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Chapter 11

Jake frowned when Sam's phone when to voicemail again, his Beta never turned off his phone. He hung up and dialed Embry's number, his ears listening to the rustling sounds of Bella in her room packing her things.

"Hey man! What's up?" Embry's cheerful voice filtered over the speaker and Jacob turned to walk out onto the balcony.

"Where are you guys? Where's Sam?" He nudged the door shut behind him, making sure to leave it cracked so he could hear Bella.

"I dunno, he said he had an errand to run and he'd be back soon. There's some kind of festival thing going on at the park so Quil and I are just hanging here." Jacob frowned, wondering what could have pulled his Beta away, and sighed when he heard the distant sounds of Quil flirting through the phone.

"Would you two knuckleheads get back here? Sam isn't answering his phone and we have a problem. Vacation is getting cut short."

He could almost hear Embry snap to attention over the phone, a low growl rumbling over the speaker in response to Jacob's Alpha tone. "We'll be there in ten."

Jacob hung up, frowning as he tried Sam's phone again and it again went to voicemail. He was getting anxious that his Beta was in the wind, and he tried to think what could have caused him to vanish. He blew out a breath as the answer popped into his head and groaned as he dialed Seth's number. He waited impatiently for the younger shifter to pick up, knowing Seth would not be happy about anything he had to say. "Jake?"

He breathed a sigh of relief when Seth picked up. "Listen, I need you to go back to the club. I think Sam snuck off there and he isn't answering his phone, I'm getting worried."

He could almost feel Seth's confusion, the younger shifter sounding puzzled. "Why would he go there?"

Rubbing his forehead Jacob sighed heavily before answering. "Because Seth, he saw your sister last night. He saw Leah."

Sam awoke slowly, pain ringing through his skull and jaw, which was impressive considering his healing ability. He cracked one eye open, grateful for the near darkness of wherever he was, and took in his surroundings carefully. He was lying on a couch in a small room, heavy curtains draping the walls, the glass wall across from him overlooking the stage of the club. He eased into a sitting position, wincing as his head throbbed angrily, keeping his eyes shut as he waited for the room to stop spinning.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

A familiar growl from the corner made him look up, ignoring the pain and nausea the sudden movement caused, to meet a pair of familiar eyes. He sucked in a breath, his eyes tracing the features he dreamed about nightly for three years, although Leah's face was much harder then he remembered. Pushing himself unsteadily to his feet he stepped toward her, stopping when she growled at him again, his hands raised in a placating gesture. "Lee-lee."

She snarled at his pleading words, fists clenching at her sides as she backed away, pressing against the glass behind her. "Don't! Don't you dare! You show up here after three years, and what? Expect me to just fall back into your arms like you didn't abandon me?! You slimy, dirty, rotten, son of a-"

Sam cut her off, pinning her to the glass with his hands on either side of her, swallowing her protest and the moan that followed, her hands tangling in his shirt. Sam growled low in his chest, sliding his hands down her sides to grab her legs and pull her up to wrap around his waist. Leah moaned at the position, moving her hands to tangle in his hair, tugging on it in the familiar way that made Sam's mind go blank. He moved to the couch, groaning as she straddled his lap and pressed against him, his hands moving under her leather vest as he trailed kisses across her jaw. He thought he heard someone call his name but Leah moved against him again and he growled as he ripped the top off her, hearing her gasp as he traced mindless patterns across the skin of her back. Leah's hands were moving down his chest, fumbling with his belt, when the door opened and he heard a familiar voice.

"Sam? You here- Holy crap!"

The door slammed shut, breaking them out of their spell, both of them staring at each other as they gasped for breath. Leah snapped out of it first, her eyes widening as she pushed away from him, snatching her top and struggling to pull it over her head as she turned away. Sam tipped his head back, fighting the urge to pull her back to him, and slowly gained control of himself. "Leah."

His voice was still rough and he saw her shudder as she yanked the vest back into place, refusing to meet his eyes. Before he could say anything else there was a knock and the door slowly crept open, Seth appearing again but with his hand over his eyes. "Jake needs us. And by the way, there's not enough bleach in the world to erase what I just saw."

Leah turned, her eyes widening when she saw her brother. "Seth?"

Sam watched amused as Seth dared to peak through his fingers, sighing when he saw they were clothed again. He shot a dirty look at Sam before grinning at his sister, "Hey sis!"

Leah rushed forward and hugged him, pulling away to look him over. "Holy crap you got big! What's mom been feeding you?"

Seth shrugged with a grin, his face growing serious when Sam rose from the couch. "Listen, I really want to catch up, but Sam and I have to get to Jake, he needs us."

Sam watched Leah glance between them, still refusing to meet his eyes, a confused look. "Jake? Jacob Black? He's here too?"

Seth nodded, glancing at his phone, and hugged Leah again. "Can I meet you after? Hopefully it shouldn't take long."

She nodded, smiling when Seth grinned again and pressed a sloppy kiss to her cheek. "Great, I'll be back soon."

Glancing at Sam his grin faltered as he flushed red and mumbled that he'd meet him downstairs, leaving the two of them alone. Leah kept her arms crossed, half turned away from him, and Sam sighed as he moved behind her. "Leah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean…that wasn't why I came here. I wanted to talk, to explain… Please don't think I only want that. I want to talk but I have to go right now. Can we meet later?"

She didn't answer, studiously avoiding his eyes by keeping her gaze on the floor and he sighed, daring to press his lips to her temple before following Seth out the door.

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