Summary- After having strange dreams about a man, well god, he's never heard of, Clint decides to attempt to befriend him. What he keeps to himself is that in his strange dreams, his new friend, Loki, had led an attack on the Avengers. It's an AU story in that yes everything from Thor did happen but instead of partnering with Thanos and the Chitauri, Loki ends up on Earth teaching classes. I've never done a m-preg story and wanted to try my hand at one so just a fair warning, this story is slash and m-preg.

I Dream Of Loki

Chapter 1: Of Alternate Realities

"Mommy!" I'm faintly aware of Roman crying and trying to stop the bleeding on my shoulder. I brush away his tears.

"Listen, you need to get out of here.


"Yes! I'm too badly injured to go with you but you're smart Roman, you know how to take care of yourself." The gunfire won't stop. Can't they give me a break? A box near Roman's head explodes. I pull him down. "Get out of here! Now!" I watch him wipe his tears away. He's only five, almost six yet he's so mature for his age. He doesn't get that from me. I kiss his forehead. "I love you." I wish he didn't look so much like Dad. "Get out of here and find Aunt Tasha." I give him a little push but he doesn't budge. I know that look in his eyes. Damn it. The gunfire has long since stopped. Worried, I reach for him but someone else beats me. One of the idiots I'd been after. He laughs as he lifts Roman into the air. When I attempt to move, I get a boot on my shoulder from another goon. I count at least ten guns pointed at me.

"After we kill you, your boy will get us very hefty ransom. You should've just paid it in the first place. Now look at you." I can tell he's Russian. "Everyone who goes after the Avengers does it wrong. It's this boy who's the heart of the team. He looks like you." To Roman he says, "Now boy if you are good maybe I won't kill you." More laughter. I open my mouth to speak but blood comes out. Roman keeps his poker face on though I can tell he's worried.

"My Dad's gonna kill you for this," My little boy states. I lean my head against the box. It's getting harder to breathe.

"He's your father," The man gestures to me.

"No he's not. He's my mom." By now Roman has been placed onto his feet again. At this latest statement, the group laughs hysterically. Glad they think my son's a comedian.

"Okay boy, I'll bite." The man wipes tears from his eyes from laughing so hard. He crouches with hands on his knees. My vision is getting blurry. "If the famous Hawkeye is your mother then who is your father? The Widow?" Roman grins.

"Nope. He is." Before the man can turn around, his neck is broken. My eyes finally close before I can make out the figure. There's shouts of panic and gunfire.

"Mommy! Don't go! I prayed to Dad like I did to Uncle Thor that one time! You have to stay with us…please." I feel his hands shaking me but I can't open my eyes.


"My little bird," A familiar voice whispers as I'm gently lifted. That must've been some prayer for him to respond. Too bad he didn't get here sooner.

~Some Years Ago~

I'd like to think of myself as a pretty open guy. Hell, I have to be after all I've seen with the Avengers. So when Bruce suggests I see a shrink for my strange dreams I hesitantly agree. That is until Tony walks into the training room. I had been practicing my archery as we chatted. In fact I have an arrow ready to fly when Tony says,

"Parallel universe." The arrow misses the bulls eye.

"Damn it Tony!" I sigh.

"Hey! You can shoot arrows with your eyes closed and A.I.M goons shooting at you. Not my fault your concentration was off." He takes an offered donut from Bruce who bought a box earlier.

"Wait, how did you know what we're talking about?" Bruce asks him. Tony shrugs.

"Had JARVIS tell me what you two were gossiping about. Disappointed that it was only Birdman's dreams and not the latest prank on Cap." Me and Tony have gained a reputation as pranksters on the team. The stuff we pulled on the rookie, Sam Wilson, should be put into a hall of fame of some sort. "It sounds like everything is the same in this alternate reality except Thor's brother, who he never even mentioned to us, is the one who led the Chitauri here." To be more specific this never mentioned brother, Loki, left Asgard to form an alliance with the Chitauri. He was defeated and, along with the cube, was taken back there to face his punishment. The problem with this is that it never happened this way. Yes the Chitauri invaded and yes we stopped them but they were led by a hooded figure who kept talking about bringing death to the planet for his master. He gained access to the cube and forced Dr. Selvig, a friend of Thor's to make a portal to bring through the rest of his master's army. When the tide of the battle turned, he managed to escape. To this day we still don't know who his master was. In my dreams, Loki used mind control on myself and Dr. Selvig.

"Parallel universe? Really Tony?" I snort in disbelief and prepare another arrow.

"Hear me out. I've been looking into this stuff recently. I need something to do at these board meetings." Bruce chuckles. "For some reason Loki of this universe didn't make an agreement with the Chitauri but the other one did."

"But why would I dream about it?"

"Now there's a good question. Maybe the you in this other universe was so affected by what he saw that it has bled through to you. How long has this been going on?"

"Started a few days after we beat them."

"You're not sharing something Birdman, what is it?" Tony and Bruce are now carefully watching me so I lower the bow.

"It bothers me."


"Seeing Thor's brother like that."

"What do you mean?"

"Even though I was under mind control, I could still see he wasn't all there, that he was dealing with his own demons. He needed someone to care. Listen to me, I sound like an idiot."

"No you don't," Bruce interjects. "Keep talking." I fold my arms and begin pacing.

"I think the me in the other world felt sorry for him but…Jesus…." I stop pacing to look at my friends. "I want to find him. What if the Loki here is on the verge of doing something crazy like the other one and simply needs someone to talk to. What if I can stop him from going down the path he chose in this other reality?"

"You're serious," Tony states. I nod.

"I just…I've been there. I had a rough childhood and wish there'd been someone I could've gone to. It was always me and my brother. Loki doesn't even have that anymore."

"He and Thor aren't talking?"

"In the other universe Loki resented him and wanted Odin's approval."

"Sounds like the Thor here." It didn't happen often but every once in a while Thor would discuss his relationship with his father. Though Odin had ended Thor's exile and allowed him home, Thor still believed Odin didn't think he was good enough to rule Asgard one day. "Speaking of our resident god, JARVIS where's Thor?"

"In the living room sir, playing the PlayStation."

"Figures. Look Clint if you're serious about this then you'll need to talk to Thor. Tell him everything. Maybe he knows where Loki is and can help you get to him. I wanna go though."

"So do I," Bruce adds. I run a hand through my hair.

"Well then I should get started before I have second thoughts."

~Five hours later~

So things sometimes don't work out how you expect. Before I could talk to Thor, Cap announced the team was needed. We ended up lending a helping hand to the Fantastic Four. After everything had calmed down, I decided to head out for a bit before Bruce or Tony could stop me. I stopped by my place first to clean up then went to my favorite bar.

"Hey Clint!" Came the greetings when I walked in. I waved to a few, chatted with a couple others before finally finding a place at the bar. That had been a few hours ago and I'm still here. Well not at the bar now but playing pool. My phone vibrates for what feels like the millionth time. Tony again, I roll my eyes and continue with my game. Someone brings me another beer. I'm in the process of trying not to spit it out at a joke this guy is telling when there's a commotion from the front. Two girls arguing with a guy in between them.

"Looks like Daphne finally found out about Josh's mistress," I say. It's well known in the bar that Josh was cheating on his girlfriend of two years but no one wanted to tell her.

"Who's the tall guy with her?" An older man in a biker jacket, Joe, asks. Sure enough a tall, pale man with dark hair that almost touches his shoulders is tugging on Daphne and whispering to her. It's enough to calm her down a little. "Looks kinda prissy." The man with Daphne wears dark glasses, a dark green long sleeved shirt and black jeans.

"Maybe Daph found someone else and just wanted to throw it in Josh's face," A woman named Alissa adds. "I think he's sexy."

"You would," I grin, about to return to my game when the man with Daphne sees me and I realize I'm looking at Loki, Thor's brother. HOLY SHIT! What are the fucking chances?! My eyes widen. Loki frowns at me.

"Clint? What's wrong?" Alissa and the others are watching me with concern.

"What? Nothing! I'm fine. Let's finish the game." I find myself unable to approach the very man I'd been worried about now that the opportunity has reached me. I want to finish the game. I really do except the ruckus up front gets louder.

"Now tall guy is gettin involved. Josh is really lettin him have it!" Joe pokes me but I don't want to get involved. Josh is a known hot head and he'll definitely do something stupid. For some reason whenever there's the threat of problems at the bar, I'm always the one to intervene.

"Damn it," I mumble and hand the pool stick to another friend, Simon, then begin moving towards Josh who is nose to nose with Loki. Well he would be if Loki wasn't taller than him. Loki has been calm throughout the whole exchange, even as Daphne tries getting at the side chick. Then Josh punches him. I suck in a breath. The frown that had been on Loki's face is now replaced with an arrogant, slightly unnerving smirk and that's when I know something bad is about to happen. Before it can, I grab Josh by the arm.

"Hey let me go!"

"Shut the fuck up kid," I growl dragging him away. What an idiot.

"But that asshole-"

"Leave it!" I manage to get Josh outside and calmed down. Eventually his girlfriend shows up outside. They trade words but make up in the end. The two walk off together after thanking me. I stand outside a bit longer debating whether I should return to finish the pool game or call up Thor to challenge him at Mario Kart.

"Wonderfully handled," A smooth voice says from beside me. I glance over to see Loki.

"Were you who she was cheating with?"

"Hardly. I'm her professor and was helping her with an assignment when a friend of hers called about her boyfriend. I came along to make sure she did nothing stupid." He's a professor? Seriously? As if reading my mind Loki smirks. "Is there something wrong with my profession?"

"What? No! No way. Just don't look like one."

"Really? And what do I look like?" Is he flirting with me? I cough and cross my arms. Loki laughs, obviously amused with my discomfort. "Do all the Avengers frequent this location?"

"No. It's my-wait how'd you know I'm an Avenger?"

"Is that a serious question? This entire city knows who you are. The mansion doesn't help."

"That was Tony's idea." I had been against a house in the city where any bad guy could show up. I'd eventually caved when I became the only one against it. The first day there I'd taped a sign on the door that said 'If you're here to kill the Avengers, knock twice'. Tony thought it hilarious, Steve not so much. "You know who I am, so who are you?"

"Loki Laufeyson."

"Unique name."

"That it is." The way Loki watches me, causes me to think Loki is waiting for the questions about himself and Thor but I don't. Instead I flag down a cab.

"Well professor, hungry? I know this great pizza place." Loki studies me a bit before finally giving a nod. The cab ride is short and the whole time I'm worried I've made a mistake. Still this Loki seems different than the one from my dreams.

"You obviously know who I am so why haven't you asked about my relationship with Thor?" His question comes as we're heading inside.

"Because it's none of my business." I leave out the part where Thor hasn't told me anything about him and I only know who he is from the dreams. A strange smile appears on his face.

"I think we'll get along wonderfully little bird." God, that's worse than whatever Tony calls me. I simply sigh and lead him inside.