Leo Valdez hummed to himself as he walked down the building's hallway to his apartment. He knocked on the door. Unlike every other day, though, his girlfriend didn't answer.

Must not be home, Leo thought. He used his own keys let himself in. He walked through the hallway and hung his flame-proof army jacket on a hook. He went through the kitchen. There were no new dirty dishes to mark that she ate. That was weird. Next Leo checked the living room. Everything was just how he had left it. She hadn't cleaned up? She always did. Leo shrugged and washed his hands in the bathroom. When he came out he had another thought—Check her bedroom. Leo went across the hall to her bedroom and pushed the door open. Nothing. The room was spotless—the bed made with purple sheets, the dark wooden dresser without anything adorning it and the wall empty of its usual collage of pictures.

Leo started to panic. He ran to the kitchen and checked the fridge. There was a not for him:

I'm really sorry, Leo. I couldn't stand this place anymore. You are never home and I have to drive so far to go to work. It's just not working out. You're a really cool guy but not my kind of guy. See you again soon?

Leo choked. How could she just…leave? And break up with him? Leo knew it all had been too good to be true. He was just glad she was honest. But it hurt. Everything hurt. Leo was alone now. He used to share this apartment with two of his siblings, Beckendorf and Nyssa. Beckendorf moved across the hall and Nyssa went to live with her younger brother Harley. Then she had moved in and…now she was gone. Leo was a lonely person though. He would get used to it.

He regretted not being cooler. His best friend Jason was all it. Cool, popular, you name it. All he had to do was stand there and look pretty. Lots of girls loved him. When it came to Leo? Her and girl before…Leo tried not to remember Calypso. He thought it was all perfect…until she met another boy, a hotshot surfer boy. She had fallen for him and left Leo behind. They still kept in touch. Maybe she could help him.


Everything was wrong for Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano. And it just made her day worse when he called. Reyna picked up her phone and chucked it at the wall. The expensive iPhone cracked. Reyna didn't care. She could get a new phone with a new number he didn't know.

Reyna ran into her room and crammed clothes into her backpack. She grabbed her hunting knife for good measure and added it. She added some granola bars and flung everything into her car. She had an old little Honda that she loved. After that she jumped in, waited for the engine to get a steady roar sound, and peeled off into the night. She stopped at an ATM, got five hundred dollars in cash and her journey began. As she drove she tried not to think of the boy who had stolen and broken her heart. She couldn't imagine how he could do such a thing. Now she was running away like a coward. Everyone thought she was a strong, unbreaking person. But that could only last for so long. Now she was broken and the only tactic she could think of was leaving. Her mother wouldn't care; she was away in the army and Reyna was a big girl. She could make her own decisions.

Fifty miles later Reyna had to refill up her gas. She stopped at a gas station that advertised being open all night. She pumped gas into the car and as she went to pay she decided to get a few 5-Hour energies. Driving all night would take some help.


Reyna left the apartment early in the morning. Ten days here and she realized it was not for her. She paid and left, her car protesting against being used.

Today she would drive through the mountains. It was a pretty view, and Reyna had the radio cranked up. An Adele song, "Someone Like You," came up. Reyna hated to say she could relate to the song.

"Never mind I'll find, someone like you!" Reyna smiled grimly. Could she find someone to replace him? She highly doubted it, but it would be nice to find another person who liked her, who would return the feelings.

Her car turned and swerved through the curvy roads and she drove for five hours before tiredness came over her. She had run out of energy drinks and her late nights of exploring had caught up with her. She didn't notice the other car until she was a foot away. She braked hard and when they collided, it wasn't as bad as it could be. Her car stopped, and smoke curled out of the engine. Reyna tried to open her door but it was stuck. She cursed and kicked it over and over until her ankle throbbed. The other car's door opened and a curly haired Latino boy emerged. He came over and assessed her problem. He had a tool belt around his waist and he pulled a hammer out of it. He hammered something and opened Reyna's door with ease.

"Leo Valdez, at your service," he grinned, sticking out his hand. But under his smile and teasing tone she saw a look in his eye that she had in hers. The look of someone who had their heart broken.

"Reyna," she shook his hand. "Do you have a cell phone so we can call a mechanic?"

"Why call a mechanic?" Leo asked. "I am one, sweetheart."

"Don't call me that," Reyna warned.

"Whatever you want, sweetheart," Leo said as he went around to the hood to fix the engine. Reyna smiled at his exaggerated acting. He pretended it was a really tough problem. Then it was easy. After a few minutes of humor, he returned serious faced.

"Its an old engine," he began, "And the parts needed to fix it aren't sold anymore. Even if it did it would be expensive. My car is fixable though. You can come with me into LittleTown."

"Okay," Reyna agreed, just wanting something to go right for once. Maybe fate had led her to LittleTown.

LittleTown happened to be a few miles from the car crash. Reyna sat stiffly in the front seat of Leo's car as they drove. The town was so small Reyna almost missed it. It was a collection of fifteen businesses surrounded by two hundred houses and one apartment house. Leo drove to one of the bigger shops. It was called "Hephaestus Sons." Reyna didn't know what that meant, but it didn't matter. Leo stopped.

"I need some repairs done to my car. Go inside the lobby and Silena will help you."

"Okay," Reyna got out of the car and walked to the building as Leo drive to the back. The lobby was a small room with an administrative desk, a few chairs and a TV. Reyna sat down and waited until a pretty girl with black hair stopped talking on a blue tooth.

"Hello," the girl said, her voice very sweet. "I don't believe I've met you. I'm Silena."

"Hi," Reyna replied. "I'm Reyna."

"You don't live around here," Silena noticed.

"Yeah," Reyna agreed. "I left home. I'm trying to find somewhere to settle down."

"So what brings you here?"

"I was driving through the mountains and I crashed my car."

"Good place to be, then," Silena smiled. "Beckendorf and Leo are the best mechanics in the state."


"Yeah," Silena smiled. "They were offered big, great paying jobs. But they decided to come here instead."

"My car was too old for Leo to fix," I mumbled. Silena nodded.

"We should see how their doing," she said. She walked me out of the office and into the repair area. Where Reyna came from people who had Silena's job would be all dressed up. But Silena looked great in her skinny jeans and turquoise shirt. Her black hair tumbled down her back. She looked sixteen. But the way she handled things was amazing. She was professional and helpful. This small town was really nice. Reyna would hate to leave it.

You don't have to leave, her mind responded.

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