Henchgirl, Karin, the Architect and Mr. Black appeared on the road to Suna.

The Architect argued, and all agreed, that just appearing in the middle of the village with the supplies would create problems – shinobi were suspicious by nature.

The materials they brought with them were sealed into scrolls created by Henchgirl after she had studied sealing. Karin was along to help, but also to use the Uzumaki name to account for how good the storage seals were – Mr. Black wanted to keep some secrets.

The Suna guards were almost perfunctory in their review of their documents – the Kazekage had sent word that they were to be allowed in and escorted.

The Kazekage met the group outside of his tower. The Suna council was behind him. Harry bowed slightly (as he was the leader of his own "village") and the other bowed more deeply. "Greeting, Kazekage. As we agreed, we are here. And my honored employee and her assistant (he pointed to Henchgirl and Karin) have completed our gift to Sunagakure."

The Kazekage nodded respectfully. "Welcome, Black Dono. We welcome you and your gift. What, if I may ask, is the nature of the gift?"

Harry had a tight smile. "To show you, I will need to see the area you store your water OR a large area that is otherwise unused."

The Kazekage considered his visitors. "There is one area near to the back walls which has fallen out of use. How large of an area do you need?"

"As large as you can make. It can be right outside of the walls but then you will later need to wall it in."

The Kazekage nodded. "There is a section of wall that is in need of replacement right next to the area that I speak of. If the walls can be removed, our Shinobi forces can watch to ensure there are no incursions until the walls are expanded."

Harry nodded. "That should work. Let me see the area."

The Kazekage nodded. "Do the citizens need to be kept away?"

Harry shrugged as he walked next to the Kazekage and his guards in front of the council. "As long as they are kept back enough to not be harmed by wide-area jutsus, they can watch."

The Kazekage said a few quiet words to one of the guards who went off. After a decent walk, the group found themselves near the back wall. There was an area that was fairly empty. A number of poorly maintained buildings made of sandstone stood, but it was fairly barren.

"This will do nicely." Harry pulled his .38 special and cast a spell. "Kazekage? There are four people within this area."

"Where?" Rasa asked harshly.

Harry cast a spell and a light appeared above the building where the unknown group was.

Twenty shinobi surrounded the building and then entered. There was soon a quick battle, but four unconscious Oto nins were brought out.

"Oto is taking liberties. This must be corrected."

Harry grinned. "Just work with the Hokage – I'm certain that chastisement can be delivered."

The Sand shinobi soon had cleared out all of the items that the hidden infiltrators had and they then retreated. The Kazekage ordered them interrogated.

"Now that that unpleasantness is taken care of …" he tapped his throat and cast a wandless spell, "anyone who can hear my voice – cover your ears."

The watching group and the curious citizens who watched did so. Harry began using Russian battle magic to quickly demolish all but two buildings in the area. It caused there to be an area 100 feet by 80 feet cleared of any surface structure.

Those watching felt both awe and a little fear. Harry ignored them.

He called over his shoulder. "Architect? The fastest spell to excavate the land?"

The non-descript man (he was under glamour) said a few words in an unknown language. Black Dono nodded and once again pointed toward the area.

The sands in the area cleared were pushed back into large piles and the watching Suna citizens saw it pushed over the walls as though by a large, invisible hand. When their visitor was finished, there was an irregular gouge in the earth – the man had gotten down to a layer of clay.

"Excellent!" He took a deep breath. "I need some of that."

With another movement, a large amount of dry clay rose into the air and piled itself between the two buildings that had been left intact. Another pile of clay was left off to the side.

"Uzumaki-chan? The pipe?" Harry asked Henchgirl's assistant.

Karin blushed as she pulled out a scroll and put it in the middle of an empty area. With a quick handseal, there were ten concrete pipes, each eight feet long, as well as a couple of bended fittings.

The Kazekage and the council started getting a clue, but none wanted to say anything in case they were wrong.

Harry used an earth moving spell to cause a clay wall support to form from clay pile between the two buildings to the edge of the gouge. "Kazekage? Can you perhaps ask some of your shinobi to place these pipes from this raised area to the gouge under the direction of The Architect?"

The Kazekage motioned to another guard who quickly retrieved quite a few shinobi.

"Henchgirl? Do you have some pepperup? This is a lot of work."

Henchgirl retrieved a dose from her pouch and handed it to Mr. Black. He quickly drank it. Those watching were amazed at the steam coming from his ears. He felt revitalized.

"Okay. Let's take care of the storage for the two side pipes," he said to the two women with him.

Entering one of the two buildings, Harry started clearing out the inner walls, except where they supported the ceiling. He hardened the walls to stone using a Duro spell or two. Once Henchgirl saw what he was doing, she took Karin and started doing this to the other building – although she wasn't as quick.

Henchgirl preferred potions, runes, and seals for her magic. Her wand use was minimal. The Architect did come and help her when he saw the shinobi had the pipes in hand.

Harry moved to the clay rise and carefully used magic to construct a ceiling over the area to hide what was inside. "Henchgirl? Bring the device and the smaller pipes?"

The two women entered the small building that Black Dono had created with some jutsus. Soon, many saw one of the left over larger pipes floating inside.

Inside, the pipe containing the other half of the portal was placed on a hardened rise. The larger pipe he connected to the system the shinobi were laying. The smaller pipes connected to two areas which ran off this center piece in a Y-shape. The small pipes went into the two buildings. Once everything was set and stable, Harry asked Henchgirl if he missed anything.

She didn't see anything.

Harry went to the door and the stairs he had carved out of clay. "Lord Kakekage? Can you come here?"

The Kazekage and his guard came. "Okay. You've probably guessed, but this will supply water. This pipe contains the second half of a connection between the ocean off the short of Wave Country and this pipe."

The Kazekage was confused. "What good will salt water do for Suna?"

Harry grinned. "Actually, there are seals which will removed all impurities from the water so that it is entirely safe. I am certain that you have a way of filtering large amounts of water if it become dirty?"

The Kakekage could barely believe this but answered. "Yes. We have sand filter beds. A large layer of sand will remove all impurities and make it safe to drink."

Harry nodded. "Right. They do that in the country … er Nation I grew up in for the largest city's drinking water. Now these two pipes are also important."

The Kakekage looked. "What do they do?"

"This one, the one going to the larger building, will – if it is open, allow the salt from the sea water to be purified and dropped into the storage room. The water must be flowing, but if it is and this is open, salt will collect. When you need no more salt, just turn it off."

"I see." The Kazekage was overwhelmed. "And the second?"

"Ah yes. Henchgirl thought of this one. Another thing you might want: This one will fill a room with a white crystal which also comes from sea water. This is called Magnesium Chloride. A small amount put in with fertilizer will help grow crops. Before I am done, I will show you how much of each item to add to fertilizer.

"Now, should we turn the pipes on?"

The Kazekage nodded.

The watching Suna citizens saw a sight that was unbelievable. The pipes that had been layed started pushing out water. And this was not a small desert spring. No. This was a gushing pipe putting out 500 gallons a minute – thirty thousand gallons an hour. The large pool could be filled in six hours at this rate – it was a deep pool in places.

Many citizens just watched and stared as the water flowed and filled the new reservoir.

Inside, Harry turned the other levers and the group could see almost pure salt coming out of one side, although it had a pinkish tint (Harry had asked Henchgirl to allow a little iron oxide to stay within the collected salt to differentiate it from the fertilizer).

The Kazekage ordered a squad of Shinobi to protect the new source of water, salt, and fertilizer and ensured they were instructed on the controls and when to turn them off and on.

When the group exited the small building, they were meet by cheering crowds. Several citizens had rushed forward before they could be constrained and tasted the water – it was pure and sweet. Word had got out quickly.

The Suna Council bowed deeply before their leader's visitors and added their thanks.

Black Dono accepted them and said, "I am not finished."

The Suna contingent was startled. What else could they give?

Harry pulled out another scroll. This contained forty squares which contained wire screen. Everyone but Henchgirl was confused. Harry had asked the Professor to make these – without any additions. He hadn't been happy.

"These screens can be used to separate fine sand from course. Watch."

Harry placed one screen and levitated some sand from nearby. He manually shook it and soon the fine sand fell through, leaving the course. "The sand that falls can be put off to the side of the pool so that you can have a beach of sorts. It doesn't have a use really unless you need fine sand for something."

Several Suna citizens did have use for fine sand – they would be making enquiries.

"The course sand, however, is very useful. You see the clay?" Everyone saw the pile that Harry had put aside. "Take this much clay," he retrieved an amount, "this much coarse sand," he dumped the pile on the screen in, "and one more ingredient to make soil that can grow whatever crops you like."

"What other ingredient?" several voices asked.

"Konohagakure's gift to it's ally, Sunagakure." Harry retrieved another pile of scroll and asked the girls to release the contents of one. There was suddenly a large pile of black soil "This is the richest loam from the most chakra-infused area of the Forest which contains the largest animals and plants in Fire country. Each scroll contains one cubic yard and there are forty scrolls. With proper management, you will be able to plant an area of a significant size." This was one reason he had been so tired that morning: It had taken quite a bit of work to gather. That didn't take into account visiting Anko so that Manda could be summoned and the Hokage's plans relayed. Manda was left in the forest to eat as much as he liked. Then he had to get AWAY from Anko - and that took an extra hour.

The Kazekage accepted the bundle of scrolls and ordered ANOTHER shinobi squad to get them secured.

"So, if you mix this loam with this sand and clay, it will make soil that is healthy. And when you need more soil – I have another gift."

He pulled out another scroll. "The Mechanic, who is a friend, built this." The girls released this scroll and a large bin which was on a pivot appeared. "You have bone ash and plant leavings that you save to help you grow crops?"

The Kazekage nodded. "We collect all bones and cuttings that are not used for this purpose."

"Can you retrieve – oh a few pounds of each?"

Soon, the requested material had been brought. There was a pile of vegetable material and a pile of bones. Harry quickly burned the bone with a spell and was left with ash. "It should be burned to turn faster."

He then levitated the ash, the plant leavings, and a small amount of the soil from Konoha into the bin. "This should be turned and given water regularly." He asked for a bucket of water to be brought from the new pond. It was poured in. He showed the watching council how the mixing was done by turning it several times using the attached handle.

"Within days, the ash and plants, with the little things that are in the soil, will break down and turn into fresh, new soil. If you are careful, you can make as much growing soil for as many plants as you can grow. Do you have wood ash and old manure for your growing as well?"

The wood ash and manure was brought. "These plush a small amount of the powder from this building," Harry retrieved some Magnesium Chloride, "and mix it together. Five pounds can feed a hundred square feet of soil and crops for months."

Harry retrieved the large Owners manual which had been put together for each group of items that they had brought and handed them to the Kazekage. "The information which explains what to do and how often – it will make your village that much more self sufficient." He motioned to Henchgirl who handed him another three scrolls. "If the device should ever stop working, the collector portal might be damaged. IF this breaks because there is an excess of material that is not wanted, the portal which returned the unused portions to the sea is damaged. Should this ever happen, these three scrolls contain the necessary parts to build this system again. Protect them."

The Kazekage nodded and bowed deeply to his guests. "This is even more valuable to Suna than the talks that originally made me interested in your visit today."

Harry smiled. "I will leave that to The Architect. Now, I am on vacation until our appointment in nine days. So I will leave these here and hope they can be given permission to come and go as they like? I'm quite certain your discussion with my Employee will bear fruit. They have means to reach me if needed."

The Kazekage and the Suna Council once more bowed to their visitor, who bowed in return. There were cheers from the watching citizens and shinobi.

Harry pulled out his broom and mounted, to the confusion of those watching. "See you in nine days." With a jaunty wave, he quickly flew off. He had places to see and fun to have.

The watching people were in awe, except the employees of Black Ink. The Kazekage turned and said, "We have much to discuss."