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The next night Aster again surprised Sandy. This time, he claimed that there were some complications with the protection spells surrounding his Warren. Sanderson understood the need for concern, and also that it was wise to go to him, since he was very talented at magic. However, last night he'd not gotten all of his work done in time. Besides, was Aster not more skilled in the magical arts than him (not that he'd ever admit it, Aster just had more experience)? In the end, though, he agreed, if only for the fact that Bunny looked tired and Jack was still living with him. Yes, the boy would need all the protection he could get in this fragile state. It also would be preferable to get Aster to sleep.

Aster and Sanderson climbed into the Warren, blinking in the sudden sunlight. Sensing no immediate interferences with the Warren's magical barrier, Sandy grew a bit irritated. He was busy! Surely Bunny could handle it himself?

'Oh well', Sandy thought, 'I'm already here. Might as well see whatever it is that's bothering him.' Then to Aster he 'said', 'What's wrong?'

The Pooka paused. Well, crap. He hadn't thought of that.

"Uh-" he started.

"Bunny?" Jack came walking up the side of the hill. "The eggletts followed me into the bath again. I froze them."

"Again?" Bunny asked, glad for the distraction. He ruffled Jack's hair. "You know they don't like that."

"Yeah, that's why I did it", Jack replied in a snarky, yet playful tone. He looked past Aster and blinked in surprise at the Sandman. "Hey, Sandy."

Sandy waved politely before looking back at Bunny expectantly. Bunny wrung his paws. It occurred to him that he could've thought this out some more.

"Well, uh…" Sandy crossed his arms as Bunny stuttered. Finally, the Pooka just clapped Sandy on the shoulder and said, "Well, I can't sense it now. Must've been just a glitch in the system, but- uh thanks for checking it out. Just take that tunnel"- he gestured- "and it'll lead you right back to Hong-Kong."

'That tunnel leads to Inverness, Canada.'


'Cut the crap, Bunny. You're a shitty liar. I will find out what's going on, and when I do, you're gonna get it, Fluffybutt." And with that, he left. Alone now, Jack snuggled up to Bunny with a worried expression.

"What now?"

Aster leaned down to kiss Jack. "Don't worry about it. I'll protect you."

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