Chapter- I

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Two senior high school students… one a brutish blonde who hates violence and the other a sly brunette who welcomes it.

Unsurprisingly, they both hate each other.

The brunette knows that the blonde is easy to anger; all he needs is a few words or the easy flick of a switchblade and he can have all the fun that he wants.

The blonde wishes to crush the brunette; but he knows that no matter how many vending machines he throws, the brunette will always be just out of range.

Usually when they fight, all it ends in is a few minor (sometimes serious) injuries and a mutual promise for a future battle.


One day in spring, it begins as it always does. With a coy taunt and a gruff shout; the almost daily chase between them starts.

Except this time…

One of them will die.

Ducking, Izaya chuckled as he narrowly avoided a twisted street lamp that had been directly aimed at his head.

Twisting his neck as he swiftly rounded a corner; he stole a quick glance at his pursuer, who despite all his efforts had started to catch up to him.

"IZZAAAYAAAA" The enraged cry echoed throughout Ikkebukuro.

"Who would have thought that something as small as a fake love note could rile up Shizu-chan so much" Izaya yelled in turn.

Dodging a large trashcan, he took a deep breath and surged forward.

Noticing that there was a growing crowd of tourists (which must have unwisely congregated because of the ruckus) ahead on the street; Izaya smirked as he reached the throng.

After he had shoved his way through the chatting horde; he stopped on the other side and looked back the way he had come.

A loud threatening roar followed by a barreling figure caused the tourists to suddenly scatter and throw themselves aside to save their own lives.

In the trailing dust, Shizuo Heiwaijima stood huffing and glaring straight into the eyes of Izaya Orihara. His shirt was torn and his chest was streaked with blood from several shallow cuts that Izaya had managed to mark him with.

"Damn you flea" Shizuo breathed shallowly. "For messing with me…"

"Ahh, Did Shizu-chan really think that a girl –any girl- would really fall for such a monster as him?" Izaya laughed before he flashed a mocking smile at Shizuo.

Izaya took a few steps towards his enemy; then he clasped his hand his hands together and began to speak in a high-pitched syrupy voice. "Dear Heiwaijima-san, you are sooo hot. I have nursed a crush on you ever since I first saw you and even if you are easy to anger, I believe that a relationship between us could work. Please meet me by the gates after school has finished, so that I can gaze into your wonderful golden eyes and declare my undying love." Izaya's tone became normal. "That's what the note said, right Shizu-chan? It must have been such a stunning surprise for you to arrive at the rendezvous and see me making eyes at you".

"Fuck you…I knew that you had written it the moment I saw you smirking and batting your eyelids at me" Shizuo growled and he bowed his head "I was such a stupid idiot for even thinking that it was real… well now I'm going to snap your skinny little neck and kill you "he levelled his gaze and he started to amble threateningly towards Izaya.

Slowly backtracking from Shizuo, Izaya suddenly spoke with aloof excitement "Ne, Shizu-chan?"

This caused Shizuo to tensely pause. "What the fuck is it flea?" his jaw clenched. "Spit whatever shit you want to say out NOW"

"No need to be so angry Shizu-chan! I was only going to suggest that we do something romantic together. Something to celebrate the fact that a protozoan like you got a love note at all, even if it was a fabricated one from me. For instance, I know the perfect rooftop where we can watch the sunset together"

At hearing these words, Shizuo's eyes turned into slits; he roared and lunged at Izaya.

But Izaya had already spun out of reach and had started to head down a side street.

"It's this way Shizu-chan!" he purred "Come on, we can gaze into each other's eyes and declare our undying love!" he deliberately echoed.

Shaking with fury, the blonde beast of Ikkebukuro growled and resumed pursuing his nemesis.

Half an hour later, Izaya was still being chased by Shizuo.

It had been a deliberate move, even if Shizuo had almost managed to corner him once or twice; he had outsmarted the dumb protozoan at every turn. Now that he had sufficiently tired him out (even if he himself was barely keeping ahead in their chase); he could lead Shizu-chan to the one place that he had wanted to from the start.

Approaching a tall apartment building; Izaya sprinted up the steps with the last of his strength. Aware that Shizuo was right behind him, Izaya wasted no time in making his way to the buildings elevator.

Quickly pressing the UP button, he twirled around just in time to see Shizuo's flustered expression as he darted towards the moving lift.

Seeing that his enemy had failed to catch the edge, Izaya relaxed and weakly chuckled as the elevator door clicked shut with a final ping!

Leaning against one of the walls, Izaya allowed himself to be lost in his thoughts for a moment.

Heh I tricked him! Dumb Shizu-chan, the best thing about this is that he won't give up! Knowing him he'll take the stairs, just for a chance at pummeling me. Plus, his protozoan mind will never even comprehend the idea to call for the lift at a higher floor! This is perfect! Absolutely perfect!

Sensing that the lift was about to reach its destination, namely the top floor. Izaya steeled his mind as he waited.

Stepping out as the lift slid open; he started toward the entrance to the roof.

Arriving to his goal, Izaya got out his switchblade and lazily flicked it open. Using an old trick; he easily picked the lock of the ancient and rusted door before him.

Pushing it open, Izaya found himself blinking into bright albeit deeply orange sunlight. Ambling out into the fresh air of the roof; he made his way to the very edge of it.

Sitting and dangling his legs over the precarious drop, Izaya looked out at Ikkebukuro; marvelling at both the beauty of the setting sun and the wide horizon of skyscrapers.

It's so beautiful, all of this built by… I love humans! And to think, the monster that I hate… Shizu-chan will soon be here to enjoy it with me!

"Flea… Finally…"

Noting the out of breath voice; Izaya stood, turned and gave Shizuo his best smirk.

"Nice to see you here at last Shizu-chan. I was almost afraid that you hadn't made it!" Izaya teased. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

"Yeah… pity it will be the last one that you will ever see" Shizuo said huskily.

Still gathering his breath; Shizuo gave Izaya a clearly angry but flushed glare.

Taken aback for a moment, Izaya blinked; Shizuo looked Gorgeous in the dying sunlight.

I guess Shizuo is sort-of attractive; even to me. He grudgingly admitted to himself.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, Izaya changed his smirk into a slasher smile.

"Better hurry with the killing Shizuo, I might just fall and spare you the satisfaction and struggle of it" he comically spread out his arms and pretended to lose his balance

"Yeah right, Flea" Shizuo started to stalk towards Izaya.

Then Izaya slipped.

Barely clinging to the side of the roof, Izaya looked down.

Humans look like cute little ants from here!

Then reality struck him; immediately changing the direction of his eyes. He looked right up into the glowing golden orbs of Shizuo Heiwaijima.

"Heh, Shizuo isn't this great? It's what you've always wanted. Probably not in these circumstances but you're in a place where you can kill me and get away with it"

"Yup, I could just undo your hand and let you fall to your death"

Mimicking his words, he inched one of his own hands towards Izaya's and clasped it firmly.

Shutting his eyes and expecting to fall at any moment; Izaya was instead surprised to find himself being hauled up.

"The thing is Flea… I would rather kill you with my own two hands" Shizuo stated as he helped him.

"I doubt that's the full reason Shizu-chan" Izaya hesitantly replied as he attempted to right himself on the side of the building.

Shizuo sighed silently; he leant forward to offer Izaya his other hand.

Closing in on Shizuo's level, Izaya suddenly found himself being forced back dangerously.

"Shizu … Shizu-chan you're leaning too far forward! Lean back, now"

But it was already too late; Shizuo had miscalculated and had put far too much weight onto his front as he his mind had been focused on handling Izaya.

Panicking, Izaya caught the edge of the roof just as Shizuo toppled off of it.

"Dumb Protozoan!" Izaya hollered; then he swallowed and spoke sombrely. "Shizu-, Shizuo … you're too heavy. I can't hold on for much longer, I have to let go of you or both of us will fall"

"I always knew that you would kill me someday Flea. Never figured that it would be like this though…" Shizuo said thoughtfully "Heck, maybe I can survive it…"

Seeing what Shizuo was about to do and that his own grip had started to waver; Izaya choked, more out of desperation than anything.

"Wait Shizuo!" he blurted.

"For what flea?"

"Maybe I can… no… but I'm scared of dying!" Izaya stammered until he finally managed a few weak words. "Don't! Without you…"

Izaya's head spun, his arm was screaming and his Shizu-chan was about to-

"Too late… Goodbye Izaya"

Shizuo gave him a small smile.

Then he let go of his hand.

Without any hesitance, Izaya pulled himself back onto the roof.

Evening his breath and attempting to unscramble his twisting thoughts. Izaya barely heard a distant thump! Followed by several incredibly loud cracks and faraway screams.

The sounds sent a slight jolt up his spine and he snapped his head back to the place where Shizuo had fallen.

Izaya blinked for a few moments; before he swept around, shook his head dismissively and left.

The trip down in the elevator was quiet; Izaya spent it hunched in a corner, hands firmly tucked into his pockets.

He kept a blank face on as the door opened; but inwardly his mind was reeling.

I should be happy that Shizu-chan is badly injured or dead… No! Shizu-chan has to be alive… he has superhuman strength for God's sake! And a fall should be nothing for a monster of his stature, but…

Leaving the apartment building; Izaya swept his gaze around the chaotic street until he spotted Shizuo.

Someone must have called the police; because the blonde was lying limply on a stretcher as a group of paramedics took him into an ambulance.

As the ambulance sped off, Izaya stilled and looked away; shuddering when he realized that he was staring at the place where Shizuo had landed.

There was a lot of blood and a fair amount of large cracks in the pavement.

Then Izaya noticed that people were weeping and consoling one another around him.

"That poor young man…"

"Such a tragedy"

People… my humans are crying over Shizu-chan? A monster?!

Izaya began to laugh; he laughed until his chest ached and his eyes watered.

Several people stared at him in both horror and alarm.

Then Izaya stopped; he smiled and began humming a tune.

Ignoring everyone, the brunette headed home.

No one noticed the slight rigidness in his step.

The next day, while Izaya was at school; the news came in.

When he was first told; he thought that it was a lie.

It turned out that the momentum and impact of the fall had been enough; Shizuo had died from a broken neck, despite all the doctor's efforts and Shizuo's own resilience.

After, Shinra refused to speak to him and outrightly ignored him.

Izaya pretended not to care.

"You pushed Shizuo, didn't you? I mean, everyone knows that you were there with him… and you did hate him…"

Eventually, the police questioned him.

They thought that Shizuo had jumped and that since he was the last person to have spoken to him, to have seen him alive; he must know something.

Izaya encouraged it as the truth and gave them a performance. He made himself out as the grieving friend; the person who had tried to talk him out of it.

He even cried. Fake tears all the way.

They swallowed his lies whole.

-This is the voicemail of Shinra Kishitani; I'm probably busy at the moment, so if you would like to leave a message then please do so after the wait-

Izaya snapped his phone shut.

Shizuo was smiling; or at least the photograph of him was.

Surrounded by white flowers, it didn't look out of place on the casket.

It was probably taken when he was younger; before I came to Ikkebukuro… mused Izaya his hair isn't even dyed and he look's barely fifteen.

He had crept into the back of the funeral. Not attending it out of respect or sadness; but mere curiosity, to see just how much the world would mourn a monster.

During the service, Izaya noticed that an oddly emotionless boy a year or so younger than him kept giving him long looks.

Shizu-chans brother… the brother of the monster.

The funeral soon finished and everyone sidled out.

Izaya left last.

"I'm here to say goodbye, at least for a while. I'm leaving Ikkebukuro to study humanity and learn all I can about them and the world! But I'm mainly leaving because everything… is just so boring…

without you Shizu-chan".

One day, even if he did not know it; the brunette would see the blonde again…

Alive and angry.

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