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This will turn into a DBZ and Naruto Crossover story

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CHAPTER 1: Our World

Most universes or timeline, whether slightly or greatly, they differ in some way. This universe is no different. 7 months had passed since the son of Goku, Gohan, was able to defeat the perfect warrior known as Cell. Everything that happen in the original universe happened with one minor difference, Goku lived.


Cell knew he was done for and was desperate to win so he launched his most powerful Kamehameha at Gohan in hopes of taking him out along with the Earth.

"I'm gonna blow up the Earth, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

The young warrior stood there motionless as the big blue blast was coming down towards him


The Z Warriors are shocked as they feel that this will be the end of them


Hercule, his pupils and the news crew all take cover

"HA!" Gohan released his Kamehameha and effortlessly made Cell's attack go back to him.

Everyone including Goku were shocked by Gohan's power. Goku had known he was stronger but this was far above anything he had expected. Gohan looked up as the smoked cleared up and revealed what was left of Cell. He was missing an arm and leg, his armor was shattered and he was bleeding more than anyone had ever seen him.

"You little runt! I'm the perfect warrior! The perfect machine! The perfect being! I AM PERFECTION!" Cell yelled as he tried to think of a way to end the life of the powerful half breed Saiyan boy. Gohan smiled as he felt that Cell was getting everything he deserved.


He turned to see his father yelling at him

"Finish him now! He's weak and vulnerable so finish him before he has a chance to regenerate!" Goku said hopping to end this nightmare that Dr. Gero had created.

"Finish him? No, he deserves to feel everything all those innocent people felt and I'm gonna make sure he does! Besides, I'm stronger than him by a long shot." Gohan said with an arrogant smile

"What?" Goku couldn't believe that his son said that. He sounded a lot like Vegeta, arrogant and over confident in his power.

"Gohan if you don't end this now Cell could find a way to kill everyone! Everyone including your Bulma, Trunks, your grandpa, Master Roshi, and your MOTHER!" Goku yelled becoming angry with his son new attitude.

Gohan had been smiling while his father talked to him, until he mention Chichi, his mom. Gohan suddenly changed his expression and looked like he didn't know what was going on. He knew his father was right, Cell would somehow find a way to make Gohan pay unless he ended him here and now.

"I'm sorry dad, I don't know what came over me but-" he said as he got in a stance to fire up one last Kamehameha. "this ends NOW!" His yellow aura fired up with electricity surrounding him as well.


"No! Please! I'll leave right now just spare me!" Cell plead to the young Saiyan


"You wouldn't kill me, your not like that!" Cell continue to try and save himself


"No!" Gohan fired his strongest kamehameha at the monster that had cause nothing but pain on Earth. Cell put his one hand up as he was engulfed by the massive blast. Gohan's attack took Cell out to space and into the sun making sure he would not regenerate.

"He did it!" Piccolo said stunned as the rest of the Z Warriors.

"Cell is actually gone" Vegeta said still not believing that the son of his rival had defeated him.

They went towards Gohan to congratulate him on his win against the mighty Cell.

"You did it son, I'm proud of you." Goku said putting his hand on his son's shoulder and smiling down at him

The Z Warriors went to the look out and used the Dragonballs to revive the people that died at the hand of Dr. Gero's creations. This also included 17 and 18. Krillin used the second wish to get rid of the bombs inside of them. Trunks went back to his time and defeated 17, 18 and eventually Cell.

End of Flashback

Trunks had return to the past to tell everyone that he finally saved his timeline from the endless nightmare that had plagued him for so long. After a month of being there and even competing in Hercule's tournament Trunks was preparing to leave. Everyone showed up to say their final goodbye to the boy from the future who had saved their lives.

"Well I'm really going to miss you guys but it's time I finally stay in my timeline. Thank you for everything guys, I'll never forget you guys" Trunks said climbing inside the time machine. The three sayians came towards Trunks to say their goodbye. One wearing a black and orange jacket with a white shirt and green pants. The other one wore a dark blue long sleeved shirt and green-yellowish pants. The young Sayian boy wore a white long sleeved button up shirt and black pants.

"Take care Trunks. You've become a great a warrior and someone people in your time can look up to" Goku said smiling at Trunks knowing that he would protect his world at all time.

"Thank you for everything Trunks! I hope you can live a happy life now that the androids are gone." Gohan said

"Good luck son." Was all the proud prince said to his son 'You've made me proud and I'm sure my future counter part feels the same"

"Alright everyone hands up!" Said a voice before Trunks could reply to them. Everyone turn to see three man wearing ski mask. One was a tall skinny man with a pistol. Another was a short chubby man with a bazooka. The last one was a big bulky man with a M16.

"We're here to take all your riches Bulma!" The short one said

"Are these guys for real?" Asked Krillin with a sweat drop on his face

"Hehe I'll handle this, I doubt I'll have any action back at home for a while." Trunks said jumping out of the time machine. He rushed towards the skinny one too fast any of the "thieves" to see. The next thing they saw was Trunks elbow buried in the skinny man's stomach

"How is that possible?" The short one said

"He-he's not human." The bulky one said as he panicked and stared shooting at Trunks. He easily dodged the bullet as he made his way towards the two "thieves"

"Aaaaah" the short one screamed as he blindly fired his bazooka. The missile flew out of control, pass Trunks and hit his time machine.


"Oh no!" Trunks yelled

The time machine exploded and a vortex opened sucking in Gohan then Goku followed by Vegeta. Krillin got Chichi and flew before they were sucked in. Tien got a hold of Master Roshi while Piccolo got the Ox King. Yamacha got Bulma's parents and took them to safety. Before Bulma and baby Trunks could be sucked into the black vortex Trunks flew in at the last second to save them. As soon as it started it ended. However, even though it stop acting like a vacuum, the vortex was still open.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah" all three saiyans screamed as they were passing through a cave of some sort. Goku and Vegeta both saw multiple flashes.

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