After his shower, Misaki slowly made his way downstairs for breakfast, he wasn't sure if he was ready to face Akihiko. Not after what happened in the shower. He peered into the kitchen and saw Akihiko stood behind his brother, their bodies pressed tightly together. "Usagi-san I'm trying to make breakfast for Misaki." Misaki paused at the use of the nickname he'd come up with only the night before, clearly his brother had beat him to it.

The author laughed and nipped his lover's neck. "He's in the shower." Takahiro leaned his head back and accepted Akihiko's kisses. His brother turned off the stove and twisted his body round as much as he could while trapped in Akihiko's arms, returning the kiss with passion. Misaki's cheeks flushed and he backed away, no longer able to watch Akihiko and his brother. He went as quietly as he could back up the stairs and shut himself in his room.

Takahiro set the food on the table and wondered what was taking Misaki so long. He went to the bottom of the stairs and called up to him. "Misaki! Breakfast is on the table."

The brunette heard his brother shout for him to come down but he chose to ignore it, he really couldn't handle sitting at the table seeing them all lovey-dovey with each other. He pulled the duvet up over his head and curled into a ball.

"Misaki!" his brother called again but he just curled up even further and shut his eyes, trying to erase the images of Akihiko from his mind. "Oi, Misaki?" His brother entered the room and saw Misaki was hiding under the covers.

At the sound of Takahiro's voice in the room, Misaki's face flushed a deep red. Due to trying not to think about Akihiko, it had only caused him to think more. This thinking led to more and more heat rushing through his body, all heading towards one area.

"Misaki what's wrong?" Takahiro had noticed his brother starting to squirm under the duvet.

"N-nothing…I…I'm just not feeling well." Takahiro reached out and pulled the cover back to see his brother curled up in a tight ball, arms wrapped around himself. "Misaki?"

The brunette looked up at his brother, moving to hide the growing tent in his trousers. "I-I just…I'm not feeling well." He finished again lamely, knowing no one would believe him except his airhead of a brother.

Takahiro frowned and pressed his hand to Misaki's forehead. "You seem to have a fever, you're burning up! Why didn't you say anything earlier?"

Misaki looked away and shrugged, playing the guilt card. "I didn't want to bother you and Usami-san."

Takahiro shook his head and smiled kindly. "You're not a bother, Misaki. Get some rest, I'll make you some soup."

"Thank you, Nii-chan."

As soon as his brother left the room, Misaki ran to the bathroom to take care of himself.

Takahiro got to work on making soup when Akihiko came in holding a tray with Takahiro's breakfast on, hoping he might be able to personally feed his boyfriend. "Why are you making that?"

"Ah, Misaki has a fever so I think we should stay home today."

Akihiko couldn't help but feel disappointed, though he hid it well, plastering a smile on his face. "Why don't you finish your breakfast and I'll make the soup?"

Takahiro studied his lover skeptically. "I didn't know you could cook?"

The author handed Takahiro the tray, a smug smile on his face. "How hard could it be?"

Twenty minutes later, Akihiko was making his way up the stairs, a bowl of what was supposed to be soup in one hand and chopsticks in the other. He shouldered the kid's door open to see him tucked under the duvet. "Misaki?" the brunette turned and blushed when he saw Akihiko. "Takahiro said you had a fever so I brought this up." He held out the bowl and chopsticks to the blushing teen. Misaki couldn't believe Akihiko had done this for him, just this simple act made his heart race.

The brunette sat up slowly and gingerly took the objects from Akihiko. "Thank you."

The author nodded and waited expectantly for Misaki to eat. "Um…Usami-san…what is this?" Misaki stared down at the bowl full of uncooked vegetables with some kind of thick, gloopy sauce. Akihiko looked at him like he was an idiot. "It's soup. Now hurry and eat."

Misaki balanced the bowl in his lap and swallowed hard, not sure how Akihiko could claim this was soup but his heart fluttered at the thought that he'd put effort into making it. "Itadakimasu."

He stabbed the chopsticks into what looked like carrot and took a bite. It was raw. It took all of his effort not to spit it back out again. The sauce that clung to it was salty and tasted like nothing Misaki had ever eaten in his life. And not in a good way.

Akihiko watched as the boy slowly ate the soup and when the bowl was empty he took it away from the teen. "How do you feel now?"
Misaki felt sick to his stomach but forced a smile. "Much better." The words had barely left his lips when Akihiko ran from the room shouting to Takahiro. "Takahiro we can go out now. Misaki said he's feeling better."

The teen's heart sank. Of course there were ulterior motives to Akihiko's kindness, he'd been an idiot to think Akihiko actually cared about him. With the sick, stodgy feeling in his stomach and the weight crushing his heart, Misaki felt terrible. He listened as his brother protested but was soon ushered out the door and without so much as a goodbye they had gone. The brunette sank down into the sheets and attempted to sleep off Akihiko's version of soup.