Uzumaki Treasure


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Chapter One

Uzumaki Mito would always remember the day that she met her dearest friend, though at the time she wasn't aware of how much the woman would come to mean to her.

She had been only eight at the time, studying seals with the rest of the Clan's children, when a shockwave of chakra, chakra of an Uzumaki with the tainted chakra of the Tailed-Beasts, exploded from the centre of the compound.

She had scrambled after her teacher, who had looked alarmed at the feel of the chakra, a gaggle of the Clan's children following her. It seemed like the whole Clan had come to the centre of the compound, and all the adults were muttering to each other as they peered over the sea of red hair in front of them to whatever had caused the shockwave of chakra.

Uzumaki Mito had always known she was curious—she was also stubborn. She wanted to know what had caused the shockwave and she wanted to know what had made the adults so alarmed about it. So she weaved through the bodies of the adults, dodging between legs as she went till she was near the front and could squeeze through to see what had all the adults staring.

The cause of the shockwave and the stares turned out to be a young woman. She lay on the ground which was covered in a large complex seal and was she covered in blood. Her long hair was stained the colour of blood and it was tangled, dirty, and in places looked like someone had just hacked it off. Mito thought that some of it looked almost burnt. The slender woman was also obviously heavily injured.

But that wasn't all. Even she could see that though she stood fifteen feet away from the woman, she could feel the protective chakra of the Uzumaki surrounding the woman, brushing outwards towards everyone in the Clan like wind to judge what they intended to do to the woman it protected. The chakra had to be the only thing keeping the woman alive—of this Mito was sure. She could see no other way for her being still alive when she was that covered in blood and the blood pool forming around her.

She felt sick, she had never thought about how much a human could bleed before they died. When her kin came back from the battleground she had never seen them when they first came back. She had never seen how heavily injured they were before they had started healing or were healed completely.

She could see her Grandfather crouched over the woman, studying both her and the seal that brought her to them. His guards behind him were waiting on his orders, still at a loss of whether they should do, on whether they kill her or help her?

A frown pulled at his wrinkled weathered face before he stood back and motioned for some healer to help the woman, and swiftly.

She knew that her Grandfather would help the woman, she had no doubt about that. No matter how unsettling he thought her sudden appearance was or the state she appeared in was. An Uzumaki had died to get this woman to them, died to make sure this woman would live. They had infused the woman's body with their chakra and gave their life for the seal to work so it could bring her to them. To safety. Mito could tell that much from looking at the seals and feeling the chakra.

The woman, whoever she was, would be safe with the Uzumaki Clan. Always.

It took Mito a day to track down where they had put the woman while she healed. She had overheard that the Healers of the Clan had been horrified at the state the woman had been in when they had first saw to her wounds. Though they had been surprised about how well she had absorbed their chakra, Mito had even overheard that the woman had placed herself into a healing coma. Because of that, they weren't sure when she would wake up. Nor were they sure if she would wake up at all.

Mito knew she had to be careful when she sneaked into the room. She would be stopped if anyone saw her or felt her chakra near the Stranger (as the children had dubbed her). She was her Grandfather's heiress after all, she had to be kept safe even if she was never going to lead the Clan. Her future marriage to Senju Hashirama assured to that.

She kept her chakra carefully cloaked as she entered the room, softly and slowly sliding open the door enough that she could slip in before she closed it shut softly.

She was hopeful that everyone would think she was in her room, studying her seals like a good little girl, as she had left a clone there. A new type of clone that Tobirama had come up with. He had dubbed them Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique). It even had her chakra signature.

The room they had put her in was rather simple and small. There was a table next to the door cluttered with tubs of paste and ointments, bottles of tonics, a supply of clean bandages and two bowls filled with water, one of them bloody, still holding the stained cloth from the woman's last change of bandages.

The only thing that was also in the room was a simple futon where the woman slept, surrounded by a soft green glow coming from her skin: her healing chakra at work.

Mito crept closer and peered down at the unconscious woman.

Though she was still pale with blood loss, she looked better than when she had first saw her yesterday. She was clean, and her hair had been washed and cropped close to her skull so it spiked out slightly from her head. Her hair was pink, Mito thought though it was odd, it was somehow pretty in a way. Rare too.

A bandage was fixed over the curve of the left side of her face, the bitter smell of paste to help lessen scars came from it. Her arms were above the sheets and was wrapped firmly in bandages, her fingers had little splints to help keep them straight. A lot of the woman's torso was also covered in bandages. Mito expected the rest of the woman's body was like wised bandaged.

"One of my kin must have treasured you a lot to give up their life to make sure you got here and live." She said softly to the unconscious woman. "I don't know who you are, so I'm going to call you Takara." She smiled at the unaware woman. "It means treasure."

She knew she would keep visiting Takara, perhaps she would be her friend when she awoke. Mito thought Takara was special, so she had to wake up. Why else would an Uzumaki give up their life to save one woman?

Mito supposed she should inform the Clan what she had called Takara. It would be very rude to keep calling her the stranger.

For the next two months, Takara did nothing but sleep as she healed her body and colour returned to her pale skin. Her wounds finished closing, healing into thin pale scars mostly so they had taken off her bandages after the first month. After that the Healers dressed her in a plain white sleeping yukata.

Takara's thickest scar was on the left side of her face, starting at her hairline and finishing at her jaw. It followed the curve of her face and hadn't even touched her eye so it was safe.

Mito continued to visit every day though the other children thought she was crazy to visit an unconscious woman as they were sure it was very boring. But Mito didn't find it boring. She would talk to the unconscious woman, read her books, and explain seals to her as she studied them.

She liked to think that Takara could hear her, so she didn't feel silly as she spoke to the obviously comatose woman.

The rest of the Clan had found out about her visits as she knew they would. They had tried to stop her from visiting Takara, uncomfortable with letting their heiress visit the strange woman even if the woman was unconscious, but they had eventually understood that nothing would stop Mito from visiting Takara.

The day that Takara finally opened her eyes started like every other day. Mito woke, went to breakfast, went to her morning training, and finally took a break for rest and to find something to eat before she joined the rest of the Clan's children in learning more about seals. It was mid-afternoon by the time she got to Takara's room. This time she had brought a book of haiku that Hashirama had gifted her.

She had settled down at the end of Takara's futon, opening the book carefully.

"What's the Butterfly


As it moves its wings so?" Mito read aloud to Takara.

"What do you think Takara-san?" Mito's head turned automatically towards Takara though she didn't expect a response.

She gasped as her dark blue eyes met pale green eyes. Takara-san was blind.

When she had expected Takara to wake up, she had never expected her to be blind. Had it happened from the blow to her head? Could she be healed? Would she ever see again?

"You're awake Takara-san!" Mito couldn't help but to exclaim in delight, even if Takara didn't know her. To Mito Takara was a friend.

"Takara?" Her voice was rough and bemused, she had to swallow before she could speak again. "Is that what you call me?"

"Hai, we didn't know your real name so we gave you one." Mito swallowed slightly. She had been so used to calling this woman Takara that she didn't know if she would ever be comfortable calling her something else. "But now you're awake, we can call you your proper name."

An odd smile curled at Takara's full lips as she tilted her head slightly, her blind green eyes still staring.

"It seemed the blow to my head took both my sight and memories." Takara told her softly, her voice rough and husky making Mito scramble to get her a glass of water. "I think I'll keep the name Takara." She said as she moved up to sit up, a grimace pulling at her lips as she rested her back against the wooden wall behind her.

Mito pressed the cup filled with water into Takara's hand, Takara barely hesitated before she brought the rim of her cup to her lips to drink. Obviously, she had trained without sight before.

Mito sat herself on the futon and found herself staring at the young woman.

The Healers had told her that Takara could only be nineteen at the most. Takara had obviously been involved in the Warring States, most likely fighting next to the side of the Uzumaki. She had seen many of her kin, both younger and older then Takara, being buried in plain wooden coffins. She was pleased that Takara wouldn't be joining them.

"Are you just going to stare at me? Or will you tell me your name?" Takara broke her from her thoughts making her flush in embarrassment.

Mito ducked her head before she answered; "Uzumaki Mito."

The sound of the something cracking made her head snap up quickly. Takara's face had lost all colour, the cup in her right hand was breaking under her strong grip. Any stronger and it would shatter.

"Takara-san!" Mito exclaimed in slight panic and worry, hands reaching out for the cup.

Takara released the cup to her, which luckily hadn't broken, before she buried her face in her calloused hands. Mito carefully placed the cup on the floor before looking at the older woman in concern.

"Takara-san?" Mito questioned softly. "What's wrong?"

Takara looked up, her face completely blank for barely a moment before shifting into a smile that pulled at her scar while her eyes slid closed.

"Just a small flash back of memories." She reassured her. "But unfortunately those memories have escaped me."

Mito nodded with a hum, unconvinced.

"Shouldn't a healer be looking over me now that I'm awake?" Takara asked, the insincere smile still pulling at her lips.

"Hai!" Mito scrambled to her feet and rushed to the door, she should have gotten a healer the moment she had noticed Takara was awake.

Damn you, Naruto. What did you do? Takara, as she now was dubbed, thought as she reburied her face into her hands the moment she heard the door close behind Uzumaki Mito.

Uzumaki Mito. The young girl who would one day become Senju Hashirama's wife, the young girl who would one day seal the Kyuubi within herself after Madara used it against her husband. Uzumaki Mito, the grandmother of Tsunade-shishou.

She bit her lip so she wouldn't let loose the panicked laugh she could feel building in her chest.

Oh god. She was over hundred years in the past, she was blind and she was weak at the moment. She could feel her muscles had emaciated from lack of use—she had been unconscious for a while then.

She breathed deeply. She had to think positive. She knew how to fight blind, Lee and herself used to spar blindfolded so they could fight against the sharingan. So she should be able to get a handle on her new disability. She had always been praised about her chakra control, she could use it in a way that was similar to echolocation so she could get a mental vision of things. She would need to get back into shape, but of course, she wasn't as bad as she could have been. Her chakra had kept her muscles from weakening too much. She could be back in shape quickly.

She was with the Uzumaki Clan, Naruto's family, and she suspected that they wouldn't harm her considering the fact they had treated all her wounds—fatal and nonfatal alike—and had put her in a plain and comfortable room with no guard. She was in the past. She could change things. She shouldn't change things because she had no idea what damage she could cause. But Takara knew herself too well—she would change things.

She would kill Uchiha Madara. With him gone and dead, Uchiha Obito would either die on that fateful mission or if she lived long enough she could save him. Make an effect on Kakashi's life, make an effect on Obito's life. But Uchiha Obito would never start a war against the nations because of Rin's death. No, she wouldn't let that happen. She would have to think of a way so no Kiri nin could try and use her as a jinchuriki, it would most likely take years for her to think up a way. But if she was smart, if she was cunning, she could have years to live. She would have to be careful in battle, she couldn't let anyone land any lethal blows on her.

She could save Nawaki and Dan for Tsunade. But if Nawaki lived, would he become Hokage? She knew she would keep Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato alive, she would keep them safe. For Naruto, so Naruto could grow up happily with his family. She would help Minato become Hokage, she had read the books on his short rein as Hokage. He was a good leader, he had been a shining beacon of hope, like his son would one day become. He had kept the village safe, there was a large baby boom in his rein. He did great things as Hokage.

But how could she know that Nawaki wouldn't do those thing as well? Wouldn't do greater things? She knew that Nawaki's death had almost broken Tsunade, but it had been Dan's death that had destroyed her for years before Naruto came to her and made that bet with her. She knew Tsunade could live through Nawaki's death—his death had spurned Tsunade on with her healing and made Tsunade fight to put a medic on every team.

Without Uchiha Madara, she was hopeful that the Uchiha wouldn't try to rebel. If they did, she was hopeful she could come up with another way of dealing with it without having to kill off the whole Clan.

That meant she would have to be close to the Hokage.

If she remained close to Uzumaki Mito, if she became something akin to a guard to her, she would be close to the Shodai at least. Most likely the Nidaime too. If she was close to the Nidaime then she should be close to the Sandaime. She was determined to live till at least Naruto became a genin. She could do that, if she was smart and she stored the rest of Naruto's chakra—which she could still feel infused into her very cells and mixed with her chakra—she should be able to live as long as an Uzumaki could.

She had heard of them living over a hundred years if they didn't fall in battle or to a fatal wound. And she would try her damn best not to let herself fall. She was too stubborn to die before she was sure that Naruto was going to have a better life then he did in her past. She wouldn't die till she was sure that she had done everything in her power to give Naruto a long and happy life. A long and happy life to all her boys. She wouldn't die till she knew the shinobi world would be safer for him and the rest of her friends.

She swore to herself, it would be her new ninja way. To protect them. To live to keep them as safe as possible. To do everything in her power to not let what she knew was going to come to past happen. She knew she couldn't possibly make sure they were completely safe. They were ninja and they could did in battle any day. But she would be damned if she didn't make them as safe as possible.

She would never let anyone know who she once was. Now she was Takara, named by Uzumaki Mito. And that would be the name placed on her headstone when she finally died and was buried. She would never tell anyone her true name. It would be a secret that she will take to the grave.