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Summary: After a traumatic event that scared Tsuna both physically and mentally when she was younger, she decided that waiting for her patents and twin brother to notice her wasn't worth loosing herself in the process. Leaving home and creating a new life was difficult but it was worth it, but the arrival of certain hitman will change it? Even though her twin is the one supposed to become Vongola Decimo?

Pairings: Fem27xAll (for now)

Warnings: mentions of child neglect and bullying as well as death

"Blah..." talking

'Blah...' thinking

"Blah..." dreams/flashbacks

Published: 01-05-14

Sawada Tsunakomi

- The Next Head Of The Family -

(Decisions Has Been Made)

*Last Time*

I was practically ready to leave since there was nothing left for me to do there but was interrupted by a loud an annoying voice.

"W-wait!" ugh! what now?!

I turned around quickly and growled at him.

"What?" I gritted my teeth angrily at Baka-Hiko who kept on looking back and forth between me and the Sky ring than now was resting in his middle finger.

"Uhm... isn't the ring supposed to do something? I don't know... maybe emit a fucking bright light or some shit like that?" he asked with a confused frown in his face.

"Well... yeah, I guess..." I wouldn't know...

"Then why isn't it?" oh well, that must be because...






Wait a fucking second...

I quickly ran to his side startling him and his friends who started yelling profanities or point their weapons at me, but I ignored them, there were more important matters at hand. I took Baka-Hiko's hand in between mine and started examining the ring on it. Something caught my eyes and I felt myself gaping in desbelief.

"Uso..." I was at loss of words, this... this couldn't be happening!

The ring... rejected him?

Tsuna's PoV

I remained standing there looking at the hand and for instance the ring in front of me intently, I felt numb, I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening.

The ring rejected him.

The ring rejected him.

The ring fucking rejected him!

This had to be some kind of sick joke I just knew it. This couldn't be real, it just couldn't! This was just some twisted nightmare and I would wake up any minute now.

...or now.

Or maybe now...


I narrowed my eyes in slits and I took the ring out of his finger for a second before sliding it back on again but the result was the same. The ring had truly rejected him...

"Haha... uso... this has to be a joke" I took a couple of steps back and laughed nervously already sweating, I just hoped this didn't meant what I thought, things could end up badly otherwise, and not only for me...

"What does this mean Reborn? is there something wrong with the ring?" Baka-Hiko asked Baby Sun who kept looking at me with calculating eyes. Surely he didn't suspected a thing, right?

"It means that you are not suited to be the next don of the Vongola Famiglia Baka-Hiko" the baby answered titling his fedora a little shadowing his eyes "as for now we don't have a heir anymore, this is bad..." he said with a pensive voice and I inched away from them little by little, this wasn't good for me, not at all.

"You are wrong Reborn" Nono's Lighting Guardian voice silenced everyone and heads snapped in the direction of the man who was standing not too far away from where everyone else was fretting.

"Ganauche, what do you mean?" Baby Sun asked the Lighting Guardian who looked at me for a split of a second before his attention returned to the baby in suit that was waiting for an answer.

"There is another person that can take the position of the Tenth Vongola Boss" he said calmly and my eyes widened in horror "she-"

"NO!" Iemitsu and I yelled at the same time but for different reasons.

"Tsu-" I interrupted him again before he condemned me to a horrible fate.

"I said NO Ganauche III!" I growled at him curling my palms into fists and digging my nails into my flesh so hard I could practically feel my blood "you promised me! all of you!" I pointed a finger accusingly at him "Takehiko was supposed to become the next don and me and my family would be left alone, that was the deal!"

"We are your family too" he said with a solemn face and I was temped to give in but I quickly shook myself out of it.

"You are not my family, you only see me as a weapon, all of you" I told him, my voice full of hurt "I know Ganauche, don't you try to deny it. The only reason you let me leave was because I was useful to you, because no one would suspect of a little girl, right!? well fuck you!" I reached for the patch of cloth that had Vongola's insignia and threw it to his face "you can tell Nono that I will no longer work for him and his Famiglia, and if that he tries to hurt any of my family I will return the favor ten times fold" I growled before deciding it was time for me to go.

Normal PoV

As soon as Tsunakomi -or Rose since not many of them knew her real identity- disappeared Takehiko started sputtering things about him being the true heir of Vongola and silly mistakes that were made by the stupid ring that couldn't even realize that fact, Iemitsu obviously supporting his son's opinion and practically licking his shoes as he thinks Takehiko can do no wrong and is more suitable than his 'good-for-nothing-daughter'

'Speaking of her, where is she? I haven't seen her recently' he pondered quietly but dismissed quickly the thought, the less he saw her the better, right? But then another thought crossed his mind, Nono still wanted to make the girl the next Vongola head, something he had to stop no matter what.

Meanwhile Takehiko's friends were facing a crisis, all of them knew that their 'friend' was a little manipulative and a always manage to get what he wanted, but they always believed he was a nice person on the inside and that they just had to look a little harder for that part of him. Unfortunately the last few event did nothing more than to prove the wrong, with each battle against the Varia they started noticing how cruel Takehiko could be, it didn't mattered how injured or tired they were, they had to continue fighting until they dropped either unconscious or dead, lucky them the last one never happened.

Reborn was also in the same position as Takehiko's Guardians, because he knew the brat didn't see them as friends and probably never would unless he did something, while Iemitsu's son was strong and had very smart he was also very selfish and spoiled, he always thought of himself first and then if he had time, about the others. That wasn't a good trait for a boss, he might as well kill the entire famiglia right now and then save himself for seeing another bloodbath caused by the Vongola, this time in hands of Baka-Hiko. Reborn really had no idea what to do other than to train the brat, try to shape him up and hope for the best.

BUT THEN! The stupid brat was rejected by the ring and Ganauche came with the most extraordinary news he almost felt like jumping up and down while squealing like a little girl. There was another candidate! this were the best news he had received since Aria gave birth to the beautiful Yuni!

"Ganauche, tell me about this other candidate" the Arcobaleno asked catching the attention of the rest of the presents, they all were curious with the exception of Iemitsu who already knew and was making a plan in his head to prevent it from happening.

"The other candidate is currently fourteen years old much like Sawada Takehiko and lives in Namimori too with an adoptive family" the Lighting Guardian said eyeing Iemitsu and Takehiko from the corner of his eyes.

"Hmm, I see... what else?" Reborn asked and the tenth generation guardians huddled closer to listen better.

"The candidate was born on October 14, and family consist in adoptive father and uncles" he said not really giving much explanation.

"And his name is...?" the Arcobaleno asked starting to get irritated.

"It is actually a she, and her name is Sawada Tsunakomi"

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