Chapter 12: Twisted Existence

"Fuckin' hell these things are tight! How the hell can you stand them?"

Ichigo turned around, laughing as he watched Grimmjow slowly pacing back and forth in tight blue jeans, trying to get a feel for the new clothing. The black shirt he was wearing was roughly untucked, its sleeves rolled up past his elbows and the top button undone, the overall edged appearance matching his wild features, intense cyan eyes and his unruly blue hair.

The Sexta looked up at Ichigo, a slight frown with no real hint of annoyance behind it glanced at his orange haired lover's direction.

"I don't know what you're talking about. These are actually quite nice." Szayel scoffed from nearby, flipping some of his hair behind his shoulder as he exited the shouten wearing a close fitting set of black coloured jeans, his violet purple shirt neatly untucked over his belt, the clothes accentuating his golden eyes and his pink locks.

Grimmjow turned his slight frown to Szayel instead, Ichigo laughing again and tugging on both of his lovers' arms, getting them to walk alongside him. They grinned, allowing themselves to be pulled along by the smiling orange haired teen.

"You'll get used to them soon enough." Ichigo offered when they fell into step beside him, their strides effortlessly keeping up with his own. The trio turned the shadowed alley corner, stepping out into the brightness of the early afternoon sunlight and the throngs of people lining the bustling streets of Karakura Town's main city district.

It had been three months since the collapse of Soul Society and the defeat of Aizen.

The parts of Las Noches that had been destroyed during the war had slowly undergone renovation, the cracked and marred dome of the palace now finally rebuilt. Though, despite this, the land still served to feel as cold and as desolate for all its unwelcoming darkness. The Hollow world remained leaderless, shattered and but a broken shadow of its former self.

It had taken some time for both Szayel and Grimmjow to come to terms with Ichigo's decision to visit the Real World once more, especially since their young lover had expressed his desire for them both to accompany him. The World of the Living was after all not a place for Hollows to reside, even for those whom had transcended all boundaries for a normal Hollow and had essentially become more human than malevolent being. But ultimately, both their curiosity and their burning determination to stay with the orange haired teen and to keep him safe at all costs overruled their initial uncertainty.

And so the three now found themselves walking the streets of Karakura Town, en route to the home that Ichigo had lived in when he was still a part of this world. Their lover had decided that he should visit his father and sisters. He hadn't seen them for five months.

During their preparations Ichigo had left for the Real World on two occasions to procure gigais for his lovers – the bucket hat wearing shopkeeper, Urahara Kisuke, agreeing with an unusually less level of resistance than he normally would have with no overpriced 'deals' being made. He had given Ichigo back his real body when the trio had arrived at his shop some two hours ago, having kept it safe when the orange haired teen had first left for Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo's smile was almost as bright as his hair when he was pulled out of his musings, now casting sidewards glances at the Sexta and Octava – even without their Hollow masks and holes in their gigais, they still managed to look so natural in the Real World it was almost sinful.

"I really don't know how we're supposed to do that." Grimmjow grunted out, eyeing the false body he was wearing with a disparaging glance. He rolled his shoulder, seeking to find some relief from the tension he was feeling in his muscles.

Ichigo's attention was brought back to the conversation.

"Grimmjow, you'll be fine. Szayel's already gotten used to his." Ichigo whispered to the blue haired male. Both cyan and brown eyes watched as the Octava began to hum quietly, eyeing the wares in shop windows they were passing by with great interest. Though his gigai did not retain his glasses, his golden eyes were as sharp as ever as they took in the surroundings, his strides easy as if he was not experiencing any sort of discomfort with his faux body.

"I wonder if he's done something..." Grimmjow whispered back. Ichigo looked to him.

"Like what?"

"I dunno, but these things are fucking uncomfortable as shit. It's like somethin's trapping me between a wall. And not the 'nice' kind of 'trapped', either. It's makin' me sore in all the wrong places." He complained.

Ichigo bit back a snorted laugh.

"I'm serious!" Grimmjow exclaimed, still whispering. His mouth was quirking into a wicked grin. "How can I express my love for you two if Little Grimm is being crushed down here?"

Ichigo really did break out into a snorted laugh this time, his sudden outburst catching the wary gazes of passers-by along the streets.

He wiped his eyes, his laughter drawing small tears which were threatening to pool down his cheeks.

"Your gigai can't be all that bad if it seems to have had no effect on the dampening of your libido, Grimmjow." Szayel spoke conversationally from alongside them.

Ichigo bit his lip, his mouth trembling with the threat of a louder burst of hysterics as the passers-by from before who had just happened to have overheard this pleasant remark fixed Grimmjow with shocked and most evidently scared expressions.

"Ah shit." Grimmjow muttered quietly.

Szayel's expression was smug.

"You two…" Ichigo snorted, shaking his head.

Two wide grins were what he received in response.

Kurosaki Clinic.

It felt more than strange, even awkward in some way, to find himself back here.

As Ichigo gazed up at the once-familiar blue and white family sign, he found himself wondering if maybe he had made the right choice coming back to the Real World for a visit.

After all, he hadn't said goodbye to his father and sisters.

They probably thought he was dead.

"So this is it..."

Ichigo turned to look at Grimmjow, who had stuffed his hands in his pockets again and was eyeing the medium-sized house in front of them. His cyan eyes were sweeping over the two storied building, its tidied and immaculate shrub-lined driveway and the golden brown façade of the residence itself giving off an air of quaint comfort.

"Yeah, it's pretty pathetic. I suppose it hasn't got anything on Las Noches." Ichigo agreed quietly.

"Well, I wouldn't say that. There's more colour." Grimmjow shrugged.

Ichigo's lips formed a small smile.

"Ichigo, there's someone watching you from the top window." Szayel murmured, glancing casually up above towards the second level of the clinic.

Ichigo turned his head and looked up just in time to see a small head of mousey brown hair disappear from said window. His smile grew.

"It's Yuzu." He laughed as a moment later the front door was flung open and a small girl standing elbow-height to Ichigo came bursting forth, her wide brown eyes pooling with tears.

"ONII-CHAN!" She cried out, jumping into Ichigo's arms. Ichigo's face bore a wide grin as he picked her up, spinning her around and hugging her tightly to him, a hand threading through her light brown hair and the other securely fastened around her waist. Yuzu sniffed, wrapping her arms around her brother's neck and burying her head against his chest, holding onto him desperately as if not wanting to let go, or as if she was afraid that he would somehow leave again if he pulled away.

"Onii-chan… I've… I've missed you." She sobbed. Ichigo rubbed a hand comfortingly down her back, his warm brown eyes now twinged with guilt.

"I've missed you too, Yuzu… I've missed all of you. Are Karin and the old man home?" His voice was quiet and comforting, soothing his little sister.

Yuzu nodded, sniffing again and managing a faint smile. Grimmjow and Szayel looked on, small smiles of their own on their lips.

Ichigo had told them about his family, about their personalities and their appearances. They had started to feel a little closer to the rest of them just by Ichigo's recounts alone. As they watched their orange haired lover and his sister, they couldn't help but think that they were glad he had wanted to see his father and siblings again.

"Yuzu? What's going o—" A black haired girl stopped dead in her tracks when she had reached the door, having heard the commotion outside. Yuzu, Ichigo, Grimmjow and Szayel looked up to see Yuzu's twin, Karin, gaping in disbelief with her eyes wide in shock.

"Hey, Karin…" Ichigo managed a small grin.

The small girl blinked, her whole body seemingly frozen. Her eyes wavered, her expression incredulous. A few moments of silence passed. Then, blinking once more and clenching her hands tightly by her sides, she began to move, slowly at first, until she had stormed right up to her brother. Her eyes were dark with anger and relief.


Ichigo winced, his eyes twinging with guilt and pain yet again.

"I'm sor—" He was cut off by Karin launching herself at Ichigo just as her sister had done, her anger now smoothed over into a look of unparalleled happiness, silvery tears also pooling in her eyes.

"Idiot brother." She managed to chuckle, her quiet sobs being muffled somewhat from where she was resting her head on her brother's shoulder, a smile forming on her lips and her eyes closing when Ichigo rubbed a hand comfortingly down her back in return. Ichigo allowed a small chuckle, closing his eyes and hugging both of his siblings tightly. A minute had passed, its silence broken only by the faint sniffling of tears and whispered words being passed from brother to sisters.

Ichigo bowed his head, silent tears of relief streaking down his cheeks at seeing the two once more and knowing that they were safe, his sisters noticing and the three laughing gently when they helped wipe them away. It was then that Yuzu peered over Ichigo's shoulder, blinking and discovering that they were not alone. Her eyes widened in confusion when she saw the two men standing close by and observing the scene.

"Onii-chan, who are they?" She asked, her timid voice echoing uncertainty. Ichigo grinned, letting his sisters down carefully before turning to face his lovers.

"Yuzu, Karin, I'd like you to meet Szayel and Grimmjow." He introduced. Grimmjow nodded his head briefly towards them, whilst Szayel smiled and waved at the two.

The girls studied them carefully, glancing back from their brother to the two taller males. Karin raised an eyebrow at Ichigo, who returned the look. Yuzu, on the other hand, had a smile forming on her mouth which was truly infectious. A squeal cut through the air, the brown haired girl launching herself at the pink haired Octava.

"Your hair is so pretty." She gushed. Szayel blinked, his golden eyes widening in a stunned expression. He managed a faint laugh and hugged the small girl back slightly. Grimmjow scoffed, a large grin forming on his mouth at this before his attention was brought down to Karin, who was eyeing the blue haired Sexta with an eyebrow still raised.

"What?" Grimmjow asked, his eyes narrowing. Karin glanced first from him, then to Szayel, then back to Ichigo who shuffled somewhat awkwardly on his feet and lifted up a hand to rub the back of his neck.

"It doesn't take a genius to work out you're both Ichi-nii's boyfriends. I hope you've been looking after him." She replied quietly, turning her hard gaze back to the Sexta. Grimmjow's brows rose in faint disbelief.

"Yeah, we have." He answered. She nodded, seeming satisfied with this.

"Good. If you haven't I'll kick your ass." She continued. Grimmjow scoffed again; he could see where she got her fiery nature from.

Ichigo grinned faintly, watching the interactions unfold. Bringing his hand back down to his side and crossing his arms over his chest, he felt a sense of peace settle over his mind, the teen finding that he could not even begin to put into words the relief that he felt knowing that his lovers were accepted so quickly. He gave a quiet sigh, his smile softening once more.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to come here after all.

He froze when he suddenly felt a hand land on his shoulder. He started, quickly turning his head only to find himself gazing up at his father.

"Dad…" Ichigo broke off, his throat going dry.

Kurosaki Isshin's head was turned towards the direction of the scene in front, his brown eyes glancing at his daughters and the two men. He slowly turned his gaze back down to his son, his expression unreadable, yet there was an air of satisfaction in his glance.

"'Bout time you paid us a visit." He smiled.

Ichigo could only blink in stunned shock. He wasn't entirely sure what his father's reaction would be upon him returning back home, let alone with his two lovers, but he certainly wasn't expecting something as welcoming as that. Isshin rolled his eyes at Ichigo's lapse of silence, waking the teen from his stupor by wrapping his arms around his son's back in a near-crushing bear hug. Ichigo was brought out of his reverie at the contact, his mind being slowly released from its surprised state. He laughed, moving to return his father's embrace, his smile wide. He'd forgotten how much he'd missed the annoying old man.

"I knew you'd be alright, son. I'm glad you're safe. Welcome back." Isshin whispered.

Ichigo managed another small smile.

"Yeah… it's good to be back." He murmured, his voice a hoarse whisper. Isshin nodded, pulling away and clapping his orange haired son on the back and turning his gaze to Grimmjow and Szayel who had walked up.

"It's good to meet you, boys. We were just about to go out to town, how about you all join us and we can talk?" Isshin announced, looking at the cyan blue and golden eyed males. They imparted a glance at Ichigo, who shrugged and nodded.

"We'd love to." Szayel breezed cheerfully in his smooth tone.

"Alright then." Isshin nodded, motioning for them to follow him. Ichigo grinned, looking at the Sexta and Octava who returned the glance. They moved forwards, following Ichigo's father and sisters.

"They certainly do remind me a lot of you." Szayel hummed quietly, running a hand through his hair to brush some stray locks from his face.

Ichigo scoffed a laugh.

"I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not." He answered, his tone amused.

"If that sister o' yours is anythin' to go by, nah it isn't." Grimmjow answered.

Ichigo and Szayel bit back a snigger.

"Thanks." Ichigo managed a moment later.

"Ichi, o' course it's a good thing." Grimmjow replied, grinning. Szayel nodded his head in agreement. The orange haired youth sighed, a small smile forming on his lips. He closed his eyes, the sun on his cheeks almost as tender and caressing as the lips which soon touched them a moment later.

"Old man, we're gonna go on the swings."

"Alright you two. Boys, you can start heading back now if you want. We won't be too much longer."

"Right, we'll see you back home."

Ichigo waved a goodbye to his father and sisters as he turned around, Szayel and Grimmjow following. They had spent the day together in Karakura Town, visiting stores and an amusement park which had recently opened up. Moments before, all six of them had stopped by the local park after getting ice cream from a nearby café.

The afternoon sun had begun to set over the line of trees bordering the town. The air was warm and the golden rays of light were fresh and welcoming as the trio walked along the cemented path. Overhead, the bronzed autumn leaves fluttered gracefully to the ground with each gentle gust of the breeze that rustled above. Children and parents were laughing and basking in the remainder of the sun's glow, and the very atmosphere was filled with a sense of serenity and calm, the World of the Living once more continuing to be at blissful unawareness of the dangers which would have otherwise threatened its tranquillity.

As he inhaled the heady scents of maple and crisp pre-winter musk, Ichigo found that for not the first time a wave of relief swept through his very being. Over the past three months he had finally found himself coming to terms with a sense of inner peace at what had transpired over the course of his life in Hueco Mundo. Aizen's death no longer seemed so surreal to him, Soul Society no longer made any move to reclaim him.

He was glad that both the shinigami traitor and the Gotei 13 had never succeeded in coming here, to Karakura Town. But most of all, he was glad that he was afforded to live out his own actions and his own choices, especially when it came to those whom he loved.

"The Real World certainly is interesting." Szayel commented as he licked at his ice cream, experimentally tasting the vanilla flavoured dessert and smiling when it seemed to sit well with him. Ichigo and Grimmjow murmured their agreement. Ichigo couldn't help but sigh in content, becoming pulled out of his inner musings and brought back to the present. He resumed the chocolatey sweetness of his own ice cream, whilst Grimmjow had gone and also settled on a vanilla flavoured one.

"Don't you remember anything else about the Real World?" The teen asked a moment later when the thought struck him. Grimmjow and Szayel paused with their food, their gazes taking on a faraway expression, the two evidently becoming lost in thought.

"Other than dyin' and goin' to Soul Society, nah." Grimmjow shrugged a moment later, resuming his ice cream.

"I just remember Hueco Mundo after my death in that hospital." Szayel spoke quietly. Ichigo hung his head, sighing heavily. He was afraid of that.

"At least the food's probably better than what it was." Grimmjow announced. The other two gave responding smiles and chuckles of agreement.

The three turned a corner off of the main pathway, proceeding down a side street. Szayel's gaze drew towards a medical facility when they passed it by, his golden eyes alighting with a keen interest momentarily. The Octava once more resumed in licking his ice cream slowly when he diverted his attention to look back in front of him. Ichigo caught this, eyeing his pink haired lover with a faint smile for a moment before his gaze was drawn to the reddened tongue lapping gently at the vanilla flavoured dessert. Ichigo felt himself pausing in eating as he followed each slow, deliberate slide of tongue over the delectable flavoured treat.

Fuck… that should be illegal.

He couldn't help but wonder if the ice cream was shivering in pleasure when that tongue began to slide a little faster, gathering creamy droplets and licking it over petal coloured lips slowly in a savouring motion.

He swallowed thickly, blinking and quickly turning back to his food. He chanced a gaze at Grimmjow.

Big mistake.

Ichigo wasn't sure if the Sexta was aware of it, but the blue haired male was currently encasing his mouth entirely around his ice cream, his tongue expertly sliding around it as he moved the vanilla treat inside his mouth, sucking it a little before slipping it back out. Ichigo couldn't help the furious blush on his cheeks and he hastily glanced away, devouring his ice cream hurriedly in the hopes that it would cool his face down. He tried to hold back a groan when he realised that he was painfully hard.


His cheeks grew redder when he heard a lightly audible slurping noise from his left where Grimmjow was, and he almost stopped walking completely when a low, faint, yet unmistakeably suggestive moan came from Szayel on his right. He shut his eyes before slowly lifting his head and chancing a brief look at the two.

Second big mistake.

They were looking at him, their eyes trained intensely on his own as they continued to slide their tongues deliberately slowly over their melting ice creams in what was, without any benefit of the doubt, an emulation of a certain sexual act.

Fuck. They noticed me watching them. They're doing it on purpose.

Ichigo bit back another groan as his dick flared impatiently. He really couldn't deny just how turned on he was by that.

Right on cue they began to slip the ice creams into their mouths, sliding down and their throats moving in almost hypnotising motions whilst they began to suck on the sweet, creamy treats, their eyes still glancing lazily into Ichigo's. They gave barely audible groans of delight, their tongues lapping at the tips of the ice creams and sliding them back into their mouths at a slightly increased pace.

By now, Ichigo really did have to stop walking. He tried to look anywhere but at the smirking males next to him.

"Hey, Ichi… what's wrong? You seem a little… hot… there." Grimmjow spoke quietly, his voice a deep husky purr.

Ichigo swallowed hardly again.

"Ichigo… is there something we can… 'help'… with?" Szayel continued, his voice breathy. He threw in a faint moan in the back of his throat for good measure.

Ichigo was panting by now.

"Fuck..." He groaned aloud, his eyes opening to see two pairs of devilish eyes set on him, suggestive grins on his lovers' mouths.

"Hmm? Well if that's what you want, we'd be happy to oblige." Szayel leant down, whispering heatedly next to Ichigo's ear. Ichigo's breath hitched when the Octava's lips found his earlobe, nibbling and licking slowly at the sensitive flesh.

"Do you know just how fucking hard you're both making me?" Grimmjow whispered, licking his lips. Golden and brown eyes opened slowly to gaze lustfully into cyan blue.

"No… how hard, Grimm?" Ichigo murmured hotly, biting his lip when he felt long, slender hands trail slowly down his abdomen, snaking towards the waistline of his jeans. Szayel hummed his agreement, flicking his tongue over his bottom lip suggestively whilst he continued to gaze at Grimmjow from where his hand was feeling down Ichigo's stomach. Grimmjow's eyes darkened and he stepped forwards, closing the distance and sliding himself flush against Ichigo, making the youth bite back another groan when he felt just how prominent the other man's erection was. Grimmjow smirked, bowing his head a little so he could whisper quietly to both of his lovers.


Both let out long, heated groans as the Sexta drew even closer against Ichigo, beginning to slowly, teasingly, grind his hips against the teen's whilst training a hand down to begin trailing it towards a very prominent area underneath Szayel's waistline. All three let out needful moans at the blissful contact, lust and desire quickly overtaking all of their senses.

"Fu… fuck… we… we need a room or hotel… or… or something." Ichigo garbled out breathlessly, his eyes sliding closed.

"Do you know… where… where we might find one?" Szayel bit his lip to cut off the moan which was threatening to burst forth when Grimmjow gripped him a bit too suggestively.

"There's… there's one around the corner."

"Good. I need you both. God forbid I don't start banging the two of you right here and now." Grimmjow growled out, chuckling and basking in the way he was making his two lovers feel. They nodded, gasping heavily when he stepped away.

"C-come on." Ichigo panted, gripping them both by the arm and dragging them along towards the closest hotel.

No one barely had any time to think about the rather stunned expression on the receptionist's face when three dishevelled yet very attractive looking men with the most interesting choices in hair colour had burst through the lobby, racing up and demanding a room for the night without so much as any forms of identification provided. A hefty wallet of yen had been produced and the room keys snatched from the woman's grasp, the three hurriedly racing into the elevator.

All she could do was blink and turn her flushed face back to the computer screen.

As soon as Ichigo, Grimmjow and Szayel had ensured the metal doors of the lift had slid shut, Ichigo had found himself backed up against the wall, his hand sliding down and trying to find some purchase on the smooth surface when Grimmjow pushed up against him, attacking his neck with his warm, firm mouth. Ichigo let out a heated moan at the action, his eyes sliding closed and his body jerking and thrusting forwards, satisfied groans leaving both his and Grimmjow's mouths as their flushed cloth-covered erections rubbed together with the contact of their hips.

The orange haired teen snaked his free hand up, feeling along every ridge of the Sexta's muscled back and groaning blissfully when a chuckling growl emanated from his lover as he did so. Ichigo's fingers found the soft vibrant blue strands of the taller man's hair and gently grabbed a fistful, his back arching when Grimmjow groaned in response and bucked his hips harder against the teen's straining erection. Ichigo momentarily found his chin being lifted and he was met with lust flecked dark golden eyes before his mouth was assaulted hungrily by Szayel's lips – the Octava immediately taking the opportunity to slip his tongue deep inside the orangette's moist cavern. A faint pleased sigh fell from Ichigo's throat, an echoing moan coming from Szayel when the teen's tongue was gloriously taken by the pink haired male's, small flecks of saliva managing to drip past their bottom lips as the taste and feel of hot tongue sliding over hot tongue left them breathless and craving more.

Ichigo jolted and desperately clamped his mouth down harder on Szayel's when he suddenly felt teeth sink against his shoulder; Grimmjow had slid his hands up and under Ichigo's shirt, feeling over every expanse of the toned, hot muscle of the teen's chest, the Sexta beginning to lap at the bite he had marked along the youth's neck which their orange haired lover would be carrying for quite some time. Ichigo was unable to form any sort of coherent thought, his hands flying up to attempt to unbutton Grimmjow's shirt, needing the damned thing off. Amidst his clouded brain functions he tugged on the Octava's shirt in-between these attempts, hoping that the pink haired man would understand his meaning.

Szayel's tongue slid out of his mouth, the Octava dipping his head to lap at the small droplets of saliva running down Ichigo's bottom lip and a low chuckle fell from his throat when he placed his hand over Ichigo's wrist, holding him off from undoing his shirt buttons for the moment.

"Where's our room?" He asked as the elevator landed on their floor, his voice a seductive whisper.

Both of his lovers let out loud groans, Grimmjow making to place his hands in the jeans pocket that Ichigo had hastily stowed the room key in, being sure to slide as much of his hands over Ichigo's firm backside as possible before pulling out the card. The three stumbled a little into the corridor, hardly able to get their hands off of each other even as they made their way down to the end of the lengthy hall.

Szayel took the key from Grimmjow, swiping the card in the electronic holder by the door handle. It took him a few attempts; the Octava panted harshly against the door, being pressed against it by Ichigo who had placed his hands along either side of the pink haired man's waist, his mouth hungrily feasting upon the pale expanse of flesh of Szayel's throat.

Grimmjow ran his tongue along Ichigo's earlobe, causing the orangette to groan loudly even as he slid his own tongue against the back of their pink haired lover's neck. Szayel shivered and a breathless gasp left his mouth when Ichigo's tongue flicked along the base of his neckline, his teeth moving to nip down shortly afterwards. The Octava bit his lip, finally managing to unlock the door.

It swung open, the three quickly rushing inside and slamming it shut, locking it as they did so.

In the brief moment that they managed to pull apart for long enough, they noted fleetingly that they had booked themselves into a nice hotel – the room was spacious with a large bed and a couch by the window, with amenities such as a fridge and TV. There was a balcony overlooking Karakura Town, and upon quick glance the bathroom was also neat and reasonably well sized.

It had seemed that they had booked some sort of deluxe suite, or else the receptionist had given them this room seeing what current 'state' they were in.

Either way, they were grateful the bed looked big enough to accommodate the three of them.

Grimmjow's shirt flew off, landing somewhere messily on the floor. The Sexta placed his hands on the wall, resting them alongside Ichigo's shoulders from where the orange haired youth had already pushed Szayel back, finding his mouth hungrily. The two groaned heatedly as their tongues began to slide against each other, Grimmjow leaning over Ichigo to intermittently lap at both of his lovers' mouths in turn with his own tongue.

"Hey, you know what?" He whispered huskily after a moment, licking his lips and his cyan blue eyes glinting with a devilish air.

"Wh-what?" Ichigo and Szayel paused, gasping heavily and trying to regain contact with the Sexta's mouth, frowning slightly when he just smirked and pulled away. His two lovers fell back to sucking along each other's lips, their faint moans filling the heavy air.

"You two… I wanna watch you. Think of it as punishment for getting me this hot in the first place." Grimmjow replied, his grin widening whilst he went to lie down on the bed, raising an eyebrow at them expectantly.

"K-kinky bastard…" Szayel managed to gasp out, chuckling amidst his pants for breath. Ichigo moaned loudly in response to both of them, beginning to trail his tongue down the Octava's pale neck and lapping at the sweet skin of his throat.

Grimmjow's grin grew even wider and he winked at the two.

"Get to it, boys."

Two more heated groans were what he received in reply and he gazed lustfully at his lovers, his dick twitching in anticipation when Ichigo began trailing his hands up and under Szayel's shirt, feeling the expanse of his warm chest. Szayel bucked his hips when Ichigo's fingers brushed against the sensitive buds of his nipples and Ichigo grinned against his pink haired lover's neck, rubbing his hips slowly against the other males'. Their breathing became heavier, Szayel's eyes fluttering closed in bliss as he tilted his head to the side, allowing Ichigo more access to his neck as the orange haired male trailed down with his hot tongue.

Ichigo grew impatient with the clothes which were still covering that deceptively delicate looking body, and he brought his mouth and tongue away from Szayel's neck momentarily to rip off the purple shirt he was wearing. The material shredded a little from the teen's careless actions, the garment flung harshly to the ground. Szayel gave a low, breathless groan, his body shuddering with pleasure at the forceful action. Ichigo paused, swallowing thickly as he eyed his lover's response, completely entranced.

"Do you like that?" He asked hotly, licking his lips and his eyes hungrily drinking up the Octava's flushed face, the man's golden eyes burning under his half open eyelids. The pink haired male nodded, swallowing thickly.

"Yes…" He whispered in an exhilarated moan.

Ichigo groaned loudly, attaching his mouth to one of the pebbled buds of the other man's nipples, his dick flaring beyond comfortable levels. He didn't even bother with undoing Szayel's belt properly, he ended up ripping the slighter males' pants off of his legs too. Szayel bit the back of his hand, his eyes clamping shut and his body shivering, his hips bucking wildly from being exposed so dominantly by their usually submissive lover and by that hot mouth which was lavishing his sensitive chest. He vaguely registered a slight intake of breath.

"Fuck… you're really hard…"

Szayel managed a faint chuckle at Ichigo's awe-filled whisper, and he continued to breathe in short, sharp pants for air as he looked down to see Ichigo's eyes trained on his weeping cock. He bit his lip again.

"I guess you'd better… help me out with that then… Ichigo..." Szayel suggested, his voice laden with a seductive whisper, his hands moving to unbuckle the belt which was still holding Ichigo's pants in place. Ichigo groaned, nodding and removing his shirt and throwing it to the ground. His soon naked body pressed flush against Szayel's, the two biting back moans when their fully freed arousals rubbed and bucked against each other.

Ichigo's eyes were heavy with lust as he gazed into golden, Szayel's expression near pleading when Ichigo began to slowly snake his hand down over the Octava's abdomen. He paused though, frowning slightly and going lower before stopping and wrapping his hand around the slighter man's lean hip. Szayel's clouded eyes became filled with slight confusion at this hesitation, his eyes searching Ichigo's for some sort of answer.

"Don't stop."

The two shared a glance at Grimmjow who had just spoken, his voice sounding strained and heated when he breathed out the hoarse command.

Brown and gold eyes locked onto the sight of the Sexta licking his lips, his cyan blue eyes darkened and watching every second intensely. His fingers were clenched around himself tightly underneath his waistband, his hand moving in time with each rapid rise and fall of his chest with his heavy breathing. Ichigo and Szayel groaned, their minds about ready to explode as they panted, watching this. Ichigo closed his eyes, trying to control his pounding heartbeat, chancing a look back to his pink haired lover.

"Ichigo… what's… what's wrong?" Szayel whispered, threading his hands through Ichigo's orange locks and biting his lip.

Ichigo shook his head, resting his forehead against the slender males', gripping his hips tighter. He had decided against what he was originally going to do in favour of savouring that for later on. Right now, he wanted something else.

He opened his hazed brown eyes, staring intently into deep golden and bringing up two fingers, tapping them gently and expectantly against Szayel's light petal coloured lips. The Octava's eyes widened slightly in recognition and chuckling softly, he pressed his lips against Ichigo's fingers and gently kissed them.

"It's alright, Ichigo. I'll be fine." He whispered heatedly. A seductive smirk pulled at Ichigo's lips.

"Alright then." He murmured in response, pulling his fingers away to force his mouth down hotly against the Octava's, whose legs had spread apart to wrap around Ichigo's when the orangette moved closer in between his thighs. A devilish smile twitched at the corners of Szayel's mouth as he licked his tongue over Ichigo's reddened lips, the smile turning into an open-mouthed gasp when Ichigo positioned himself, slowly pushing into the tight ring of Szayel's entrance, the tip of his cock sliding in without any preparation.

Szayel bit his lip, a long, low groan sounding from his throat and his eyes clamping shut, his body seizing up and twitching whilst Ichigo lowered his head against the Octava's neck, panting harshly as that tight, clenching heat surrounded his overly-sensitive dick.

"Oh… God… nggghh… S-Szayel…" He moaned, gripping the man's hips tightly. Szayel's head tilted to the side, his breathing laboured as he nodded faintly, pulling Ichigo's hips towards him more, both needing and urging him to begin moving. Ichigo managed to open an eye, gritting his teeth.

"Haa… Ichi… Ichigo… p-please…" Szayel moaned, pleading against Ichigo's look of uncertainty and bucking his hips, his head tilting back against the wall when the pain rocketed through him.

Ichigo took a deep breath, a sense of anxiety filling him when he realised that he was probably hurting his pink haired lover, but he moved in anyway. If Szayel wanted him to move, who was he to deny that? He slid in more, moaning loudly and panting. His eyes closed against the feel of that tight, constricting heat, Szayel's groans turning into faint whimpers before he bit the back of his knuckles.

Szayel bucked his hips again, urging Ichigo in further. The orange haired teen complied, thrusting in until he was now fully sheathed up to the hilt inside the Octava. A low, loud cry of unmistakeable delight ripped through the air, Szayel gripping the wall and the back of Ichigo's neck, looking for purchase to stop himself from shaking with pleasure when the pain filled him right to the core.

Ichigo panted out a deep chuckle, his hands gripping Szayel's hips tighter and in doing so leaving marks from his fingernails against the pale flesh. He licked his lips when Szayel bucked his hips up again, his eyes rolling back and another high, pleasured moan leaving his lips. He barely registered the satisfied groan which came from the direction of the bed from where Grimmjow was still watching intently.

"Is that good, Szayel?" Ichigo murmured quietly amidst his panting breaths, bringing his hand up to stroke it against the Octava's cheek. Szayel bit his knuckles harder, nodding and gasping again as Ichigo thrust his hips in quickly, sliding a little higher inside the Octava's tight heat.

"Y-yes!" He cried out, his body starting to gleam faintly with sweat. Ichigo groaned hardly, attacking his lover's neck with a hard, feverish kiss, scraping his teeth against the man's throat. Szayel was beginning to lose himself, his breathing coming harder and faster, breathless cries falling from his lips and his face flushed deeply with pleasure. Ichigo drew himself closer, thrusting in a little deeper and basking in the feel of his lover reacting to him and of just how tight he was. He could see why Szayel and Grimmjow always preferred to enter him – the feeling was intoxicating.

Ichigo watched, entranced, as Szayel's back arched, his legs wrapping tighter around Ichigo's and his lean body eagerly thrusting back against Ichigo's movement of his hips, helping to sink himself down further on Ichigo's cock. A loud gasp of bliss fell from Szayel's throat, his expression hazed with pure ecstasy; his own arousal was dripping with tell-tale strands of pearly white, the Octava seemingly close to release. Ichigo grit his teeth, breathing heavily and thrusting his hips up higher, both males continuing to groan.


Ichigo almost released right then and there inside of his lover when he heard that low, needy moan, Szayel's eyes half-lidded and gazing heavily at Ichigo from under his eyelashes. The orange haired teen felt his stomach coil with blissful heat, his cock twitching with excitement deep inside the Octava's passage. Ichigo managed to nod his head, fisting his hands through the slighter male's hair and crashing his lips down passionately onto those softly abused lips, Szayel immediately moaning and returning the kiss. He cried out in a loud scream of intense pleasure into Ichigo's mouth when the teen took the opportunity to ram himself harder, faster inside his lover.

Scattered garbled words emitted from both males as Ichigo thrust harshly up higher, hitting the Octava's prostate dead-on. Szayel's eyes widened before they slid shut, his whole body arching deliciously and a high, lengthy scream of delight falling from his mouth. Ichigo's cries rose to mingle with Szayel's own, the teen effectively pounding straight up against that perfect spot, passionate moans and screams continuing to fill the entire room.

Ichigo felt like he couldn't last for much longer, his release already starting to make itself known, his cock sliding inside his lover over and over. Szayel's member was twitching, his body continuing to arch and an expression of absolute ecstasy hazing his features. Ichigo grabbed the slighter man by the jaw, pulling his head down to seal his lips with a searing kiss, giving one last forceful thrust before his vision flecked with white – his release thickly coating his lover's passage with his hot, sticky essence.

His lover's orgasm having been met inside him drove Szayel over that last final edge. Trembling and his abdomen pooling with heat, the pink haired man came mere seconds later, loud passionate wails of each other's names falling from both of their lips. Their hips jerked roughly as they rode out their orgasms, both of their chests coated as their bodies rocked in time together.

From the bed Grimmjow was finding it very hard trying to force himself to not get up there and fuck those two both senseless all over again after that truly sinful display. He had lost count of how many times he came just from watching – he reckoned it was around five at least. Willing his heart to cease its feverish pounding, his body trembling, he took deep breaths and closed his eyes for a minute in an effort to calm himself down. His dick twitched harshly.

Fucking hell you two are both gonna get it.

He slowly opened his eyes, licking his dried lips and hungrily watching Ichigo collapse against Szayel, the two completely spent. Ichigo's head slid to their pink haired lovers' shoulder, Szayel moving to wrap his arms tightly around Ichigo in return and placing feather-light kisses over his forehead, cheek and mouth, the both of them still gasping for breath. Szayel moved to grip one of Ichigo's hands gently in his, moving his lips to kiss the back of it before gazing into warm brown eyes and smiling softly, receiving a light grin in response. Hands wrapping carefully around each other's waists they moved away from the wall, supporting each other to ease their trembling limbs as they headed over towards the bed.

They lifted their tired heads to glance at Grimmjow who grinned at them both, his wild blue eyes giving away a hint of something he was planning. Both of his lovers didn't have any time to question what it was as the second they had climbed onto the mattress, Grimmjow had flipped Ichigo over onto all fours and pressed flush against him from behind whilst diving forwards and moving to reach up and capture Szayel's lips in a rapturing kiss.

Ichigo gave a soft cry of surprise, whipping his head around to look at his blue haired lover as soon as the latter had parted his hungry mouth from Szayel's a long moment later. The Octava was left panting heavily all over again, a similar expression on his face as Ichigo's as he joined the teen in looking at the Sexta.

"G-Grimmjow? Wha—" Ichigo began to ask, but was cut off.

"You honestly think I'm gonna let you get away with that hot little scene of yours there?" The blue haired male whispered huskily next to Ichigo's ear, earning a soft groan in response from the orange haired man.

"I don't think you both realise just how 'excited' you made me." He continued, licking his lips predatorily and glancing up at Szayel, the Octava biting his lip and his cheeks becoming flushed once more. He cried out in surprise a moment later when Grimmjow reached out and encased the pink haired male's length in his hand, beginning a slow, steady yet forceful stroking rhythm, causing the slighter male to shudder and moan breathlessly all over again. He bit his lip, his body jerking and a soft shaking gasp escaping his throat, Szayel falling forwards slightly to rest his head against Grimmjow's neck, his eyes clamping shut and his hair sticking to his forehead and cheeks. Heat flowed towards his member once more, his arousal hard and straining yet again within seconds.

Delicious whimpers sounded from their mouths, Ichigo and Szayel panting heavily. Ichigo ground his hips back against Grimmjow's as soon as the Sexta had rubbed his hardened groin against Ichigo's back, letting him know what he was about to do.

"Don't worry, Ichi," he whispered hotly again, still maintaining a firm stroke on Szayel's member whilst licking along Ichigo's ear, "I'll be gentle… mostly."

Ichigo mewled faintly, his dick once more flaring to attention when Grimmjow's words were accompanied by a devilish chuckle.

The Sexta pressed his lips to the side of Ichigo's throat before reaching around with his free hand and tapping his fingers against the orangette's mouth. Ichigo closed his eyes, panting and quickly taking the fingers in, lapping and sliding his tongue over the digits and coating them with saliva. Grimmjow groaned his satisfaction, sighing quietly as that hot tongue continued to slide and rub along his fingers.

He pulled them out of his lover's mouth when he deemed them ready and began to slowly insert the first finger into the tight ring of Ichigo's entrance. Ichigo lowered his head, his eyes closing and he gave a soft sigh, moaning faintly when he felt that finger slide in and begin thrusting slowly, preparing him for what was about to follow.

From in front of him, Szayel was shuddering and panting harshly as Grimmjow continued to stroke him to full hardness, the Octava's teeth gritting tightly, desperate pleas for release falling in sinful waves from his reddened lips. The Sexta grinned, chuckling when he brushed his lips against the pink haired man's cheek, Szayel moaning louder when Grimmjow kneaded his thumb against the sensitive slit of the Octava's length. A breathless gasp of pleasure falling from his mouth, Szayel's head fell back down against the blue haired males' neck, his tongue flicking out and sliding hotly over the man's tanned throat, passing hungry, passionate kisses and nips all along the muscled flesh. A low groan fell from Grimmjow's lips, the Sexta's head tilting back at this and a carnal expression forming in cyan eyes.

Ichigo moaned again as he opened an eye and watched, licking his lips and sighing once more when he felt a second finger enter him, beginning a scissoring motion inside his heated passage. He grit his teeth slightly, thrusting back a bit against the familiar sensation and settling himself so he was as comfortable as he possibly could be, another moan falling from his lips when Grimmjow's fingers slid higher inside him.

Grimmjow was panting quietly against Szayel's mouth when the pink haired man trailed his lips up over the Sexta's chin, finding parted lips and claiming them for his own. Sliding his tongue roughly against their pink haired lover's, Grimmjow dipped deeper into that sweet-tasting mouth, their tongues stroking together and sliding over one another in each other's hot, moist heat. He felt Ichigo react to the fingers inside of him, the youth mewling again as he pushed back, needing more. Grimmjow hummed quietly, thrusting a third finger in and giving a swift pull on Szayel's hard cock at the same time – both of his lovers letting out simultaneous cries.

"Haa… nnghh… G-Grimm…" Ichigo gasped, Grimmjow's fingers thrusting up at a harder pace as he continued to stretch him wider, the digits almost touching his prostate. Grimmjow smiled wickedly when he slowly pulled away from Szayel, continued desperate groans coming from the slighter man's mouth when a trail of saliva dripped down his bottom lip. Grimmjow eyed the orangette's flushed face, a perfectly mirrored expression on Szayel's features in turn.

"Grimm…jow…" Szayel bit his lip, his eyes clamping shut as his length began dripping with pre-cum.

Grimmjow's smirk widened, his own dick giving an impatient twitch when he took in both of their reactions; he slowly removed his fingers from Ichigo, gripping the younger male's hips and pushing his legs apart more, removing his other hand from Szayel's straining member as he did so. Ichigo gasped quietly, moaning louder and waiting, his cock achingly tight. His body was begging to be filled, and his eyes became clouded with a deeper hazed expression of lust when he saw Szayel's 'problem'.

Szayel noticed this from under his half-lidded eyes and he groaned loudly again, smiling faintly and gently fisting his hands through Ichigo's orange locks, bringing the youth's head up to meet his lips in a searing, reassuring kiss. The teen moaned delightedly, his lips parting eagerly to allow his pink haired lover to dip his tongue inside Ichigo's mouth, the orange haired male sucking lightly on the tip of the most appendage and eliciting a lustful groan from the Octava. His hands tightening slightly more in their younger lovers' hair, Szayel slowly parted, the two panting heavily whilst they lapped at the string of saliva which connected their lips.

Sharing a heated gaze, warm brown eyes burning into dark golden, the Octava sat up on his knees, helping to direct the younger male's mouth down towards his member just as Grimmjow slid inside the orange haired youth, his hard cock slipping past the first ring of muscle and a loud passionate groan escaping the Sexta's mouth when he felt that hot, clenching heat tighten around him. Ichigo almost screamed in pleasure when he felt himself becoming filled, his hips twitching and bucking backwards to feel more of the hardened member, whining for his blue haired lover to be seated inside him further.

"Ahhh… ngghh… p-please… Grimm-MMM!" Ichigo's voice ended in a high gasping groan as Grimmjow grit his teeth, his hands finding further purchase against Ichigo's toned hips. A grunt fell from his mouth when he slowly slid the tip of his aching cock further into their lover's tight and quivering entrance, thrusting himself inside the orange haired youth fully up to the hilt. The Sexta's head fell forwards, his breathing hard and fast when the overwhelmingly intoxicating heat of the teen's velvety walls clamped down around him, greedily taking him in.

Loud lust-filled moans filled the air from all three; Ichigo's body jerked and shuddered from the penetration, wanton mewls falling from his lips. His face flushed with ecstasy, he quickly slid his mouth down onto Szayel's length, lapping his tongue experimentally around the hardened member and slowly lowering down. Szayel's eyes widened and his head flew back, a heated breathless gasp escaping his lips and his hips jerked forwards almost involuntarily, his hands tightening in Ichigo's hair when he felt that sinfully hot, talented mouth slide down around him fully.

"I-Ichi...go... mnn... nnn..."

Grimmjow jerked his hips, deep, frenzied moans ripping from his throat as he watched, the sound of both the panted moan of their lover's name falling from the Octava's lips combined with the resulting low groans and lewd noises coming from Ichigo's mouth making him loose all semblance of control.

Thrusting himself further inside the orangette, the Sexta picked up a quick and heavy pace; gritting his teeth again, he rocked his hips and drove himself inside Ichigo's passage, shallow at first but soon increasing his urgent speed. He gripped the orangette's waist, his fingers clawing gently into the toned skin, his fingernails marking the muscle and causing the teen to jolt and jerk his hips back, urging Grimmjow deeper inside of him. His teeth grit even tighter whilst he slid back out, grunting when he rocked back inside once more, rolling his hips and thrusting inside Ichigo with piston-like movements.

The only thing preventing Ichigo from screaming his delight was Szayel's member in his mouth, so he settled on moaning heavily, strangled gasps and blissful groans passing his lips as he continued to slide his tongue around the twitching length. He lapped at the dripping slit before sliding down fully and hollowing his cheeks, his throat moving with each voracious suck, the orangette deep-throating his lover's straining length. Szayel shuddered and continued to gasp, his face as flushed as his partners' as he jerked his hips harder, effectively making Ichigo slide down on him more when his hands gripped his head and brought him closer, desperately thrusting his way to release inside Ichigo's mouth.

Grimmjow cried out, his back arching when he continued to slide heavily inside the younger male, his cock already weeping as he went in deeply, needing the feel of that constricting tight heat again and again.

"F-fuck… Ichi… Oh… G-God…"

Ichigo's mind was only filled with an intense all-consuming lust, his very limbs seeming to scream out in pleasure – his whole body about ready to explode from the searing ecstasy coursing throughout his entire being. He lapped at Szayel's member harder, the length giving a final desperate twitch before Szayel screamed out, Ichigo quickly acting to swallow the hot ribbons when the Octava found his release.

Grimmjow let loose a long, low growl of desire, watching and licking his lips and thrusting up higher inside Ichigo whose hands were gripping Szayel's hips tighter, his fingers once more digging into the pale lean muscle. Szayel continued to jerk and rock his hips, riding out the waves of yet another explosive orgasm and his whole body trembling with the exertion.

Ichigo mewled, licking his lips when he pulled his head up a moment later. His eyes widened when his body seized, Grimmjow bending over his splayed out form and ramming harder inside of him. He kissed feverishly all along his lover's shoulders, throat and neck – his passionate groans turning into deep, wild growls. He reached around and gripped Ichigo's chin with one of his hands, Ichigo immediately turning his head to crash his lips hardly against the Sexta's when their mouths met heatedly. Their moans were swallowed in each other's throats as their bodies jerked and snapped back, rocking tightly with each roll of Grimmjow's hips against Ichigo's.

"F-fuck... please... haa… haaa… NGGH!" Ichigo's face contorted into an expression of pure ecstasy when Grimmjow groaned his recognition and moved to pull him up, seating him on his lap and jerking his hips up higher, making contact with Ichigo's prostate and the two crying out their pleasure when hips snapped and rocked up higher. His lovers groaned heatedly, their mouths hungrily clamping down on Ichigo's; the orangette continued to writhe in pleasure on Grimmjow's lap, his body twitching and sliding up faster in time with Grimmjow's animalistic thrusts against his pleasure spot.

"I-Ichi…" Grimmjow panted, his tongue lapping over Ichigo's reddened lips. The teen cried out again, tears of pleasure rolling down his cheeks and the orange haired male answering with his own tongue. Szayel threaded his hands tightly through Ichigo's hair again, his body still trembling whilst he sucked along Ichigo's lips, both he and Grimmjow sliding their tongues around the teen's sinfully hot mouth and moaning heatedly when Ichigo eagerly met their own tongues and stroked against them with a hungered desperate need.

"I'm... I'm gonna... so... c-close..." Ichigo managed to pant out, crying out again in a delighted moan when Grimmjow jerked his hips in deeper, thrusting his way closer to his release, both him and Ichigo barely able to hold on any longer.

The teen's warm brown eyes widened, his mouth falling slack and his body freezing, Grimmjow having struck against his prostate with an unbelievably blinding force. Szayel used this opportunity to slide himself inside Ichigo's pleasantly abused passage and groaned heatedly when he found his rhythm, rocking his hips up to find purchase in Ichigo's velvety walls alongside Grimmjow's member. Ichigo screamed – his lover's names falling with unadulterated ecstasy from his mouth, filling the air with its piercing volume as his two lovers rocked higher and deeper inside of him, wanton moans of pleasure coursing through the room. The youth fell back against the Sexta's muscled chest, Grimmjow moving to wrap his arms tightly and securely around the teen's sweat covered body when Ichigo found his blissful release, coating his own torso, their chests and the bed as it pumped from his length.

Grimmjow bit his teeth gently against Ichigo's neck, his groan ripping through his chest when he felt the teen's passage tightening around him, milking him for everything he had. Ichigo feebly found his lips, his own soft warm mouth seeking frantic purchase against the Sexta's, kissing him with reckless abandon. Grimmjow groaned heatedly and willed himself to hold on longer, his cyan blue eyes squeezing shut. Szayel gave a breathless, passionate moan and shuddered, bucking his hips in a last, deep, desperate motion. His golden eyes closed and a wailing groan left his lips when his abdomen pooled with heat, his head falling against Ichigo's neck weakly when his orgasm reached its peak.

Finally being sent over the edge, all three's voices rose into high, breathy moans when Grimmjow thrust his hips in one last time, a rumbling growl of pleasure ripping from his throat as he pumped inside Ichigo and coated his lovers when he too reached his climax. Their bodies shuddered at the intense waves of pleasure rolling through them, screams of each other's names filling the air yet again when they rode it out. The three continued to stay joined to each other long after their hips had stopped thrusting erratically, slowly ceasing in their rocking rhythm.

The air was filled with nothing but heavy breathing and gasps for air, groans and exhausted sighs falling from their lips when they slowly shifted, being careful to not hurt each other when they gingerly pulled out. The bed sheets were crumpled and mangled as the three fell back against the mattress. Sweat slicked their bodies, their heartbeats unfathomably fast in their chests and their limbs too weak to even attempt standing to try and clean themselves off.

Their minds were reeling and clouded in the haze of their post-coital bliss, and Ichigo couldn't help but manage a soft smile as he curled up in the Sexta and Octava's arms, his smile being returned affectionately by them both when the three pressed their lips together, conveying everything that needed to be said in those quiet, long minutes of wordless meaning.

It wasn't even five minutes later when they had found themselves drifting off into a deep, exhausted sleep, their arms still wrapped tightly around each other.

Grimmjow's mind felt clouded when he slowly awoke the next morning, blinking his eyes when they were assaulted by a sudden bright light.

He groaned, lifting up a hand and pressing it to his eyes, making some effort to block the rays of sunlight as they filtered in through the window. When he had managed to clear the sleep from his vision he blinked, slowly becoming adjusted to his surroundings. He gazed around at the room that they had booked for the night with a lazy curiosity.

He decided that these 'hotels' in the Real World weren't actually too bad. At least the accommodation was more vibrant and welcoming than the halls of Las Noches.

With another blink of his eyes he found himself realising that he had finally gotten used to the gigai he was wearing. In fact, he had almost completely forgotten that the body he was moving, breathing and talking in wasn't his true body at all. Though it did look the same, minus the Hollow hole, mask, and the number on his back.

He turned his head to the side, a smile pulling at his lips when he saw his two lovers still curled up next to him, fast asleep. Szayel's hair was a bright whitish pink in the sunlight, his pale skin illuminated gently by the golden warmth of the rays which almost rivalled the gold of his irises. His arm was wrapped around Ichigo, the younger male's hand gripping the Octava's from where it was resting over his abdomen. Ichigo's hair was a burning orange, the ends of his locks looking as if they were fire itself from where the sun caught his features, his tanned body resting against Grimmjow's chest and his head on his blue haired lover's shoulder.

Grimmjow allowed another faint smile to cross his lips whilst he moved to trail a hand down Ichigo's cheek, tracing his fingertips over his forearm and sliding up Szayel's arm from close by, his hand ghosting over the man's pale neck and reaching his chin. He pulled his arm away after a moment to look down at the hands which were clasped over Ichigo's abdomen, the Sexta moving his own hand to thread through both of theirs.

He didn't know if they were aware of this, but often when he would wake up he would see all three of them holding their hands over the number emblazoned on Ichigo's body, as if somehow continuing to take away from the pain of it being branded there. As he was lost in thought over this, gently tracing his fingertips over the hands of both of his lovers, he heard a faint groan and he looked back to the side just in time to see Szayel stirring from his sleep.

The Octava blinked when the light in the room hit his eyes; he muttered a faint "tch…", running his free hand through his hair to help keep the stray locks away from his face. He blinked again and saw Grimmjow already awake, and he offered an easy smile as the Sexta leant down to press his lips to his.

"Morning to you, too." Szayel chuckled when they pulled away a moment later. Grimmjow scoffed faintly, his grin back in place before their attention was brought down to Ichigo, who mumbled something faintly upon blinking his eyes open.

"Wha' time is i'?" He murmured sleepily.

His two lovers chuckled again, meeting the youth's lips with their own in turn. Ichigo sighed in content, managing to sit up with the help of the other two, and he rubbed his eyes when he leant back against them both.

"Be fucked if I know. You ok, Ichi?" Grimmjow asked quietly.

Ichigo blinked sleepily, nodding. A bright smile formed on his lips. Szayel and Grimmjow thought that was the most amazing smile they had ever seen.

"I'm glad, Ichigo." Szayel smiled, his tone soft.

Ichigo grinned – he had never felt better.

He felt that he couldn't even begin to list how perfect life seemed to him all of a sudden, but he knew that he owed every single second of it to the two he loved. He sighed and closed his eyes, resting his head back against his lovers' chests, their arms wrapping around him closer.

"… You reckon the people next door woulda heard all that last night?" Grimmjow mused quietly after a moment.

Ichigo's and Szayel's faces went a prompt shade of red.

"Well, if they did I hope they enjoyed it." Szayel shrugged, managing to recover a moment later. Smirks pulled at the corners of his lovers' mouths.

A sudden knock on the door made them jump, quickly whipping their heads over to stare, bodies frozen, as the door opened, the key being inserted into the lock from the other side. A cleaner walked in, preparing to tidy up the room for housekeeping. She froze in turn when she lifted her head to see the three men entwined under the bed sheets. She blinked.

There was silence.

"... You guys are so twisted."

She turned around and walked back the way she had come, slamming the door shut behind her.

Ichigo, Szayel and Grimmjow were at a loss for words, their faces stunned.

"... I wouldn't have it any other way." Grimmjow spoke up, shrugging after a long while.

Szayel and Ichigo laughed, the tension of the moment thankfully draining away.

"Hmm… I wouldn't either… how about you, Ichigo?" Szayel murmured, smiling when he pressed his lips back to the orangette's.

Ichigo grinned, meeting those soft lips eagerly in return and smiling wider when another set of warm firm lips joined them seconds later, the teen welcoming Grimmjow's mouth equally eagerly. He gave a content sigh, the three falling back against the bed. Their arms wrapped tightly around each other and their lips said everything they needed to know, the three caressing each other's mouths with a loving, passionate embrace.

"Definitely not."