Like I promised a new story based on Charlie, James and Percy in chaos' army.

This story will be a bit of one-shots and an actual story in a way. Sorry if that confuses you.


I hope you like this story I will update it as much as I can but I need to finish my other one first for this to be finished. Haha.

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Percy POV.

I accepted the offer. I was now a Soldier of Chaos, a Commander. I was in Chaos' office. He had left to get someone. I wasn't told anything. Literally anything. I didn't know what Chaos' Army did. I'm guessing it was important because ,well, it's Chaos. I stood there looking at the room. He had a wall full of screens. Each screen had a different planet on it. I never even thought there would be any kind of other people in the universe I had always assumed there wasn't.

I just stood there looking at the screens, at the other Planets. There were millions. All different colours.

Finally Chaos appeared again with another person around my age.

He had neat, dirty blonde hair. His eyes were brown with hints of grey in them. He wore a short-sleeved, black t-shirt with black jeans and Nike trainers. The guy seemed like the typical soldier.

"This is Charlie. Commander of sector 2. He will be helping you for the first few weeks. Also... Here wear this." Chaos handed me a black hood.

I put the hood on. It covered my eyes but unusually I could see fine.

"This shall hide your identity. Keep your identity between you and Charlie I will be the one to decide whether you tell someone your identity. Now you will have to pick a new name to tell the other soldiers and everyone else." Chaos informed Percy.

"There is eight sectors all together but we only have Commanders for Sectors : 2,4,6,8 and now Sector 1." Chaos told Percy.

"I will come and see you later tonight. I believe you shall be sharing a room with Charlie." With that Chaos flashed out.

Charlie turned towards me.

"So..." Charlie started.

It seemed really awkward. I didn't know what to say.

"We should get going. I'll show you where our room is first." Charlie walked out of the room.

I followed closely behind: not wanting to get lost.

"Ermm... How are people sorted into different sectors? Like why are they put into different sectors?"

"Well it's based on many things. First is skill in battle and tactics. Next is qualities. Every sector has different qualities. The sector leaders are chosen differently though. Chaos watches all of us before we actually come. Chaos will see something inside you that makes you different from the others."

I thought about this. What made me so different? I was just another person in the universe. I was one person out of millions. Before I knew it we were already at the room. It had two beds.

"We can go meet everyone later. You can ask me about the Army if you want. If your curious that is." Charlie said politely.

"You don't mind me just relaxing. It's been a long day." I said.

It had been a long day.

Sorry it's short. I'm not going to do huge chapters for this story but I'll try my best to maintain 2 stories at once. Please tell me what you thought of my intro to this story. I will now be moving onto writing my other story now so it should be up tomorrow or Sunday probably.

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