"What are we even doing?"


"No seriously, what are we-"

"Shut your mouth, boy!" Hunson grabbed my still dead arm, yanking me down to crouching level with him.

"Augh!" I fell to the floor forcefully, almost hitting my face against the wall. That was close. I think I've had one too many hits in the face today so actually dodging this time was a big relief. "Hey!" I whispered out with annoyance. Once again he shushed me and continued poking his head out from under the wall and peering over. I sighed but poked my head out too to see what he was watching.

Hunson's eyes darted around the crowded and noisy classroom that we were looking in, searching for somebody in particular. "Not here." He ducked back down on the wall and began shuffling his way over to the next classroom with a window that opened out to the hallway instead. "Hm…"

I followed after him, "Looking for somebody?" I asked, peering into the next classroom with him. We've already checked who knows how many classrooms but none of them seemed to have anybody he was looking for. I sighed when the classroom had no results either and he moved onto the next classroom window.

"What class was it again?" Hunson spoke to himself, sorting through his memories as he tried to remember what he wanted to remember. "Oh yeah!" He brightened immediately, getting up from his crouching position and dashing down the hall.

I gasped as I got up and kept up with him, turning to the side as I ran to see a 'No running in the halls' sign. With a sigh I continued on after the principal who just so happens to be doing the exact opposite of what the sign was saying. "Where are we going?!" I asked him, skidding to the side when a sharp turn came and continued on.

"We're almost there." Hunson answered me, looking left and right fast as he sorted through all of the classrooms. "I seriously need to make this school smaller…" He began to get annoyed from all of the many classes and hallways, but zoned out to think about what he just said. "Or bigger. So it could be a maze and everybody would get lost. Then everybody has to eat bananas. I think I'll switch the cafeteria food to just bananas."

"Just bananas? That's kind of gross."

"It will be when everybody starts shooting them out of their ears and barfing them out whole."

"Woah what?!"

"P. P. Or WP?"


"Never mind." Hunson continued snooping around his own school, finally spotting what he was looking for. "There it is!" He slowed his run to a walk. "Glob it!" Hunson snapped his fingers in irritation seeing that the classroom didn't have a window that opened indoors. "Outside it is!" He began running again, making a turn and heading straight for a window that led outside.

I still followed after him, watching with surprise as he jumped out the window and hung onto the ledge of it. "Uh…" I stopped running, peering out the window to see him shuffling his way over to the window of the classroom he was looking for.

"Come on now." He ushered me to jump out too and get over.

I sighed, hesitantly climbing out as I too used the ledge of the window to move over. It was a bit tough to climb and move with only one working arm but somehow I managed to do it anyway.

"Here we go!" He whispered, peeking out from the window as he looked into the class. Hunson scanned the area, all the students inside not even noticing our presence. "Huh…" There was one empty seat in the back of the class that caught his attention immediately. "Glob dangit! Where did that girl go?!" He yelled out.

The class stopped what they were doing, turning their heads to the window at us in surprise. He was so loud that they had all heard him.

I gulped seeing their confused stares, "Hey I think we should-" He was already gone. "Hey!" I noticed him all the way down onto the bottom floor, ditching me so I would take the blame for his yelling. Jumping off from the ledge too, I used the training Marceline had forced me into to make a landing on the floor below and chase after him.

"Marcelineeeee!" Hunson yelled angrily, zooming back into the building like a flash and heading straight for the courtyard. "Marceline!" He repeated, sliding to a stop finding none other than Marceline sitting on the bench in the garden-like area with her ax-bass.

"Dad." Marceline noticed him as she casually continued strumming her instrument. She acted as if there was nothing unusual or wrong.

"Marceline!" He said again.

"Dad." She repeated too.





"Finn!" I cut them both off, wanting them to stop saying each other's names over and over again while also wanting to be a part of the conversation.

They both stared at me weirdly before turning their attention back to each other.

Hunson spoke first, "Marceline what are you doing out here?"

Marceline looked down at her ax-bass then back up at him, "Playing some music."

"Don't you dare get all smart on me. Why are you skipping class?"

"Why are you trying to spy on me?"

"I asked you first!"

Marceline took a deep breath, "Because dearest father, the class I am supposed to partake in is quite a bore." She spoke in a mockingly sophisticated and high-class manner as a form of her annoyance. "Another minute in there and I would be sure to doze off! –Happy?" Marceline changed her voice back at her last word.

Hunson's eye twitched, "That doesn't give you any reason to skip it. You are heading back now."

"No." Marceline declined.

"Excuse me? No?!"

She sighed, "Alright its not because of the stupid class. I have a couple of stalkers after me which is partially your fault for making them think they can marry me. So I'm hiding out here until I lose them from my trail. There."

I listened with surprise. Looks like that group of guys really does bother her so much she skips class. Though I kind of take Marceline for the person to skip class anyway, looks like she has an actual problem that she feels the need to skip. Still the thought of those guys bothering her so much like that kind of really annoys the flub out of me…

Wait what?

Hunson looked surprised too, "Oh. I see." If you look closely it seemed like he genuinely felt bad as he immediately calmed down. "I didn't think my mistake of mixing those boys up with Finn over here would cause so much of a problem…" Now he too looked really annoyed, "Nu uh. Nobody's going to be bothering daddy's little demon!"

"What?" Both Marceline and I asked him in confusion from the nickname he had given her.

He sighed, "Being evil allows me to call you that. That's part of the job!" Hunson walked over for a hug, squishing her in his arms. The hug went on for nearly a minute.

She awkwardly looked around as he squeezed her, "Okay dad. I get it."

He didn't let go though, gently ruffling her hair, "Don't worry. I'll go make this right. And teach those boys they are not allowed to touch my baby girl!" Hunson looked up to the sky with determination, the sun shining on him in a way that I guess was supposed to make him look majestic. Then he suddenly turned to me, "And you're helping!"

I gasped, "What? Me?"

"Yes you! Now come in for a hug too!"

"What? No!"

He glared at me, "Do it!"

I sighed, slowly walking over with caution.

What I didn't see unfortunately was the cat-like grin that grew on his face when I got close enough. Hunson let go of Marceline as quick as a flash, somehow seeming to teleport behind me and shove me forward.

"AH!" I yelled, opening my arms open on reflexes as I stumbled forward.

"AH!" Marceline yelled too as I ended up toppling over onto her, my open arms allowed my position to be classified as a side-hug.

We both gave a small gasp, our faces slightly flushing.

Hunson laughed from his place, slinging something sharp over his shoulder. "Oh by the way I'll be taking this. Bye bye!" He ran away laughing, "As your punishment for ditching class!"

Marceline gripped her hands to hold onto her instrument, only to find that it had disappeared. She looked down surprised then back up to Hunson seeing her ax-bass as the thing he had taken. "Dang you dad!" Marceline scowled loudly, she snapped her attention to me still hugging her, her eyes a different shade of red like they usually did when she was enraged. "Let's go!" She stood up from the bench and the hug position, taking my limp arm and dragging me with her.

I was still trying to recover from what just happened but managed to keep up with her anyway.

Oh glob. The last chapter put me into a giant writer's block and I couldn't figure out what to do. But I got it! Finally!

-Hunson is some insane wingman.

-He's also protective.

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