It was a fine day on the Sunny. The crew members were resting along the deck. Everyone was busied with their own thing. Zoro was in his training room. Sweat dripped down his abs as he trained with his heaviest weights. He grunted each time he lifted the weight above his head. Luka sat across the room. Her eyes were watching Zoro's every movement. She even tried mincing his actions; but she kept tangling herself up.

She tried training with his other weights. The ones she picked up were the lightest; but not to the average human- Usopp. Luka had no problem lifting the weight. It was actually quite easy. She tried this for awhile, but within minutes, she grew bored of it. The weight fell to the ground, and Zoro looked at her with a questioning expression. She fell to the ground and sighed, "I'm bored..."

"Go play with Usopp, or Chopper," he suggested. He, once again, started lifting his weights once more.

Luka stood up and walked over to him. She grabbed his weight; stopping him from training. "But I want you to play with me!" she pouted.

"Can't. I'm training," he said. In order to get stronger, he had to train; even if that meant saying no to Luka. "I will watch you, from here, okay?"

"Nope. I want Zoro to play with!" she moaned. She leaned on his side and let go of the weight. Zoro wasn't quite ready for that as the weight dropped down onto his arm. Luka covered her mouth before she could laugh. But once Zoro grunted, she couldn't help it, and she started rolling on the ground; holding onto her stomach.

After laughing, she sat up with a huge grin. "Now you can play with me~!" Luka cheered. She stood up, and looked at the green-haired.

His face was serious as ever as he removed the weight and placed it back with the others. He should have known it was bad idea training with Luka in the room. He wiped the sweat rolling down his skin, and dressed himself in his plain white shirt. It covered up his numerous scars across his chest. He took a light slug of water to cool down his body. Luka pulled on his arms, dragging him wards the door that led to the deck.

She climbed on the ladder, and placed her feet on the deck. The sun shined on her strawhat and she smiled. "Yo! Usopp! Chopper! We're playing hide 'n seek!" Usopp yelped from his workplace. He placed his tools on the desk, and jumped the rail leading to the deck. The infirmary door opened, and Chopper came running out. His small hoofs clattered across the wooden planks when he tripped over a loose nail. Usopp bent over and laughed, as did Luka. Usopp, slowly, walked over and helped Chopper back on his feet.

Zoro yawned; he was hoping this would happen quickly and be done with it. Afterwards he could take a nap, if Luka allows.

"Zoro say he would be it!" Luka grinned; pulling Zoro forward. Zoro glanced back at her for that statement with furrowed brows. Usopp gulped at the thought of Zoro's means of finding them. He could just imagine Zoro's swords cutting boxes, popes, just to find them. Chopper reached his arms out and squealed. It was nice having someone 'it' since they usually just run around chasing each other.

"Count to 30!" exclaimed Chopper. Zoro just nodded.

He turned around, and faced the wall. Within those few seconds, he cursed ever getting into this. He could never go against Luka; no matter what. It's been like that the first day they met. And now he was cursed for life; not that he dislikes it that much.

He started counting down the numbers. Within seconds, he was already to zero. He itch his head; he could have sworn there were words you was suppose to announce. 'Oh well,' he though; shrugging it off. He walked around the deck; no matter how many right's he made, he always gotten back to the base.

"Mr. Swordsman, maybe you should try a different route?" suggested Robin from the upper deck. She took a slip of her tea and laid it on the table. Her legs were crossed as her eyes stared at Zoro; who grunted and took her advice. The sides of her lips rose and she giggled at the Swordsman.

He opened the door, and tried the inside of the boat. He walked pass numerous rooms before finally opening one that led to the kitchen. Sanji was cooking. He was singing a sweet melody till he noticed Zoro was inside of the room. He chopped the vegetables with a sharp cut, and his movements fasten. "What you want, Mosshead?"

"Nothing, Curly-Brow," he answered back. After moments of looking under the table, and closet; Zoro stared at Sanji. "Where's Luka?"

"She's not in here," Sanji answered calmly.

"It's Luka, she's always in here."

"Not when she's with you..." the blond muttered. With a swift movement, he chopped the lettuce picturing someone's face.

Zoro's face turned red, and soon he was right against Sanji's face. "What's that suppose to mean, Curly-Brow?"

"Just like I said, Marimo," thundered Sanji. He raised his brows and glared that the green-haired.

Zoro's temper rose till he heard snickering coming somewhere in the kitchen. He looked from its source to Sanji; a smirk planted on his face. He followed the light snickers to its source; the storage. Zoro sighed and opened the door. Luka fell onto the ground. She was standing right against the door; since she heard Zoro coming in. Food crumbs circled around her mouth, and Sanji rolled his eyes. She was only in there for minutes, yet she already gotten into the food.

"There, I played. Now I'm going to take a nap," Zoro yawned. He stretched his sniff muscles.

Sanji slashed the potatoes apart, and glared at Zoro through the window; if only glares could kill. "Treating a lady like that..." he mumbled to himself.

"Yeah," Luka yawned, "I'm tired too." She leaned onto Zoro's muscular arms; following him out onto the deck.

Usopp and Chopper waited inside of the cabinet, they felt forgotten. Sanji knocked on the door, telling it was time to come out after the two left.

Zoro choose the closest wall, and leaned his back on it. It might have been uncomfortable, but he was used to it. He laid his arms behind his head, and nodded off to sleep. Luka sat next to him. Her arms wrapped around his waist. She rested her head on his chest, using it as a pillow, and fell to sleep. She laid her strawhat next to her. A white neckband wrapped around as its ribbon; red beads above it. Luka loved that hat, so she kept it close.

The crew members glanced their way; some giggled; Sanji glared. Franky and Brook cheered for them from afar; on the upper deck. Usopp stuck his tongue out at Zoro; the only time he could do something without being attacked. "Left us hiding while you were napping," he mumbled as he walked away.

Once the sun started disappearing, Robin covered them up with a blanket. She chuckled as she walked away from the two love birds. Everyone was asleep by the time the moon came out. Everyone except Brook. He was playing his music in the Bird Nest.

Nobody saw Luka.

She was wriggling around on the deck; she moved away from Zoro when the dreams started happening.

Her limbs thrashed against the wood planks.

Her teeth grind as her head shook.

Horror images crossed her mind and she couldn't shake it off.

Her breathing became harder and heavier.

Her figure began to sweat.

Finally, her eyes opened and she bolted right up. She looked at her hands. Red.

She saw blood.

Fresh blood.

"No...No..." she mumbled. Tears swelled up in her eyes. She shook her head and held her hat close. The images were still there. "No...Sabo..."

Her feet wobbled across the deck as she moved inside to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror; the image displayed back to her, wasn't something she was expecting. Everything seemed normal, but not until you looked closely. Her eyes were red from tears. Dark circles formed under her eyes. Eye crust at the edges of her eyes. Her hair was tangled and unruly. Her fingernails were bitten, uneven; blood formed at the edges.


It was all over her hands.

She turned the sink on, and scrubbed the blood off. But it wouldn't come off. She scrubbed it harder and harder; but it stayed.