Sorry if this is rushed! It wasn't until literally an hour ago I was told it was Kagakuro day! So happy Kagakuro day!



Kagami had been searching for the teal haired boy for the past 10 minutes. The partners were at a local basketball court, practicing their shots (More like Kuroko was). When Kuroko's basketball, bounced of the rusty rim and made a getaway to the streets. Kagami laughed at his teammate's predicament, who merely blinked and ran after the ball. The redhead continued his layups, but soon noticed how the boy wasn't back yet. Not that he could tell when Kuroko was there or not. He would be expecting an impassive voice saying, 'Kagami-kun, I'm back', that would make him flinch in surprise before yelling at Kuroko for 'sneaking up on him.' Yet, there never was.

As if to make the situation worse, the sun was setting, casting lurking shadows at every corner. Who knew what creeps were hanging around here when the sun went down? Though Kagami would never say this in front of Kuroko, but he doubt he could handle himself in a fight. He was so small and besides his powerful kidney stabs, was as defenseless as a girl going down a dark alley.

Kagami panted, where could Kuroko be? He new his partner wasn't a fast runner (or a good one either), but to catch a simple ball? How hard is that? He stopped in his tracks as the street ended at an old church. It was small in size compared to the ones in America, where they were shiny and new and always had donations to "fix" things, that were perfectly fine. Kagami snorted. The one in front of him looked like it hadn't had anything fixed in the past 20 years. Not that it was necessarily bad looking. Though the growing moss on the hinges, and ivy up the side gave it an abandon look, it still had this… homey sort of feeling to it.

Shaking his head, Kagami bounded up the set of stairs and pushed open the slightly ajar, twin oak doors."Oi, Kuroko! Are y-" Kagami's words died in his throat and he felt his heart stop for a moment. There stood Kuroko in the center of the chapel. Basketball in his pale hands, and blue eyes staring at the other's gaping form. Against him pressed a stray of fluorescent colors. The sun's dimming rays were shaded multiple colors, as they pressed through stained glass. The colored light glazed against the pale boy's backside, overlapping a bit to his arms and legs. The colors formed together to create a veil of light, that made Kuroko look absolutely stunning. He looked like a bride awaiting for her prince charming.


The quiet voice broke the said boy out of the color induce trance. Heated, ruby orbs bored back into blank, blue ones. Throat dry, and nerves ablazed, he briskly walked past the row of pews and to the alter where Kuroko stood. Grabbing his partner's upper arm he pushed his lips against the other's. The duo stood there basking in the small, soft kiss, as the lights dispersed apart along with the daylight.

After all, if Kuroko was the bride, Kagami would be his groom.