Bianca was the one to initiate pulling away for air. She took a deep breath to try and regain her normal breathing pace. She glanced at Rosë and found that the girl was barely winded. "How ahr yew naht–"

"I'm a Posh Totty, love," Rosë cut Bianca off, "Had you thought I'd never done this before?"

Bianca eyes lowered in anger before she dropped her head so she was sucking and kissing along Rosë's throat. "Fuck, Bianca," The Posh Totty gasped in surprise. The older girl undid the first few buttons of the Posh Totty's blouse, trailing kisses down to right about her rose pink corset bra clad chest, where she gently bit and sucked at the skin. Rosë let out a moan at the sensation, causing Bianca to smirk against her chest.

Bianca was about to go about unbuttoning farther down Rosë's blouse, but she was stopped.

By someone opening the door.


Zoë had seen Rosë walk out of the room where the party was being held about five or six minutes back, and at the time she hadn't thought anything about it, assuming she had gone to use the bathroom or something. The problem was, though, she hadn't come back. That's why she was trying to make her way through the pit of St. Trinian's girls that were dancing.

When she made it out into the hallway she inhaled deeply, enjoying the cool air that didn't smell of vodka. She was about to head up to the dorms in search of Rosë when she heard a thud against the door of the broom closet she was next to. She rolled her eyes, thinking it was Chelsea with another one of her boyfriends, hearing a girl's deep sultry voice, "I'm a Posh Totty, love, had you thought I'd never done this before?"

Zoë was about to walk away from the door when she heard the girl in there speak again, "Fuck, Bianca." Zoë's eyes grew wide, and then her face fell back into its cool, emotionless Emo expression. She smirked evilly at thought of outing her rival tribe's leader as a homo. She reached forward and pulled the broom closet door open. Her eyes going wide once again at what tumbled out.


Bianca tripped over Rosë's stumbling back figure and, the two fell forward in a mess of limbs. Their lips were disconnected with a wet smack, and Bianca landed face-to-boob against Rosë. She went about pushing herself up, but was stopped by someone speaking.

"I didn't know you were into girls, Chav?"


Zoë grinned when Bianca froze. The head Rude Girl looked up at her in shock, and Zoë grinned triumphantly down at her. Zoë grew slightly frustrated though, when she couldn't see who the other girl she had been in there with was, because the head Rude Girl's hair/hair-extensions were splayed across the girl's face.

"So who's that you're trying to hide, Chav, hmm?" Zoë went to reach forward and yank Bianca's hair out of the way, but ended up not having to.

The sputtering of someone trying to spit Bianca's hair out of their mouth was heard, and a dainty, perfectly manicured hand reached up and brushed the hair out of their face. Zoë's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped, because now, staring up at her from underneath her rival tribe's leader was her cousin. Sweet, understanding, if slightly spoiled, Rosë was trapped under Bianca, the Posh Totty's lipstick smeared all around her lips and on Bianca's as well, with the first few buttons on her blouse undone.

The three girls stayed in that exact position for two and a half minutes, Zoë's eyes wide, jaw slack, Bianca pushed slightly up on her palms, staring at Zoë in shock, and Rosë pinned underneath Bianca, her eyes on her cousin, worried for her reaction.

After two and a half minutes, Zoë's face morphed into one of anger and she quickly reached forward and yanked her cousin out from underneath the head Rude Girl. "What the hell?" Rosë exclaimed, her face scrunching into pain at her cousin's grip.

"Bee cairful wif 'er," Bianca snapped at Zoë as she scrambled quickly to her feet when she saw Rosë's pained face.

"Oh, don't tell me you actually care for my cousin's well-being Bianca, I know your type. You're in it for the thrill, not for the feelings and affection of a relationship."

"Da hewl?" Bianca exclaimed angrily at the Emo.

"Zoë," Rosë snapped angrily.

"What?" Zoë asked her cousin, wondering how she could be angry at her in the situation they were in. All she was trying to do was protect her cousin. The girl had already been through enough hurt in her life.

"I'd prefer to figure out who is and isn't using me on my own, thanks." Rosë snapped at her cousin.

"But you can't–"

Rosë cut her very angry cousin off, "I get that you're trying to protect me Zoë, and you have no idea how much I appreciate that." She placed a hand on her cousin's shoulder as she continued to speak, "But this is my decision to make, so if I want to be in a relationship with Bianca then by all fucking means I will be." Her tone turned slightly angry at the end. "Okay?"

Zoë's sneer deepened, "Don't say I didn't warn you." she told Rosë before going back into the party.

"Dew yew?" Bianca asked Rosë when she was sure Zoë was fully immersed in the party again, probably trying to rid her brain of seeing her cousin making out with the head Rude Girl.

"Do I what?" Rosë asked confused.

"Wuhn' tuh goh owt wiv me?" Bianca told her.

"Yes," Rosë replied.

They stood their awkwardly for a few moments before Bianca spoke again. "So…dew yew wuhn' tuh goh bahck ihnta duh pah'ty or bahck tuh whuh wee wewr–" Bianca couldn't finish the question though, because Rosë had grabbed her by the collar and slammed her back into the broom closet, attaching her lips back onto hers with fervor. Bianca was going to pull away to tell her to shut the door, but was stopped by the sound of Rosë doing it with her foot.

It was in that broom closet that Bianca and Rosë woke the next morning.

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