"Kid?" a brown haired poked the child laying on the ground. He turned his head and he heard a moan; but it didn't come from the young lad. It came from the over weight crewmate down the hallway. "You still kickin'?" he asked the gray beard.

The old fat pirate looked up from his spot in the hallway and glared at the brown haired. But he soon turned his attention to the kid's body. He could only see Arashi's head from where he was sitting, so he slowly pulled up his weight from the ground and plowed over to his body. He wiped his eyes and his muscles tensed from the movement. They were still sore from the interaction with Luka. He stretched his arms and a frown formed on his face. "Kid! Wake up!" he rolled the body over with all of his strength.

"Why isn't he waking?" the brown haired asked. He looked at Arashi's snoring face and back to the gray beard.

"He was awake! He was chasing after those two kids, if I remember right…"

"He's not waking, though!"

"Where's the captain?"

The brown haired shook his head. He bite his nail and looked down at the fat pirate. "When we all woke up, he was no where to be found. He just disappeared out of thin air…"

"Captain Etsuo?! B-But…!" The fat pirate leaned on the wall. "Both of them…why them two? Captain and his stupid nephew?!"

The brown haired shook his head once again. He had nothing to reply with.

The others in the crew woke up and were surprised by the disappearance of their captain. The First Mate of the ship called for them to land at the nearest island and search for their missing captain. He also demanded for the kid to be look after; who wouldn't wake up no matter what they did to him. He just rested on his bed with an even heartbeat; his face was always smiling. He never smiled before.

And he would never wake again.

Luka looked at the faces of those who surrounded her. Each one held a different emotion from the tale she just recited to them.

She told them of her brothers.

The meaning behind her promise to become the Pirate King.

All throughout it, she held onto her hat. The white sash was wrapped around it like always, and a beaded smile/frown necklace under it. These two things were the most precious to her. They belong to her brothers. It felt strange not having her hat when she was captured, that she held onto it once she woke up.

Zoro's hand applied pressure to her shoulder and she looked up. He nodded her head as if she did a job well done.

"Etsuo…he was the one who had their blood on his hands, and I ended up having his blood on my hands…" She turned away from Zoro and looked at her pale hands.

"But he slipped," Usopp argued.

"He could have chosen his own fate and left go of her hand by choice," Robin added.

"It wasn't your fault," Brook stated. "No one can guilt you into thinking so."

Luka looked at them, "Thanks guys."

Days passed and people were in and out of the infirmary. Luka was slowly progessing by sleeping through the night. She wasn't left alone at all during her recovery. Brook stayed up for the first half of the night; he sang her a song he created to put her to sleep and it worked over and over. The other half of the night, she spent with Chopper, who checked on her, and Zoro who never left her side.

Zoro stayed in the room. Franky had brought him his weights one day, so he trained in the room with Luka. He wouldn't leave her. Sanji had Usopp bring them both their meals; in which Sanji was annoyed by the fact Zoro was near Luka-sama.

After this period of boredom on the ship the captain finally emerge from the room. She sprung out the door and knocked Nami's glass over while doing so. "Ops, sorry," she tilted her head with a wide smile on her face.

Nami's face turned red and she was about to smack Luka, but stopped. "You're all better?" she asked in a calm tone.

"Yep, Chopper said I can leave, but Zoro said Chopper only said so because I wouldn't stop asking."

'Are you ever going to change?' the orange haired thought. She lifted a finger to her chin and looked at the sky.

"Yoi! Luka!" Usopp called and Luka turned at the sound of her name. Usopp ran up to her and their shoulders collide as they both fell to the ground laughing and playing. "I haven't seen you in eighty years!" Usopp cracked with a large smile.

"It hasn't been that long," she pouted. "…Or has it…?"

Usopp chuckled and swung his arm around her shoulder. "Come on to the kitchen! I think Sanji has something for you!"

"What is it? Meat?" she asked. Drool was already starting to form at the corners of her mouth.

Usopp slapped her back, but it recoiled and he hit himself instead. "You have to wait and see."

"I don't wanna wait…" she groaned.

Usopp let out a deep breath and pushed the black haired girl into the hallway. Nami followed them as they went into the kitchen. Luka opened the door, but there wasn't no light on.

"Sanji isn't here," she stated.

Usopp flickered the lights on and cheers were squealed.

"Surprise!" they all yelled. They threw colorful paper into the air and blew horns. Franky pressed a red button and a French horn appeared over his mouth and he blew.

Luka's mouth dropped to the ground. They were all gathered in the room with decorations over the walls. Some wore party gear and cheered. "This is for me?" she asked when her mouth finally went back to it's normal place.

"Yep! It's a party!" Usopp answered.

"For you!" Nami added. She pushed Luka into the room and closed the door. Sanji appeared from behind the counter holding a large cake shaped like meat on a bone.

"For Luka-sama~!" he showed her the cake he baked. He placed the cake on the table and slices it up. He handed her a plate and the biggest piece of cake.

"Lu, I love you."

"I will always love you."

"You're my little sister."

"From this day, we are family."

"You stole Dadan's sake?"

"Luka, pass the marshmallows."

"Hide it from Ace!"

"Aren't you just cute~!"

Luka smiled at those words. A setting formed around her and she looked at her two older brothers. They were older than what she was now. Each of them looked directly into her eyes with a smile. "You did well."

"He means great," the other one countered.

"Same thing."

The blonde looked at Luka, "You have grown quite a lot."

"She still looks the same."

"You're only saying that because she's almost as tall as you."

The black haired leaned forward, "What we are trying to tell you, is others are waiting for you."

"Others?" Luka questioned.

Sabo pointed into the fog and a hand reached out. "Luka? You there?" a deep voice questioned.

"Zoro?" Luka popped up from her seat and went to the hand. In the fog, she could see them. Her crew. The hand pulled her through the fog but she had one last chance to look at her brothers.

"We love you, Luka," they said.

"We found a map!" Usopp excite.

"Let's go and explore!" Chopper said.

They all looked at Luka, and Zoro glanced at her. "Led us there, Captain."

She smiled and raced forward. She felt so light and undefeated.

Luka awoke when she smelled breakfast from downstairs. Brook snored in his chair and Zoro was getting dress. "Awake?" he asked as he pulled on his shirt.

"Yeah," she answered. Out of habit, she looked down at her hands. They were clean as can be. She was unburden now. No dreams of death and despair; only of happiness and meat.

"Let's go down and get breakfast."

The End.

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