Chapter Three-III

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He was fucking confused, at both the flea's stark look of utter disbelief and at his nonsense utterance about his "death seven years ago".

Shaking his head and banishing his wandering thoughts, Shizuo snapped his gaze back to Izaya and almost roared. "What the fuck flea? you did something to everyone that makes them fucking forget that I've ever existed, and now you're claiming that I "died" seven years ago" he tensed and advanced. "This must be your sickest joke yet… and after targeting my love life … You'd better fix everything soon or I'm going to snap you in half and throw you out the window".

For a moment Izaya still seemed stunned, and then he suddenly flinched and flashed Shizuo his trademark smirk. "This isn't real; I must have finally gone mad. You ARE a hallucination of course, since you can't be anything else, and the door… the door… Wait! This must all be a trick by Namie to get back at me for stealing her phone and butting into her brother's conversation". He babbled desperately, as if he was trying to convince himself of some unreachable truth.

"Yes! She must have somehow weakened the door when I went to visit your grave this morning and when I came back… She opened the door for me! That little detail proves me right! Then, when I walked in she gave me my afternoon cup of coffee while glaring at me and then left early, saying "she needed to sort something out with her brother and that it was my entire fault". Her final plan must have been to add a powerful hallucinogen into my coffee, have me drink it, and then retreat to a safe distance to laugh at me and escape my wrath". Izaya said brazenly; but his voice was slightly shaky and his smile seemed fake and somewhat off.

Izaya's frantic rambling had caused Shizuo to freeze and stare at him, his mind scrambling to process the meaning and motive behind his words.

What the hell? Izaya has to be joking, I should be tearing him apart for this, for everything… and yet he seems to genuinely think... that I am dead. Shizuo tensed, his brain had started to hurt from the intense thinking and this had made his already furious anger to deepen and grow. Fuck the shitty louse, I can't take this! I'll show him that I'm not a freaking "hallucination".

Cracking his Knuckles, he advanced towards the ever leering Izaya and swiftly pinned him to the wall.

The fleas smirk faded and his smug demeanour wavered, it was replaced by one of reminiscent puzzlement and vague … hope?

"Shizu -ch … no, Shizuo please w-wait; Let me m-make sure that-t" Izaya actually stuttered as he freed a hand, and gently felt along Shizuo's arm.

Managing to resist tightening his grip; Shizuo's eyes widened as any traces of Izaya's usual egotistical self vanished from him. Izaya blinked several times, before his eyes shone with something indescribable and he slacked in his hold.

Then he strongly exhaled and began to speak surprisingly calmly, as if he wasn't worried that Shizuo could crush his windpipe if he applied a little more pressure to his neck.

"You're real, actual flesh and blood real. But if you're not back from the dead… then you're-"

The flea was interrupted by a loud crash and a sudden whoosh! from behind them.

Not dropping his prey, Shizuo turned his head around and met the startled and confounded gazes of two of his dearest friends.

He only caught sight of them for a split second, before several things happened very quickly.

Firstly, he felt himself be knocked away from Izaya by a thick and severely familiar shadowy fog, which held him place as he instinctively began to struggle. This was followed by a blur of movement and the sensation of something sharp being plunged into his right side.

Even if he was almost free of the engulfing shadows, Shizuo's view began to slip and blacken at the edges.

Fuck! I can't be falling unconscious for the second time in so many hours; his mind grew sluggish and finally dimmed as his thoughts pooled together.

He managed to turn his head and meet the worried- no uncaring- eyes of Izaya Orihara.

He swore that they had been…

Shizuo blanked out.

"Shinra! Why are you here? I could have dealt with "it" all on my own, I was having fun!"

"Izaya wh-, Kadota called me. Apparently, Shizuo had somehow come back to life and he was on his way to kill you, I guess he was correct".

"Oh? And that gives you the right to barge into my home and-"

"IZAYA!, Not now, please, can we just get…this Shizuo back to my apartment, where we can deal with him more firmly. Celty is exhausted from using her shadows and the tranquilizer I injected him with will only last a few hours if we're lucky. I wouldn't have even come here if it wasn't for Celty being worried over… over you".

"How touching… wait! You said "we", why do I have deal with "it"?"


"Shinra, why are you raising your fist? You can't be that emotional over-"

Shizuo groggily shook himself awake. A few moments of dazed silence passed before he could grasp where he was and what had led him there.

Shinra and Celty attacked me… why? This is all Izaya's fault; I should have killed him when I had the chance... even if… he thought as he noted his bindings, which were a set of heavy albeit steady chains and two pairs of small plastic handcuffs, both which attached him to a nearby stand off the bed he was lying on.

Where did Shinra get these stupid things, Fuck! They can't be- Shizuo mentally growled as he prepared to break free.

He abruptly stopped when a nearby door burst open and Celty timidly entered the room.

"C-Celty…" he stuttered, before being interrupted by a small bright screen bearing a lot of frantic writing being shoved into his face.

[ARE YOU AN ALIEN?! DID THEY SEND YOU? WERE YOU CAPTURED AND BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE BY THEM? YOU WERE DEAD FOR SEVEN YEARS AND YOU STILL SHOULD BE!?...]. The rest of it dissolved into a scramble of exclamation and questions marks which Shizuo was too tired to even begin to read; instead he shut his eyes and sighed.

"Celty I am completely and utterly human, nothing alien comes into it. Please calm down and free me before I go into a rampage and tear your apartment apart. I am already pissed off enough by whatever Izaya has done that has made everyone think that I am dead, and have been for the past seven years". Shizuo said, barely keeping his tone controlled.

Celty calmed down surprisingly quickly at his words, then she cocked her shadows in curiosity and typed something new on her PDA, showing it to him when she had finished.

[Everything is confusing today…First of all, please calm down, I believe that you're completely human and that nothing alien has affected you. Secondly, Shizuo… you have been dead for the past seven years... since I went to your funeral, and so did Izaya and Shinra. In fact, I should probably tell them that you've woken up. I'll just undo your handcuffs.] She did so and made for the door.

"Wait! Can I ask you a few questions?" Shizuo called after her.

Celty turned back to him and motioned for him to speak with one of her hands.

"Can you tell me everything that has happened? Even seven years ago; when I supposedly died?" He asked.

Celty nodded and began typing.

[I can't tell you everything, Shinra, but especially Izaya could tell you more than I could. For now, I'll just tell you what I know and then I'll get Shinra, ok?]

"Ok" he replied.

[Seven years ago you fell from a building when you were chasing Izaya; the fall was great enough that you broke your neck and later died in hospital from your wounds. Your death was in the news for several days, it was later declared a suicide and Raira academy put up a plaque for you in remembrance]

"Fuck... tells me what else happened?" Shizuo muttered slowly in shock.

[Shinra refused to acknowledge Izaya at all afterwards and, only recently, have they begun to reconnect. Your brother went on to become a successful actor and singer, and as for your parents… your father has been looking after your mother. She, she took your death hard and became very… unresponsive. Shinra visits them every now and then.] Celty put down her PDA and twiddled her thumbs nervously.

All Shizuo could do was stare at her dumbly with his eyes wide and mouth slightly agape.

Celty touched his arm in concern; he flinched and jerked it off.

"I guess this is… I'm really dead here" Shizuo said grimly "But I am alive and I have a life that I know is mine. I…I graduated from Raira, got a job as a bodyguard, saw all my brothers' movies, and I was still fighting the fl–I mean Izaya- for a long time". Shizuo furrowed his brow in thought for several moments, before he widened his eyes as if suddenly struck with an idea. "I'm from a parallel universe! I must be; except one where I lived instead of dying at the age of seventeen!"

For a moment Shizuo smiled at his deduction, before the present mood caught up to him and he mellowed.

Celty hurriedly typed something on her PDA and flashed it to him.

[How did you get here from your "parallel world"? I'm going to get Shinra, I'll be right back]

He nodded and allowed her to leave.

How will I return to my own world? I need to find that guy that Tom and I were collecting from… if he even exists here; he's the only one who'll be able to offer me any answers. I have so many questions, what is Ikkebukuro like without me? , Probably more peaceful for one. As for this Izaya… Shizuo quizzed himself.

He heard a faraway commotion which snapped him back to reality. Several Voices shouted in unison, before there was the sound of someone running down Shinra's hall.

Izaya – not the one he knew, Shizuo had to remind himself- leapt into the room and turned to him with a large grin.

"Shizu-chan is back! and from a parallel universe I hear; one where, judging from what Celty has just relayed, we are still enemies who chase one another in hateful bliss, to think that I have missed so much just because of one tiny little difference in our respective worlds". Izaya said with over the top cheerfulness.

"Fuck off Flea; even if I am not the Shizuo you probably murdered in this Ikkebukuro, I can still kill you with my bare hands. I probably should… since I would be avenging myself and sparing this place your diseased mind" Shizuo spat out at Izaya, his anger rising with each syllable. As he finished, He swore that Izaya's smile froze slightly at his words, but he dismissed the thought and glared at him.

All Izaya did was laugh crazily until his chest was shaking with the effort.

"Ahh Shizu-chan, you don't know how I have missed you. The only thing is I didn't mu -"Izaya rasped out amusedly, until he was disturbed by a cough at the door that was unmistakably Shinras.

The man himself entered the room with Celty and gave Izaya a disdainful look; whose facial expression did not falter but instead grew at the sight.

"I was only going to say that I didn't muster up the courage to bother Shizu-chan sooner" Izaya pouted. "Shinra kept me back and said that Celty should be the one to check on you first, and I had to cave in because he threatened me by telling me that the next time I came for a medical, he would cause an "accident that would leave me without a certain organ".

Shinra sighed and pointed out the bedroom door. "Please leave Izaya, I'm going to have a nice long talk with this Shizuo about certain things, and I don't want you to disturb us"

Izaya flailed his arms dramatically at Shinra's request. "Really Shinra, I was just about to leave anyways, I only wanted to get a look at Shizu-chan". He levelled his eyes to Shizuo and deepened his smile into a smirk. "See you later Shizu-chan! Remember this; only take Shinra's words with a grain of salt since I'm the only one present who knows what explicitly happened the day the other Shizuo died". He then bowed and sprinted out of the room, and the apartment.

Shinra groaned and pinched his nose as he sat down in a nearby chair.

"Thank goodness". He whispered to himself, before he perked slightly and smiled tiredly. "I guess we can finally start talking! Firstly, I'm sorry that you had to deal with Izaya like that and –"

"Shinra…" Shizuo growled.

"Are you okay? Do you need time to adjust-"


"Tell me what's wrong?!"


The sun had just finished setting, and with this the entire expanse of Ikkebukuro turned into its night-time of bright skyscrapers and seamless distraction for thousands.

All except for one.

Having easily gotten through a rusty door, he was perched upon an incredibly high building with a wide view of everything Ikkebukuro had to offer.

He ignored the cold and all he did was stare out into nothingness, barely noting the drop in front of him.

Shizu-chan… Shizuo… why are you back...

Poor Izaya…