After being MIA for a month, I managed to get this chapter written...only to split it into two parts. This wasn't my intent, but by time I compared what I needed to do in this chapter to what I had, I realized this chapter was going to be super long, which may have been a problem for readers, so I've split it into two. I hope you all enjoy this chapter, and I'll do my best to get the next one done!

Blake and Adam were piloting La Belle et la Bete over the city of Vale, while the rest of the Hunters sat around. Yang was the only one standing in the jump-jet, holding onto the railing over the door, which was open to allow Yang a better view of the city below. Yang wasn't afraid of being pulled out of the flying aircraft, so she stood there, waiting to jump out of it and get into the action. She was a true daredevil.

A part of the city was burning, creating a fume of black smoke that rose to the sky. Even from their height distance, they could hear the sounds of Cinder's army destroying the city.

"Where can you land us?" Jaune asked Adam, having to lean in close so the other man could hear him over the sound of the rushing wind.

"Still looking. These buildings aren't ideal for landing, so we'll have to pick somewhere sturdy and out of the way," Adam responded, raising his voice to be heard.

"I thought the point was to go into battle," Jaune pointed out, sounding confused over Adam's response.

"I'm dropping off a few of you while I land this thing," Adam answered. "I'm not letting this thing get damaged."

Jaune wanted to respond with incredulous over Adam's decision, but it was stopped short by a cry of delight sounding similar to a battle cry from behind him. He turned just in time to see golden hair disappear out of the jump-jet. A moment later, Nora followed suit and jumped from the jump-jet, releasing her own battle cry.

"Are they crazy!?" Jaune shouted, rushing to the doorway.

"Nope," Ruby chirped with delight, joining him and linking arms. "It's the thrill of the battle!"

Jaune had a funny feeling about Ruby linking arms with him and the smile she had on her face. It was almost devious. He quickly put together why he felt weird and began to struggle in her grip, ready to protest, but it was cut short when the young woman jumped, pulling Jaune with her. His protest that had been in his throat quickly turned into a scream as he fell towards Remnant.

Ruby had let go at that point, cheering in delight as they headed straight for a group of Beowolves. She pulled out her Crescent Rose and began firing off at them, picking off a few of the Experiments as she descended. Jaune fumbled for his own weapons, cursing how ancient they were, but threw up his shield anyways. To his delight, the shield was strong enough to be used as a parachute, slowing his descent while the woman beside him continued at increasing speed. Jaune freaked out, berating himself for forgetting about the young woman, up until he saw Ruby switch her rifle into a scythe and use it against a Beowolf, cushioning her fall.

"Woo-hoo! Style points," the girl exclaimed happily.

Jaune stared at her in surprise, not understanding how she wasn't more scared of the Beowolves surrounding her, but he ignored the thought and instead focused on getting to her side to help out. He moved his shield from over his head to in front of his body, a move he had learned from Pyrrha back when he was training to be a soldier in the Great War. He used the technique to his advantage, and slammed into two Beowolves.

"Style points for that entrance," Ruby announced to the boy as he moved quickly, placing his back against hers as they were being surrounded.

"Style points, really?" he questioned.

"It makes the fight more fun," Ruby responded with a shrug.

"Whatever you say," Jaune responded, raising his shield up a little more to provide better protection for him. "Ready?"

"I was born ready," Ruby replied, squatting as she readied herself to strike.

"On my count, okay? Stay in this vicinity so we can assist each other," Jaune ordered.

"Sure, sure. Can we go now?" Ruby questioned, growing impatient.

"On!" Jaune counted down, lunging away from his standing point to attack the closest Beowolf.

Ruby followed suit and beheaded a Beowolf with ease before moving onto another. Jaune matched her speed, slashing a Beowolf's head clean off its shoulders while continuing to the next victim. The Beowolves growled in anger and attempted to gang up on the two Hunters, but they were more keen with their surroundings and were able to avoid major swipes from the Grimm Experiments.

Yang and Nora had landed somewhere close to each other, fighting off small legions of Ursa Majors on their own. The Ursas had no clue what hit them as Nora and Yang continued to rack up "points" for every death they caused. Yang was really enjoying herself, especially since she hadn't been allowed to take control in a long while. Kicking monster butt was exactly the way she envisioned returning to control. Nora was letting out her frustration for not being able to get to Ren on the Ursas; that feeling was what kept her going.

Yang was a one-woman army; she had Dust running through her veins unnaturally, which gave her the strength and fire powers that she was best known for. The gauntlets she used were mostly out of desire to strike at a farther range and with more force. She leapt over Ursas and fired at their heads as she made her way through the hoard. She had quickly sized up Nora as they had free-fallen towards Earth, and determined her to be a reliable and strong ally. Nora was certainly proving herself in battle as she whacked Ursas with her hammer (an impressive weapon, Yang had silently commented to herself upon seeing it in use).

Kicking an Ursa Major in the head and causing it to fall to the ground, Yang took a chance to look around her surroundings, and found that she was surrounded by enraged Ursas. Smirking, Yang released the empty bullets from her chamber and placed in a new magazine for each of her gauntlets.

"You want some too?" Yang challenged, a smirk on her face. When the Ursas growled, Yang replied, "Alright then. But only 'cause you asked so nicely!"

Adam and Blake had placed their beloved jump-jet on an unaffected area. They were still close to the battlefield, and their speed brought them into the fight quickly. They were met with a squad of AK-130s that were ganging up on them. Adam and Blake placed their hands on the hilt of their weapons, tensing up in preparation.

"More robots to exterminate," Adam commented coldly.

"At least there's no wind and sand this time," Blake commented dryly, a small smirk on her face.

Adam made a small noise that sounded almost smug, but he didn't make a comment and instead drew his sword and slashed the head off of the closest AK-130. Blake drew her weapon and slashed at the arms of the AK-130 that had aimed at her with its dual machine gun arms. The other AK-130s began to fire at the duo, but they were faster than predicted, and managed to avoid getting hit by the bullets, while simultaneously cutting down the number of the robots opposing them.

"Is it me, or are these models weaker than the ones we faced in Mistral?" Adam questioned as he stabbed an AK-130 in the chest.

"No need to be dramatic," Blake replied as she heel-kicked an AK-130 into the concrete.

"Just stating the obvious," Adam replied back coolly, slashing off an AK-130's legs before moving onto his next target.

Blake rolled her eyes at her partner's statement and continued fighting off the mini-army of robots.

"We've got company," Cleo stated from behind Cinder.

The (new) leader of G.R.I.M.M. turned her attention to her assistant. Cleo silently handed the tablet over to her leader. It had three separate screens, all playing footage of the Hunters fighting off small groups of her Experiments. She recognized each of the Hunters on the screen, and visibly frowned at them. She stared at the screen for a few minutes before smirking and handing the tablet back to her assistant.

"So B.E.A.C.O.N. is sending in their pets to do their work," Cinder commented arrogantly. "That's fine. We're in control of the Cube, after all, so there's little they can do against us. Let them play with the Experiments, and if they cause more problems, we'll handle them personally."

"Right," her two companions replied, no more worried than Cinder was.

Let them come, Cinder thought to herself as she overlook the destruction she had caused. They'll meet the same fate as Roman.

"You want me to land there?" Sun questioned the B.E.A.C.O.N. traitor. "That place looks like a craphole."

"That's the point," Velvet replied, looking over Sun's shoulder at the building. "Torchwick didn't want us to be spotted, so we couldn't have a nice exterior. It looks better inside. Land on top of it; we'll have a better access getting in and out."

"If you say so," Sun replied, landing the jump-jet they were using on top of the run-down building.

To his relief, the building didn't immediately crumble under the aircraft's weight. He and the two girls exited the jump-jet and made their way into the building, following Velvet's lead. Sun had to admit that Velvet was correct about the inside of the building; it was surprisingly nice for such a crappy outside. Neither of them focused on the interior design and instead made their way for where Ren was being held captive.

"Do you have a heat signature on him yet?" Sun whispered to the android walking beside him.

"Almost. I'm sensing three heat signatures, but I can't tell him apart from the other two," Penny whispered back in reply. "I'm comparing the heat signatures to B.E.A.C.O.N.'s logs."

"Well do it quick," Sun whispered back, his eyes constantly looking around him. "This place gives me the creeps."

Penny didn't respond. She was busy comparing the heat signatures she had found with the signatures in B.E.A.C.O.N.'s logs. Her work was cut off when she bumped into Velvet, who had stopped outside of a door. The android quickly apologized, but Velvet waved it off with a little smile and nodded at the door.

"This should be the one," Velvet replied. "Torchwick could have done something, though, so I suggest getting your weapons ready just in case, okay?"

Sun heeded her warning and pulled out his bo staff, keeping it at his side in preparation. Penny didn't pull out her weapons, but the two agents knew that she would if there was a fight to be had. Velvet opened the door carefully and led the three down the small, darkly lit hallway until they came across Ren, slumped over in his chair. Sun placed his weapon away while Penny and Velvet ran over to the man's side and began checking on him.

"He's breathing," Velvet stated, placing two fingers on his wrist, "and he's got a heartbeat."

"He looks badly injured," Penny noted.

"This guy definitely went through some serious stuff," Sun stated, turning to keep his attention on the doorway. "Try and get him up or else we'll carry him."

Penny began to lightly tap him on the cheek, getting a small moan out of the man. Slowly, his pink magenta eyes opened, and he took a few seconds to take in his surroundings before noticing the new faces. He frowned, at first thinking that they were part of Roman's gang and were there to torture him.

"So what, I'm now your personal punching bag?" Ren demanded, his voice harsh and bitter.

"What?" Velvet repeated.

"What the- we're here to get you out of here!" Sun snapped. "Here we are, trying to rescue you, and that's your response."

"You're... here to rescue me?" Ren repeated. "You're not a part of G.R.I.M.M.?"

"We're B.E.A.C.O.N.," Penny answered, breaking the rope apart with only her hands. "We'll bring you back to the Airship for medical attention."

If Ren had been in a better mindset, he would have questioned on how Penny was able to break the rope without a sharp-sided tool, but Ren was still exhausted from the amount of torture he suffered from G.R.I.M.M., and so he accepted the assistant Penny and Velvet gave him without a complaint. The two women helped him out of the chair and let him lean on them. Sure that he wouldn't fall, the four left the room and made it back into the corridor, heading straight for the airjet. Before they were even halfway back, they were stopped by the twins with a Taijitu coiled up behind them.

"Friends of yours?" Sun asked Velvet, pulling out his bo staff.

"No," Velvet replied.

"Tsk, tsk," Melanie said as she sized up the three B.E.A.C.O.N. agents. "Ran back to B.E.A.C.O.N. after being found out, little traitor?"

Velvet bit her bottom lip and refused to answer to the taunt. Instead, Sun stepped forward with his bo staff aimed at the twins and Experiment.

"Move out of our way," Sun demanded.

"Is that a threat, pretty boy?" Melanie demanded, standing firm against his demand.

"It is," Sun responded. "Now move."

"You're not very bright, are you bleach head?" Melanie questioned. "Oh well. You won't be missed."

She raised her hand and snapped her fingers. The small snake sprung at the snap, and shot at Sun. Sun raised his bo up and managed to stick it in the jaw of the snake, stopping from getting eaten.

"Can you get around!?" Sun questioned, holding off the black head of the Taijitu.

"It's a Taijitu!" Penny shouted.

"And?" Sun responded.

"That means it has two heads!" Penny replied, just as the white head of the Taijitu sprang into action.

"Awh sh-" Sun was cut off from his curse when he jumped from the attack, taking his bo with him. "Not good."

Ren removed himself from Velvet's and Penny's side and ran over to the attacking Taijitu heads. With a well-aimed kick, he caused the white head to collide with the black head of the Taijitu and for the two heads to crash through the corridor wall. Ren and Sun landed close to each other.

"You still have some fight in you?" Sun asked, switching his bo staff into a pair of gunchucks.

Ren pulled out the StormFlower from inside his sleeves and held them in his hands, feeling a rush of adrenaline just from holding them.

"For this? Definitely," Ren replied.

"Alright, you take one head, and I'll get the other," Sun stated.

"Fine by me," Ren responded, aiming his left StormFlower and shooting at the black head Taijitu.

"You guys take care of the Taijitu, and we'll handle the twins," Velvet said to the two boys, turning her attention to the twins.

"Are you sure about that bunny girl?" Melanie questioned.

"Very," Velvet replied, lowering herself into a fighting stance.

Melanie shared a smirk with her sister, before running at Penny and Velvet. The two B.E.A.C.O.N. agents quickly blocked against the hits; Penny was up against Miltia while Velvet was defending herself against Melanie.

Miltia silently struck at Penny using the claws on her wrists. The red-head used her raised arms as a defense, taking steps back to avoid getting gravely injured. Penny jumped backwards several feet, creating some distance between her and the red-dress wearing twin. Opening her back, Penny - using her technopathy - pulled out a single sword (out of her group of twelve swords) and shot it at Miltia. The red-headed agent would have used her other swords if they were in a battle outside, but given the small enclosure they were in, Penny didn't want to risk her fellow agents' lives with her weapons, so she settled on one sword. Miltia raised her weapons in defense, defending herself from the sword that reeled back and shot at her again.

"So you're B.E.A.C.O.N.'s special toy," Miltia commented as she defended herself against the floating sword.

"I am no toy," Penny snapped, pulling out a second sword from her back and sending it at her opponent.

Miltia did a barrel roll forward, missing the sharp-end of the blade. She hadn't recovered in time, and so Penny used the wasted opportunity on Miltia's part to run over and slam her knee into Miltia's chin. The black-haired girl's chin made a cracking noise, but the girl did her best to shake off the pain she felt and swiped at the B.E.A.C.O.N. agent. Thankful for her metal legs, the swipes didn't even leave a dent on Penny's legs, and so the android responded back with a jab on Miltia's shoulder, hitting the nerve point that caused the right half of Miltia's body to go limp. Miltia gripped at her shoulder, surprised by the sudden hit and effect. She had left herself open for Penny to use her hovering swords.

Velvet did a back-flip away from a kick aimed by Melanie, creating some distance away from each other. The white-dress wearing twin chuckled at the agent.

"Is that all they've taught you at B.E.A.C.O.N.? Your group is easier to fight than I thought," Melanie mocked. "Torchwick should have just exterminated your entire group years ago."

"Then I guess it's a good thing for B.E.A.C.O.N. that your boss is completely useless!" Velvet snapped back, pulling out grenades in the shape of buck shots and throwing them at her opponent.

Melanie kicked away the grenades as they fly at her, sending them to fire off at other things, missing her completely. She turned back to smirk at Velvet and send her another taunt, but is cut off by a well-placed elbow to her neck, cutting off her wind pipes. The momentum of the hit knocked her off her feet, and she laid on the ground, gasping for air. Velvet kicked Melanie in the head, hitting at the right angle and force, knocking her out.

Velvet looked down at her handy-work, and then glanced over her shoulder when she heard a body thump behind her. Turning, she found Miltia pinned to the ground with Penny's two swords holding her in place. The red-headed android walked over, leaned down, and punched Miltia in the face, knocking her out with a single hit. Both B.E.A.C.O.N. girls looked at each other with a small smile passing between them.

"Field work is much better," Penny commented lightly.

"I agree," Velvet responded. "And I think Sun is happy to be back in the field."

"Do you think we should give the boys a hand?" Penny asked, looking over at the two men fighting with Taijitu.

"No. Sun is more than capable, and Ren seems to be holding his own. We'll watch and wait," Velvet advised.

"Very well, I trust your judgment," Penny replied.

Velvet released a tiny gasp, inaudible to Penny who was paying more attention to the fight than her immediate surroundings. The bunny-eared woman glanced over at her fellow agent, shocked by Penny's statement, and feels touched that even after her betrayal, Penny would still trust Velvet. Closing her eyes so she could compose herself (basic training taught her early on that no matter what, never lose your composure in the field; ever), she smiled softly and looked over at the fighting.

Thank you Penny, she thought to herself. I hope, after all of this, you can forgive me, and maybe things can get back to the way they were before I got mixed up with Torchwick.

Despite his injuries, Ren still had enough energy and will to fight the black head Taijitu he was up against. He was thankful it wasn't a King Taijitu, which would have made fighting more difficult in such a small enclosure and without him being at full strength. Luckily, Sun was handling the other snake head, letting Ren focus on one only. The B-Taijitu lunged at him, attempting to swallow him whole. Using one hand to keep himself from being swallowed whole, Ren used his other hand to fire down the snake's throat, hoping to hit some sort of internal organ. The hit was successful, since the snake spat him away, hacking a little.

Ren didn't pause in his assault; he used the opportunity slam the sharp edge of his StormFlower into the head of the B-Taijitu. The snake released a cry of pain, lunging at Ren once more. The Cube expert jumped back, and fired off into the B-Taijitu's eyes, causing the snake to become blind and release another cry of pain. Ren then heel kicked the snake into the wall, sending his half of the snake through the concrete and into the next room. Ren followed after the head, mindful of the sound of gun fire coming from Sun.

Sun was, in a nutshell, enjoying himself.

He was a field agent, and field agents weren't made for staying behind a console. Being out of the punishment (because sitting behind a console day-in, day-out was punishment to a field agent), Sun was able to do what he did best: kick some ass. Using his gunchucks, Sun continuously fired at the W-Taijitu, keeping the snake head from snapping its jaws on him.

It lunged at him, but he jumped into the air, landing on top of the snake's head. Switching his gunchuks back into a bo staff, he stabbed the snake through its head, getting the end of his staff to go through flesh and bone of the snake. The W-Taijitu released a cry of pain before slumping onto the ground, dead from the hit it had received. Sun pulled out his bo staff and wiped the snake juice on the snake's skin, cleaning it off.

Following the snake's length, he watched as the blind B-Taijitu slumped to the ground after Ren used a heel kick on its head. For extra measure, Sun ran down the length of the Taijitu and repeated his action used with the B-Taijitu on the white head Taijitu, killing it off. He and Ren shared a victory smile, as Sun pulled out their bo staff and cleaned it off.

"That was fun," Sun stated.

"You and Nora would get along well," Ren commented dryly, walking over to where the girls were at. "You two okay?"

"Of course," Velvet answered with a firm nod. "But we have to go now. These two-" she gestures to the twins knocked out on the ground, "-need to be locked up on the Airship."

"What about the Hunters?" Penny questioned. "Shouldn't we assist them against Cinder?"

"Hunters?" Ren asked Sun.

"Yeah. Ozpin's handpicked group to fight off Cinder and her army," Sun replied. "Valkyrie, that Arc guy, that scythe loving girl, the blond haired girl with the nice ti- her...chest, and two of our agents are a part of it."

"After," Velvet replied, not hearing Sun's and Ren's conversation. "We can't let these two run free."

"You three go ahead and do that," Ren cut in. "I'm going to help Nora."

"I'm going with ya, dude," Sun stated.

"I would also like to assist," Penny added. "Cinder is dangerous, and we shouldn't leave them to fight alone."

"But your injuries!" Velvet protested, motioning her hand at Ren. "You need to see a medical official."

"I'll live. My injuries can survive, and if it gets worst, I'll get out of harm's way," Ren argued. "Besides, I need to make sure that woman doesn't do any more damage than she's already done with the Cube. And unless all of you suddenly became Cube experts in the last five seconds, I'm the only one who can stop it."

Sun shrugged his shoulders at a stunned Velvet, replying with, "He's got a point. So what do you say Velv? Willing to go and fight off an entire army?"

Velvet stared at the blond agent in shock, moving her sight across all of them before closing her eyes and shaking her head. She sighed heavily, her ears twitching a little in apprehension.

"Well...I guess if that's what you all really want..." Velvet trailed off. She opened her eyes and offered them a smile. "I guess we're off to fight an army."

For the purpose of this story, the Taijitu is the smaller version of the King Taijitu.

Because I didn't want to continuously type the white head of the Taijitu and "the black head of the Taijitu, I simplified it by using B-Taijitu and W-Taijitu to represent the black or white head of the Taijitu.

I've dubbed Ren, Sun, Velvet, and Penny as Team RSVP. I'm not ashamed of that.