The Blood Of Olympus

Rating: K+

Summary: (don't read if you haven't read HOH yet)

After rescuing Percy and Annabeth from Tartarus, the seven demigods must set out to finish their quest; their only chance to beat Gaea. The Doors are closed, so at least that's one less thing to worry about. But ahead of them comes a bunch of new challenges. (my version on the next book. better summary when I can think of 1)

Percy I

The seven demigods were by themselves aboard the Argo II. No adult, no son of Hades, and no Reyna.

It was nice to see her again, to see that there was a chance for the Greeks and Romans to unite.

But now, it was just them: Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Jason and Piper. Seven teenage demigods, on their own, who had to defeat Gaea.

At least he and Annabeth were out of Tartarus. But just like everyone else, they'd never be quite the same people they used to be.

Take Leo for instance. He used to always joke around, laugh. But now he's more serious, like he saw or been somewhere that showed him more of what the world could be like. Percy would have to ask about that later.

Hazel now has the power to control the mist, power enough to trick a goddess. She's more grown up, serious.

Frank. Man, what exactly happened to him? He's stronger, taller, more confident now. When Percy had met him, he was just another legionnaire in the Twelfth Legion Fulminata. Now, he had risen to praetor.

Jason had become more Greek than Roman. He said he couldn't control the dead Roman spirits because he was no longer fully Roman. Then, he gave his/Percy's praetorship to Frank. Jason had chosen Camp Half-Blood over Camp Jupiter.

Piper had taken up sword fighting. Hazel had been teaching her, in case she was in need. Plus, her charmspeak had really improved. So much that she brought Festus to life, permanetly.

Annabeth had grown stronger; both emotionally and physically after spending all that time down in hell. She figured out another line of the Prophecy, one that was in their favor. She had kept Percy alive many times down in Tartarus.

And Percy himself. He discovered more about himself. He realized that Annabeth was a part of him; that he need her to survive. His more protective, angry side had revealed itself. He always liked to think about himself like the calm side of Poseidon. The calm, happy and outgoing side. But now the rough side of the ocean had revealed itself in him.

Both he and Annabeth had scars that would never leave that came from their time in Tartaus. They'd always keep the memories with them. They both knew how harsh the world to be.

One of the curses Percy received reminded him of someone. He had felt all alone, heartbroken, trapped. He was isolated from the rest of the world and everyone he loved. Just like Calypso. Calypso. It had been a while. Percy looked up at the stars from where he was standing, remembering how clear the constellations had been from her island. He thought back to the small garden that he planted for her back home.

Percy turned when he heard a sound behind him. "Hey Leo."

Leo nodded at him, coming to stand next to Percy. He too, looked up at the stars.

They stood there in silence, until Leo spoke.

"Why'd you leave her there alone?"

Percy's first thought was Who? but then realized Leo could only be talking about "Calypso?"


"I didn't want to," Percy admitted. He had never talked to anyone about his time on Ogygia. "I wanted to stay there, away from the Great Prophecy, away from the wars, the hurt, pain. But I knew I couldn't. People were depending on me. If I stayed, they could all die. I couldn't let all those people die because of a choice I made. Guess that's my fatal flaw kicking in. But at the same time, I also couldn't stand to hurt her. In the end, I just chose the choice that would hurt the least amount of people. But I've always wanted to go back to see her. I've always wondered what she was doing."

"Well," Leo cut in, "When I was launched off the ship by Khione, I crash landed on Calypso's island. I was there for awhile."

"You were?" Percy asked.

"Yeah, I was. And when I left... I swore on the River Styx that I'd come back and see her someday."

"But no man can go back after they leave. How are you going to manage it?"

"I don't know yet," Leo admitted. "But I'll figure it out. I promised her."

There was silence, until Percy spoke. "I'm coming with you. I promised I'd plant a garden for her in Manhattan and I want her to know I did. That I've never forgotten her."

They stood there in silence, looking up at the stars.

"Percy?" a voice called from behind them.

Percy turned, seeing that it was Annabeth calling for him. "Yeah?"

"Can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure," Percy nodded, following Annabeth to the cabins. "Tell me when you have a plan," he called back to Leo.

He walked next to Annabeth, her hand in his.

They entered Annabeth's cabin and sat on her bed, Annabeth curled up to Percy.

"Do you know what happened to Leo?" she asked.

Percy hesitated. Leo hadn't told anyone else, as far as he knew. Percy didn't want to tell anyone what happened to Leo until he was ready to tell everyone. "I... I do. But he hasn't told anyone except me. I don't want to betray his trust and tell people what happened before he's ready to."

Annabeth nodded. She knew how much Percy needed his friends to trust him.

They sat in silence, as Percy thought back to his time on Ogygia. He still hasn't told Annabeth exactly what happened. Even now, he's not ready to tell her. He's not sure if he'll ever be ready to talk about Calypso with anyone (except Leo).

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