I know what you're thinking. OMG BACK SO SOON?! Yes, and it's because I love you all. Long chapter alert. And you may not like how it ends but I needed to end it somewhere otherwise this chapter could have gone on for a looooooong time. I had more ideas but that's going to have to wait till later. Hehe. Anyway, let me know your thoughts, and, as always, enjoy!

Maura did a lot of thinking the next day, but of course didn't let it interfere with her work. When she had downtime, her thoughts were consumed with Jane. Jane, Jane, Jane, whatever am I going to do with you? They agreed to just let it be. Let it be fun, let it be new, let it be exciting. And that idea was exciting to Maura. So she let herself wander off into a territory that she didn't know if even she was ready for. She felt a little empty, of course, and a little sad that Jane felt this was the way things had to be, but she could live with her ghost if she said that's the most that she'd get.

So Maura went home after work that day and texted Jane, inviting her over for dinner. She asked and Jane, of course, said pizza, so Maura just rolled her eyes and ordered the pizza, chuckling at Jane's decision for pizza when she knew fancier delivery was an option.

When Jane got there an hour and a half later, like she said she would, the pizza was cool and Maura was ready. Maura opened the door and Jane stepped in, a bottle of wine in one hand and a case of beer in the other. Maura quickly shut the door and pushed Jane into the living room, barely giving her time to set the beer and wine down on the table next to the door.

"Maur? What-what are you doing?" Jane asked through a laugh. What was going on?

"Just sit, be quiet, I'll be back. Don't freak out." And Maura was gone for a moment but reappeared just as quickly.

Jane sat and tilted her head up but her vision was obscured by a black cloth.

"Maura, are you blindfolding me?" Jane asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"Yes. And now I'm going to take off my clothes and I don't want you to move. Okay?" Maura looked at Jane and waited for her to say something, for her to nod, something. Jane's mouth was a flat line, and then her lips pursed a little, and then she nodded her head and said, "Yes."

Jane could hear the clothes hit the floor and wondered why Maura wasn't folding the clothes and setting them to the side like she usually did. And it was so early, usually they're with each other… later in the night.

"Don't panic," Maura whispered less than an inch away from Jane's ear. Then Jane felt Maura straddle her and settle in her lap. Jane gasped as she felt the weight settle down. Maura's hands came down to gently rest on Jane's shoulders and Jane could feel her pulse speeding up.

"Can I at least take my jacket off?" Jane asked, smirking, lightening the situation for her end.

Maura slid her hands down to Jane's breasts, gave a light squeeze, and flattened her hand to run them under Jane's jacket and push it off her shoulders. She took the jacket and threw it somewhere behind her and they both heard it land with a soft thump.

Jane didn't know what to do with her hands so they were just laying in fists down her side, careful not to make contact with Maura's skin. Her heart was threatening to jump out of her chest and she was trying hard to keep her breathing steady. Maura, however, was grinding gently and slowly on top of Jane's lap. She noticed Jane's clenched fists and uncurled each one before putting each one on her waist. Jane felt the warmth and the curve and her mind went to places she couldn't, well, she was pretty much free to now.

"You can move them, Jane," Maura said. She didn't want Jane to feel like she had to keep them there.

Instead, Jane's hands moved down to the curve of Maura's hip, then to her butt, then on her legs, and back up again. Maura's eyes closed and she smiled as her head tilted back, enjoying the feelings Jane's hands on her.

"Like this?" Jane was practically whispering.

Maura nodded before she remembered Jane couldn't see her. "Yes," Maura whispered hoarsely back.

Jane's hands moved up to cup Maura's bare breasts, causing both women to sigh contentedly. She gave them a light squeeze when she felt Maura's hands over her own, conducting them to move around, to feel her, to give her the freedom to feel her. Jane gave Maura's nipples a slight tug before going up to feel her collar bones, her shoulders, her neck, jawbone, back to her breasts and waist, down her legs. Maura was glad that she went through with putting the blindfold on Jane. The original plan was so that Jane couldn't see how much she wanted this, and it was a good idea. Maura's chest was flushed with heat and she was getting restless.

Maura took Jane's left hand and slid it up, toward her face. she held her hand and kissed her knuckles before kissing each one of her fingertips. She let her hand go as her own hand went down to Jane's belt and began to unbuckle it. She slid it out from her pants and unbuttoned them. All the while, Jane was frozen, still not knowing what to do with her hands. Before she knew it, Maura's hand dipped down into her pants, past her underwear, and went straight toward her center. Jane, of course, was soaked, and Maura smirked as she found that out. Jane could practically hear the smugness rolling off her and she smirked and rolled her eyes.

Maura moved a finger down to circle Jane's clit and Jane's hips bucked forward, one hand holding onto the curve of Maura's waist and the other on her shoulder, pulling her forward. Maura moved forward and slowly, lightly, kissed Jane's cheek. She moved down to kiss along Jane's jaw and made sure to whisper, "I'm just trying something new, is this okay?" into her ear as she kissed back to her chin. She felt Jane's head move as she nodded.

Maura circled her finger once more before pulling it out, and before Jane could realize, pulled the bottom of Jane's shirt up, exposing her stomach. Maura licked her finger, finally tasting Jane for the first time, and wanting to cry knowing she might never get another taste of her. Well… now's as good a time as any. Maura's hand went back inside Jane's pants but realized the twist; doing this inside pants isn't a good idea. And besides, she wanted to be able to do this without constraints.

Maura stood up, leaving Jane's hands grasping at the air for a moment before she took Jane's pants and tugged, letting her know exactly what she was doing. Jane lifted her hips and pushed the pants and panties down around her ankles and sat back down, waiting for Maura's weight to settle back down on her.

The warmth of Maura's legs shocked Jane into reality as Maura once again settled on her lap. Jane's hands went immediately back on her body, feeling even freer to touch Maura, but she didn't know why. She felt Maura get up onto her knees and Jane leaned forward barely, her mouth opening slightly and, almost, almost kissing Maura's beautiful chest. But she stopped herself. That would be too much. She could feel Maura sink down a little bit but still remain off her lap. Jane's hands traveled down Maura's thighs and she felt Maura's hands going to her own hips, then up to her shirt. She pulled it up slowly, and when it got to Jane's arms, she tugged hard until Jane raised her arms and she could slip the shirt off. Her bra disappeared soon after. They were just bare now, naked and completely under each other's touch. But Jane… she wanted to see too.

"Can I take the blindfold off now?" Jane asked with a small chuckle, trying to hide her nervousness. I want to see you.

She felt Maura lean down. "Must you?" The whisper was low and sensual and sent a shiver down Jane's body. When Maura asked it like that, she couldn't help but comply with anything.

"No, I guess not, Jane said, her lip curling up into an unconscious smile.

Maura saw the smile grow and had to physically back off to keep her from kissing the upturned corner of Jane's lips. She backed up completely, standing up from Jane's lap but then spreading Jane's legs and kneeling down in front of the couch. She pulled Jane forward and Jane felt a breath brush across her inner thigh. Her leg jumped at the feeling and she almost panicked, her brain jumping to the assumption of what probably was coming next. She didn't know if she was ready for this, and if Maura did this, would she be able to say no? Did she even want to say no? They've never done… this… before, but now, what if she-

Maura placed a small kiss to the inside of Jane's thigh before letting her fingers trail over that same spot, up Jane's leg, and onto her hip. She pulled Jane further down the couch like that, leaving her slouching in a half-lying position. Jane felt Maura's hand rest on her leg and the other as it made it's way from her hip towards her center. Her breathing increased as she anticipated the touch.

Maura slowly dragged her fingers through Jane's wetness, feeling how slick she was already. At first touch, Jane's hips bucked up and her legs tensed, but Maura ran a soothing hand over her legs to open them back up. She poised her fingers, ready to enter Jane, and she finally looked up to her beautiful face. Her mouth was open with short, ragged breaths escaping. Her chest was flushed and her abs were tense with anticipation and Maura could barely contain herself. Jane in the light of the living room, completely seen, completely vulnerable to her touch. She could see every breath, every drop of sweat that forms on her skin. She leaned forward and kissed above the apex of her thighs before she slipped a finger inside, slowly moving it in and out before slipping in another. Jane's hips bucked as Maura began to pump in and out. She felt Jane's walls clamp down on her fingers and watched as her hand gripped the couch cushions beside her.

Maura's arm was moving quickly, pushing her fingers in and pulling them out, watching as they got wetter with each cycle. Jane's juices were seeping onto her palm and she licked the thumb of her unoccupied hand and swept it over Jane's clit. Her hips bucked even higher then with the new stimulus. Maura pressed down with her thumb and pumped quicker, the sound of the movement making the wetness more evident. She felt the telltale sign of Jane clamping down on her and the buck of her hips that said she was close to climax. Maura pressed harder with her thumb and moved it in small circles and she felt Jane completely unfold around her. Spasms rocked her body through the orgasm but Maura kept pressing and circling, kept pumping even though Jane's juices seemed to be able to drip to the floor at this rate. Her hand got wetter as Jane kept bucking and bucking, finally succumbing to a second orgasms less than a minute after the first. Maura let her ride this one out, slowing her hand, putting intermittent pressure on her clit and causing Jane to buck a little. Jane's hips kept rocking up and down with Maura's hand even after her orgasm subsided, letting herself ride free on the subsequent jolts of pleasure. Maura's hand was soaked and she brought it to her lips. Jane's smell reached her nose and she inhaled deeply, already missing the feeling of Jane around her, of the way her body thrashed.

Maura slipped the tip of two of her fingers into her mouth, tasting Jane, licking up the copious wetness that gathered. She looked up at Jane, who was laying on the couch, breathing hard, sweat dripping down her chest, hands laying flat and docile next to her on the couch.

Maura decided to throw caution to the wind.

She leaned forward and let her tongue swipe the heady liquid from Jane's center. Jane, of course, bucked as she felt the new sensation but she didn't stop her. She enjoyed it too much, and immediately missed the feeling, as Maura pulled away. Maura kissed her center one more time before moving up to straddle Jane again.

She removed the blindfold and watched Jane's eyes open lazily, brown glowing with a daze from her orgasms. Those eyes right there is what made her want to kiss her most of all. Those eyes that could see through her to her very soul, and yet could not see how Maura truly felt. Those eyes that she, apparently, can lie to so easily.

Just then a fierceness replaced the daze with a fire Maura had never seen before. She put a hand behind Maura's back and pulled her in close, smashing their fronts together. Maura threw the blindfold behind her and braced her hands on the couch behind Jane's head. Her lips attached to Maura's shoulder, her collarbones, all the while distracting Maura as her hand crept down to cup her. Maura felt Jane's fingers about to enter her and she raised up to accommodate the hand. She felt two of Jane's fingers slip inside her and she began to rise and fall on her own, feeling Jane keep up and press deeper into her as she pressed down. Jane's mouth was busy sucking and licking Maura's shoulders, chest, her neck, and when Maura wasn't able to contain her moan, she let it out.

The moan, different from the silence and the slick noises from below, startled both of them and made them press harder into each other. Maura wrapped her arms around Jane's head, holding her closer. She felt head tilt up and start kissing her neck, her jaw, and her other hand was holding onto her waist, moving her up and down on her fingers. Maura rolled her hips to fit all of Jane in and, with only an ounce of restraint left in her body, whispered for more.

Suddenly three fingers were filling her and she was rocking back and forth on Jane's lap, their breasts rubbing together with every bounce. Maura felt her orgasm building but she couldn't get to the peak, not yet, not when this felt so good.

But Jane had different ideas. She brought the hand from Maura's back around to her front and pressed her palm flat against Maura's stomach, sliding it down so her thumb had a way to rub her clit. Maura's hips jolted and moved faster as Jane's thumb moved faster and faster against her, varying the pressure and, quickly, sending Maura over the edge with a sharp cry. Jane sucked at the base of Maura's neck as she shook, clamping down on her fingers and spasming on top of her. The sight was delicious.

When Maura calmed, she rested her forehead on Jane's, calming her breathing. Jane's hands went back around her waist, holding onto her and stroking her sweaty back with soother touches. Maura closed her eyes and breathed, trying to gather herself. She opened her eyes to see Jane looking back at her and suddenly she felt shy. She chuckled, causing Jane to chuckle, and that sparked a reaction that sent them both laughing, leaning into each other, and meaninglessly running their hands over each other and touching every smooth expanse they could. Maura licked her lips, still tasting Jane, and that caused her to laugh more. The action felt so raw and so good that she found herself thinking that, if she never got to do that again, at least she got to do it once. That was enough for her.

Jane looked up into her eyes and craned her neck to kiss her flushed cheek. Marua smiled and leaned into the kiss. They were still holding on to each other, Jane's arms around Maura's waist and wrapping around her back, and Maura's arms circling around Jane's shoulders and neck. They both realized this was the most intimate position they found each other in since this all started.

Their bodies were calming down and Jane brought the hand that was inside Maura up to her own lips. Maura watched as she slowly sucked the wetness from them, her eyes widening as Jane maintained eye contact as she swirled her tongue over her fingers. She released them with a quiet pop and, at Maura's bewildered expression, cocked her head to the side and said, "it's only fair."

So Maura wasn't as discreet as she thought she was.

Maura bit her lip, smiled, looked away, and rolled her eyes.

"We still have pizza, if you want some."

Jane laughed a hearty laugh at this. "Okay."

Maura slid off Jane's lap and, taking advantage of Maura's eyes not being on her, licked her lips, finally savoring the taste; she knew this was probably the first and last.

Maura smiled to herself as she walked naked to the kitchen, taking the pizza from the box and putting it in the oven. Jane walked in, watching as Maura bent over. Her toned, shapely legs taught and, Jane noticed, still a little shaky. Jane smirked.

Maura turned the oven on low and turned around just as Jane came up behind her. She took hold of Maura's waist and kissed a line up from her shoulder to the back of her neck.

Maura turned around, and Jane saw what was trying to be portrayed surprise was seen in Jane's eyes as stark shock.

I've crossed a line. We weren't even doing anything, we completely moved on to something else and I crossed the line and… shit.

But Maura quelled the fear by putting her hand on Jane's shoulders and rubbing up and down, up to her cheeks, down to her biceps, back up again to her neck. She rubbed her thumb over Jane's jaw, easing the tension she saw there.

They stared at each other, trying to read each other's minds to see what was really going on in their big heads, but nothing came to either of them.

Maura remembered the pizza. She picked at the end of it and slid it onto the box, suddenly self conscious of the fact she was still naked and handling a pizza. She laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation.

"What?" Jane asked, smiling at Maura.

Maura decided to come clean. "It's just that I'm naked and pulling a pizza into it's box and just. This. It's funny."

Jane took a few moments to let her eyes roam over Maura's body, soft and comfortable looking, smooth and delicate.

"I concur."

Maura rolled her eyes and playfully pushed the box toward Jane. "Eat your pizza."

Jane carried it back over to the couch and set it on the coffee. Maura slipped her own shirt back on and Jane took a second to admire the curve of Maura's ass as she bent down to pick it up. She was mesmerized by her curves that she didn't even notice Maura holding out Jane's shirt to her. Maura pulled her lacy panties up her legs and sat next to Jane, taking a slice of pizza from the box.

They sat and chatted. It was easy, work stuff, thoughts about random things. They seemed to have this flux between tension and ease and, honestly, it was driving Maura crazy. She initiated the touch, yes, but Jane, Jane was so hot and cold with her. Over the course of their conversation, the more Maura thought about Jane and the way Jane could just brush everything off made Maura angry. Why should she care if Jane doesn't? Why, honestly, does she put in an effort at all when there is only friendship, and maybe not even that, waiting at the end of this circus? She feels like she's on a roller coaster, bouncing between the high points of this arrangement and the low points. The low points being that Jane must really not feel anything toward her. And the high point being that she just likes Jane too much.

Jane was putting her clothes back on and heading to the door, still in a little daze of believing they were on good terms. She didn't notice Maura's sad glances or the little angry flares in her eyes.

So when she leaned in to kiss Maura's cheek goodbye, Maura stood statue-still, and that was Jane's first hint.

The next came when, as soon as Jane's foot hit the stoop outside, the door shut and locked behind her.