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Planet: Cerinia

Time Period: During the events of Starfox The Next Generation: Liberation

For 18 years he laid dormant, not moving, and not aware of anything. The blue male fox finally awoke, but he felt…different. His vision had a purple hue, and he felt like a machine. He looked down at his chest to see that his wound was glowing purple and had a circuit pattern that imitated real fur. Suddenly, a voice spoke in his head.

All for us, all things in the universe will be ours. Your name is Randorn, and you have been asleep for 18 years. We have finally revived you.

Randorn finally remembered it all, Cerinia, the war with Corneria, his "death", and Coyote. The mentioning of that name made him growl.

The one you call Coyote is dead, but he has a son, Timothy. He is currently fighting against Dredd, who has taken over the Lylat System.

"Looks like someone picked up the slack," Randorn replied.

Indeed. But you have another assignment. You will lead the aparoids against the Lylat System and bring it to its knees once this conflict resolves. You will be informed when you will begin.

Randorn smiled, he wanted nothing more than just that, and he had the most powerful force on the galaxy to do it. His consciousness seemed to fade, and he thought.

Vengeance is coming. I have no remorse, no compassion, and nothing left to lose.

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