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There was a little boy- wait no… I can't remember... Everything's too hazy and it's hurting my head… Ugh. Why am I like this? Why can't I remember? The boy… he's… he's crying? Why is he crying? He looks to be in elementary school… Actually I think we all were in elementary school… I want to stop his crying… But my brother, Jake, said to stay away from him… I don't know why though… what's wrong with the boy? I don't know… Jake's holding me back… Let go Jake… I want to know why the boy's crying… Let go Jake…

It hurts.

Remembering hurts.

It hurts…

It hurts…

I woke up with a start gasping for a breath. I was sweating a lot for some reason. It was probably that dream again. Why can't I remember it? What was I even dreaming about?

I turned my head to the side to look at my alarm clock. It read 4 am. I groaned. "Seriously Finn, you need to start sleeping more. It's like your first day of a new school year today, and you still have this crazy sleep schedule problem!" I thought to myself.

Highschool. A new year of highschool.

I rolled over on my bed to get a couple of hours more to sleep. But sleep never came to me. In fact, I was wide awake. It must have been the thought of a new year. I am pretty excited for it after all!

I got out of bed and decided to get ready. Don't want to be late on the first day now do we? Well I don't want to be late. I like to come early on the first day of school so I could get a good seat, and see whoever's in my class when they walk in. I had a few classes with my friends last year so that was pretty cool. I think this year is going to be even better though. I can just feel it.

I took a long shower since I had like four hours left, so I didn't have to rush. When I came back into my room, I put on my favorite blue shirt and jeans and brought my green backpack outside to the living room. Then I returned back into my room to get my awesome blue jacket that has some sort of white bear as a hood.

I went back downstairs to go get some breakfast. I didn't usually eat breakfast, but I guess today was an exception. I grabbed a carton of eggs and some packs of frozen bacon. I cooked about eleven eggs and three full packs of bacon.

I don't live alone you know. This is Jake's house and he and I live in it together. He's probably still asleep, but he'll wake up in an hour or so to get ready for his now last year of high school. So I prepared some breakfast for him. You probably think all this food is a lot for just two people, but most of it is not even for me. Jake just has a big appetite

After I finished cooking, I check the clock again. 6:00 am.

"3…2…1…" I silently count to myself. BRIIINGGG There goes Jake's alarm clock. I used to have an alarm clock, but I don't really need it now.

I hear creaking sounds from a bed that's being moved due to someone waking up. Then a slap on the alarm clock. And then a loud sniff.

"Ooh! Finn do I smell bacooon?!" He yells from upstairs.

Of course.

"Yeah man! Hurry up and get ready before it gets cold!" I yell back at him.

There were loud thumps from upstairs, followed by the sound of the shower being turned on. I laugh to myself. Jake had ran to the bathroom to get started on his shower so he could eat some bacon. If there wasn't any bacon, Jake would be sagging his butt all the way there.

As I wait for him, I grab a piece of bacon so I could at least get started on something. But I had to put it back right because Jake somehow knew what I was doing and he yelled "Don't touch my bacon!" Him and bacon must be connected or something.

"Jake hurry up! We only have like thirty more minutes to eat!"

The shower was turned off and Jake quickly returned to his room to get dressed. He came down about five minutes later, using a towel to dry his hair. Then he stopped and just shook his head fast to get the rest of the water out. I laughed and used my arms to block off the water flying everywhere.

"Jake you're just like a dog!"

We both shared a laugh.

"I know bro. But I'm a cool dog!"

We both laughed again.

Jake had orangey colored hair that came down to his neck. He liked the color orange too, so that's what color his shirt was. As far as pants, he wore simple blue jeans. He says that he's a complete 'chick magnet' but I don't believe him. He's probably just showing off, like what he always does to catch my attention. Besides, he already has a girlfriend.

After eating, we began our walk to school. We have a car, but Jake said we're only allowed to use it if it's an emergency or if the place we're going is 'far'. Personally, I think the school is already far, but I don't complain. Jake has done a lot for me and I don't want to be much more of a bother. Besides, walking gives me good exercise to stay in shape.

We talked about random things like about what happened last year or whose going to make dinner for tonight or stories that we told about a billion times to each other that we never would get bored of hearing. Once a view of the school started to show up, a sudden realization dawned on me. "Where's my backpack?"

"-And then Lady was all-"


"What's up?"

"I think I left my backpack at home. Listen you keep going and I'll run back home and get my backpack, and make it back in time for school."

"Are you sure bro? I could get it for you. I know you like being early."

"Yeah it's fine. If I could make it home in about ten minutes then I can at least be a bit early."

"Well… Alright. Just be safe okay?"

I smiled at him. "Aw c'mon Jake! I'm not a kid anymore!"

We laughed and I began running back home.

"See you later!" He shouted.

"Yeah! See ya!"

What on earth was I thinking? I can't make it home in ten minutes… I sighed. Guess I won't be early after all. Oh well, as long as I'm not going to be late…

Dang! That run took at least twenty minutes. I stopped at the front door to catch my breath, then used the keys Jake gave me to open it up.

"There's my backpack… Right next to the couch where I left it earlier…"

I grabbed it and slung it over my back. I went back to the front door and locked it, double-checking to make sure. Instead of running back, I decided to take my time. There was no way I could make it back anyway, unless something happened to show up.

Speaking of which… Is that the sound of a motor? Nobody walks or drives this late to school. Well except me as an exception for now. The sound of the motor was getting closer and closer… until it was like right BEHIND ME! I turned around, only to be faced with a wheel that caused me to jump to the side on my back. I could always count on my reflexes.

"Watch where you're going!" The person yelled at me. I couldn't tell if it were a male or a female though because the person was wearing a helmet, and it muffled up the voice.

I groaned and rubbed my head, looking to the side to see a motorcycle speeding off. "Watch where I'm going? Watch where I'M going!?"

I got up and began to sprint and follow the motorcycle. "Hey you! Come back here!"

I obviously couldn't catch up to it now, but I was going rather fast for average running. Maybe… Maybe this is what I needed to make it in time? Now I'm not really sure if I should thank the person or be angry at them. But I think I should be angry because my adrenaline is starting to wear off from the thought of being sympathetic towards them.

Another long run… I finally caught up to the motorcycle person that had just parked in the parking lot, for my school? The person began to lock the motorcycle, giving me time to walk up to them. I was more like a limp. "Hey- hey you… huff… you should really… you should really apologize for that…" Okay I sound drunk. But you try talking right off after a couple of miles run. Trust me, it's hard.

The person looked at me through their helmet, watching me catch my breath. Then they took off the helmet, letting long locks of raven colored hair fall down. I gave a small inaudible gasp, and left my mouth slightly open while I stared at her. "I actually expected it to be a guy."

She grinned at me and locked the helmet onto the motorcycle. "No."


"You heard me. No. Now hurry up or we're both going to be late for class. I'm new here so you're going to have to be my tour guide for the day. I was going to get somebody else, but I guess you'll do." She grabbed my arm and began to run, opening the front doors in one quick movement, speeding through the now empty halls that were recently just filled. "Tell me. Where is the English class my little weenie?"

"T-That's my class too." I was still shocked from whatever just happened, but her voice brought me back to the realization. This girl is crazy. First she runs me over, tells me to watch where I'm going, doesn't apologize, and wants me to help her find her way around? I think not!

I put the heels of my shoes onto the ground, causing the both of us to come to a complete stop, making us fall to the ground. I quickly got up and dusted myself off, then held my hand out to the mysterious girl, showing her that I was going to help her up. She didn't take it. Instead she stayed down and glared at me. I shuddered.

At least now I could clearly see what she looked like. As you know from earlier, she has long raven colored hair that goes down to about her mid-thighs. She was wearing shorts and a red plaid shirt, with boots to match. I think she's about my age, but I'm not so sure. From her face structure, you could tell right off the bat that she was extremely pretty. Not that I care. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend and I'm not really looking for another relationship just yet. Anyway, even though she was sitting down, I could tell that she was about a couple of inches shorter than me. And she had deep dark red eyes that looked like they could pierce through your soul. That's really about it.

"Need… some help there?" I continued to hold my hand out to her.

"You pushed me."

"I did not! You were running way too fast, and I tried to stop you causing us both to fall over! And now I need you to take my hand so we can both walk to class and not be not so late." I checked my watch. "Yeah... not so late. A bit... but not a lot... ish"

"Woah woah woah. First you make me fall, and now you want me to help you?"

"Ironic isn't it."

She opened her mouth to reply, but then closed it and held one eyebrow up at me. At least she didn't look like she was going to kill me anymore.

I sighed. "Look I'm sorry. I'll go buy you some ice-cream sundaes or something after school to make up for it." I always hated being the villain.

Her angry look was quickly gone, but it turned into a mischievous grin. "Already asking me out when you barely even got to know me?"

"What! Wha- No! I just! I wanted to be nice! And make up for what just happened!" I could feel a blush starting to form. I never was good at this kind of stuff.

She snickered. "I'm just teasing. Calm down." She grabbed my hand and pulled herself back up. "I still accept the offer though… um… what's your name?"


"Alright. I accept your offer Finn. It's pretty cool to make a friend on the first day of school while first class has already started."

"No no… Not friends."

She gave a fake pout. "Aw what?"

"Well your first impression is bad at the moment since you practically ran me over this morning. And this will most likely be the last day that I'll be seeing you, well except for class of course." Hopefully. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I don't really get along with people who cause trouble. Usually I'm the one that stops the trouble.

"Eh whatever. Not that I care. I still want the sundaes though. Now let's go, we're late, like I said earlier." She began walking this time to class, with her hands behind her head.

I let go of the breath I was holding and began walking too. Then I frowned. "Wait a second. You know my name... So what's yours?"

She turned around and smiled at me.


And here we are! My high school fanfic that I wanted to start. Half to practice first-person viewing and half because high school fanfics are flippin cool.

I'm not sure if I should add the genderbents. I was thinking about not going to, but then Finn wouldn't have many guy friends XD I'd make it work if I didn't have any genderbents though.

Also calm down there aren't any OCs in my story. I personally don't like OCs, but I do only if they're like the villain or something and they match the universe they're in. But that's my opinion. I'm not saying you should change yours if you don't want to. Everything that happens in this story is usually something for you to think about and come up with your own conclusions.

Let's see... Oh! I like my stories to be different from others, so there's most likely going to be a plot twist.

And if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!

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