The Price of Sacrifice

Chapter 1: Taken Captive

A/N: I've had this plot bunny in m head ever since Showdown aired, and I wanted to get it out there. I had the thought about what if Leo had been taken prisoner by the Kraang and what might happen to him? How would his brothers deal with it, and would they be able to rescue him? I thought about all of this, and this story was born. This story will be in Leo's perspective the whole way through even though it'll also be about his brothers as well. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Oh, and if you see double parentheses before dialogue, that's when Leo's meditating and speaking through the astral plane.

Disclaimer: TMNT and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon. I only own the plot of the story.

Summary: This is a story about the sacrifice I made and the price I had to pay for it. It's a story about the will to survive and the bonds of brotherhood. Takes place after Showdown.

My story is not one many know about. Sacrifice is something many people do, but there is always a price to pay for that sacrifice whether it's someone being captured or someone being killed. This is a story about the sacrifice I made and the price I had to pay for it. It's a story about the will to survive and the bonds of brotherhood. We had dedicated ourselves to defeating the Kraang, and we were determined to do all we could to achieve that task. Our backs were up against a wall, and I knew there was only one thing I could do to stop the main Kraang from coming after my brothers.

I took my brother's kusarigama chain and wrapped it around the Kraang's body, pulling it back from my brothers. I told them to leave, but it looked like they really didn't want to. I could see Raph fighting to get out of Donnie's grip, but Donnie held on and told him they had to leave. I watched as my brothers climbed into the pod, and the last thing I saw was Raph's face pressed up against the glass as he looked at me with his green eyes.

"Leonardo!" he cried. I wanted to answer back, but the pod released before I could, and I watched as my brothers made it to safety.

The Kraang leader turned to me, her face filled with rage. "You let those pathetic mutants escape, but you will not be so lucky," she hissed. Before I knew it, Kraang were surrounding me and had caught me. I wanted to fight back, but before I could do anything, they injected something in my arm that made me lose consciousness. The last thought I had was that at least my brothers were safe.


When I woke up, I found myself in a cell. That didn't really surprise me as I knew the Kraang wanted to keep me a prisoner. My gear was gone, so I couldn't contact my brothers and tell them where I was. I gazed at my surroundings and saw that I was in a small cell all by myself. I slowly sat up and tried to come up with a plan, but nothing came to me. I remembered how Leatherhead had told us of the experiments the Kraang had subjected him to. Was that what they would do with me? I heard footsteps and braced myself as I heard voices.

"The one who is known as Leatherhead will not cooperate with Kraang," one voice said. "Kraang wants to interrogate the Turtle to see if he will cooperate with Kraang."

"Yes, perhaps the Turtle will tell Kraang what Kraang needs to know," the second voice said. "We will begin at once."

The footsteps stopped outside my cell as the door opened. Two Kraang-droids came in and injected me yet again so I wouldn't fight them. As I drifted off, one thing occurred to me. They had talked about Leatherhead. Was he here, too? If he was, maybe my brothers could get him out. I was sure Mikey would be happy about that.


When I came to, I found myself strapped to the same device April had been captive in. Right in front of me was the Kraang leader. She smiled as she saw me looking at her.

"Ah, so you are awake," she said. "Kraang has been waiting for you to wake up."

"Yeah, I'm awake," I answered. "What do you want with me?"

"Kraang requires some information from you, Turtle," she replied. "Kraang wants to know where April O'Neil is so that Kraang can continue the plan that Kraang has been plotting. You know where she is, and you are going to tell Kraang."

I smirked. Was she serious? Did she really think I was going to just tell her where April was? She had to be stupid. "Sorry, but I'm not saying a word," I replied.

"Kraang knew you would be difficult, but Kraang does not give up so easily," she responded. "You will tell Kraang what Kraang wants to know whether you like it or not."

"It'll be a little hard if I don't talk," I retorted. "That's the only way you'll get to know where she is."

The Kraang leader laughed. "Stupid Turtle," she said. "You think that by not talking you can conceal the information Kraang wants to know. There is another way to get you to talk, and Kraang is going to use it to get the answers for Kraang."

"Okay, and how are you going to do that?" I asked her.

Suddenly, little probes came out and headed straight for me. I wasn't able to fight as the probes attached themselves to my head, causing me to scream in pain. Then the device turned on, and I suddenly realized what she meant. She was going to find the answer in my head. No, I couldn't let her do that. I had to close my mind like Splinter had taught all of us to do. There was no way I was leading her to April. I just wished I could warn my brothers about what was happening to me so they could take April and run. The pain was unbearable, but I willed myself not to think about April and where she might be. I thought of other things not associated with my brothers, and while I did that I could feel something else in my mind as though someone wanted to come in, but it didn't feel threatening. It didn't work though, and I had to wonder what had just happened. Was that the device, or was it something else?

The Kraang leader grew frustrated and stopped the device. "You are a strong one, Turtle," she said. "Kraang is impressed with your resistance to Kraang's mind probe. But that does not mean this is over. Kraang has other ways of making you give Kraang the information Kraang wants, and Kraang will get it one way or another." She addressed some Kraang-droids who were standing nearby to take me away. I was injected once again and drifted off with a pounding in my head as the last thing I remember.


I woke up and realized I wasn't in the same cell I had been taken to earlier. I could feel that there was another presence in the room, and I braced myself. Was this prisoner friendly or a threat? I was weak, but I knew that if it came down to it, I could summon up some strength to fight.

"Ah, you are awake," a familiar voice said, and I relaxed.

"Leatherhead, is that you?" I asked.

"Yes, I am here, Leonardo," he replied. "Where are your brothers?"

"They escaped in a pod," I answered. "I held the Kraang leader back to give them time to escape."

"I see, and you were not able to escape yourself," he mused.

"No, I wasn't," I told him. "The Kraang leader tried to probe my mind to see if I could lead her to April, but I closed my mind off so she couldn't find me. She said she has other ways to make me talk though, but I won't do it no matter what she tries to do."

"You are very brave, Leonardo, but you should know that Kraang Prime will get what he wants no matter what it takes," Leatherhead explained. "He will stop at nothing to achieve his plan to terraform the Earth."

"So the leader's a male?" I asked. "When he talks, he sounds like a girl."

"Yes, Kraang Prime can be misleading, but he is one who makes sure his plan will succeed. I am afraid you will not be able to fight much longer, especially if they keep injecting you as they have done."

"But why do they do that? Is it just so that I won't fight them?"

"Yes, and so you won't know about the inner workings of the Technodrome," he answered. "If you see where you are, they know that you may plan an escape based on what you have seen, so they inject you so that you won't know anything."

"That's comforting," I said wryly. "Have that done anything to you?"

"Yes, they were looking for information on all of you, but I would not give in," he said proudly. "They have not been happy with me."

"Yeah, but you were able to fight them," I told him. "That means I might have a shot at it, too."

"No, the only reason I can fight them is because I am bigger than them and much stronger," he explained. "The injections do not affect me with one injection like they would with you. You are smaller and will get weaker with each injection as well as the torture they inflict on you."

"Is there any way you and I can just escape?" I asked him.

"No, it will be impossible, especially in your condition," he told me. "The best you can do is just rest and gather your strength for whatever they try to do next."

I sighed. This definitely wasn't what I wanted, but there wasn't much I could do. I sat up and crossed my legs, figuring I could just meditate and maybe save my strength that way. My head was still pounding, but I forced myself to relax and slip into the state that I knew so well. And as I did, I noticed that I wasn't alone. I saw someone I had wanted to see ever since my brothers escaped from the pod.

((Sensei, you're here.))

((Yes, I am here, Leonardo. I tried to reach your mind earlier but was blocked and experienced horrible pain. Your brothers were very worried for me as I told them what I was trying to do.))

((Wait, so you were trying to reach my mind? That must have been what I felt when I was under the probe.))

((Yes. I have been trying to find out if you are alive or not, and I am glad to see you are. Your brothers have not been doing well since they returned from the mission. Raphael believes you to be dead.))

My heart sank when I heard that. It must have been awful for them to not know whether I was alive or not. ((Well, I'm alive, and you can tell them I'm going to keep fighting.))

((Where are you?))

((I'm being held in the Technodrome. They captured me shortly after the others escaped. Leatherhead's also here with me. Kraang Prime wanted to extract information out of me concerning April's whereabouts, but I wouldn't give it to him. I closed my mind off and made sure he didn't know about April. He said it doesn't matter though and that he has other ways of making me talk.))

((I see. All I can tell you is do not give in no matter what they do. They cannot know about where April is and cannot get to her. You must stay strong, my son. I will tell your brothers what you have told me, and they will come and get you as soon as they can.))

((Thanks, Sensei. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I'm so weak right now.))

((Then rest, my son, and save your strength. I will try and get in touch with you again soon.))

((Okay, but don't do it when I'm being tortured. I don't want you to get hurt again. I love you, Father.))

((I love you as well, Leonardo. Be strong and know that we will always be with you in spirit. Take comfort from that and use it to thwart the Kraang's attempts.))

((I'll try. Goodbye, Sensei.))

((Goodbye, Leoanrdo. Try to get some rest.))

I snapped out of the trance, feeling worse than I had before. Sure, my brothers were safe and Sensei was going to tell them about me being alive, but I still felt an ache in my heart that I wasn't with them. I wanted to stay with Sensei and talk with him longer, but I was too weak to do it. My head was still aching, and I was really tired. It hurt to know that Raph believed I was dead. Splinter hadn't talked about Donnie and Mikey, but I knew that at least Mikey would have hope that I was okay and that Donnie would look at it both ways if he could. I just hoped that they would rescue me soon and get me away from here.

"You are tired," Leatherhead noted. "Get some sleep. I will stand guard."

I nodded and curled up. There was no blanket to cover me, but I really didn't care about that at the moment. I drifted off, thinking of my brothers and when they would rescue me. I dreamed I was with them and that we were celebrating our victory. The dream was sad, but it gave me comfort and strength, which I would need as long as I stayed here. I wasn't going to let the Kraang get to April, and I would do all I could to thwart their attempts as Sensei asked me to. I wasn't going to let them win.

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