Why? Why do I torture Jack like this? I love him, really! J-just… Anyways, yup! It's Jackrabbit! That means a dead winter spirit and a giant rabbit in love. The things I become obsessed with, huh? So rated T for language, violence, and suggested themes. I do not own ROTG or the characters blah blee bloo blah. EDIT: Thank you 50shadesofpitchblack! I fixed it :).

It'd been happening for months now. Almost a year, according to the marks on Jack's wrists. It started out rather simple, Pitch had come by his lake, they'd fought, and Pitch had left. Jack didn't think much of it; he definitely didn't think he needed to bother the Guardians with it, as busy as they were(especially Bunny). So he'd let it go.

Then things had gotten worse. The nightmare king had taken the next fight to his lair. Jack noticed Pitch being harsher this time, and after giving it his all the poor boy still ended up in chains with his staff again broken in two.

"The Guardians are going to kill you when they find out about this", Jack had growled. Pitch only laughed.

"Those Guardians will be torn to pieces", he'd said.

"Not likely, bitch."

"Really…?" With that the Boogeyman had opened a large nightmare sand curtain, revealing a large, infuriated, caged beast. Jack gasped. The eyes were a glinting crimson, very unlike its knife-sharp rotting teeth (Toothiana would have definitely not approved) and its long claws just barely swiped outside the cage. Pitch inhaled deeply. Ah, the smell of terror! He'd never tire of it. After sinking against the wall, Jack mustered up the courage to ask.

"W-what is that thing?" Nonchalantly, Pitch had shrugged.

"Not really sure myself", he admitted. "Business was booming one day and, well, this happened."

"So, Jack", Pitch cupped the boy's trembling chin. "Unless you want your precious friends becoming fearling food, you'll do as I say, yes?"

Unable to do anything else, Jack had merely nodded.

After that it became a routine; Pitch would come for the boy, take him into his lair and, once he'd gotten his fill of fear, send him on his way. That lasted for roughly six months.

Then it got worse; much, much worse. In the snow that caked him, Jack shuddered. There was nothing crueler than watch Pitch did to him next. He'd rather be beaten, or burned, or anything than that; anything than… than…

He heaved a sob and vomited into the snow.

Was there nothing Pitch wouldn't do to extract fear from him? The most terrifying thought was the more Jack let himself be abused like this, the stronger Pitch became. He was sure if he was mortal, there wouldn't be much more his body could take.

Right now, he wasn't sure how much his spirit could take.

I'd started a little over a year ago. Aster had thought it was just annoyance at first. The little ice brat would come to his Warren and wreak havoc, freezing together eggs and dropping the temperature at least ten degrees. Then he'd just laugh and leave. Everything seemed normal until the last time Jack came over. After the boy nailed his ears with a snowball Bunny had snapped and started yelling at him (in his defense, it was really mean of Jack to hit him in such a sensitive spot). Now, this was not an unusual occurrence, the two fought regularly, but this time it was… different. This time Bunny had seen the flash of hurt in Jack's eyes when the Pooka spat out harsh words. He'd felt bad about it, but his pride pushed him to keep going. So he had. He'd scorned the winter spirit and reprimanded him harshly and, yes, brought up the blizzard of '68. Only when he'd seen the tears welling up in Jack's cerulean eyes did he finally stop. He would've apologized too, but Jack had stormed out of the Warren.

After that Jack stopped coming. There was no peep from him whatsoever.

Bunny started to get worried. He wanted to leave it (Jack was a strong boy, he'd get over it) but the more he tried to forget about it, the more he seemed to relive the day. Even his precious googies had gone unpainted when the Pooka kept having visions of a crying Jack. Soon, he wasn't sleeping either and his eating patterns became abnormal, to say the least. Aster just wanted to hold Jack and make him feel better… He wanted to see Jack again and prove that he did care for him. If was going to be really honest, he'd tell the boy how beautiful he was. The milky skin, bright blue eyes and crooked grin made his heart race…

Aster shook himself. He couldn't really think of Jack that way, could he?!

If he was being really, really honest… Yes.

"Crikey…" he grumbled, and lay down on the ground with a groan. Would he tell Jack? Could he tell Jack? Sighing, he considered. Well, the boy would probably laugh at him, or maybe even get mad, or (Aster cringed) go tell North. On the other hand, he'd barely eaten, slept, or worked in the past few weeks.

Yeah. Yeah, he'd tell him.

The next morning Aster woke up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and left for Burgesses.

Dang, the town was a mess! Slush littered the streets and branches had fallen from some of the strongest looking trees. The wind was howling like an angry wolf while sleet and fat snowflakes cascaded from the skies. Anxiety suddenly clutched at Bunny's heart.

Where was Jack? Was he hurt? In battle? Still mad about their fight?

"Find him.," he whispered shakily. "I have to find him…!" As quick as he could, he bounded to the lake. It seemed that place had the worst weather, not to mention it was Jack's home. The snow was laid on thicker than thick and the storm made it difficult see. When he tried sniffing around, most of the sleet made it difficult to catch Jack's scent. Although, he found it eventually, along with the coppery scent of blood and… something else. Something he knew he'd smelled before, but not in a long time. Fearing the worst, he quickened his pace against the wind and finally made it to a bump in the slush. He shoved the snow out of the way and gently brought a shuddering, sniveling body to his chest. Without a second thought, he thumped the ground and rushed Jack to his Warren.