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"James Potter you get back here right now!" Lily called after him, following him out of the head's common room.

"No way, Evans," James smirked to himself, not even turning around. "I'd rather date the giant squid than you! I think he might even fancy me already!"

Lily groaned and blushed slightly, trying to catch up to him. "Slow down!" She half walked, half ran towards him. "I know you have every right to be doing this to me, but honestly, you just said how you still fancy me!" She groaned again.

James grinned to himself, remembering the moment very thoroughly.

They were sitting in their common room, and James was helping Lily with her transfigurations essay.

"Honestly, Lily, the concept of animagi isn't as hard as you're trying to make it!" James chuckled slightly, running his hand through his hair out of habit.

"Don't laugh at me!" Lily groaned. "it's bloody complicated and you know it, James! It's like when you're in Potions!"

"That bad, eh?" He ran a hand through his hair. "Alright… hypothetically let's say I'm an animagous. And hypothetically let's say my form is a….a stag! Yep, so I'm a stag animagous. I have the ability to change into a stag and back into a human whenever necessary. When I am a stag, I have animal like seeing, hearing, etc., but I can't speak or write like a human, however, I can still think like a human and change back when necessary."

"That makes a bit more sense…" Lily nodded, sticking her tongue out slightly like she always did as she wrote down some more for her essay.

"Merlin, she's beautiful…" James said aloud, not even realizing.

"What was that?" Lily blushed slightly, looking up to him.

James's cheeks went slightly pink. "Er…nothing, Evans. Just said you're beautiful. I still fancy you, there's no denying it. Any other questions?" He grinned at her.

"Just one." Lily nodded, looking into his eyes.

"Yeah?" James cocked his head to one side, looking at her curiously.

"Go out with me, Potter?" She smiled at him, batting her eyelashes slightly.

"Not in a million years, Evans." James grinned, standing up and heading for the exit.

And here he was, running from the girl he was madly in love with. Of course he wasn't really running, and she knew that…he hoped. He just wanted to have a bit of fun. "I've asked you out at least a thousand times and was rejected a thousand more. Looks like you have nine hundred and ninety nine more rejections to go through, Evans." He chuckled.

Lily finally caught up to him, catching her breath and grabbing his arm so he couldn't go anywhere.

"Alright there?" He asked genuinely, looking her over and holding her steady around the waist.

"Peachy." She mumbled, leaning up and pressing her lips firmly to his. She pulled away before James had registered what was happening to respond. "Go out with me, Potter?" She asked again, grinning mischievously.

"Alright then." He grinned, leaning down and kissing her again.

Within the next hour, all of Hogwarts knew that Lily Evans asked James Potter out and James Potter said yes.

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