All the best people were mad. That was a philosophy Madeline Hatter lived by. When her father poured tea into flower pots, she squealed with delight. When Tweedledum and Tweedledee rhymed, one after the other, she sat down and took notes.

Madness was what she loved about Wonderland, but what she loved most of all…was change. She loved how easy it was to change white roses to red. She loved how simple it was move from one place to another. She loved how the seasons moved from one form to the next, and she loved how Riddlish changed its meanings.

And she loved the idea of change. So when Raven grew concerned about where her story was headed, Maddie felt as if the world was about to experience the biggest change it could ever imagine…and she couldn't have been more excited.

When the Evil Queen poisoned Wonderland, her and her father had barely escaped with their senses intact. In the wiggle of a pig's nose Maddie had lost her home, her world, and everyone who dwelled there. She had a choice, she could look back at the world she knew and wish to return to it…or she could change.

"Change. What a Tea-rrific idea."

She would dwell in sadness of a land she had lost, or she could embrace the enchanting new world that was now her home. It was all a matter of change.


Why, the very sound of the word made her hat hop from her head.


Legacy Day was over, but from the very beginning Maddie knew Raven would be the one to blaze a new story. Others in the school grew weary of Raven's rebellion, they grew worried of Raven's actions. They said she was mad. Maddie only smiled.

"All the best people are mad. Didn't they know that?"

Every year after Legacy Day the second year students had to journey home to reflect on their destiny. It was the same thing every year…what fun was that? To do the same thing every year? What sense did that make?

"You sure everyone's gonna be alright?" Raven as she looked around at the leaving students. Every person glared at her as if she were a witch, or patted her on the back as if she were a spellebrity.

Maddie jumped up and down. "Of course they'll be alright!" Thanks to Raven, everything was different. People questioned. People wondered. People explored what they could be rather than accepting it with no thought. It was becoming a little more like Wonderland with each passing day.

A change that Maddie could not be more thankful for.

She walked home on her hands. One palm in front of the other, until she found herself outside her father's tea shop. The place she had stayed before the school year had begun.

"Daddy! I have some wonderlandiful news!"

Her father sat on the table, drinking his tea from a shoe, and gazing at the closed curtains. Maddie giggled, her father always knew the best way to drink tea!

"What is it my pumpkin?" He said. "You must tell me how your Legacy Day was, and what of your friend Raven?"

Mr. Hatter knew of Raven's dilemma. He knew of her reluctance to follow the story she was assigned. She wanted change.

Maddie pulled up a stool, and poured herself some tea into a shoe and sipped.

"It was enchanting. Raven did it!" She nearly shouted.

In one swift motion, Raven had changed everything for what it was to what it is now. Maddie told her father of Giles Grim, of the secret library, and of the party she and the rebels had crashed.

"Rebels?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yes. That's what the Royals called us. Me, Raven, Cedar, Cerise, Cupid, Hunter , and anyone else who dared to not follow their paths. Isn't it amazing?"

Her father smiled. "Why, I don't believe I could have said it better."

Maddie liked the idea of being the next Mad Hatter. She loved it. But that didn't mean she should be bound to it forever, no should, and even still, there was nothing saying she couldn't decide to be the Mad Hatter at another time.

Wasn't that the great thing about choice? You could be who you wanted anytime you wanted!

"Daddy, you should have seen the Royals after Raven ripped her page out. Some even called her impossible!" They both laughed at the thought.

Being impossible was like being incredible! Impossible was the only thing worth being, wasn't it?

"Each person said us 'Rebels' were mad."

Mad. It was madness that drove knights to venture out onto quests. It was madness that inspired a man to create a puppet who would one day come to life. It was madness that inspired a boy to pull a sword from a stone.

Cedar was mad. Hunter was mad. Cupid, Cerise and Kitty were mad. She was mad.

Raven was mad; perhaps the maddest of them all.

Maddie took one last sip from her shoe and giggled.

"All the best people are mad."