"You? You're the descendent of Merlin?" Draco asked incredulously. The team plus Bellatrix sat inside of the adjoined sitting room. Tony shared a look with Draco from is place next to him on the spacious couch, Thor on his other side, nearly forgotten.

The room had been chilled to a brisk 62°F due to Draco's frequent hot flashes and the team was forced to don hastily conjured outer robes, courtesy of Loki. Bellatrix, too caught up in staring at her nephew to notice the change in temperature, remained in her filthy and tattered dress while the rest of the team ignored her stench in favor of not risking the chance of leaving her unsupervised for a long over due bath.

"Not a descendent, no. I am the mother of Merlin. I possess far more power than he did, of a different branch of course." Loki examined airily, as though they were having polite conversational banter rather that a life changing discovery.

"Wait, so those stories about you being a milkmaid are true? Gods, this is fucking huge." Tony asked with an inquisitive fervor to match Draco.

"True to an extent. It wasn't twenty years, it was fifteen, and I only birthed Merlin. Are you really that daft that you believe everything you read? I thought higher of you Mr. Stark." Loki's drawl was low and full of indignant humor, and it didn't help that he was perched in a wing back leather chair, posture regal, legs crossed and head angled condescendingly, looking every bit of the royal that he was.

His heir of a brother, however, sported a slightly slouched position, a stupid look upon his square features and his legs were wide open in a display of dominance, something Loki had no need for, as his magical aura was far reaching and just as intoxicating.

"Hey, no need to get all high and mighty on me Mr. Merlin's Mom, I was just asking a question. Anyway, what does your position as Mother of Merlin have anything to do with the war?" Tony defended himself, but his question spoke for all in the room, even slightly deranged Bellatrix.

"It would mean that he has control of 42% of all votes in Wizarding Britain. If he makes his presence known, he would run everything, unrestrained." Bellatrix intoned quietly from her place on the floor in the far left corner of the room.

\ The sentence alarmed everyone, especially Natasha and Thor.

Natasha, who knew what powerful men did to get their way, was concerned for the pandering idiots in this Ministry of Magic, as she had a feeling that Loki was far more ruthless than Fury or Petrovich or could hope to be.

She had no way of knowing that she was absolutely right.

Thor, funny enough, had thoughts along the same line. He knew just how tight of a ship his brother ran when in charge, as rare as the occurrence was. It was admirable, how Loki knew just what moves to makes, and just what words to say. He played politics like the violin and people like chess. It was something Thor, as future Rule of Asgard hoped he would learn, and supposed he would to a small extent, as brilliance such as what Loki possessed was a talent, something which was simply not learned.

"Soooooo, you're just gonna vote on selected bits of legislature and watch the pieces fall where they may? In a calculated way of course." Clint asked, sitting back slightly and consequently meshing his body with Natasha. Gods, that love seat was small.

Steve looked pensive. Politics was never his thing, and he had, as a soldier, never really forayed into the other spectrum of war- the spectrum with the paper trails, scheming bastards and backwards games. It was all so new to him, and would rather sit in front of one of Tony's computer-lap things and try in vain to figure its functions and what not.

The whole fact that Loki was the mother of the fabled and all powerful Merlin was still something he was trying to wrap his head around. Especially because Loki claimed that he was even more powerful than his son. And the whole different brand of power thing. That boggled his mind even further, if that was possible!

He didn't even know how these British politics worked, much less the magical ones. Captain America was contemplating magical politics. Hell must have frozen over.

"I don't think so Clint." Steve said slowly from his spot in an adjacent wing backed chair to Loki's surprising everyone. Sitting up, he started again.

"I might be completely wrong, but I think that you, Loki, would enter a party, ally your votes, gain he support of a couple of key players in a bunch of committee's, granted you Brits even use those things, and then you'd be running the freakin' country."

"Heh, that does sound like something you would do Loki, except course, there's no way possible that you can ally yourself with thirteen well respected ministry officials before shit hits the fan. All heads of committee are filthy rich and come from noble pureblood houses. They can't be bought over with money. So even if that is your plan, it's pretty damn flawed." Tony volunteers drolly, swirling around a glass of scotch he must have gotten from a house elf.

"Mr. Stark, do you think me incapable of swaying a dozen and one idiots into inadvertently supporting my cause? Or to even change legislature to for my specific criteria?" Loki asked with mirth sparkling in his eyes.

"Oh no, of that you're perfectly capable, but the thing is that those guys, and gals, aren't idiots, not in the slightest. They are the representatives of our Wizengamot on the International Confederation of Wizards. They maker their living off of detecting sneaky policy and careful lies. They pride themselves off of not being able to be swayed by pretty promises and slick words. You've hit a brick wall Loki's."

Tony sipped his scotch royally and mimicked Loki's pose muscle for muscle.

Clint looked between the two registering their challenging eyes and shit-eating grins, and failed to stifle a chuckle. Though a sharp elbow from Natasha quieted him beyond quickly.

"Oh? Well, I'm positive the public is aware of the revered Lord Pierzo Medici fucking his secretary mercilessly after hours, daily, or that Lady Helena Baylish has been preforming very un-lady like acts of vigorous fellatio in favor of endorsements for her nameless 'nonprofit organization'." Loki smirked malevolently at the look of utter shock painted on Draco and Tony's face, and the subtle look of approval on Natasha's face.

"You mean to tell me they don't?" Loki asked in mock shock, holding a hand to his heart in a display of extreme incredulity. "Well, I'm positive that they would just love to find out, especially if their reactions are anything like yours."

"Brother, you would ruin lives to gain control over this Ministry! This people have families they must feed." Thor asked, looking at his brother with pleading eyes, hands spread wide in a gesture of 'why?'.

"Thor, sometimes blackmail is a very necessary thing, especially in the political world, and even more so when those politicians are corrupt bastards who have been monopolizing the people for decades. Remember, they did it to themselves, Loki's just...taking advantage of the situation." Bruce supplied quietly, leaning against the door nonchalantly. He had been quiet for the entire conversation, never once seeing a reason to interject his thoughts, as they were mentioned by another. Though, in this instance, he couldn't quite grasp how the heir of an inter galactic kingdom didn't understand the necessity, much less the practice of blackmail.

"Brucey Boy has a point, if you can't controlled the situation, control the circumstances." Tony recited enthusiastically. "It's like, the motto of Slytherin house. Everyone should know it. It makes life way easier." Draco nodded his head in agreement, and Natasha and Clint both turned their lips downward in accent. All three knew of many times where they had manipulated the circumstances drastically to pull a seemingly impossible outcome out of a situation way beyond their control.

"On that note, dear brother of mine, we would be off to Diagon Alley. That is the name of your wizarding hub, is it not?" Loki lifted himself from the chair elegantly and straightened his shirt, all others, including Bellatrix, followed suit.

"Yeah, but why aren't we just sending a letter to your solicitor at Gringotts, I'm sure you have one, Mr. Thorough." Tony asked, not understanding the need to head off to the Alley.

"Well, if you are bee seen with me, you must have the appropriate attire. I for one, need to update my wardrobe, traditional frilly pirate sleeves have got to be out of fashion." Loki stated airily, waving his hand in equal tone and moving toward Bruce.

"Yes, they are, though I am curious of two things." Draco said looking at Loki with a sensed wonder and no small amount of suspicion. "Yes Heir Malfoy?" Loki turned on Draco with a seemingly amused expression. The Mischief God was unsure of how to feel towards the small platinum blond. He was cunning, manipulative, intelligent and observant, all of which were visible and blatant within his speech and movements. He reminded Loki of himself at a very young age, though young Draco did not have to compete with an older Brother, but rather he fought to escape his fathers lengthy shadow of influence.

The transformation intrigued Loki as well. He knew of Veela, however the development of species interbreeding was fairly new, and Loki knew not of how the halfbreed offspring 'changed'. It was fascinating, though it sparked a sense of foreboding within him.

"How do you know of Diagonal Alley, much less wizarding culture, if your stay on Midgard was especially brief? Diagonal Alley wasn't created until the late sixteenth century and frilly pirate robes were common in the mid eighteenth." Natasha let loose a snort.

"That's Loki your talking to kid, one does not simply question him, but...we're all very curious." Eight sets expectant turned to Loki. Instead of answering the question, he threw a shit eating grin and a flippant hand gesture.

"That is, I'm afraid, is my secret to keep. Later, though I may divulge you. It all depends on my mood really. Next question." Loki cocked an expectant eyebrow and his grin morphed from cock sure to full of mischief.

"How do yo know about those politicians?" Tony asked, and promptly received an elbow to the stomach for interrupting from Draco. "I'm just dying to know." The hyperbole's humorous effect was lost with a look at Tony's no-nonsense expression.

"I have my ways." Came the vague reply, much to the chagrin of the entire group.

"Loki, you're being very frustrating." Steve stated in exprently.

"Mortal, be thankful I'm even speaking with you."

"You expect us to wear dresses?" Clint asked incredulously, staring at Loki with disbelief. The Avengers and Draco, plus one heavily glamoured Bellatrix Black-Lestrange stood in one of the few exclusive private rooms in the back of Madam Malkins robes for all occasions. Contrary to popular belief, the elderly witch carried robes from all over the world, true to her store front name. From the treasured custom tailored Acromantula Silk dressing gowns of China, to the difficult to harvest Billywig cotton Outer Robes of Egypt.

"They aren't dresses, they're Wizarding Robes. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and all that jazz." Tony looked at Clint with a playful eyebrow raised. The genius remembered when he received his first set of robes. He'd looked at the seemingly ridiculous fragments and laughed hysterically, and then tried every trick he knew to persuade his aunt to let him wear a T-shirt and jeans around the numerous wizarding district. It didn't work.

"Yes, but- /they're dresses./ Clint repeated as though Tony was hard of learning. Loki chose that time to re-enter the room, an enormous bundle of assorted robes floating behind him.

"Dress. No complaints." With a snap of his long fingers, the respective sets of robes played themselves out on the tables before their intended wearers.

Natasha nodded approvingly at Loki at the sight of baby blue robes with delicate navy accents. Clint scrunched up his face at the slim black before him, but begrudgingly grabbed them up anyway. Bruce took his deep royal purple robes with an unmistakable air of fascination, and Steve looked at his own navy blue set with much the same expression.

Tony snapped his fingers, and his custom black robes with oriental red markings lifted and presented themselves to him, spinning and pivoting at the gesture of his hand.

"Malkin told you didn't she." It was a statement, not a question, and it was full of amusement.

"Indeed she did Mr. stark. Your taste isn't outlandish in the slightest, white stylish actually." From Loki, it was a high complement, so high in fact that Thor stopped to observe the interaction between his brother in arms and his brother in all but blood.

Loki held a spark in his eye that he hadn't carried since he fancied Sigyn, a young Maiden of the palace, and even then, it wasn't nearly as strong. His thin lips wee quirked in a playful and mischievous grin, and his eyebrows were set in a spectacular set of genuine amusement. More amazingly, Tony was responding with much the same fervor. His brown eyes sparkled with fascination and curiosity, sprinkled with a unique dash of 'I like you'. To top it off, his lips were parted and gave way to the display of brilliant white teeth, surrounded by lines of humor.

Thor was intrigued, what would come of this? A midgardian sorcerer and his brother, the most renounced in the universe they knew of. Disaster surely.

"Lord Loki, you have come again." The warbled voice whispered in disbelief, surprise glimmering in his beady eyes. Griphook clutched his griffon feather quill, charmed to avoid error, and sat rigid in his chair. He didn't understand why the Lord Loki had decided to chose this time for his great ascension, or why he kept such company with him. The son of Maria was quite powerful indeed, a power that Griphook had only seen in a young Grindelwald- wild, untamed- and from his particularly sparkling aura, he had no idea of what he held within. Another worth mention was the Nordic man to Lord Loki's left, he smelled of plasma and /light/, much like the other blond man, though he simply stank of /good/. Then there was the woman most obviously shrouded by the effects of a potion, well brewed but poly juice no doubt. He aura was closely guarded, and only a sliver of dark light escaped her. The other two seemed to be ordinary muggles to the trained eye in aural sight, but to those of espionage full backgrounds noticed their guarded stances and their closed expressions. Their eyes read danger and one did not doubt that under their cloaks there were more weapons than should be possible. Never before did a muggle exude such an air. Not to mention the smallest of the group, power scrawny man with glasses, that had an aura based of rage with an unrealistic pool of power.

It was sickening and intoxicating, and through that realization, Griphook found the answer to his question.

"Indeed I have, I wish to access my holdings as well as my vaults. A review of my assets would not be amiss." Loki smirked devilishly and cocked his head prettily to the side.

Tony was stunned. Never before had he seen a goblin show anything other than contempt and disgust, even when dealing with the most high profile clients. Either Loki must have threatened the goblin nation in the past, or he really had such clout over the wizarding world. "Of course Lord, if you would be so kind as to follow myself, I shall lead you to High Master Ragnok." Griphook's compact but fearsome body hopped down gracefully and made its way from bend the enormous accounting row quickly. In record time, and to Tony's growing surprise, Griphook was leading the group of eight down the sleek marble hall and down another adjacent corridor with rich ebony accents. They were a sight to behold. Cloaks billowed majestically behind them each, and Natasha and Bellatrix's dragon hide heels created a rhythm that struck lust into the hearts of the unfaithful, and admiration into the hearts of the aspiring ambitious. Loki especially, screamed 'aristocratic badass' with his priceless basilisk hide inch-heeled boots and his soft leather outer robes.

Goblins whispered near silently at the sight of Tony and Draco. They hadn't seen the duo together in over ten years, and wondered how the Lord Loki knew of them. More importantly, did the Lady Malfoy know of their company?

The motley crew entered a a small but grand room. The walls we paneled with elder oak and the floor was carpeted with a fine Persian rug. High backed chairs with abnormally long limbs were placed behind an oak desk of equal age to the walls. Sitting in the seven red velvet clothed chairs were seven aged goblins. Each one looks like his neighbour- deep frown lines, a copious amount of age spots, pointy yellowed teeth, elfin ears, malicious beady eyes and wispy white hair spouting off of their heads and from their ears and chin. In short, they were rich intimidating old geezers who just happened to be in control of protecting 83% of the wizarding worlds finances and collected 5% interest on everything.

Oh, and they happened to hate wizards. Merlin especially.

Pshh, no big.

"Um, Mr. Odinson, Loki, I don't think this is a good idea. They hate Merlin, he was the cause of the first Goblin acquisition, which led to the second one, which led to the five Goblin rebellions and the exhalation of the high Elven society. Even the Veela court was effected." Draco whispered so only Loki could hear. The platinum blond was beginning to feel phantom anxiousness and anxiety. That coupled with his irritability was a recipe for trouble, and his hot flashes and nausea wouldn't make it any easier to keep his temper. "Quell your worries young Malfoy. I have dealt with the Goblins once before, and if their proud traditions have endured without reform, all will be well." Loki whispered back with a confident grin.

"State your names, status, and business here." A Goblin at the left end droned while the others raised their quills and poised them against the paper to record all information. "Let it be noted that the entirety of the proceeding actions will be recorded for legal purposes and your protection." With that the quills jolted upright and touched their tips to parchment.

Loki stepped forward and began in a silky voice,

"Lord Loki Odinson, bearer of the Great and Powerful Merlin, Sorcerer of Yggdrasil and Beyond, Prince of Asgard and Rightful heir to the throne of Jotünheimr, defender of Midgard and Mage of Battle. I am here to a sees my holding and receive a...rundown of sorts pertaining to my many assets. I would also like to assert myself as primary seat holder in the House of Lords, if such is possible." Loki shifted his weight but let his head and posture high and regal. Silently the goblins nodded and gestured for the group to proceed.

Bellatrix, in her polyjuiced form of a common muggle Londoner, stepped next to Loki and assumed a similar, if not identical stance.

"Lady Bellatrix Lestrange neè Black, Lady of the most Ancient house Lestrange, recently widowed and former middle daughter to the most Ancient and Noble house of Black. I would like to legally obtain materials for a purification ritual and reassess all Lestrange holdings." If the goblins were shocked, they didn't lead on, and Draco was most impressed with their impassiveness. It was that reason which he stepped forward and spoke.

"Heir Draco Malfoy, heir to the most Noble and Ancient house of Malfoy. I am here to relieve my father of his Lord duties as I have cause of believe he is being acted upon by a force of undisputable dark and illegal magic. His judgment is severely compromised, as his manner. It is my duty to see to it that the House Malfoy remains intact." Draco's voice was scratchy and cracked more than once. He leaned more on his right leg and had to shove his hands into his robe pocket to hide the slight tremble in them. A heat in his chest began to spread and fester far more rapid than before, and the intensity caused a thin sheet of sweat to soak his white silk undershirt.

Tony, who had always been uncomfortable around the goblins, swallowed his uneasiness but couldn't quite force his words into an eloquent lilt. He sounded more like a first grader reading aloud rather than the Lord he was.

"Uh, Heir Tony Stark. Iron Man, genius playboy billionaire philanthropist, owner of Stark Industries. Son of Maria Stark and Tom Marvolo Riddle. Heir of the most Ancient Noble and Founding house of Slytherin." He stumbled unceremoniously over his wording and mixed up the order in which to present himself. Though he looked calm and played of the stumble with grace that even Loki paused to admire, he still felt an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness. He was positive that the goblins would withhold all reaction to his born house, but he knew that in their surprisingly large brains, they would forever brand him as the demon of spawn Voldemort.

Immediately after he finished throwing out his most impossibly charming grin and cocky eyebrow quirk, the rest of the team followed he example played before them threefold. Each one of them played before the goblins their most humble and impassive persona's even Thor, who managed to present himself as Heir Apparent of Asgard as well as a humble guardian to his brother, much to Loki's rare surprise and grudging appreciation.

"Lord Loki, I am president Slitnok, I will be your solicitor and financial adviser if you so wish it. It is an honor to be present in your ascendency, the Goblin Nation wishes to help you, though we hope your son's mannerisms weren't adopted from his mother." The middle goblin spoke in a grating monotone, and just like his expression, betrayed nothing. The goblin immediately to the right of Slitnok looked directly at Tony.

"Mr, Stark, I am Rayblad, I will be your solicitor as well as your financial adviser I you so wish it. The Goblin Nation hopes you are like your mother. She was a great asset to our community." Raybad regarded Tony with that eerie impassive stare, and left Tony to mentally sputter in confusion. How the hell was his mother involved with the infamous Goblin Nation. Even the most critically acclaimed curse breakers and spell craftsmen merely wish to meet with goblin representatives. It's a goal largely regarded as a pipe dream. Narcissa had a lot of explaining to do.

The next goblin to speak was the goblin to Slitnok's left,

"Heir Malfoy, I am Blisnok, I will act as the ridge between yourself and the Malfoy family solicitors and advisers. We will have to meet much more often than your companions, but if your father's situation was just as accurate as you say, you shall face the bare minimum of roadblocks." Blisnok spoke in a low droning tone, one that could very well put you to sleep, Bruce even found his lids growing heavy. Maybe he should enlist this guy for 'Hulk Prevention' or something.

"I am on a very tight schedule, and I must begin making moves immediately. Is it possible for the necessary meeting to take place today, as soon as possible actually." Loki's voice adopted a more urgent, yet sweetly lighter tone, so imperceptible that only Natasha, Clint, Draco, and Thor heard- the latter only noticing due to their heightened senses.

"As you wish Lord Loki." Slitnok nodded a Loki, then once at the mortals and god before him, and then at his fellow compatriots.

Draco made it his business to grab Loki's arm as he began to turn on his heel. The mischeif god looked at he short mortal with contempt and confusion flickering briefly across his eyes. He knew nothing of this mortal, other than his kinship with the infuriating Tony Stark, and his status as Heir of House Malfoy, and the mortal knew nothing of him other than his many titles, and even then he was not nearly privy to all. This has to be quick, Draco thought hard as he stared in to Loki's eyes, the pleading glint in his own icy gray, it's wearing off, and I can't falter to hard with the goblins, please. The platinum blond released his tight hold on Loki's arm as sson as he grasped it, but Loki got the message.

"I'll try young Malfoy, in the meantime..." Loki trailed off and clasped the boy on the shoulder, transferring a bit of invigorating energy from go to man. The effect was instant. Draco's increasing pale skin bloomed with healthy color, his sightly clouded eyes regained their lost focus and the heat in his chest diminished considerably, enabling him to stand tall and proud once more.

With lost eyes, the fifteen year old looked at Loki, and almost flinched at the goblin-esk blank expression.

"Do not look to deep into it." Loki spun on his eel and followed a waiting and blatantly impatient Slitnok.

"You alright Drakeypoo?" Tony walked briskly to his godbrothers side, noticing the brief interaction with Loki, and the mortal man knew exactly how difficult Loki could be, especially when meeting strangers. Maria Hill's inability to look straight at a banana was testimony to that. The brunet swung a arm around the blond, steering him into the hall where they would branch of into their respective meeting rooms.

"Yeah, just fine." Draco smiled hesitantly at Tony, shoving him so lightly, Tony almost didn't feel it.

"Even, your um, transformation?" Tony winced a the crass phrasing. He might be an indecent asshole, but even he knew coming of age inheritances, especially the magical creature ones were serious business.

"Yeah, I'm great." This time the smile was genuine, and Draco ducked from under Tony's heavy arm, making his toward Blisnok and Rayblad, his god brother along his side.

NEXT CHAPTER: "Oh, that's cute." His eyes sparkled with wicked amusement, "I assume you'll be registering yourself within the next lunar cycle then. Wizard Toad hybrids should be considered a beast, incompetent as they are."

"Are you kidding me! But-but she never told me anything."

"You can't use magical means to aid him! It will worsen his condition!" She wrung her hands in a painful manner. "Ma'am your son will be fine, Dr. Banner knows what he's-" "Bruce he's doing shaky things!" "Shit!"

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