Kitty Cheshire watched as the other students loaded into their carriage to take them all home for the weekend. Students, mostly students whose stories promised a happy ending, looked like they were going to heave their breakfast all over the roads.

Kitty smiled.

Others looked as if a huge weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

Her smiled grew even wider. The school was in utter chaos, something she had never seen before…not since Wonderland.

Her Cheshire smile faded at the thought.


She closed her eyes and vanished.

Ever since Raven Queen first appeared in Ever After High she had been causing waves. Everyone expected her to follow her destiny and become the next Evil Queen, the black hearted monster who would work to ruin everyone else's story.

But instead, she had done something far worse…or far better.

After Legacy Day the school looked as if it were going to turn into itself. Royals were crying, princes were running around with their crowns flying everywhere, and common characters with no large role in their story looked like they were going to dance in the halls.

The whole world had turned topsy-turvy all because of one little act.

Kitty was almost jealous she hadn't done it herself. Her father would be proud of this…this chaos. Growing up, Kitty was taught one simple truth, keeping things interesting is more important than anything else. How boring would the world be if everything just made sense? How pedestrian would the land become if everything moved like clockwork. Her destiny was to be the mischief maker, the trickster, the one who sits atop a tree and smiles like a cat playing with its food.

And yet with one small gesture Raven had outdone her completely. In fact, she might have even outdone her father, and his father. There was nothing more mad than a defiance, nothing more wondrous than a new start. Nothing more glorious than a world that had lost its balance and was spinning too hard to stop. Something her father would approve of.

"Well Raven, I am impressed."

Kitty looked around her home, a small house that sat atop a tree, just outside of the school. She sighed at the humble surroundings, a small couch that had been scratched up, a heavy rug that laid against the door like a dead animal, and a large painting that stood on the wall. Something her father stole from the Red Queen many years ago.

"You always did like to live dangerously father."

Father, how was he? Did he think of her? Did he miss her? Could her father even remember who she was?

She wrapped her arms around her and squeezed her shoulders, just like her father used to do when she was little. When the Evil Queen poisoned Wonderland with that spell, she and many of the other Wonderland children had to flee through the mirror. She didn't want to leave her father, she didn't want to leave her home, but she didn't have a choice.

"Go Kitty, you're more important that I am right now."

Her father nearly shoved her through the portal, but not before holding her one last time, his hands squeezing her shoulders, and his lips kissing her forehead. With one might thrust Kitty fell to the other side, safe from whatever wickedness wished to claim her. His voice still hung in her soul.

"Remember everything I've taught you."

There were nights when Kitty awoke, the faint twinge of her father's words dancing in her mind. Keeping things interesting was her role…no, it was her father's last wish. The final thing he wanted before his mind was engulfed in a wicked spell.

"Keeping things interesting."

When Kitty had heard of Raven's reluctance to follow her role she felt…intrigued. Never before had anyone dared to rebel. Never before had anyone dared to defy their own destiny.

Not even Kitty had imagined such an act. But what happened after, that delicious chaos, the confusion…the madness that swept the school was like a holiday.

A deed her father would be proud of.

There were factions beginning to form within the school. The royals, who wanted to keep destiny as it was, and the rebels who wanted to change destiny. The rebels, the mischief makers, the tricksters who tempted fate. They kept things interesting.

Kitty didn't care one way or another, what would happen and who would sign what. All she wanted was to honor her father's words. When she closed her eyes, she saw his face. In the quiet of the morning, she heard his voice. In the cold of the dusk, she felt his warmth.


She stood outside and watched as the last students made their way to their homes. The world was slowly turning to daylight, a new story was beginning.

"I'm going to make you proud."