Edited 10th May 2016.

Four years had passed since the Ring Battles, and during that time, the Varia had expected for Bel to calm down and stop with his wild – not to mention life threatening – pranks. Much to their disappointment, however, he hadn't matured much at all and only seemed to have come up with worse pranks over the years.

Like Bel's most recent prank, where Squalo had woken up to find that the blond had cut off a huge chunk of his hair as he had slept. Unbeknownst to the prankster, he had just sprinted miles across the line, and the long-haired man had finally had enough of him.

Squalo couldn't help but mutter to himself as he stormed down the corridor to Bel's bedroom. There had once been a time where, when the Varia Storm was still had a child, had been almost cute whenever he sought out his superior's comfort – but now, the man considered him to be nothing but a pest that he just couldn't get rid of, no matter what he did, and this time he was going to ruin his subordinate for what the other had done.

"Voi! Squalo stopped outside the younger's bedroom. He didn't hesitate to kick down the door that separated him from his target; all that mattered was making sure the little shit inside never bothered him again. He stepped over the broken door and snarled to himself as he found Bel curled up under the blood red comforter and surrounded by many pillows; of course he'd still be asleep, the lazy little bastard. "Get the fuck up!"

Bel, who had been fast asleep, was startled into waking consciousness at the sound of his door being knocked off its hinges. He was tense, prepared for a fight with an enemy, but when he found Squalo was the one stomping towards him with a murderous aura about him, he couldn't help but let a maniacal grin slip onto his face. He giggled when he noticed the strands of silver that lay ruined against the man's shoulders; his handiwork stuck out like a sore thumb. "Ushishishi~ Squ-chan, your hair looks absolutely awful~"

Squalo didn't find it funny at all; he finally closed the distance between he and Bel and reached out to grab the younger by the shoulders. He didn't hold back as he slammed the smaller body against the headboard of Bel's bed and dug his fingers into the blond's shoulders hard enough to bruise, even through the other's clothing.

Bel smiled at the ill treatment of his body as he felt his groin twitch in interest; he had always found being manhandled was a turn-on for him. "Squ-chan, you shouldn't treat a prince so rough~"

Squalo leant in close and hissed into the other's ear, "Why not? I thought you liked being treated like a common whore, you little slut."

Bel tensed at the accusation. He reached down under his pillow and grabbed the knives he left beneath it. He raised them to Squalo's cheek and hissed, "I am not a slut."

Squalo's hot breath billowed against the blond's face. There wasn't a lot that bothered Bel, but he knew he had stumbled upon a soft spot; it was emotional abuse that would get to that psychopathic mind of Bel's and cause him stress. He snatched the knives from the Varia Storm's hands as he whispered, "Are you sure you're not? I know you. I know you need pain to get off. I also know you'd fuck anyone and everyone if you didn't look down on the world. You lock yourself in your room and watch porn more than anyone else in the Varia. You're so fucking pitiful and not fit to be a prince."

"Leave me alone." Bel tried to get out of Squalo's grip; he was getting angrier by the minute, and he was going to slaughter the older male.

Squalo continued on now that he was finally able to get his hatred out into the open. "You're not in your homeland any longer. You're more pathetic than those dirty civilians you look down on so much. Just because you were lucky enough to have been born into royalty doesn't make you as special as you think you are."

Bel hated to admit it, but Squalo was really getting to him; it was just like when he was still a child living in his homeland with the family he hated so much. He could remember his parents sneering down at him, telling him how pathetic he was compared to his brother and that no matter what he did, he was always second best.

The blond opened and closed his mouth as he fumed. He wanted to kill the older man for making him feel things he hadn't felt in years, but Squalo had taken his knives away and without them, he wasn't strong enough to protect himself.

Squalo's heavy body moved to crush Bel's to the bed as he continued to bring the other down with cruel words. "Rasiel would have been a much better member of the Varia. We'd have all preferred Rasiel; you should be the one six feet under."

These words hurt. A lot. More than Bel could handle emotionally; a psychopathic murderer he was, yes, but his mind was fragile and with everything he had been through, he didn't know how to handle himself when he felt vulnerable like this. Hot tears slipped down his cheeks as he hissed, "Fuck you."

"With pleasure." Squalo's hands travelled down to the buckle of Bel's belt and unclipped it. He slid the younger's pants down to his knees all in with fell swoop, and the blond froze in horror as he realised what was about to happen; he had pushed the man too far, and now Squalo was making him pay.

Is he trying to take my dignity away, too? It was now Bel was able to find the strength to fight back, but Squalo was stronger than he was and, once his hands were tied to the headboard of his bed with his own belt, the blond knew he was at the mercy of the stronger man; there was nothing he could do except drop his pride and allow the pain and fear he was feeling to be seen. No matter how much or how loud he screamed and cried and begged, no one in the Varia came to his rescue; they instead left him there for what felt like an eternity.

As Bel realised that no one cared enough for him to stop this torture, the tears rolled down his cheeks harder. Whatever I did to deserve this, I'm sorry – just make it stop…! But, despite what Bel was willing to give, Squalo never relented as he defiled the blond's pure body, causing distress in the younger Bel had never felt before – and the white-haired man liked it.

As for Bel, all he could do was wish for the death that would never come.