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I Wish

Yahiko sighed slightly as awareness slowly returned to him. His eyes remained closed, hoping that he would fall back asleep within seconds. His head ached, his throat was itchy, and he generally felt like doggie poop, which was not something he enjoyed waking too. The raging fever that had developed wasn't much fun either. Over the past few days of the illness, Yahiko had come to a very firm conclusion. Being sick sucked ass.

He opened his right eye slightly to see what time it was. Judging by the pitch-blackness that filled his room, it was rather late in the night, or early in the morning. He wasn't sure just how long he had been asleep but he didn't really care either. All he knew was when he was asleep he could escape the symptoms that plagued him, so naturally that's where he wanted to return. However it didn't look like sleep would be returning to him anytime soon, and that didn't make him a very happy dude. "Kuso." The word had gently escaped his lips before he even realized he had said it. That was also before he noticed that he was not alone.

In reply to Yahiko's colorful language, a gentle hand came to rest on his burning forehead. Shortly after the hand was removed he heard something being dipped into water and the trickling sound that was made when it was rung out. The hand returned, brushing the bangs away from his forehead, and placed a cool washcloth upon his brow. Yahiko opened both eyes about halfway when sleep still refused to consume him. The room didn't seem as dark as it was earlier. Somehow a blue glow had seeped in and offered just enough light to identify every object that lay scattered in his messy room. It was then that he noticed a bright full moon peaking over a treetop and pouring blue beams through the window.

"You awake?"

Yahiko slowly turned his head towards the gentle voice. He was not surprised to see Kenshin sitting next to him. For the past few days Kaoru had been busy with her students and with Yahiko ill, their income had been cut. Kenshin was more than happy to take Kaoru's place as the boy's caretaker, but Yahiko felt he was overdoing it a bit. Not that he didn't appreciate Kenshin's concern, but he didn't need constant vigilance either. "Kenshin, I don't need…"

Yahiko's words were silenced by a soft shush that poured from Kenshin's barely parted lips. He shook his head ever so slightly as he held an index finger to his mouth, gently ordering the boy not to speak. The hand dropped from his mouth and pressed its backside against the boy's cheek. Kenshin swallowed at the heat that greeted his hand upon contact. Even though the fever was not terribly high, Kenshin (being the worrywart he could be at times) was not satisfied. Rather than letting his concern show, he allowed the corners of his lips to curl forming a gentle smile. "How are you feeling?" he asked, his voice just above a whisper.

A sigh escaped the boy. A sigh that was louder and harder than he had intended it to be and which left a burning sensation in his chest. "I'm..fine….Kenshin," Yahiko said, trying to hold back the cough that was creeping up his lungs. He was unsuccessful in doing so and soon found himself sitting upright with his right hand fisted in front of his mouth. Kenshin rubbed the boy's back during the duration of his coughing attack, hoping to provide as much comfort as possible. He noticed Yahiko's breath rasping a bit in his throat as the coughing began to subside. "Would you like something to drink?" Yahiko replied with a head nod as his ability to produce words had been temporarily disabled. The sound of the shoji opening and closing was the only sound Kenshin produced as he made his way towards the kitchen.

Yahiko placed a hand upon his chest as the burning fizzled to nothing. He closed his eyes as he swallowed, wincing slightly at how itchy this throat had become. Allowing his body to relax, he fell backwards onto his futon and shifted into a comfortable position with both hands behind his head. Though he would never admit it, he actually enjoyed Kenshin watching over him almost constantly. Before when he lived with the group of thugs that robbed him of his pride, falling ill was life threatening. No one cared a lick about him and only gave him just enough care to ensure he would survive, as they were too lazy to steal on their own. Other than that the burning fever and chills that plagued his body would go unnoticed. Yes, it was much better to be fussed over as if he were on his deathbed than to be ignored.

The whisp of the shoji informed him that Kenshin had returned, cup of water in hand. Supporting his weight on his elbows, Yahiko pushed himself into a sitting position as Kenshin kneeled beside him. He willingly allowed the boy to take the cup from his grasp knowing very well he hated being treated as if he were helpless. Yahiko gulped the tasteless beverage down and enjoyed the feel of the cool fluid traveling down his irritated throat. As he drew the brim of the cup from his lips, a satisfied sigh followed with it confirming that his thirst had been quenched. He handed the cup back to his redheaded caregiver and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

As he lowered himself down from his sitting position he felt Kenshin pressing the back of his hand against his cheek again. A few seconds later the hand traveled back up to his sweat soaked forehead. This annoyed Yahiko a bit. It wasn't as if he was going to die from a simple illness, but the concern within Kenshin's violet eyes penetrated the room like starlight. So he allowed Kenshin to fuss over him as it seemed to be the only thing that would ease the rurouni's worry.

As he closed his eyes he handed the moist washcloth that had fallen in his lap over to Kenshin. When it was removed from his grasp he reached for his blanket wrapped it around his body. Fatigue had set in again and Yahiko was more than happy to be returning to sleep. He shifted about in his futon slightly before finding that sweet comfortable spot and waited for slumber to take him. He suppressed a small smile that tugged at his lips when Kenshin lightly dabbed his forehead with the cool washcloth. They cared, he had always known that, but it was moments like this that brought that knowledge from the back of his mind.

Once again that smile tugged at his mouth and his lips twitched into a warm smile for a split second before he forced it away. There was no doubt in his mind that Kenshin hadn't missed that, but in his tired state he didn't care too much. Besides, Kenshin wasn't the type to hurt his pride like that. He could sense the man's smile deepen a bit as he drifted to sleep. I'm glad to know you feel safe here de gozaru. Sleep well, Yahiko.


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