Soundtrack: Joyride, by Roxette (1991)

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Cut 1,
Private tune

Naruto walked down the long corridor absentmindedly, his hands deep into his pants' pockets. Hanabi had let him pass quite reluctantly, shrugging to whatever reason he had to enter the house and guide himself through it. If he remembered correctly, the room he was looking for was the fourth or fifth one to the right. He wanted to surprise Hinata, he had explained to the younger girl a few minutes earlier at the front door.

As he walked deeper into the hallway, the sound of music met his ears. The young man took a right turn and scanned each door as he slowly passed them by. The music got louder with each step he took, and finally he saw a crack of light cut through the faintly dark corridor floor. Naruto smiled, that was the room he was looking for.

The young man lifted his hand to knock on the almost closed wooden door, just to freeze in mid action to the sight before him. He'd peered into the room through the small opening inadvertently to catch Hinata in front of her full body mirror. A fond smile spread across his face, 'No fucking way…' Naruto thought, amused. Hinata was not standing still in front of the mirror, she was dancing; eyes fixed at her reflection while her body moved to the loud music's beat.

"And be a rider in a love game, following the stars…" He heard her sing to the mirror, caught up in her own world. She was rhythmically swaying in her usual attire with the exception of her jacket, which remained forgotten on a chair behind her. Naruto's eyes followed her every move. Her feet took her all over the room, each step synced to the music; her whole body following the cheery beat and her eyes never leaving the mirror. Naruto smiled, enjoying the view of a carefree and cheerful Hinata as she played with her reflection, swinging her hips and arms slowly.

The music kept on playing and Hinata just kept on dancing, "… She's got a club on the moon" she sang taking a spin with her eyes shut and one of her hands pointing at the ceiling. As she stopped, facing the mirror, Hinata brushed a strand of hair with a purple brush Naruto didn't notice she had been holding. Her hair was quite damp so she must've taken a bath not so long ago, he concluded.

She's the heart of the fun fair,
She's got me whistlin' her private tune

The young woman whistled to the music and then jumped slightly, standing firmly she took the brush in her other hand and brought it to her mouth, imitating a microphone: "And it all begins where it ends..." only moving her hips, she marked the tempo, "And she's all mine, my magic friend…" The rhythm increased with the upcoming chorus and Hinata took a small jump once again.

"She says 'Hello, you fool, I love you'!" she sang loudly gazing significantly at her reflection's eyes, pointing to the mirror at the last part, "C'mon join the joyride… join the joyride"

Naruto's smile widened and he suppressed the wish to clap at the performance. He was completely absorbed by Hinata's dance, securing every second of it in his memory. He shifted a little and leaned closer to the door unconsciously, broadening slightly the gap between the door and the wall where he'd been spying from. The blond loved watching her act so naturally without a damn care in the world. He observed as the young woman flipped her hair backwards and winked playfully at the mirror. Naruto smirked. He wished he could see this lighthearted Hinata more often and get to dance with her, holding her swaying hips and bringing her close to him. He chuckled, he'd really like that.

She's a flower, I can paint her,
She's a child of the sun

Hinata had started to take a turn but stopped dead in her tracks half way through. She stood motionlessly, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. Naruto looked at her for a while with a quirked eyebrow before realizing that she was staring at him. Her shocked lilac eyes fixed into his own. The song just kept on playing.

We're a part of this together,
Could never turn around and run

Naruto stuck his head out a little; closing his eyes, he opened the door to her room slowly. He looked at the frozen girl in front of him and smiled apologetically. She was just standing there, petrified. Her arms clutched in front of her, close to her chest; one hand covering her lower lip faintly.

"I'm sorry to scare you like that, Hinata." He said in a low voice, "But you were doing great, you know? Don't mind me… please, continue." He smiled charmingly and motioned with his hand for her to go on.

'Cos it all begins again when it ends (Yeah)

The girl in question opened her mouth a little and closed it rapidly into a tight line. Her eyes were getting watery and her breathing, anxious.

Naruto extended his arms in front of him, eyeing her cautiously. "Hinata, please don't panic." He said slowly, trying to reassure her. "Everything's okay, really…" He took a tentative step forward into her room.

She says, "Hello, you fool, I love you"

The dark haired girl took a deep, rushed breath at his approach. Her panicked look increased and Naruto lowered his head a little, apologetically, his gaze not dropping hers and the song long forgotten.

"It's okay, I'm sorry. Just… don't panic." The words came out rushed, "I came to see you and just saw you enjoying yourself so much, acting so carefree and that made so happy that I- Hinata? Hinata, breathe. Calm down." He took another step.
But Hinata wasn't listening to him; she didn't even know what was going on anymore. Her paralyzed form retreated into herself with each second until her eyesight became blurred.

Naruto's eyes widened, "Hinata, don't… !" He managed to catch her before she completely touched the floor, "faint…" he finished, sweat dropping. The young man stared at her now sleeping, relaxed face and sighed. 'This was expected from the beginning, right Hinata?' He mused.
Naruto lifted the girl's limp body and carried her to the bed. Staring at her, the blond smiled fondly and brushed a strand of indigo hair away from her face. He then stood up and turned off the music.

Hinata opened her eyes slowly as she regained consciousness. She then sat down abruptly when her mind remembered the earlier events. The young woman scanned her bedroom and sighted in relief when she didn't see Naruto. She could not face him right now, or for the next three months at least.

A piece of paper lying on her nightstand caught her eye. She took it in her hands, it was a note:

"Sorry for scaring the crap out of you, Hinata! I shouldn't have spied on you like that but I really (and I mean reeeally) enjoyed seeing you dance.
You shouldn't be embarrassed, though, you are a
great dancer!
We should do it together sometime ;)
Love, Naruto."

Hinata just stayed there, dumbfounded, staring at the note. Naruto had seen her dance around like an idiot, and he though she was great at it.
A light thud could be heard as Hinata's body collapsed on her bed.


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