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Personal rant: idk why people are so pissed there is NOT a clifhanger. Personally, I like not having my heart ripped out and stomped on like it was with MoA. What I did find weird was the...ah...revalation about Nico.

Do. Not. Misunderstand. I am FInE with there being a gay character, all for it! I have a close friend who's gay! I just thought it came from nowhere and to say I was shocked would be an understatement.

But Jason, how he was cool with it, eaned my permanant respect. I just also found it funny that Annabeth thought he had a crush on HER, when really he had a crush on her boyfriend. :)

And sorry Thalico shippers, thats really going nowhere now. Thalia is an immortal maiden and nico is gay. Good luck.

Anyhoo, feel free to PM me personal rants, I'll reply if able!

This one-shot was inspred by the changes we see in Percy in Tartarus, which I personally loved. We've never really seen the dark side of Percy so i found it ultra cool. Its in Annabeths point of view!

Read A/N at bottom! I have a Q for y'all!

Annabeth had never before been afraid of Percy. Sure, that time when he went crazy attacking monsters in the Battle of New York, after having received the curse of Achilles, when Percy had been laughing as he fought was a little freaky, but this? This was different.

Annabeth couldn't shake the feeling that Percy had been...changing recently. At first, it wasn't so dramatic or even noticeable to others, but Annabeth knew Percy, sometimes better than he knew himself she thought. But lately... she had started to notice the little things, like the incident at their lunch of Rome, before her departure for her solo quest, where she watched his whole atmosphere change after she said the words "I know you." At the time, she had meant them light-heartedly, thinking it would lead to a joking conversation, but she instead watched as he appeared to withdraw, the light inside of him, which she had fallen in love with, had seemed to dim.

When Arachne suddenly attacked in Tartarus, Percy had been swift, skilled, and deadly. Arachne was dead (or as close to dead as a monster in Tartarus can get) before Annabeth had fully realized what was happening. That was fine, but when Percy started kicking the gold dust that was once Annabeth's worse nightmare, muttering about how Arachne deserved worse, how she didn't deserve a quick death, a chill went down Annabeth's spine. That type of talk, deserving quick or slow deaths, was what she had heard countless times from monsters.

Percy was not a monster. Not in any way was Annabeth insinuating that he was. It's just...he was just seeming to become...less human.

It's hard to describe, really. Demigods, in fact, are only half human, and the things they've gone through are known to leave scars. Physical. Mental. Emotional. It didn't matter. The point was, being a demigod sucked. After a while, it begins wearing down the part thats human.

Annabeth had been with Percy since he'd discovered he was a demigod. She had witnessed a change in him. He was so self-conscious and awkward when he was twelve, no where near as sure of himself as he was now, though he still tended to doubt his capabilities. After all the quests and fights and near-death experiences, Percy, and herself, were bound to change. For gods sakes, how many friends did they lose? How many shrouds were burnt? They fought in a war at sixteen! What were other kids doing? Gossiping with their friends? Fretting about the upcoming school year? Thinking of how to dress to an upcoming party? One thing is for sure, they had not been fearing and fighting a war between the gods and titans. That summer, demigods didn't gossip, they discussed battle strategies. They weren't worrying about the school year, they were worrying about the end of the world as they knew it. They weren't concerned about their clothes, only their battle armor.

Except maybe Aphrodite cabin, but they were on a whole different scale. (Annabeth still sometimes had to remind herself that Piper was a daughter of Aphrodite.)

But watching Percy, staring down Misery, anger, bitterness, and resentment in his eyes, Annabeth, for once in her life, was honest to gods scared of him for a moment. Perhaps that wasn't the right way to describe it. She wasn't afraid of him, per say. Nor was she afraid of what he would do to her. That idea was preposterous. Percy would never hurt her, but she had never seen him wanting to bring pain to anyone, even a monster.

She was scared of who Percy was becoming, an embittered demigod, mad at the world for dealing him the fate he was given.

Killing to defend your life was one thing, what Percy was doing was something completely different. He was torturing the monster.

She watched as poison surrounded him, leaving him nowhere to go, and seemingly nothing to do. Annabeth tried desperately to distract Misery, calling out cheerful names that Annabeth practically had to spit out, but it was no good. Misery was ignoring her, focusing all her attention on Percy. She choked back a scream as she watched Percy fall to one knee, clearly distressed.

"You will feed the eternal darkness! You will die in the arms of Night!" Akhlys screamed. Annabeth did what she could, shouting at Misery, chucking whatever she could, mostly dragon jerky, at her, but it did nothing. The poison kept surrounding Percy.

Then something began happening.

It started when Percy's jaw set. Annabeth could visibly see the determination in his face. If he thought she had an I-have-a-plan face, clearly he had not seen his I-have-a-really-dumb-idea-but-hey-it's-all-I-got-s o-let's-see-if-it-works face.

Poisonous fumes flowed away from him and the poison turned it's attention away from Percy and towards the goddess. Annabeth's mouth dropped open as she realized what was happening. Annabeth had seen Percy do some spectacular things, even create a hurricane, but he was now controlling poison!

"What is this?" Akhyls demanded.

"Poison," Percy answered, an edge in his voice Annabeth didn't quite recognize. "That's your specialty, right?" He stood, his fists clenched, determination in his jaw, anger in his eyes. The poison kept surrounding Misery, making her cough and cry even louder and harder.

But that wasn't even the scariest bit.

Annabeth noticed a gleam in Percy's eye. This was not uncommon, Percy always had sarcastic gleams in his eyes, but this gleam was not sarcastic. It was cold. It was dangerous.

Soon Akhyls began choking, unable to even speak. Annabeth's throat hitched, her hand went to her chest, her pulse quickened, her blood chilled. Annabeth hardly recognized the man in front of her, the one who was watching with a cruel glee as Misery died slowly in front of him.

And even worse, a part of Annabeth thought This is your fault. He fell for you didn't he? This new him, this is on you. This is your fault. If you can't fix him, it's your fault.

Unable to take it anymore, she screamed, "Percy!" She cringed at the fear in her voice. It was only then she realized she had backed away, retreating to the edge of cliff. "Stop..." she begged.

For a moment, Percy didn't seem to react.

Your fault.

He was enjoying this.

If he breaks, it's your fault.

He wanted to see this creature, Misery, die slowly and painfully. Whether it was due to the metaphor of the fact he was killing Misery while in Tartarus, Annabeth didn't know. She just knew that this was not what Percy when he was twelve would do. Not what Percy when he turned down immortality for her would have done.

But it is what the Percy who fell for her (literally, figuratively, it didn't really matter) would have done.

Your fault.

It was bad enough to have to see Percy as a walking corpse, something that was sure to haunt her nightmares all her life, but to see him cold and heartless?

Annabeth had never been so terrified of someone she loved so much.

And it was her fault.

He fell for her.

He's breaking because of her.

"Percy, please..." she pleaded one more time.

Suddenly Percy blinked, as if just realizing what was happening. Guilt etched his face, but he mustered more anger to shout at Misery to leave. Akhlys ran for the hills, which was something Annabeth was slightly tempted to do, if she was utterly honest. If beyond those metaphoric hills lied the Percy she once knew, the one who never wanted to hurt anyone or anything unless necessary, she would run, killing anything in her way.

That was when Annabeth realized she had changed, too.

Still a little shocked and almost completely numb, Annabeth made her way over to Percy, grabbing his arms. Pleading into his eyes, she begged, "Percy, please don't ever...some things aren't meant to be controlled," she managed to say, trying, and failing, so desperately not to sob. "Please."

Annabeth watched as the anger faded from his features. He seemed to relax a little, but that edge was still there inside of him, waiting to cut whatever got too close.

"Yeah. Yeah, okay."

Annabeth didn't like the indecision in his response.

At the thought of this new development in Percy, Annabeth wanted to break down. Of course she couldn't. They didn't have time for that. They had the Death Mist (though Annabeth, after seeing Percy as a corpse, was eager to be done with it already) and were ready (as ready as they could be) to tackle the Doors of Death.

With a start, Annabeth realized how close they were to this all being done. And if they made it out...what then? Stop Gaea? Then what?

How could she ever begin to explain Tartarus to others? How could she explain the change Percy and she underwent? It was survival, wasn't it? Or perhaps the budding seed of bitterness, fed by their mistreatment at the hands of the gods and the unfairness of the Fates. Annabeth wasn't quite sure, maybe both? Either way, things would be different after this.

Looking at Percy, she was determined they would both make it out of this war. They could stumble their way back to normality (Annabeth wasn't sure what that was anymore) together.

But she couldn't seem to manage to fight back the voice in her head that whispered That cold in him? That's you. The change? Your fault. Neither of you die, or you both do. No other option. And which really do you think is most likely?

Annabeth prayed that it was just Tartarus whispering these thoughts to her.

Unfortunately, she doubted it.

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