My planet, gone. My people, scattered. My wife, dead.

My son, misguided. My daughter, holds faith.

My son endangers this, he must be eliminated. Even if I must kill everyone to do it.

His name, Saber, he has abandoned. That was the name of a warrior.

My son has taken the name of "Coyote". A pitiful name.

My daughter, Krystal, must be saved from his clutches, but she has failed me as well.

"Kursed" was her name. She must pay for her actions.

My name is Randorn, and judgement is coming.

(Welcome to The Will of a Single Man, my first long-term project. I am leaving this up for suggestions to where this story should go because I am yet to find out how this story will go. This little bit sets the stage for the story. Please PM or review!)