So I haven't updated this story in a while but I am working on multiple stories at the moment. Sorry about the lack of updating altogether though. I shall be updating soon on my main story connected to this one... I want to get it finished soon even though it pains me seeing it come to an end.

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This place is my new hell.

The training is harder than ever but I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyday I train with weapons and learning to use my powers better. The Commanders asked me what weapons I was worse with and we all know which one I defy all ways of the world with. Yes, the bow and arrow.

When I told them I was hopeless with the bow they said I couldn't be that bad. Well that stabbed an arrow in their but, literally. Like I said I defy all laws of gravity with a bow somehow. So for next few years my weapon training will be focused on the bow.

Chaos has been teaching me element powers with Imara and Crystal. Imara is like a more powerful, badass version of a daughter of Zeus who I used to call my cousin. I shook my head removing that thought.

I have a new family now.

Crystal was very talented with ice. She is really powerful. Remember she may look like a shy girl who wouldn't hurt anyone but take my word she can kick ass if she needed to.

Don't ever under-estimate your opponent. That's one thing that this experience has taught me.

Once again short but I like keeping these little drabbles short since I don't want a huge story out of it!

Hope you enjoyed I should be updating my other story soon fingers crossed.