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Ron had just apperated, leaving Hermione crying her eyes out. Harry couldn't help but feel that it was his entire fault. Jumping to the main issue like always and basically forcing Ron to pick one side of a forked road. Harry could only look at the tent wall and think how on earth, was he ever going to pay her back. She entered an hour later, her cheeks still held the bright red from her tears. "Ron has made me cry too often." She spoke softly, glancing at Harry. She only gave a half smile, and then set herself on the bed she claimed. Harry only watched her until the rhythmic sound of her breathing allowed him some piece of mind. He would let her sleep for a few hours, and then they would need to leave. At dawn the latest. If Ron had gone off the deep end, or gotten captured, they would have to leave.

Harry was sick of Ron. He had been for years now, the only reason he stayed for so long was Hermione. Well that and Ginny. Harry wasn't sure she would ever talk to him again though. Dumbledore's funeral had changed him greatly, and in his fear of her getting killed, broke it off before it really even started. She was furious at him, but again who wouldn't be? Hermione began to toss and turn in bed, her tears flowing again. "I swear Ron, hurt her again I will kill you." he spoke to himself before gently lying beside her to calm her down. She pulled him close, eyes still shut, but that helped her calm enough to fall back asleep. Harry didn't dare move all night.

The gray of the morning woke Harry. It was cold, and she shivered beside him. They had been so deep asleep that he didn't cover her like he normally would have. "Mione, wake up." Her eyelids flickered open and she looked at him. She looked very confused for a moment before last night replayed in her mind. She took a deep breath to calm herself from crying again. "It's ok Mione, I'm not leaving." She placed her head in his chest again. Thankful for once that Harry really was a wizard of his word. "He really is gone, isn't he?" Harry could only nod, and rubbed her lower back in soft gentile circles. She only sniffled into his chest and inhaled his scent. Cut grass and musk; He always smelt like this, much to her liking. He was talking but she wasn't listening, which was unusual for her. She just held onto him, afraid that if she let him go, he too would leave.

"Mione, I said we should get moving." She glanced at him, he still had his glasses on, which she didn't mind normally, but those famous eyes of his, she liked him better when he didn't have them on. "Right, um, I'll make us a quick breakfast then." She didn't move, or even look like she wanted too. Harry just sighed to himself and sat them up. "We'll do it together than shall we?" her small attempt smile was all the motivation he needed. In the small kitchen, Harry pulled out the canned fruit and opened it for the two of them. With Ron not being there, the food would last them longer. Neither of them ate like Ron did. The fruit wasn't much, but it gave them enough to wake up and press forward. Hermione made sure all was in her bag, while Harry scanned the area one last time. She had placed her scarf on the tree closest to where they had been. Just in case he decided to come back. But in Harry's mind, he hoped the git wouldn't.

Hermione held out her arm, which Harry took and the apperated away.

They landed on a cliff and Harry began to put up the protective wards. Hermione only cleared the fresh tears and watched. The day was going to be a long one, Harry could already tell, Voldemort was getting stronger each day, and it just seemed that shit never stopped hitting the fan. Hermione kept herself from thinking about Ron by putting up the tent, and pulling out a book to read. Harry didn't say much when he entered, only looked at her then sat on the coat and traveled into deep thought.

How was he going to tell Ginny that if he didn't die, that he wasn't sure he would even want to get back with her. Being away for a few months now the feelings grew weaker. "Harry, I found something you might want to look at." Her voice sounded angry and shocked. He walked over to her and saw the tiny pink bottles that were on Ron's cot, tucked away in his pillow. She had decided to read on the softness of his bed and felt the box that lay hidden there. Each bottle had either an HR or an H on the bottle. And by the look on Hermione's face, there were a lot more in the box. "Harry do you know what these are?" she asked very accusingly. "Hermione, I don't. I didn't even know he had those." She looked at him seeing the honesty and let out a breath. She pulled out her wand and graced one of each marked bottle. "Harry one is for you and the other for me. They are love potions Harry and I suspect that Ron had been slipping these to us each week." Harry clenched his fists. "One is so I love Ginny isn't that right?" she only nodded. "So that means the other is so you love Ron." Again she only nodded. Tears formed in her eyes. "I assume he has been slipping these to us for a while and me even longer. He was just waiting until the time was right, then he was going to sweep me off my feet. And you would marry Ginny." Harry clenched his teeth together in a blind rage. "I'll kill him!" she didn't answer but looked at the bottles. Her love for the redhead was fake. Even back then she knew she would never love him. He was too different from her. To whiny and frankly, stupid. "Hermione, I want my bottles, I'm going to break each and every single one." She glanced his way and tossed him a bottle. He caught it and stared at the small vile. It was as long as his finger, but small in circumference. It had a black "H" on the side, and the first thing he did was throw it outside the flap of the tent with a very pleasing shatter of glass that followed. "That felt amazing Hermione. Try it." She stood the tiny vile in her hand, and stood next to Harry by the flap. When she heard the glass shatter a smile lit her face. "All of them, we must break them all!" she ran in, and took the black wooden box from the cot. They each with handfuls of potion tossed them until they had none left.

That night Hermione sat listening to the radio, the locket around her neck, allowing the horrid music to fill her sorrow and take her deeper within herself. That stupid arrogant moron had tricked her for four years. Third year was when stuff started changing. When they had to leave Ron behind to save Sirius. The closeness to Harry riding Buck beak, and watching him perform the patronus charm to save not only himself but his godfather. It made her feel the beating in her heart for him. Then Ron must have caught on, and started slipping her the potions. She would get jealous of any girl by Ron, and Harry became the friend. The friend she didn't notice in that light anymore.

Harry came up to her and distracted her from her thoughts, with his hand out stretched asking her to dance with his eyes. She took his hand, and he helped her to her feet, reaching around her neck to take off the locket, and tossed it aside. He then began to move the two of them, causing her to smile for the first time since Ron left. They laughed as they danced; Harry kept her close to him and would gaze into her eyes. Hermione after the song ended, went to push him away. Realizing how hot her face was, but as she turned he pulled her back into his arms and held her. "It will get better, now that it's gone, soon our bodies will go back to normal." He whispered softly to her.

She looked up to see his eyes, and took into account how close their lips were. What was it like to kiss Harry Potter? Ginny said it was like she found out what magic was all over again. Cho had said he was sweet and passionate, but held the small hint of possessiveness that all girls wanted. The kind that made them know for a fact their man would never betray them, because to them there was no one else. Pavarti mentioned the kiss on her cheek when he picked her up for the dance, and how the butterflies in her tummy never stopped. What would it be like for her? Would it be the longing friendship gone to new levels? Would it have the sweet prince effect? Or would she feel nothing and her heart fall even more into the darkness?


She opened her eyes, unaware that she had closed them. His eyes were closed too, and his breath was short as if he was holding himself back. Hermione didn't want to lose Harry, but God damn it her curiosity always got her into trouble. She closed the space.

Harry pulled her closer as the kiss deepened. Harry felt amazing inside, like all his worries vanished. His lips felt numb, and he let his tongue trace her lips, to find them open for him to explore. She moaned quietly at the touch, and went to meet his tongue with her own. Her hands found their way to his messy hair and had gotten them-selves tangled. Harry's hands were respectfully on her waist, and didn't move. Hermione didn't mind it, though she was a little disappointed in it as well. When they parted for the air their lungs screamed they needed, Hermione let out a gasp. "Harry, you're glowing!" Harry opened his eyes and looked at her. "So are you." she glanced at herself and agreed with him mentally to herself, all of her skin was glowing,

"What's going on Harry?" her voice now a little freaked out. "I don't know Mione!" the glow was golden and let off a small light. Suddenly Harry grabbed his chest just above his heart, and fell to his knees. "Harry!" she fell beside him and pulled him into her. Harry had one hand on his heart, the other on his scar. "It hurts… So bad!" was all he could say before he fell unconscious. Hermione touched his face moving his hand to look at the scar. Black slime oozed out of it. "Accio bag!" Hermione's beaded bag flew to her hand and she opened it. Taking out a vile to catch the liquid in. once it finished, she closed the vile and took a part of her sleeve to his forehead. "Harry..."