathing it. "Well, if it has already begun anyways... no use in hiding any longer."

Just then, a presence appeared behind Naruto in the form of an Otogakure Chūnin ready to behead him. Naruto shook his head at how slow the blade was coming and knew a few Konoha shinobi were watching him. Some were probably even hoping the Sound ninja was successful.

The blonde simply held up his hand and caught the blade in two fingers, smirking. The Chūnin died as Naruto channeled Raiton chakra through the blade in such high concentration his head literally exploded from the voltage. No blood touched him though because of his ability to control gravity from the Deva Path.

"Pitiful... but why would he attack me?" The Sage wondered. "I was sure Orochimaru would've made sure to keep his followers off of me. Does he truly think so little of them dying to create cannon fodder of his loyal fanatics?" He shook his head from those thoughts even as Genma appeared in a swirl of leaves.

"You need to leave here and..." Naruto never allowed him to finish.

"Oh, just shut it." He said simply and dusted his haori even as he took off the Konoha hitai-ite and dropped it to the floor. "I don't take orders from scum who can't even lift a finger against me." Naruto smirked then and walked just past Genma. "Just don't get in my way, weakling."

The Jōnin turned to try and stop the boy when suddenly a chain wrapped around his wrist. "Don't touch onii-chan!" This surprised Genma as he saw Mito beside the blonde. Wasn't he usually the overprotective one?

Then smoke enveloped the two and when it dispersed, the twins now stood looking sixteen. Each stood at six feet. Their hair was also slightly longer than usual. The biggest difference though was Naruto's eyes; they were now a light violet with six concentric rings surrounding the obsidian pupil and nine tomoe rotating slowly on the first, third and fifth rings, three to each level mentioned.

"Who are you?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, at your service. Captain-Commander of Uzushiogakure and the true leader of said village." Genma's eyes widened as the twins disappeared in a black vortex.

"Hokage-sama won't like this one bit."

Coliseum Rooftop

"What is the meaning of this?" Ay demanded to know from the 'Kazekage'.

The imposter smirked beneath the veil as five figures appeared behind the individual. The white-haired Kabuto and Sasuke, smirking sadistically, were two. The other five wore the Sound Five uniform but before they could be thoroughly studied, the quintet disappeared and a large, five-sided, golden barrier rose up.

"Orochimaru." Hiruzen said guiltily. "I should've killed you when I had the chance."

"Too late now, sensei." Everyone was visibly confused when Orochimaru's voice came from the Uchiha though. Even more so when said Uchiha erupted in a cloud of smoke and in his place stood the feared Snake Sannin looking no older than his late-teens, early twenties. His eyes though were very surprising. The right eye was a plain Sharingan and the left was a cross of the Sharingan and the Yūreigan of the Mabōroshi. It was an electric blue with white irises, blood red sclera and three spinning tomoe of the deepest onyx-black.

"So that's what you did with Uta-chan's eye you pulled out... Shinkuame." Ay growled lowly. "To your own daughter no less!" Everyone heard the 'Kazekage' giggle madly and the individual removed her hat and robe in one swift motion.

"How observant, Ay-kun." She replied. Mabōroshi Shinkuame was tall, nearly six feet without the rabbit ears which added another foot to her height. Her skin was deathly pale and atop her head was a Rabbit ANBU mask. Each of her eyes were also in a strange variant of the Yūreigan where white pupils and sclera were instead golden. Her curly, snow-white hair fell loosely down past her waist in both the front and back, sliding gracefully down her golden kimono. She also now held a strange instrument with twenty strings and ax blades on either side of the base, a sitar-ax.

"Mabōroshi Shinkuame?" Mei asked. A few of the Kage bodyguards looked just as curious.

"Former head of Kumogakure's Mabōroshi Clan, former BOLT Commander of Kumogakure and SS-rank missing-nin." Ay replied. "Two weeks ago I confronted her on a rumor I heard that she was abusing Uta-chan, a girl I see as my niece. She paralyzed me and revealed she was working with the Snake and also that she had removed Uta-chan's left eye. It is now in Orochimaru's socket."

"Yes, Orochimaru-kun has been so very helpful." Shinkuame spoke in a silky, nearly seductive voice.

"It doesn't matter, brat." Onoki said. "You three are no match for four kage and our guards."

"Kabuto, do it." Orochimaru spoke and the white-haired medic's flesh turned scaly and white.

"What is this?" Hiruzen asked.

"The most interesting thing happened this month while I taught Kabuto a certain jutsu. He seemed to know it already and by instinct entered into a certain mode. On top of that, he remembered things only one other person knew."

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Edo Tensei!" Kabuto announced as six coffins rose up. The kanji for fire, wind, lightning, earth, water and whirlpool were on them. As they opened, Hiruzen and Onoki gasped.

"Using that jutsu is one thing..." Hiruzen said.

"But to summon the Rokukage?" Onoki finished.

Six figures stepped forward. The fire coffin revealed Senju Hashirama.

Wind revealed Sabaku no Sunamaru, the Shodaime Kazekage. He was tall but only his eyes, both a dark brown, were seen because he was covered in brown robes, a turban and a scarf, layers of clothes. (Gogo from Final Fantasy VI if you are having a hard time imagining)

Lightning revealed Kōtetsu Ichiryū, the Shodaime Raikage. He had caramel skin and was just as musclebound as Ay or Bee with a brown tail of hair, brown eyes and wearing a black shirt, pants and armor of steel with a katana in his hand measuring nearly seven feet in length. (Sephiroth's sword from Final Fantasy VII)

Earth revealed Gōhai Daimaru, the Shodaime Tsuchikage. He was of average height and wore the Tsuchikage robes without the hat. He had bright red hair and molten red eyes.

Water revealed Yuki Mizurin, the Shodaime Mizukage. She was a beautiful, buxom kunoichi with the look of an older, matured Haku. Her clan traits were strong with her braid of onyx hair and chocolate brown eyes as well as her pale skin. She wore a pair of brown hakama pants, a teal haori and had half of a crane mask covering her face's left side.

Lastly was Uzumaki Mito's twin sister and the Shodaime Uzukage, Uzumaki Miko. She shared all the traits of her more famous twin except without the seal tags in her hair and her crimson locks were in twin ponytails down her shoulders.

"The Six Shadows are heralded as the six greatest holders of non-dōjutsu kekkai genkai to ever live. That is why the Daimyōs of Hi, Kaze, Rai, Tsuchi, Mizu and Uzu no Kuni chose them as leaders of their military." Shinkuame stated with a smirk. "Can the current living kage of those nations compare? Even with your bodyguard, can you?"

"We'll destroy your puppets, Shinkuame." Ay growled out. "And then you!" Suddenly, his Lightning Armor surrounded his frame and the Yondaime Raikage disappeared, leaving Bee and Darui- who were his bodyguard- behind.

Hokage Monument

"Naruto-sama, what shall we do?" The Uzumaki twins stood above the entire invasion, Mito holding her brother's arm with her nearly D-cup mounds pressed against him. The questioning voice had appeared from nowhere kneeling before them. It was the newest ROOT commander as appointed by 'Danzo' a.k.a. Naruto's Blood Clone. Aburame Shino.

"You will have all squads relocate to Uzushiogakure immediately for placement in the ranks of the Onmitsukidou and I am hereby naming you the commander."

"Thank you, Naruto-sama." Shino replied emotionlessly. "And my teammates?"

"You still have beetles on Kurenai, Kiba and Hinata, right?" Shino nodded. "Good. Keep it that way. They may yet prove useful in the coming War that will come. You have your orders."

"Hai, Naruto-sama." Shino disappeared in a swirl of black insects.

"Onii-chan… if you wanted to bring Konoha to us, why not just end the invasion now?" Mito asked.

"Yes, Naruto-kun, please explain."

"Well, Mito, Obito," Naruto began, "I'm making time work for me. This invasion will be the primary reason Orochimaru is hated, Tsunade is Hokage and Gaara is Kazekage. I also learned something just two days ago which changes many of my plans in the near future." This caused the First Division Vice-Captain and leader of Akatsuki to pay attention.

Naruto turned to the sole Uchiha with him and noted he now wore a crimson mask with the design of his Mangekyō on it, two eyeholes revealing said form of the Sharingan. "Orochimaru, Kabuto and Shinkuame, three-quarters of the Mabōroshi Clan, a third of Otogakure and a number of Kumogakure shinobi are leaving the Elemental Nations for the Western Lands." Obito's eyes widened.


"The Snake and the Rabbit are playing traitor to their continent." Naruto replied and turned back to look at the village. "Only those who would blindly follow Orochimaru are here from Oto. I have already sent Guren as diplomat to Oto to find what will happen to the rest of the village."

"Could you not just kill them now?" Obito asked as he stood next to the Sage.

"Yes. I need Kumo on my side though."

"I don't understand, onii-chan." Mito said. At this point, Naruto glanced down at his feet to the still unconscious body of one Mabōroshi Uta.

"This girl is the key. She is Shinkuame's daughter but Ay and Bee see her as a niece or a litle sister, of sorts. Shinkuame stole her left eye and gave it to Orochimaru two weeks ago. By transplanting the Yūreigan with a Sharingan, the two dōjutsu mixed to become something new. Ay will become angry with Shinkuame and stop at nothing to get revenge on Shinkuame after she escapes."

"And you'll be right there, ready to tell him where to find the Rabbit." Obito smirked. "How delicious... you are a worthy rival, Naruto-kun."

"I try." He replied.


"Should we... do something?" Karin asked her teammates. "I mean... there's an invasion gong on and all." Tayuya smirked at her cousin's inquiry.

"I know what I'm doing. These sound scum are Orochi-teme's. I'm killing as many as I can. The Captain-Commander said not to kill ay Suna nin unless its self-defense or unavoidable, but the Otogakure shinobi are fair game."

"Are you sure?" Haku asked, still unsure.

"Well, what have we here? Three helpless kunoichi ripe for the taking." The trio was surrounded on all sides by about twenty Chūnin loyal to the Snake and Haku grew a tick mark.

"Okay... we'll do it your way, Vice-Captain Tayuya."

Kage Booth

"Mei-sama!" Chojurō exclaimed and swung the Hiramekarai in hammer form to slam the risen Shodaime Raikage from hitting her. That man's fists had already created craters in the ground from the strength of his punch.

Mei jumped back and sighed, smiling. "Arigatō." She thanked him.

Glancing around, the Mizukage noted that the Hokage's bodyguards- Mokuton Tenzō and Sannin no Jiraiya- were attempting to hold back the Shodaime Kazekage's sand-based attacks. Elsewhere, Darui, Ao and Onoki had the Tsuchikage. Yuryū and Zabuza were taking on the Uzukage while Hiruzen and Kimimaro had the Shodaime Hokage. Bakuhatsu Kanami- Deidara's mother- and Aotsuchi- Kurotsuchi and Shirotsuchi's uncle- were taking on the Shodaime Mizukage.

Ay and Bee, however, were taking on Shinkuame.

Shinkuame's left Taiyoyūreigan (Sun Ghost Eye) shimmered briefly as Ay's attempt to slam his lightning coated body into her failed as she simply turned intangible momentarily. She then let him fly past, sliciing her palm against the blade of her sitar-ax in the process. This was purposeful and she wiped the blood across her deadly instument with a smirk.

"She's going to play a song, oh no! And not one I want to rap to!" Bee rapped and wrapped his frame in a one-tailed cloak. Even though Hachibi's soul had been taken, Bee still retained a yōkai pool. While he wouldn't ever be able to go full Gyūki mode, he still had Version Two for all eight tails.

Bee took out two swords- one in each hand- and rushed forward to hit the bunny-eared psycho. She played a chord, though and just in front of him a wall of ice rose to protect her. Bee jumped back and barely dodged Ay's barreling through the wall as Shinkuame's intangibility ability was put in effect once more.

"Dammit. Once her sitar's song begins she becomes kage-level." Ay growled. "Even though she was only born with the sound and blood release... that damn instrument lets her mix her natural affinities different ways with just a song."

The former Usagi (Rabbit) member of BOLT smirked and stood atop her split, ice wall. "Right Ay-kun. Plus my dōjutsu grants me the Sun Release when active and not to mention my ax here... you don't stand a single chance in hell."

"That's where you're going right now!" Ay yelled and dashed up, fast as lightning.


"Uzukage-sama!" Zabuza yelled. "Look out!" Yagura ducked then, under the dragon of water Uzumaki Miko had just sent his way.

Yagura pulled out his zanpakutō, Zangetsu, and held it in his right hand tightly. "Brace yourself, Vice-Captain Zabuza." Yagura warned. "Miko is a powerful kunoichi. She was no fuinjutsu grandmaster, like her twin, but Miko makes up for it in sheer ninjutsu prowess. She holds the Land, Wave and Flora Releases with such power in her life she was rumored to be the one responsible for separating Nami no Kuni and Uzu no Kuni's islands all alone on the Whirlpool Daimyō's orders."

Zabuza's eyes widened and he pulled out his own zanpakutō. Since he already held a legendary blade, Naruto had put the Kubikiribōchō through the process of becoming a zanpakutō and it changed minimally to go into Shikai. "Feast upon the blood of my enemies, Kubikiribōchō!" Heannounced.

The cleaver's steel changed to a crimmson shade while the holes it had in the blade changed to have sawblade teeth along the edge while the cutting edge changed to a deep black and thinned to increase sharpness.

"Good." Miko said as she pulled out a normal katana. "Let us see what my village has become and if you are worthy to hold the title of Whirlpool Shadow." Her entire blade was then coated in white chakra. "Uzumaki Kenjutsu: Shiroga!" (Uzumaki Sword Technique: White Fang)

"Isn't that the same thing Hatake Sakumo's sword did?"

"The Hatake clan... yes, I did once etch seals onto a tanto for them as a gift for help once. It was twenty years before my village was even created."

Miko then disappeared in a burst of speed and it took both Zangetsu and Kubikiribōchō to hold back the katana. "This technique coats my sword in Yang chakra and increases my strength by many times. Do not hold back or I will defeat you." Yagura smirked and both zanbatō-isers jumped back.

"Getsūga Tenshō!" Yagura shot off a rather large crescent of chakra and smirked before his mouth opened and eyes widened. Miko was holding the crescent back with her blade. She obviously struggled, but the attack dissipated before she took any damage.

"Shit..." Zabuza whispered and held onto his blade tighter with both hands. "This is gonna be tough."

Somewhere in Konoha


Hiyuki was atop the roof of a weapon shop belonging to the family of the Lietenant-Captain of the Twelfth Division, Higurashi Tenten. The Spymaster of Uzushio had a hand on the hilt of Kuro-Arashi and turned his head to regard the 3rd Seat of his Division on his left. "You heard me, Anko."


"Captain-Commander's orders. He'll explain when you get there. Your role as spy in Konoha is coming to a close. Didn't you say you hated this place anyways?"

"Yeah... alright. Then I guess I'm gone." Anko shrugged and chewed on the dango in her mouth before disappearing in a Shunpo.

Hiyuki nodded to himself before frowning. "I can feel you back there. Come on out." Hiyuki turned and saw the one spying on him and looked upon his 'sensei'. Ninth Division Lieutenant-Captain Nii Yugito.

"What of you, Hiyuki? You staying in Kumogakure with me?" She asked as Hiyuki had already turned back around and was looking at the Invasion commence without empathy for those involved.

"Sō-taicho says it is necesary. As long as he sticks to his end of the bargain, I will do as he wishes."

"The bargain that made you spymaster?" Yugito asked.

"Hai... that rabbit-eared slut will die." He growled. "I will kill her myself." His right hand gripped the hilt of his zanpakutō tightly. "Especially after the last thing she did to Uta-chan..."

"Shinkuame... she is very evil. Are you sure Ay won't beat you to it?"

"No one will rob me of my revenge." Hiyuki said darkly. "She tortured me and Uta-chan... both of us share pain at the hands of that sociopath... Ay better get in line."

Yugito shivered, despite herself. Even though she was much older than Hiyuki, he frightened her. He was born to be a weapon of Kumo even more than any jinchūriki. While her training to master Nekomata's gifts had been rough, how bad must his have been to unlock so many sub-elements by the age of sixteen?

Yugito had seen the teenager before her, so far, use Ice, Blaze, Scorch, Boil, Brine, Vibration, Scald, Frost and Acid Release very well, not to mention his releases of Fire, Wind and Water as well as his natural genjutsu skill and excellent memory because of the massive Yin chakra he housed in his body. Not to mention the Shikai of his zanpakutō and his skill with the Hijutsu of Uzushio many referred to as Kidō. No one had witnessed his Bankai yet except the Sō-taicho, but it was bound to be extraordinarily powerful.

He was also extremely protective of Mabōroshi Uta. Just how did he feel that Shinkuame had taken her eye while he was away?

Hiyuki looked over the village with his crimson eyes as Yugito was pondering and he fianlly spoke. "Vice-Captain Yugito, I just thought of something. Since we are in Konoha, why don't you help me take some things from my father's clan compound?"

"The Fenikkusu?"

"Right. I want something specifically from there. You know I have a Contract with the Snow Spirits, correct?" Yugito nodded. "I was finally successful in one of my endeavors and the Yuki-Onna will allow me to sign a Contract with the Fire Spirits. That's one of the three Contracts the Fenikkusu hold, the other two being Fire Dragons and Sun Phoenixes."

Yugito whistled lowly. "Impressive. The Forked Cats are still making me prove my worth before I can use their full powers. I'll help you, Hiyuki. Do you know what happened to Gin though?"

"I gave him a little information regarding Kogane, his lost twin and he's... looking into the rumor." Hiyuki smirked before disappearing in a swirl of black fire and white snow and Yugito shook her head. She followed after him in a swirl of blue flames though.

Kage Battle

"Damn sand..." Jiraiya grumbled as he jumped bacl once more from Sabaku no Sunamaru's swift sand-based projectiles. There was a reason he was named first kage of a village surrounded by sand. The damn Sand Release he had was unmatched by even the Sand Tanuki Ichibi's power.

"Jiraiya-sama, any ideas?" Tenzō asked as he finished his handseals and sent out a wall of water to block some arows of sand. Jiraiya nodded.

"One. I should be able to seal his spirit away, if my understanding of the Edo Tensei is correct." Jiraiya frowned as he had to roll away from some sand spears. "Problem is, without having prepared anything I only know one way and it will kill me."

"To quote Shikaku, Mendokusai." Tenzō said even as the pair backed up into another two. They saw Hiruzen and Kimimaro. "Hokage-sama! Kaguya-san!"

"Sensei, that jutsu may be our only chance." Jiraiya said solemnly and Hiruzen nodded.

"I will do it. The others must be immobilized so I can, Jiraiya-kun." The Gama Sennin nodded once.

"Hai, sensei. I will tell the others the plan." Jiraiya made four Kage Bunshin that disappeared. Hopefully the other nations would cooperate.

Meamwhile, Orochimaru smirked as he watched everything commence behind his Sharingan and Sharinyūreigan. He licked his lips with a longer-than-normal tongue as techniques flew left and right and he copied them. He kind of wished he had Uta's right eye though.

The Yūreigan gave many abilities, the Snake had learned. The left eye allowed the user to float, astrally project their soul, phase through objects and move objects by sheer force of will. The right eye, Shinkuame had told him, allowed for near unbreakable genjutsu, complete intangibility and sub-elements based on the phase of the moon at the time of birth. Only Shinkuame and Uta had two sub-elements because their births were forced forced on eclipses: a Solar Eclipse at noon for Shinkuame and a Lunar Eclipse at midnight for Uta.

The Snake Sannin shook his thoughs away then. He suddenly smirked as he saw Hiruzen make several Kage Bunshin. Just as Kabuto-kun predicted... He thought. My own loyal psychic. Even if he only gets flashes of what may be, it is useful. And with the Western King accepting all three of us into his empire as soldiers right off the bat, my revenge will be easier. I refuse to lose my precious jutsu to kill the old man. And on top of all that, Suna and Oto will take the blame, what's left of them anyways. Kukuku, sorry Naruto-kun but now that the Sharingan is mine and sensei will die, what use will you be?

Alley in Konhagakure

"I swear, that's all I know!"

Kōtetsu Gin sneered as he looked at the pitiful, shaking and terrified Otogakure Chūnin cowering on the floor before him in this alley. "So, tell me if I've got this right? Kogane-chan is in Otogakure as an Elite Jōnin and has become one of the five leaders since Orochimaru abandoned your pitiful village?"

"Right!" The Chūnin exclaimed. "The new Sound Five aren't Orochimaru-sama's guard but the Council of Sound until a new Otokage is chosen. Kōtetsu Kogane is their unofficial leader and the others are Terumi Umi, Inuzuka Kuroga, Akasuna no Kazejin and Dozudozu Gekido."

"Also, after the Snake's experiments..."

"Kogane unlocked a higher form of the Steel Release, the Uranium Release."

Gin smiled and nodded to himself. "Then I'll be able to get my twin back into the clan soon." He said. "I was too young to protect you before, Kogane-chan, but not now. Now I can definitely keep you safe."

"So... I can go now?" The Chūnin asked and Gin looked down at him.

"You can go..." Gin's hand turned palm up in front of his mouth and he blew forward then, a thick cloud of iron materializing from his own flesh that surrounded the Chūnin and suffocated him. "You can go to hell, like everyone else who kept Kogane-chan from me."

Above Konoha

"What's going on, yeah?" Deidara asked as he stood on his bird as Konoha was attacked.

"Konoha's being invaded." He heard and turned to see Naruto floating beside him as if he was lying on his back, lazily matching the speed of the explosive bird.

"You have the Jinton, yeah?" Deidara asked in surprise.

"You could say that." Naruto said. "More importantly, I have a question for you."

"What, yeah?"

"Kurotsuchi has two paths in the near future. Along one she dies young. On the other she lives as long as Onoki if not longer. The difference between them is your decisions, Bakuhatsu Deidara."

"How would you know, yeah?"

"My dōjutsu allows me insight into the future. My question is: would you like to prolong or shorten Kurotsuchi's life?"

"That's simple, yeah. I'll prolong it."

Naruto nodded to himself and held out fist for Deidara. "I'll give you the knowledge necessary to keep her alive. In exchange for her life, all I ask is information now and then." His fist glowed bluish-white. "Make a fist and tap it against mine and save her, or don't and let her die..."

Deidara looked at the blonde floating next to his bird. "Kurotsuchi-chan will really die?"

"Inside of three years by the war that is gearing up soon."

Deidara looked at Naruto and seemed to be thinking. Stay loyal to Iwagakure or... keep his best friend living. "I'll do it, yeah." Deidara tapped his fist to Naruto's and suddenly spasmed up until Naruto pulled his fist back.

"The Rikudō Sennin was so powerful his very chakra made up the entirety of every bloodline that exists or has ever existed. What I just did was a chakra transfusion. I now hold a little of your Bakuton and in exchange, I have given you a second kekkai genkai, a permanently active dōjutsu in the eye you always hide. The Shigan, or Dead Eye, will give you insight into when anyone around you will die. Your only job now is to make sure you always stay with the girl you have chosen to protect."

Deidara looked at his fellow blonde. "Why are you doing this, yeah?"

"Kurotsuchi is... a friend. She doesn't remember me and won't for a while, but she is one of few I think fondly of. I might even call her my onee-chan. I know I can't protect everyone though, and so I need someone who cares even more for people I see as my family than me. Just don't tell anyone of your eye except those I allow to know."

Deidara nodded. "Arigatō, Naruto."

Naruto smiled sadly and flew off. "Don't thank me, I'm just using all of you." He whispered to himself before disappearing in a burst of smoke.

Underground ROOT Base

Naruto, the real Naruto, sat in a lotus position under all of Konoha with eyes closed. He was seeing the different battles all at once with an assortment of Kage Bunshin and summons. Every time he summoned something, he had found out, his chakra gave whatever it was the Rinnegan temporarily so that he could see through their eyes. Shared vision was undoubtedly a great gift.

Things, especially the Kage battle, were going slendidly. "Well?" Naruto asked without opening his eyes. "What do you think?"

From the shadows another voice spoke. "It will be close. The potential is there, but whether the Nations can be trained to take on my friend's empire is a close thing." The Sage opened his eyes and eyed the other occupant of the room.

He was just two inches under six feet and wore a full-body cloak that was closed. Since the hood was down, Naruto saw the boy had blue-green eyes and messy, dark brown hair and tanned skin. "And if the Linked join with the Uzu Alliance to prepare for the King's invasion in two years, Raven?"

"My rebellion is a small force but if we join together my soldiers can teach your shinobi how to counter the West's style."

"Very good." Naruto spoke and stood up. "Then transport your Rebellion to my village. We will assign tasks after this invasion ends."

"Of course, Naruto. With my Shadowstepping, Sai's Speed and Zachary's Gift of Space, it will be done within the hour. I look forward to our alliance."

"Yes, Raven, I do as well. The West will fall soon to the Whirlpool Alliance." Raven saluted and stepped back into the shadows where he disappeared from Konoha by a strange space-time technique similar to the Kagepo Mito used but that only Raven could use because of the cloak he wore and his kekkai genkai, which Westerners called 'Gifts'.

Naruto shut his eyes back and smirked. The battle of kages was nearly over.

Kage Battle

"Haiton: Vesuvius no Ikigurushī Kumo!" (Ash Release: Choking Cloud of Vesuvius) The Shodaime Tsuchikage exhaled a large cloud of black ash while the Shodaime Mizukage stood at his side.

Ao, Darui, Onoki, Kanami and Aotsuchi each made sure the dodge the ash because they felt it... the air where the ash touched grew burning hot. Four of the quintet were then witness to the Kumo Jōnin among their number jumping as he flashed handseals.

"Suiton: Mizurappa Shinfonīoke no Jutsu!" (Water Release: Water Trumpet Symphony Orchestra Technique) Darui held his thumb and finger in a circle and blew threw it, creating a massive quantity of water that actually caused the ash to drop to the floor before he landed. As he did, Darui fell to one knee because of the chakra toll.

"Still not quite perfect..." the dark-skinned man said to himself as he took a soldier pill. He stood back up then as Kanami stepped forward and threw several shuriken filled with chakra, if his sensory skills were any indication.

The Shodaime Mizukage threw out senbon made of ice to intercept them, only to be surprised when they exploded in shrapnel that shot toward the pair. "Doton: Doryūheki!" Daimaru shouted and spat a mud wall to intercept the metal shards flying at the pair of kage.

"Damn... there goes my advantage of surprise." Kanami muttered.

Just then, another person appeared with the quintet. Sannin no Jiraiya the Gama Sennin. "Jiraiya-san?" Aotsuchi asked.

"I'm just a Kage Bunshin. Sarutobi-sensei has a way to defeat the zombie kage, but you need to restrict them. Somehow, keep them immobilized, alright?"

"Just what does he have planned?" Onoki asked suspiciously.

"He's going to give up his life to seal the Rokukage's souls into the Shinigami's stomach." And with that, the clone dispeled in a cloud of smoke.

Chunin Exams Coliseum

Another tendril of sand rose and shot forward in the form of a long spear before impaling a Sound shinobi right through the neck, painting the area around him in a coat of glossy red before the ground soaked it in changing a faded shade of black. The immediate area was splattered with the liquid in such quantity that from the air it would seem to share a morbid connection with a Rorschach image.

Already, nearly a hundred ninja of Sound had fallen to the lethality of the former Ichibi jinchuriki's weapon. With his memory returned, Gaara had the same finely tuned control over the sand in his gourd as he had had as the Godaime Kazekage in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

With arms crossed, the redhead wore a cold mask of indifference as he continued the activities his former self would have found a sick joy in. He no longer had such morbid fascination with 'proving' his existence. It was not something the youngest of the Sabaku siblings felt the need for. Not since Naruto had given him a purpose on this very day in his last life…

Even then…

Even then, the Uzumaki had been a genius. He had used every skill he possessed in such a way as to alter every outcome in his favor, from the battlefield to his image. Nothing ever went untouched by the Sage's prowess in manipulating and string pulling.

Even so, Gaara was happy to admit that even though the man he looked to as a leader and a brother had a soul blacker than a bottomless pit in some ways, in other aspects he had proved time and time again to still have a pure heart towards a select few.

Several kunai suddenly came his way, but Gaara's sand rose up independently to keep him safe before forming multiple arrows and piercing the offender in seven lethal spots and a dozen semi-lethal wounds. He shook his head then and sighed. "Every time it comes back to Orochimaru." He muttered. "I do not know why you ever trusted him, Naruto."

"Who says I did?" Gaara turned as soon as he heard the familiar voice and saw his brother jinchuriki leaning on a wall, smirking.

"Then why go through all the trouble you did with Otogakure?" Gaara noted that everyone but the two seemed to be moving slow as molasses. "And what did you do to them?"

"Well, everyone around is temporarily under a cross between my Perception and Space-Time Paths which make then move slower and us faster because I changed the perception of time for both of us. As for Oto… everything is going according to plan. Originally I had plotted to bring Oto under my control with Guren anyways after Orochimaru died, but this works too. It works better, in fact. Now I have nearly every nation under my thumb and just need to unite the Alliance against the Western King when the time comes."

"We're only missing Iwa and Kumo." Gaara commented.

"And I have plans set in motion already for the two of them. Do not worry Gaara, we will first take care of the King and then our plans will go off without a hitch, you'll see. I promised you something that day you agreed to join me, remember?"

"A world where no jinchuriki has to exist, where no child has to suffer the same we did, where the families of the Elemental Nations never have to be separated because of hatred and fear. And I still believe you can do it, brother. If anyone could, it is you."

"I'm glad I have your faith, Gaara. I really must be leaving though. That old monkey is leaving this world soon. Just stick to the plans, alright?"

"Hai." With that, Naruto disappeared in a black vortex and everything resumed in real time. Gaara simply got back to defending with sand and killing with sand and general actions with sand. There was a lot of sand involved.

And blood. Lots and lots of blood.

Kage Battle

Ay dashed for Shinkuame once more, fully intent on slamming his fist into her face and making her skull explode in a geyser of blood and brain matter, only for the bunny-eared woman to spin around him. Even though she was blind as any other Maboroshi, Shinkuame also retained the hearing of her clan and thus it was nearly impossible to sneak up on them.

Bee came behind the woman in his four-tailed Version One cloak but even that speed was not enough to hit her. As he landed and sharply turned to make another pass at her, a fifth tail had grown even as he held two swords coated in lightning in hand. He spun like a tornado as lightning and youkai mixed to make him a red and blue vortex of shocking steel and corrosive chakra. Shinkuame's tune on the sitar changed then into something fast paced and suddenly a few large twisters of air shot forward from her right side and slammed into Bee, destroying his lightning chakra while a ball of water formed on her right before slamming into the Raikage who nearly got her from behind.

Shinkuame disappeared in a burst of speed and was above Bee, ready to slam her ax into his back only to suddenly be replaced by a log as Ay nearly gave her a lightning coated fist to her frail, at least when that particular man is involved, body.

"That was close, fool, ya fool!" Bee yelled at Shinkuame. "Now that I'm mad maybe some rabbit roast, is that cool?" Bee suddenly sprouted his final three tails and went Version Two. The brothers, both in their respective armors of chakra, rushed the woman and she smirked. Her song on the twenty string instrument changed drastically to one of the few songs she had named. "Otochihenka no Unagitaiyo: Churitsu no Gensou Ryuuto-Ono: Minagoroshi Gassou!" (Sound-Blood Variation of the Rabbit Sun: Heavenly Tuning of the Sitar-Axe: Bloodbath Concert)

And with that, Shinkuame made another cut on her hands with the sitar's axblades as she played a very dark and creepy tune. The effect was instantaneous. The air around the Maboroshi matriarch shimmered before oxygen metamorphosized into hemoglobin, plasma created from gas in a single instant. The crimson liquid encircled the sitar player as a gaseous substance nearly the same consistency as gaseous mercury before it solidified into literally millions of blood needles sharp as steel.

The Raikage and former Hachibi jinchuriki stopped as Shinkuame smirked. Their eyes were wide as saucers. Shinkumame's fingers were continuing to strum a single chord, a quickening da-da-da-da-da that continued to only get faster and faster. It was as if she was making a countdown on a death clock for the time of death for Ay and Bee.

Suddenly though, her fingers strummed a loud chord and she shouted a single command. "Utau!" (Sing) And as one the constructs of blood shot forward at a speed to make them seem like crimson blurs.

Just as they were nearly there, every needle stopped. Then they shot in the opposite direction, dispersing into a wave of crimson. "Shinra Tensei…"

Ay and Bee saw the speaker to be one of the genin taking place in the Chuunin Exams, Uzumaki Naruto. Ay's eyes widened as he noticed the boy's eyes… the Rinnegan.

"Orochimaru, I don't like being backstabbed." Naruto said plainly. Even with the look of a mere sixteen year old, Naruto held the stature and power of someone who could easily take on and defeat all living kage simultaneously. He held the power of an individual fit to rival the Rikudou Sennin himself.

"I've no idea what you mean, Naruto-kun." The Snake smirked and looked at the Uzumaki. Shinkuame's eyes were wide in disbelief that this… boy had just destroyed one of her strongest attacks. How dare he!

"You know exactly what I am referring to, you Snake. Uzushiogakure ninja are plainly under attack in this barrier. That is a direct violation of Oto's promises in the Whirlpool Alliance. As Captain-Commander, I will have retribution." Orochimaru's smirk slipped for a moment, just a single moment. He glanced at the other kages and saw that the Rokukage were immobilized in different ways and five Kage Bunshin of Sarutobi Hiruzen existed as well as the original, all in the process of extracting the souls of the revived. Without them… he would have five kage, ten A-rank or S-rank nin and a boy who could destroy him seven ways in the time it took him to blink all down his throat at once.

"You'll need to seek it another time then, Uzumaki." Orochimaru stated even as both the Snake and the Rabbit took a hold of the Dragon, Kabuto, and began to fade out of this place by literally turning intangible here and tangible in another place somewhere in the world. A method of teleportation not unlike the Kamui. "When I come back, it will be with the King and the West! The Nations will be mine one way or another!"

Though on the outside this Chi Bunshin of Naruto looked angered at losing his chance to take out the Snake, on the inside…

All… All is well. Everything ran more perfectly today than I could have ever anticipated. You are so easy to pull the strings on Orochimaru, so predictable. Run to the West, you three. Run away and bring back the King. I look forward to showing the Snake, Rabbit and Dragon just what I can do in two years. This chess match hasn't even begun yet. What will your move be, Your Majesty?

Original Jutsu

Uzumaki Kenjutsu: Shiroga- Uzumaki Sword Technique: White Fang. An Uzumaki clan kenjutsu in which the user channels Yang chakra to coat their blade in a white aura. The Yang chakra increases strength, speed and resilience of the blade. It is the most basic of Yang release kenjutsu. C-rank but S-rank potential. Creator: Uzumaki Clan. Users: Uzumaki Miko.

Haiton: Vesuvius no Ikigurushī Kumo- Ash Release: Choking Cloud of Vesuvius. The user combines lava release with yin chakra to create a large cloud of burning ash able to both give flesh third degree burns and suffocate anyone who inhales it. S-rank. Creator: Gōhai Clan. Users: Gōhai Daimaru.

Suiton: Mizurappa Shinfonīoke no Jutsu- Water Release: Water Trumpet Symphony Orchestra Technique. The very best version of Suiton: Mizurappa. The user creates an O with their thumb and forefinger while blowing through it. A large amount of water is then released at a high pressure. A-rank with S-rank potential. Creator: Unknown. Users: Darui.

Otochihenka no Unagitaiyo: Churitsu no Gensou Ryuuto-Ono: Minagoroshi Gassou- Sound-Blood Variation of the Rabbit Sun: Heavenly Tuning of the Sitar-Axe: Bloodbath Concert. Shinkuame plays a song on her sitar-ax with a 'creepy' tone to it. It is played while blood flows from her hands and has the effect of forming millions of blood needles sharp as steel blades in the air which launch simultaneously at her command to sing (Utau). S-rank. Creator: Mabōroshi Shinkuame. Users: Mabōroshi Shinkuame.

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