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I Dream Of Loki

Chapter 12: The End

It feels nice laying like this, with Loki draped over me, the arm around my waist is possessive and when I move it tightens despite the fact that he's sleep. Absentmindedly I run my fingers through his hair. As I stare up at the ceiling from where we lay on the floor I think back on last night. He didn't let me rest at all. I can feel my face heating up a bit remembering everything we did. I think we've been here a few days. I have no way of knowing for sure since I haven't had a link to the outside world. Loki doesn't have a TV here and my phone is gone. I probably should get up and start cleaning, smells like sex still. I attempt to push him off.

"Don't," he practically growls into my neck.

"We gotta get up. All we've been doing is fucking. I don't think I've eaten anything in a while either."

"Let's stay like this a little longer," Loki begins placing kisses over my chest. I sigh in frustration and contentment. Part of me wants to just lay here and let him do what he wants but the more logical part knows we've had enough time to do that.

"Loki we have the rest of our lives to do this now get up." He doesn't look happy but he finally gets off me by simply rolling onto his back on the floor. When I try standing, my legs almost give out. "Fuck!" I glance at Loki who offers no help and has a smug smile on his face.

"How bad is it?" When I ignore his question he gets up himself to stretch. "You can tell me little bird."

I give him the middle finger. He laughs at my annoyance then finally helps me to my feet. I'm sore. Looking down at my skin I can see bruises. Loki kisses several down my arm.

"I love you," Is whispered against my skin.

"I love you too now help me."

"Another bath?"

"No Loki! We're going to clean the house so I can move our stuff here." The smile that flashes across his face is breathtaking and I can't help leaning up to kiss him.

"We should start," Loki says against my mouth. "Before I have you against the wall again."

It takes a few hours. We have to clean ourselves first which had me locking the door so Loki couldn't sneak in. Then the house came next. Loki went out while I did that to begin getting our things. He said he was only bringing our clothes because he wanted us to buy us new stuff. Whatever. Before leaving he magically fixed my phone, allowing me to call Barney to tell him to bring our kids. When the place is cleaned well enough and aired out I sit, which ends up being a bad idea so I just stand, to eat cereal and enjoy the peace that is interrupted fifteen minutes later by Loki and Thor bringing boxes in.

"You got recruited to help Goldilocks?"

"Indeed Clint. I was in the area with two children you might know." From behind him Nat runs in carrying a Belle doll and is wearing a matching dress. She throws her arms around one of my legs.

"Mommy! Uncle Thor got us from Uncle Barney because he said Uncle Barney isn't fit to take care of a puppy. They started yelling at each other and then Uncle Barney went to the bathroom. That's when Uncle Thor took us with him."

"So he basically kidnapped you?" I raise an eyebrow at Thor who huffs and crosses his arms. I hear Loki laughing off to the side.

"Mommy the doctor said you should be resting." Roman usually has more concern for my health than I do.

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Children come with me. I want to show you your rooms," Loki tells them. Both run off behind him.

"How 'rested' are you my friend?" Thor smirks.

"Shut up and help me unpack."

After unpacking all the boxes Thor is called in by Cap. After putting the last of Roman's clothes away I head back to the living room where Nat is playing on her DS while he uses Ro's.

"I don't understand this game."

"Uncle Thor does. He's the best at Pokemon."

"I'm sure he is." I watch for a few minutes as Loki argues the point of a Pokemon battle then I snatch both away.

"Let's go out."

"To where?"

"You wanted a new telescope Nat."

"That's right Mommy! I forgot. I either want a Celestron Nexstar or a Tasco."

"I think a Tasco would be better for you," When Loki tells her that, her eyes brighten.

"You know what it is?"

"Of course."

"Mommy doesn't," She 'whispers' to him. He nods.

"He isn't well versed in matters such as this."

"I CAN hear both of you! Come on Roman." And so our first day together as a family begins.

Buying the telescope is boring as hell but Loki and Nat are completely into it. They debate the two she's interested in leaving me and Roman to sit off to the side playing the DS's. In the end since she couldn't decide, Loki gets her both. Roman suggests we have a picnic. That means Loki ends up shopping for the food while I push the kids around in a cart in the parking lot. Someone called security on us but we ran away before the guy could question us. From there I let Roman choose the park we eat at. It's a small one not too far from our home. After lunch, which for Nat means only eating what Belle tells her to, both begin a game of tag. Loki pulls me between his legs with arms wrapped around me and his chin resting on my uninjured shoulder.

"They're beautiful Clint."
"They look just like you."

"Roman has more of your personality."

"I think Nat's going to be a 'Daddy's girl'," I reply.

"Most likely." I can tell he's smiling. In fact most of the day he has been. My phone vibrates, letting me know I got a message. It's from Tony.

"Tony wants us to visit."

"I have no interest in seeing that bumbling idiot."

"I bet you two are secret best friends." He snorts at the thought. His grip on me tightens. Since he's going to be stubborn I'll have to resort to extreme measures. "You know Loki I'm still a little sore. I don't know if I'll be up to taking a bath with you later."

"You're lying."

"Stop being a stubborn jackass."

"Fine," The way he says it makes him sound like a kid. "You will pay for this tonight."

"I'm sure I will. Guys let's go see Uncle Tony!" They both squeal in happiness. A little bit later we arrive at Stark Tower. Tony meets us in the parking lot. Turns out he wanted to test new golf carts his security guys use so he, myself and the kids pretty much spend a good amount of time doing donuts in the parking lot while Pepper and Loki watch, well it's probably more like Loki freaking out everytime the cart tilts wrong. Tony and I take turns driving . Eventually though Pepper has to literally drag him away to a meeting so the next place we go is to a bookstore where Loki and the kids buy a few things. I follow them around playing games on my phone. In the history section Nat gets into a debate with some random guy over which U.S. president left the best legacy. I literally have to carry her away from that. By the time we leave the bookstore it's getting dark out and I get a message from Natasha telling us to come to the mansion for dinner.

When we get there Nat runs straight for her god mom to tell her about our day. Roman, ever my little shadow, follows me to the kitchen where Pietro is speeding around cooking. Wanda is perched on a counter watching. I pick up my son to hand to her. Lately he's taken an interest in magic and Wanda has been teaching him small things.

"Tony said you guys did donuts in a go cart today," She says.

"He's here?"

"In his workshop. Did you try out the spell I taught you?" Wanda asks Roman who nods.

"Where's his dad?" Pietro has stopped long enough to ask a question.

"I don't know." I turn to see Loki gone.

"Want to try this homemade sauce?"

"Pietro the last time I tried one of your foods I was sick for days. I can't believe you're being allowed to cook."

"Well it was originally Sam's day but he had to help Director Hill with something," Wanda explains as she holds Roman who has completely relaxed against her. We fall into a conversation about where Fury could be hiding since no one has heard about him in months. When dinner is finished everyone gathers in the dining room where I find Loki talking in a low voice off to the side with Tony who hands him something. That's weird but I leave them alone. During dinner he sits next to me but doesn't mention what it was they talked about or what Tony gave him. When Steve starts talking about the time Loki convinced Thor the Loch Ness monster was real, I push it away. All of us are here which is a rare thing nowadays. Even Bruce who had been on some trip with Reed last I heard and Sam who comes in a bit late. After we eat there's an epic game of rock, paper, scissors to see who cleans up. Ends up being myself and Sam and Bruce. By the time cleaning/complaining is done everyone has moved to the living room where Steve has somehow convinced everyone to play hangman, he even has one of those dry erase boards set up. Nat has just guessed the word from sitting atop Thor's shoulders when she says,

"I don't wanna make up a word. Go for me Daddy!"

"Alright," Loki goes up without a complaint. I get the feeling Nat has him wrapped around her finger. Natasha tosses him the marker. He sets it up on the board.

"Is it a phrase?" Sam asks from the arm of the couch.

"A question. That is your only hint." From where I'm standing next to Pietro, I watch them all call out letters. Pietro elbows me hard when the stick figure has all his body parts except one leg.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

"What was that?" Pietro can be such an asshole. "Clint said he knows the answer!"

"No I didn't!"

"What is it buddy?" Tony asks. I roll my eyes and look at the board. Loki said it was a question. I play around with the letters that are there for a second then say the first thing that comes to my mind.

"Will you marry me?" I say quietly.

"What?" Steve shouts from across the room. Holy. Shit. Realization hits me. I look from the board to Loki who sees that it's finally clicked.

"Will you marry me." I say louder. "Loki are you-"


"This isn't part of the game?"

"No." He begins walking over to me. "I was informed this was the only way to truly make you mine. When I was with Thor, we visited old an old Dwarven friend who fashioned something for me." Loki pulls out a silver ring with an intricate design of symbols carved into it. It's amazing. "I think the wedding bands look better but this will have to do until then. I asked Stark to keep it safe until I was ready."

"Get on a knee!" Tony shouts. There's agreement from the rest of the room. Loki never breaks eye contact with me as he does just that.

"Let it be know that you are the only one I would kneel for. Will you marry me?" I know at one point I almost married Bobbi but this is different. I waited years to see him again, would've waited longer if that's what it took, now here he is proposing marriage. That's a huge step but then again I hadn't planned on being with anyone else.

"That's a stupid question."

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes Loki, it's a fucking yes." I'll never get tired of his smile. He places the ring on my finger as all our friends clap and whistle, especially when he kisses me.

"Belle wants to plan the wedding," Nat says from beside me. I pick her up. Loki lifts Roman who had walked up with her.

"Does this mean we'll be together always?" He asks. Loki and I lock eyes.

"Always," we say at the same time just as the alarm goes off.

"Speak to me JARVIS," Tony is already on his feet.

"Wakanda is requesting your aid sir. Apparently an unidentified group is trying to invade in order to have control over the vibranium found there."

"Pietro and Wanda you're going on this one," Steve says. "I wondered why we haven't heard anything from T'Challa. Avengers Assemble!" I hand Nat to Loki.

"Be careful my love."

"Aren't I always?" God I love my life.