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"What was so important that you had to drag me out at this time of night?" Lex Luthor questioned Dr Hamilton as the two men walked out towards the doctors old barn/lab. "I thought I'd cleared this place when I moved you to Cadmus Labs?"

"You have to understand, Lex, that there is some research that has to be carried out under certain conditions. I needed a place in Smallville if I we're to investigate the meteor rocks successfully" Dr Hamilton spoke in a harsh tone that almost made Lex lose his cool.

"Just remember who works for whom, Stephen" he emphasised the man's name as he spat his reply.

By now the two men had reached the door of the barn and the doctor unlocked it and entered the building, followed closely by the billionaire's son. The young Luthor glanced around the make-shift lab and was not exactly overwhelmed by what he saw - rock samples, chemical bottles, beakers and test-tubes, then something caught his eye. A large object, covered by a sheet. Dr Hamilton had positioned himself behind this container, and Lex turned to look at the man for an explanation.

"You will no doubt remember the effect that the meteor rocks had on the Nicodemus plant" the man said. Of course Lex Luthor remembered the Nicodemus, it almost killed his best friends father, amongst others.

"If I find out doctor," Lex began in a frighteningly calm voice, "that you have been messing around with that deadly plant again, I'll have more vital things than your funding cut off"

The doctor remained surprisingly calm under the circumstances and continued his explanation as he removed the sheet from over the container.

"Mr Luthor, I found this specimen in the wild"

For the first time Lex saw what was hidden inside the glass casket - the Nicodemus plant, alive as it could be. He ran his hand over the glass and the head of the flower followed it's every move.

"Dr Hamilton," he began, without taking his eyes off the flower, "is this the only specimen you found?"

"Yes," he answered truthfully, "I've checked the entire area but this was the only plant of it's kind growing in a two mile radius. It is unlikely any would have grown further than that"

This at least brought some relief to Lex. The last time this plant had been active, Clark's father, Lana and Pete had all been infected by it's poison and they had almost died because of it.

"Of course, it doesn't matter too much, we have the antidote now" Lex assured himself as well as the doctor.

"I don't know if it would do any good..." Dr Hamilton trailed off but decided to continue when Lex shot him a questioning and partially concerned look. "This plant is different - it has been revived by meteor rocks but of a different kind. Notice it had a distinctive red glow instead of the green glow that the first type had" the doctor pointed to the centre of the flower and Lex nodded that he saw what he meant.

"It seems that if the green meteor rocks are subjected to the correct conditions they become red. At this stage there is no way of knowing if the red rocks have the same effects as the green and therefore it is also impossible to know if this reincarnation of the Nicodemus will have the same effects, or require the same antidote, as the first. I could try further experiments but...."

"No!" Lex said firmly, trying not to let the panic inside him show, "there will be no more experiments or investigations regarding this plant. I'll deal with this myself - it must be destroyed"

Before the meteorologist had chance to say or do anything else, the young Mr Luthor picked up the container and carried it out of the barn. He strode carefully through the trees back towards the road where he had left his car. The doctor had been so surprised by Lex's sharp exit that he stood no chance of keeping up with him.

When Lex reached his car he strapped the sealed container onto the passenger seat, before climbing into the other side and driving away at top speed.

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