Carol, waking up next to Jessica each morning.

Carol, humming old army tunes when she's concentrating.

Carol, eating sticky rice with her hands in front of the TV.

Carol, laughing when she flies.

Carol, trusting in Jessica when no one else would.

Carol, crying at kids' movies.

Carol, playing basketball with the neighborhood kids.

Carol, too impatient to listen to classical music.

Carol, always changing her hair.

Carol, reading huddled under the covers.

Carol, sipping coffee with Jessica in the park.

Carol, learning to believe again.

Carol, hungry for adventure.

Carol, brave, solid, beautiful.

Jessica Drew fiddles with her shoelaces as she waits for her girlfriend to arrive. It's late evening, and the fading light twists through the leaves of the birch tree. A cool breeze ruffles the branches and the superhero thinks to herself how deceivingly serene the world is. She's so lost in thought she does not hear the approaching footsteps made by the blonde woman until they sit down. Carol Danvers is wearing a dark green jacket and tight fitting jeans around fuzzy boots. She looks amazing, as always, Jessica wryly thinks to herself and smiles.

"Hot cider? Emphasis on the 'hot'." Carol holds out a Styrofoam cup.

"Thanks." says Jessica. She holds the cup for a moment, absorbing the heat. Then, setting it down and reaching into her coat pocket, she turns to her (gorgeous, wonderful) girlfriend.

"Hey, baby?"


"" Jessica's voice cracks and she clears her throat to continue. "Remember when we went to that island in Michigan and you said that the only thing more beautiful than the sunset was a lifetime spent with me?"

Carol nods slowly and grins.

"Well, I was thinking since we are superheros and all," Jessica pulls a small black box out of her pocket. "Why can't we have both?"


"CarolDanverswillyoumarryme?" It's said in a nervous rush, and God that wasn't how it was suppose to go, this is why people propose on the internet it's so they don't look like an idiot-

"YES!" Carol cries, throwing her arms around Jessica, who abruptly loses all semblance of actual thought and just melts. They're both crying and laughing now, rolling onto the ground and giggling like little girls.

"I love you." whispers Jessica into Carol's hair.

"I love you."