She had done it. Raven watched as the students of Ever After High made their way to their carriages. She saw Apple White shudder as she rode off. She saw Briar Beauty glare as she passed. She felt Cedar pat her on the back as she made her journey home. She saw Cerise smile at the thought of a new story.


Raven turned to see Maddie Hatter smile. "Don't worry. Everyone's gonna be fine!" And with that Maddie wrapped her arms around Raven, and began to walk home on her hands.

Raven Queen, daughter of the evil queen, had done it.

She had defied destiny.

Ever since she was small, her mother had always told her she would be destined for great things. She would be the one to bring chaos to Ever After. She would be the one the change the lands forever. But the scary part was…in a way, her mother was right.

Raven didn't mean to change everyone's Legacy Day, she just hated the feeling of being trapped. Apple wanted her to be evil. Headmaster Grimm wanted her to be evil. Her mother wanted her to be evil.

Did what she want not count at all?

Raven sighed as the last student made their way home. Legacy Day was over, but now, no one was sure of anything. Raven didn't know whether to be happy, or afraid. What was going to happen now?

She glanced over to the right of her. Headmaster Grimm seemed to glare at her with all the anger he could muster. She smiled. He couldn't control her anymore. No one could.

She took a deep breath, raised her hands, and began to open the mirror portal to home.

That morning, as Raven came down for breakfast, the halls where filled with people who did not want to see her. Every face she saw glared, every person she greeted turned away. Just like in the beginning, she was alone…

"Raven?" There stood Maddie, and Hunter, and Cedar, and Cerise, and Cupid, and Kitty, their eyes filled with joy at the sight of her.

…or, maybe she wasn't so alone anymore.

"Rewrite, ignite, restart."

The unwritten page was terrifying, but what was more terrifying was what her mother would think of her actions. Would she be angry that Raven had denied her legacy, or thrilled that she had stolen everyone else's Happily Ever After.

Apple's words kept ringing in her ears. "How could you be so selfish?"

All she wanted was the chance to be her own person. What was so wrong about that?

In a flash of light, Raven arrived home, she felt her stomach twist inside of her. She hated traveling by mirror. Her home had not changed in the weeks she had been away. It still glowed with a dark tint, and the doors still creaked when she pushed them open.

"Dad?" She called. Her voice echoed through the empty castle. He must be out. Perhaps word had gotten to him about Raven's defiance. Perhaps he was called away to the other kingdoms to speak on Raven's behalf.

She shook her head. This was the place she grew up in. She remembered the cold rooms, she remembered the dinner parties her mother hosted, she remembered the goblins and demons that used to fill these halls every night.

And she remembered how she wanted nothing to do with that world.

But, it never felt like she had a choice. No one had a choice. Not Hunter, who never wanted to harm animals, not Cerise, with her hood hiding her face, not Cedar, who wanted her own freedom, not Cupid who wanted everyone to follow their hearts, not Kitty who looked back to Wonderland with a sad grin, not Maddie who loved change more than anything.

Why was it so bad for them to decide?

Raven reached into her pocket and pulled out a black page. This was the piece of the Storybook of Legend she had torn out in front of the whole school; her page. She clutched it in her hands.

What was she now? She was no longer the future evil that would haunt the land of Ever After, but now she was something else…something worse, or something better?

Was she the hero of this tale, the one who had brought choice? Or was she the villain, the one who had stolen all Happily Ever Afters forever? She took a deep breath. She couldn't tell anymore.

"But that's a good thing right?"

She stared at her page once more. A blank canvas that spoke of an untold future. It was her life, it was all of their lives, the only ones they'd ever get. So, why not live it as their own? Not as the copy of someone else's tale, but as the culmination of their own decisions.

"It's an open book, a road in reverse, a brand new hook." Raven sang. Her voice echoed throughout the empty castle.

"Forget that curse." She glanced down at her page one last time, and let it drop to the floor. The future was unwritten; her life was hers to create. Yesterday was only the first chapter, and her story was starting now. She smiled.

"This is just the beginning."