Touch My Heart... Chapter 1

"You don't go searching for love. Love finds you. And sometimes, it happens when you least expect it." ~ RoxyGirl24

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(Will's POV)

"Get the fuck off me you sick son of a bitch", I said as I tried to pull away from the dark-haired boy who was attacking me for no good reason, so I though.

"You slept with her didn't you?", the taller man screamed out so the whole school could hear his excuse of explanation for attacking me. Knowing me, I sure wasn't about to deny something I may or may not have done. I have a reputation to hold on to. After all, my name is Will Horton.

I smiled my evil grin and turned my eyes over to him, "With who? Because I actually slept with a lot of easy whores around here", I asked as I pretended not to be surprised by his latest statement.

"With Gabi you arrogant asshole!", he said as he gave it his best shot and tried to smash my face, but luckily, I ducked down just in time before he even had the chance to take a good swing at me.

"Hey there, calm down Cam! It's not my fault you can't keep your bitch on a leash", I said and started laughing in his face, "Maybe she wanted a real man for a change."

"I'm gonna kill you Horton!", he angrily stated as he fuming towards me, ready to tear my head off, but if anyone knows me, they should no I always have the last word, or maybe in the case, I should say the last punch.

"Good luck with that loser. Maybe next time you should try to fuck her harder, because she sure loved it when did", I merely stated as I turn my eyes over to him and smirked.

Before I even knew what was happening, his left fist collided with my jaw by a powerful left blow. I stood there for a moment with my hand gently placed over my face. I pulled my hand away and looked at it. I could see a small amount of blood on it that came from my lip. I turned my eyes over to him and the anger inside me took over my better judgement. I could have walked away and pretended like none of this ever happened, but once I saw the oozing red substance, there was no turning back. I totally lost it, "You shouldn't have done that", I clearly pointed out as turned over and pushed him up against the lockers and started pounding the shit out of him.

As it turns out, within a matter of seconds, a full-blown fist fight was underway between us and everyone at Salem high was there to witness the incident. The halls way were filled with the usual group of peers cheering us on. Everyone except for Chad that is, "Will, man! He's had enough", I heard Chad screaming from behind who was trying very hard to get me to stop when he noticed Cameron laying with his back flat down against the ground with his mouth that was bleeding out badly, laying there practically lifeless. Deep down, I knew Chad was only looking out for me, and for that I'll always be grateful for having a best friend who cares so much about me. But Chad doesn't know the whole story behind my anger issues. No one does..

"I'll decided when I'm done!", I growled and continued pounding on his face without holding back.

"Will, shit! Mr. Mclean is coming", Chad advised and suddenly, everyone took a step back and became silent, even that wasn't enough to stop me...

"Hey, hey break it up!", I hear Mr. Mclean yell out as he pushed his way through the crowd and grabbed a hold of my jacket and pulled me off of my latest victim.

"He started it", I pointed out as my defense mechanism started kicking in. I stood there panting, trying to catch my breath as I tried to explain to Mr. Mclean what really happened, or in this case, my version of what happened.

"And you just had to finish it, right?", Mr. Mclean implied as he pointed towards the principal's office, "I'm sure Principal Carver will be more than happy to see you see again, so soon William", he said as he brushed me over to the side lines and looked down at Cameron who was pretty much out of it, "Can someone get the nurse over here?", he asked a bunch of fellow students to help.

"He asked for it! I just...", I tried explaining my actions, but stop when I realized there wasn't any use for it anyways. I'm always the one left alone to fend for myself with no one who gives a dame about me anyways. So why even bother trying anymore?

"Just what Mr. Horton? Care to enlighten me?", he asked and I decided to remain silent. There was no point in arguing anyways.

"That's what I thought. Maybe you should try to using your brains instead of your fists next time. Maybe someday, you might understand that and start thinking of others instead of yourself."

"Whatever man, get your hands off me", I said to him as I pulled myself away from his hold and headed towards the office.

"Can you get there on your own William?", he asked as he began to attended to Cameron's injuries who was still laying there completely unconscious on the ground where I left him.

I simply smiled and flipped him off with my major finger and walked away.

Once I reached the principal's office, I walked in and headed towards my usual seat in the far left corner when I noticed it was already occupied by a small boy who was just sitting there, quietly looking out the window. I remember seeing him around school, but never actually care enough to find out his name or even acknowledge his presence. If you asked me, I honestly could care less about him. The only thing I cared about was that he was sitting in my seat and I wanted it.

"That's my seat! Would you mind moving over?", I commanded him, but the small boy didn't even acknowledge my presence whatsoever. The little shit didn't even a twitch.

"Hey, I'm talking to you...", I said in a louder tone and grabbed his arm without thinking and pulled him off of the chair.

The small boy started to panic and started shaking his hands rapidly over his face, screaming...

"Hush! Calm down! Fuck! I was just trying to change seats with you. Would you just shut the fuck up for a second?", I pointed out and held on to his arms to try and keep him calm, "You don't need to make a scene!"

I started to panic. Honestly, I had no fucking idea what the hell was wrong with this guy. I mean, who the hell freaks out like that. I just wanted to have my seat back, "Relax, man. I'm not gonna hurt you", I said to try to keep him calm before I got into any other trouble today.

"Get your hands off my brother", I heard an angry voice approaching from the door.

I turned over and saw what I presume was his brother rushing in to his save the day.

"I was just trying to keep the little shit calm", I said in my defense as I watched him get on his knees to try to calm the boy down.

"Hey Jackson, I'm here. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to pick you up after class. I got tied up in a council meeting. Are you alright buddy?", he asked the dark-haired boy, but once again there was no response from him which I thought was very weird.

I couldn't help but wonder what was going on and why this boy was acting like a freak. I mean, he looked normal and all, so why wouldn't he talk or respond to me or his brother for that matter, "What the fuck is wrong with him?", I asked.

"What did you do to him?", he asked and lifted himself up off the ground and eyed me directly.

"I didn't do anything to him, I simply grabbed his arm and...", I tried explaining, but I was cut off before I could even finish my sentence.

"You touched him? Are you insane?", he blurted out as he bend down and continued to try to calm the boy, "Jackson, I'm so sorry. You're safe now, Alex is here", he whispered to him and the boy finally started to ease down.

"I'm sorry! I...", I tried explaining myself to Alex, which I presume that's what his name was, but I was interrupted by principal Carver before I had a chance to do so.

"Mr. Horton, nice to see you again. What is this now? Third time this week?", he said as he gestured me to enter his office, "Alex, I would also like to have a word with you when I'm done here."

Alex simply nodded, "Yes Mr. Carver", and watched me as I entered what us students like to call it, "the lions den".

"So, what will it be this time? Two weeks detention? Or maybe three?", I said sarcastically to Principal as I walked in the office and partly closed the door.

"Nice try! Have a seat Mr. Horton", he suggested as he sat down at his desk and opened up my file, "So what did you do this time? Beat some one up? Tell you're teacher to go fuck her self? Hacked in to the schools computers?", he asked and didn't seem to be surprise to see me in here again so soon.

"I got into a fight with Cameron", I mumbled out and rolled my eyes at him.

"Mr. Horton, I thought we made things clear the last time you where here that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated at this school. I have discussed it with your fellow teachers and the school board and we have come to a decision that it's time to discuss other options with your family."

"Options? What the hell are you talking about?", I asked as I perched up from my chair and started pacing around the room, "You can't call my mom and tell here about this!"

"Well, Mr. Horton. We have no other choice. After a long review of your records, we have decided that it's time for you to face the consequences of your actions. I'm afraid to tell you that you're now under review for expulsion."

"What? I can't be expelled! I'm graduating in less than four months!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Horton, but you should have thought of that before you tried to disfigure Cameron face. We've giving you so many opportunities to get the help you need son and each time we present them to you, you refuse to follow protocol. We've also tried on many occasions offered you the opportunity mo meet up with the school social worker, but we are getting no where with you...", he took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, "It seems you just can't control yourself on our school grounds. I'm sorry Mr. Horton. We have no other option but to..."

"But...but Mr. Carver, I'll change! I'll stop fighting...I...", I interrupted him.

"William, listen to me. It's not that I don't want to help you out here. but we've tried everything with you", he tried explaining, and he was right. I did get off easy before this.

"Please sir, just give me one more chance and I'll prove you wrong...Please...", I begged him to give me one last chance, "I'll do anything..."

"Anything?", he asked and smiled at me.

"Yes Mr. Carver, just help me out here", I pleaded to him, and for some crazy reason, it seemed like it was working, or maybe it was just wishful thinking on my behalf.

"Well, if you're serious about this, I might have a solution, but you need to understand that is your last chance Mr. Horton."

"What? Anything, just tell me. I'll do it!", I agreed before even knowing what his idea or solutions was. I probably would have said yes to anything if it meant not getting expelled from school during my senior year.

"Alright! One moment", he said as he got up off his chair and headed towards the door, "Mr. Kiriakis, would you mind joining us in here for a few minutes?"

I turned over to him, "With all due respect sir, what the hell does he have to do with this?", I asked and eagerly waited for an answer as to why Mr. Alexander, Oh so perfect Kiriakis, had to do with my redemption. Mr. Carver never answered. That once again pissed me off, but I stayed calm. I wasn't about to blow my last chance.

A few seconds later, Alex walk in and stood next to me and gave me a dirty look before turning his eyes over to Mr. Carver, "You wanted to see me sir?"

"Yes Alex, I think I might have found a solution to your little problem with Jackson. Come in and have a seat next to Mr. Horton."

"I'm listening", Alex informed him and took a seat next to me looking oh so full of himself.

"I'm listening", I mocked him by making a preppy ass remark like all those Kiriakis boys. Well, except maybe for Jackson. I don't know what the hell is up with him. He doesn't say anything!

"Mr. Horton, are you done making fun of Mr. Kiriakis?", Mr. Carver asked and looked annoyed with me.

"No sir! Shit! I mean yes sir!", I panicked when I realized I got caught making an ass of myself in front of the principal.

"Do you have any idea how serious this is?"

"Yes sir!", I answered bluntly without hesitation, "It wont happen again."

"It better not! Now sit straight and just listen."

I nodded and Mr. Carver continued.

"So, as it seems, Jackson wandered off school grounds again today without supervision and was found by a fellow teacher who was getting something from her car. Is that right Mr. Kiriakis?"

"Yes Sir. I got caught up in a student council meeting and forgot to ask Joey or Victor to come by and...", he paused and took a deep breath, "I'm sorry."

"I know you are and I understand how hard it is to keep am eye on Jackson at all times, and I think I've found a solution to help the both of you out."

"I get that sir, but what does he have to do with this?", Alex asked as he looked over at me with daggers in his eyes, "No offence."

"None taken", I pointed out and Mr. Carver continued.

"Well, Alex. You see here, Mr. Horton is looking for a way to redeem himself from being expelled and is offering his assistance to help out Jackson."

"What?", Alex and I both said in unison.

"You've got to be kidding me", Alex started, "You can't be serious about this?"

"No offence Mr. Carver, but have you lost your mind?", I continued.

"William, you said anything, right? And Alex, you know we adore Jackson and want nothing but the best for his well-being?"

We both simply nodded and understood exactly what he meant by that.

"So, this is how it's gonna be boys", he said and turned his eyes over to me first, "Mr. Horton, in light of your latest incident, you will be assigned to keep an eye out on Jackson on lunch hours and after classes until Mr. Kiriakis is done attending his student council meetings for the rest of the semester. As or you", Mr. Carver now turned his eyes over to Alex, "You will explain to William here about your brothers condition and explain to him how to care for Jackson when he has an episode. Consider this a step forward for Jackson's social development, Alex. He might benefit from having someone new caring for him that isn't a member of his family."


"No, but's Mr. Horton. It's either this or you're expelled. Take it or leave it son."

"Mr. Carver", Alex weighed in, "With all due respect sir, there's got to be another solution than this douche bag to watch my brother", he said and looked at me again, "I get that this can benefit Jackson, but him?"

"Alex, I'm sorry to say this, but we can't keep an eye on at all times. We've tried very hard to get funding for a program for Jackson, but without success. It's either this, or you might need to figure out other options for Jackson's education. I'm sorry."

"But sir, Jackson needs to be around normal people because that might help him get any better."

"I completely understand, but this is the only option for the time being. Either you take it, or leave it!"

Alex nodded in agreement.

"So what's it gonna be boys?"

(Sonny's POV)

When Alex left me to go into the office with the principal, I started to panic again and wanted to follow him, but I knew I couldn't. So I just stayed in my seat and looked out the window to stare up at the sky. I really love the color of the sky it is so nice and calming. No wonder it was the main color to feature in all my drawings and paintings. Blue...Just like his eyes...

But no matter how long I stare at the sky, I always start to feel upset and guilty that I still have trouble with touch. I see everyone else being able to touch other people, but I can't seem to let anyone touch me or me to touch anyone else. The sheer terror that happens when someone touches me makes my heart jump and it speeds up and I feel like my body involuntarily reacts. Like suddenly this monster takes over making me scream and shake my hands.

I sigh out in frustration thinking that even after all these years of therapy, I still am as socially impaired as I was when I was a child, but I guess that is why I am here in public school. To see if this will help me get better.

Suddenly I hear arguing voices and I look over to the principles doors for a quick look at what was going on. I see Alex come out of the office with the boy who touched me earlier and they seemed to be in a heated conversation. It wasn't until Alex pointed to me that I realized they were talking about me and that made me look down at my hands in sudden embarrassment. I didn't want to know what they were say but I was sure Alex was telling him all about me.

To Be Continued...OXO