Ahahaha I'm back! I have had an overwhelming response to this fic, thank you oh so very much, and all of you want me to write Darcy going mental at Catherine so who am I to disappoint! So here we go...

William Darcy was pacing his office. He had told his aunt to be there for 8 o'clock sharp, but his aunt was never really known for her timing. At a quarter past 8, his office door finally opened and his Aunt Catherine sauntered in.

"William, really! Was it really necessary for me to come here at THIS hour!?"

She sauntered over to the seat in front of his desk and sat down.

"Yes Aunt Catherine it was necessary and I think you know exactly why I asked you here this morning."

Catherine shifted in her chair, a look of slight disgust on her face.

"I have no idea what you are talking about William. Would you care to enlighten me on the subject."

"You went to Lizzie's office last night. You offended her, you offended her family and her business and through that you have offended me."

Catherine looked unphased.

"I said what she needed to hear. She is letting herself into a very limited market and when she fails she will turn to you for financial support. And know she know's she'll get it because you have let that gold digging harlot into your bed." She spat

William's face was quickly turning a bright shade of crimson.

"Lizzie is NOT a gold digging harlot. She is my girlfriend and I love her and she loves me. She came to my doorstep in TEARS last night Aunt Catherine after everything you said."


William felt like he could of slapped her. How dare she. How dare she.

"Aunt Catherine, I have known Lizzie for a year and I have loved her for the better part of that year and she has fallen in love with me. She gives me so much joy and so much happiness and I the same to her. She would have been here herself today if she hadn't had a very important meeting, but I felt that I needed to have this conversation with you. What you said to Lizzie, was rude, disrespectful, cruel and unjust and I feel I cannot let you into my, our lives whilst these are your feelings about Lizzie and my relationship with her."

He had spoken in a deadly whisper and even the great Catherine DeBourgh was turning slightly pale.

"What of Caroline Bingley! Are you to break that poor woman's heart! She was perfect for you William! You were always fond of her. She would have made you an excellent wife!"

"I have never felt more than friendship for Caroline. Her recent behaviour has however made me re-evaluate my opinion of her. I'm guessing that it was her that told you of Lizzie and I's relationship."

"She informed me that you were allowing yourself to be seduced by a gold digging, middle class nobody!"

The room fell silent and an awkward pause filled the air.

"Your choice is simple Aunt Catherine, either you accept Lizzie and our mutual love and respect for each other, or you are never to speak to us ever again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Your mother would be mortified at your behaviour towards me William. And what of your sister?! What does she say on this business?"

"Gigi is very supportive of both our relationship and Lizzie's business."

Catherine stood up and made her way towards the door.

"I expected more from you William. And so did your poor mother. I am most seriously displeased! I have no idea where you are getting all these idea's from!"

"I have decided to take control of my life and cut those out whom are unsupportive of my life choices. Lizzie is a part of my life now and very much hope that she will be for the rest of my life. "

"You will regret this William. And don't come crying to me when this all comes to a sticky end." Catherine hissed.

And with that she flounced out of his office without a second glance back.

"Mrs Reynolds, make sure Catherine leaves the building directly. And do not permit her entrance to this building again. And if anyone comes to see me for the rest of the morning tell them I am busy and cannot be disturbed." William said to his secretary.

"Very well sir." She replied and scuttled off after Catherine.

He closed his office door, slumped into his desk chair and massaged his temples. His conversation with his aunt had been... trying to say the very least. He glanced at the time, 8:50AM, Lizzie wouldn't be out of her meeting until at least half past nine, but he so desperately wanted to speak to her, to hear her comforting words, hear her softy velvety voice over the phone. So he logged into his computer, brought up YouTube and very soon her voice was coming out of his desk speakers.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

Tah dah! Was it not angsty enough? I thought it was maybe a bit tame. Let me tell you I would not want to cross Darcy though, nuh uh no way. He's tall, big and probably has the best team of lawyers in the US. Thank you so very much for reading!