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What if Bella didn't come back to Forks when she was in high school and never met the Cullens? What if Jacob had become Alpha and still hadn't found his imprint? What if Seth dragged his friends to Seattle for a guys weekend to a little club where his girlfriend worked? What if things that happened in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse happened when they were adults? Pairings include Jacob/Bella, Seth/OC, Quil/OC, Embry/OC, Paul/Rachel and several others that I can't say without revealing the plot.

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Bound to You


Deep in the forests of Forks, WA, the forest creatures went about their normal routines. Birds hunted worms for their young, deer and rabbits grazed on the lush foliage, bears foraged on berry bushes and roots to begin preparing for their winter nap. The only sounds that broke through the thick, wet trees was the slow steady dripping of water as it descended from the canopy after the recent summer rain.


The peacefulness was shattered as several large, blurry shapes raced through the trees, sending the wildlife scattering in fear and panic. Moss covered tree trunks whizzed by in a blur, huge paws pounding into the wet dirt with a faint rumble, bushes and grass bending and twisting as large figures blew past them in near silence and a deadly grace.

Nine mountains of multi colored fur spread out in a rough V formation, the point of it being led by a russet blur that threw back its head and let out a long howl. It was echoed by eight other lesser howls before they barreled into a clearing and slowly skidded to a stop. The watery sunlight shone down, reflecting the water drops on the grass, and casting shadows of the horse sized wolves that were lightly panting in exertion as they shook the water droplets from their fur and stretched. The russet toned wolf looked around before it tucked its head slightly and its form blurred around the edges, suddenly being replaced by a naked russet skinned man, his black hair standing up in spikes as his onyx eyes swept over the other wolves with a calculating eye.

Jacob Black was an Alpha and no one who looked at him would ever dispute it. He stood at 6'3" with over two hundred pounds of pure muscle. Long dark skinned legs taunt with thickly corded muscle led up to a trim waist and defined eight pack highlighted by the deep V beneath them. A chiseled torso and chest moved evenly with his deep breaths and his powerful arms flexed the large biceps and triceps slightly as he swept his hair back from his face. A strong jaw, and well defined cheekbones set off his mouth that usually was turned up in a grin, his straight nose set off by his dark eyes that could glimmer with warmth or become as cold as ice, framed with long, thick eyelashes, and his smooth forehead was crowned with thick black hair.

"Hey Black, wanna put on some clothes sometime today? If you hadn't noticed, there are no ladies around here and none of us swing that way."

His gaze swept over the clearing until they landed on the owner of the voice and his mouth tipped up in a smirk. "Checking me out Lahote?"

The other man, nearly as tall but not quite as muscled, rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as several other voices laughed. Jacob reached down and untied the cutoffs from around his ankle, pulling them smoothly up his legs and fastening them low on his hips. Nudity didn't bother him anymore, nor did it bother his Pack brothers, but he couldn't resist giving Paul a ribbing for his comment. Straightening up he looked around again to see all of his brothers phased back to human and pulling on their own sweats and cutoffs.

He felt a sense of pride rise in him for his Pack, and some for himself. At just twenty-two he ran his Pack like a well-oiled machine; swift, strategic and deadly for any that crossed their path. Any vampires that is. Since he had first phased at sixteen, the fourth of his brothers to do so, the Pack had brought any vampires that crossed their paths to a swift and fiery end.

"All but a few." He grimaced slightly as he thought about the local coven of vampires, the Cullens. They lived in Forks under a treaty signed by Jacob's great grandfather, being as they were different and drank animal blood instead of human. As long as they stayed off the Reservation the treaty remained, unfortunately, intact.

He shook himself from his thoughts and turned back to his brothers who waited patiently for their Alpha's instructions. "Good job guys. There haven't been any leech sightings in over a month, besides the local bloodsuckers."

A chorus of growls answered him and he felt a small one of his own answer before he pulled them back to business. "I think we can relax patrols for a little while, just one a shift unless something happens."

The pack whooped in excitement and he allowed himself a smile, knowing they all needed the break. After a moment Paul grinned and crossed his arms. "I say we need a guy's night out on the town then."

Jacob raised an eyebrow slightly, considering his idea, and Quil and Embry high-fived each other. "Yes! But there's nothing to do in Forks and we've been to Port Angeles way too much."

The Alpha couldn't help his snort at Quil's statement that he knew translated to 'We've gotten every tail there and want some new ones.' He could see Seth suddenly grinning slightly behind Jared and he stepped forward to clap his hands on Paul and Quil's shoulders. "I've got an idea guys. Let's go to Seattle for the weekend."

Groans greeted his suggestion and Paul rolled his eyes as he shrugged off the younger man's hand. "No way Clearwater. You just want to go there to see your girl."

Seth shook his head and his grin grew wider. "No no Paul, trust me, this is legit. Yeah we'll see her but I'll take you to this club she works at, believe me you don't want to miss it. I promise you, you'll thank me."

Paul eyed him for a minute and then turned to Jacob and shrugged. "Your call Alpha."

Jacob swept his gaze over the Pack and landed on Seth, who was giving him a pleading look, and he shrugged slightly. "Guess we're going to Seattle."

Seth grinned and slapped Paul on the shoulder as he gave Jacob a thumbs up. "You guys are going to owe me for life."

Jacob groaned as he stepped out of the car, stretching his long legs and raising his arms above his head. "Whose brilliant idea was it to stuff three full grown wolves in a car for four hours?"

"Yours all mighty Alpha." He glanced at Paul who was struggling to shove the seat far enough forward so he could get out, without breaking the car.

"Shut up Lahote." He glanced around, spotting Seth's car pulling into the hotel behind him, Quil and Embry hanging out the passenger side windows. He shook his head as he turned to Sam with an exasperated look, the other man watching slightly amused with his arms folded on the roof of the car. "Remind me why I agreed to let those two clowns loose on Seattle?"

Sam laughed, his deep voice booming across the parking lot and he shook his head. "You can always Alpha order them not to get laid."

Jacob eyed his friends as they practically tumbled out of the car, Quil already ogling several women walking down the sidewalk. Throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation he turned back to the car to help Paul finish unloading their bags from the vehicle. Seth still had the same grin on his face that he'd sported since the decision to go to Seattle two days ago. He shook his head slightly at his friend as he hid a smile. He knew Seth mainly wanted to come here for his mysterious girl but he knew that he wouldn't disappoint his brothers if he had promised them a good time. He glanced back and saw Seth had managed to wrangle Quil and Embry back to the car to unload, shaking his head as Quil triumphantly waved a scrap of paper in the other men's faces. "Come on you guys, I want to get checked in and showered before tonight."

His friends grumbled good naturedly as everyone picked up their bags and headed into the hotel. Jacob could feel every head turn in their direction and he shifted his bag on his shoulder as he casually swept his gaze over the lobby, seeing a mix of fear, envy, admiration and lust in the eyes of the staff and guests. Being stared at was nothing new but he wished he didn't always feel like a piece of meat up for auction wherever he went. Paul on the other hand…

He glanced at his friend and fought the urge to roll his eyes at the slight swagger in his friend's step and the panty dropping smile he flashed at the women who openly ogled him. "Cool it Lahote, let's not get kicked out of here for you hitting on some married woman. There'll be plenty of women tonight at wherever Seth is taking us."

Paul smirked at him and threw another wink at a group of women, prompting Jake to cuff him upside the head as the approached the registration desk. The poor girl, a petite blond that he would have dwarfed even without his above average height, behind the desk stared up at Jake, her mouth dropped open as she looked at him with undisclosed desire in her blue eyes. "N-name?"

He heard Paul chuckle behind him and he shot a glare over his shoulder before turning back to the girl. "Black. Jacob Black."

Quil erupted into laughter and Jake rolled his eyes. His friend always compared him to James Bond when he gave his name that way, it wasn't his fault they shared the same initials. The girl blinked as though awaking from a trance, flushing bright red as she dropped her gaze to the computer in front of her. "Y-yes, here it is. Jacob Black, party of six. Three adjoining suites with two bedrooms apiece."

Jacob flashed her a smile as he took the keys from her shaking hand and thanked her as he turned back to the Pack and handed keys out. "Sam you're with me, Paul and Seth you guys have one and that leaves Quil and Embry with the last."

They all made their way to the elevators, Jacob feeling eyes burning into his back and he pressed the button several times to try and hasten the elevator. Glancing over his shoulder he scowled and barked out "Quil! Get over here."

Quil winked and flashed a cocky grin at the blushing brunette he was charming and Jacob growled low under his breath. As the ding of the elevators opening Quil placed an overdramatic kiss on the young girl's hand before picking up his bag and joining the other five in the elevator. With all six of them in there with their luggage there wasn't room for anyone else, which Jacob muttered thanks for under his breath as he cuffed his friend upside the head. "What did I say about girls in the hotel? Leave them alone, that one could hardly have been sixteen. The last thing we need is for you to get arrested for inappropriate conduct with a minor."

Quil grinned and shrugged. "She would've been worth it."

Jake rolled his eyes but the doors dinged open before he could say anything and they all filed out and down the hall until they reached their respective suites. After agreeing to meet in a few hours, Jacob and Sam entered their room and glanced around appreciatively at the décor before heading to the separate bedrooms and collapsing on their beds. "Wake me in an hour will you Sam?"

"Only if you wake me up first."

Jacob grinned and rolled onto his back, folding one arm under his head and closing his eyes as he relaxed. This would be a very nice weekend.

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