This was something that just occurred to me a couple of days ago - I always thought that at the end of this episode when Lee's carrying Amanda, the look on his face speaks far more eloquently than anything he says. Please don't flame as it's meant to be short and every time I wanted to lengthen it I couldn't make it work.

As usual, I don't own Shoot The Moon Productions or Warner Brothers so please don't sue.

Service Above And Beyond - Tagline

The singer's voice was cut off mid note as the tall, dark-haired man strode into the room, holding the brunette in his arms, her hair spilling across his shoulders and Eloise was stunned by the look of despair on his face.

For the remainder of her life Eloise would never forget the agony in his eyes as he held the unconscious woman, and if she was honest, she hoped never to see such a look again. It was as if his world had been cut out from beneath him. She was close enough to hear his threat to Delano about making sure he served his time in a wheelchair and realised with a startling clarity that he was in love with the woman he held in his arms. Delano stuttered a response, terror in his eyes and she saw the man nod curtly and then still holding the woman edge out of the French windows.

Do you know it? She thought. Your face betrays your feelings but do you know? She watched him carefully and was forced to concede that maybe part of him did, but that he wasn't ready to acknowledge it yet. Only she and a few others would be able to tell and Eloise would keep the secret until she died. She looked again at his face, he looked like a man who had swallowed acid, I hope you get the chance to tell her, she thought, and I hope that I'm lucky enough to inspire that kind of devotion one day.

Completely ignoring the crowd, the young man carried the unconscious woman out of the house to the waiting ambulance and as she stared at his face, he looked like a man who had just lost the most important part of his life and hadn't even realised it. I hope she makes it, Eloise thought as he disappeared. God go with you both.