It was a beautiful night in the land of Equestria, thanks in no small part to the night time princess named Luna. A light breeze complimented the relaxing feeling going across the Equestria evening. The moon shined bright over the land, the stars twinkled across the sky, and there was a peaceful stillness to the land with almost complete silence. The only sound that could be heard was the light and very pleasant chirp of the crickets, the tiny squeaks of forest critters like raccoons and field mice, as well as the hoots of the owls resting in the trees. Yes, the night seemed absolutely perfect and at peace.

Sadly, the stillness and peacefulness was not meant to last. A shadow moved through the night. Sometimes it moved so gracefully and swiftly, no one would be able to see it. Other times it seemed the shadow moved in a very deliberate way as if it were trying to see if a stray pony that was up late and walking around would be able to see it. However, no such thing happened and the shadow was able to move through the darkness without incident. It wouldn't have mattered either way really. There are not a whole lot of ponies that could match powers with the living shadow. For you see, this shadow was much more than it appeared to be.

This shadow didn't move around freely for no reason. No, this shadow was alive! This shadow was a living being. But not just any being. But one who once wielded great power as both a tyrant of a king and one of the most powerful magic wielders of Equestria. This being was thought to have been destroyed and sent to the pits of Tartarus after he was shattered and blown away by the power of the Crystal Heart, powered by the happiness of the residents of the living shadow's former kingdom, the Crystal Empire. But somehow, someway, he survived and was now traveling across Equestria unnaturally fast. Faster even then the fastest known pegasus. Yes, this shadow moving like it was on a mission was none other then the evil unicorn, King Sombra! The dark and sadistic Sombra had managed to pull a jail break thought impossible to pull off.

But not before he manged to find out about a group of some other kind of prisoners. Prisoners so powerful and mighty that even Tartarus itself could not hold them and so were forced to be held captive in a separate prison built especially for them. Sombra had learned the location of this prison and was on his way there with the intention to release the prisoners. Why bother to do it? For these simple reasons. Sombra originally still sought to be the undisputed ruler of the Crystal Empire But he realized that twice he was overthrown due to the assistants of outside forces. The first time being the added aid of the sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and the second time being a whole group of ponies, two of who became the new rulers of the empire, along with a baby dragon who played a major part in Sombra's second crushing defeat.

So Sombra felt the best way to make sure no such outside forces interfered with his plans again was to eliminate every single possible entity of power in Equestria that could come to the Crystal Empire's aid. But then he realized if he did that, he could also most likely take over all of Equestria with little to no opposing force in his way. So once he found out about these 'extra' special prisoners with their own prison, Sombra felt they would be the proper tools to carry out his plans. True at first they will run wild, completely out of control. But Sombra feeds off the evil in the world and gets his power from the misery of others. Once these mysterious prisoners spread enough of both evil and misery, Sombra was confident that he would become powerful enough to control them. As King Sombra continued on his path, it eventually took him past Las Pegasus, away from land, and out over the ocean. This was intentional, for King Sombra's examination on the legend of these prisoners revealed that their specially built cell was hidden at the very bottom of the ocean floor.

No, it was actually beneath the ocean floor itself, where it was suppose to be hidden from anypony finding it. Too bad no one ever thought of an evil overlord finding the records of it locked away somewhere in the pits of Tartarus. Somepony might ask why the records were there. But if they learned that it was the warden of the number one prison in the world (Tartarus) that helped create this hidden prison, then they would know it would make sense for the constructor to keep records somewhere. It was true that the Tartarus warden had a hoof in making the special prison for the prisoners along with the old order that ruled over Equestria long even before the reign of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

King Sombra dived beneath the ocean waves and traveled as fast as he possibly could to reach the bottom of the seabed. Once he reached it, he manifested his horn out of his shadowy figure and into a physical form and used it to scan for the magic seal on top of the prison that kept the prisoners from escaping. It had been enchanted by all the members of the old order, including the Tartarus warden, who was the only surviving member of that order. Sombra finally found the seal when it began emitting a blue glow from the sandy ocean floor which clashed with the green glow of Sombra's horn. Through his shadowy form, King Sombra let a satisfied and very sinister grin spread across his reforming face. King Sombra proceeded to use his weakened magic to absorb the magic implanted in the prison seal. As he sucked all the power out of the seal, the barrier it emitted over the buried prison structure got weaker and weaker. While King Sombra's power got stronger and stronger from absorbing the magic out of the power source and into his horn and to an extension, his whole body. This went on for a long time, the sand that covered the top of the prison being swept away by the beam of magical energy being transferred out of the seal and into King Sombra. Once it was all finally over, King Sombra hurried as fast as he could to get to the surface.

He felt his inner organs starting to reform. This included his lungs, which right now felt like they were on fire. Sombra started to cough and gag on the ocean water being sucked down his throat. His sense of urgency increased and made him speed up all the way up to Mach one, which resulted in him busting through the water in a big splash. Sombra took in a breath of fresh air. His desire for destruction, revenge, and domination had almost cost him his life. But it didn't and that was all King Sombra cared about. He took a quick look at himself in the reflective water surface. On the inside all his parts were reforming, on the outside, only his head had reformed. The rest was still all shadow.

But this would soon be remedied. By feeding off the evil spread by the inmates Sombra had just giving unsupervised parole to, he would eventually get his whole body and full power back. And then he would launch his campaign to gain full control over the land that is Equestria. It would probably be a short while until the special prisoners fully awakened and realized they could run free. So until that time, Sombra decided he would lay low. As he hurried back towards the mainland, King Sombra couldn't help but let out a small, quiet, evil chuckle.

"Sleep well, Equestria. For it will be the last peaceful sleep you'll ever have."

And with that statement, King Sombra continued on into the night.


Princess Celestia laid in her bed, tossing and turning, and turning and tossing. Obviously her sleep was not a peaceful one. Instead it seemed incredibly restless. It was as if despite her eyes being closed for sleep, an outside force was penetrating the barrier between sleep and awake and was calling out to Princess Celestia. It was as if to inform her of an impending tragedy. A looming doom. An unavoidable catastrophe. Starting with a sudden and enormous change in the balance of power in Equestria.

It became such a shift in power that it hit Princess Celestia like a wave of flames. It shocked her out of her sleep, her eyes shooting open before she sat up in her bed and let out a scream. Still extremely startled, Celestia looked around her dark room in panic and yes, even fear. But much to her relief, there was nothing there. Celestia lowered her head as she did her best to catch her breath. She was trying to slow her heavy breathing and fast heartbeat when the doors to her room swung open, letting in a bright light.

"Sister, what's wrong?!" asked an alert Luna as she and several of the royal guards hurried in.

They started scanning around the room for signs of a break in or a struggle. But there wasn't any. Everything seemed normal. Except of course for the alicorn princess lying in her bed with a look that indicated she was scared half to death. Luna ceased looking around the room, leaving it to the guards, and walked over to her sister's bedside when she saw her distress.

"Are you alright, my sister?" Luna asked in a soft and concerned voice.

"I- I am fine, sister Luna. I... I just felt...something," said Princess Celestia as she got up and out of her bed and started walking to her bedroom window.

It took up almost the whole wall space and gave the ponies in the room a good view of the starry sky. And right now Celestia was looking at that sky as she dwelled on what she just went through.

"Something? What, my sister? What did you feel?" Princess Luna asked as she walked up to her sister's side and joined her in looking up at the sky.

"I'm...not entirely sure, Luna. It felt as if... As if somehow there was a major change in the flow of Equestria's magic aura. Like a great deal of good magic was converted into dark magic and because of that...something is about to happen. As if... as if..."

"As if something born of dark magic was coming to Equestria to continue the aura shift?" Luna supplied.

Princess Celestia looked at her sister with surprise.

"How did you know?" Celestia asked.

"I felt it too, sister Celestia. I felt it deep within my very being when I heard you scream, as did several of the guards. We feared for you and rushed in. But it is true, Celestia, I felt the same thing as you did. But what does it mean?" Princess Luna asked, the concern apparent in her voice.

Princess Celestia didn't speak for a little bit. Instead trying to think of a way to answer correctly. For some reason, it didn't come to her right away. But she did finally answer honestly.

"I don't know, my sister. I really don't know."

Princess Celestia again looked up to the sky.

"But what I do know is if this shift is powerful enough that two beings such as ourselves felt it, then most likely we'll have to prepare for a conflict of epic proportions. The likes of which I myself have never experienced in my life. Despite not knowing exactly what's coming, we must ready all of Equestria for what will happen."

"But how do we start, Celestia?"

"We start by gathering all the other heads of Equestria for an urgent conference. Can you begin preparations right now, Luna?"

"It will be done."

"Good, that's a start. First send out the summonses, everything else will be discussed when they get here."

Princess Celestia continued staring out at Equestria, her anxiety increasing.

"I wish I knew more of what this impending threat is. But until it reveals itself, all we can do is brace for the impact it will make when it does."

CHAPTER 1: Rejection:


The Pacific Ocean. The largest body of water on the planet, even covering more than half of it. Yes it is was very big and yet was very mysterious. Despite all the great explorers and thrill seekers who have traveled across or into the great Pacific Ocean, we humans as a race still no even less about it then we do about outer space and its many worlds. A fitting comparison since many who have traveled to the ocean depths say parts of it are like visiting a whole other world. Indeed, despite all the facts we have learned and the vast amounts of marine life we've discovered, nine tenths of scientist say there are still several more secrets in the Pacific Ocean waiting to be discovered. And right now, a ship full of people was trying to find one of these secrets.

"Sir, we've reached the location of the wreck," said Jessica Riley, the ship's navigator.

"Thank you kindly, Jessica," said Jack Conrad, the captain of the ship.

He looked to Akane Tishigawa, the one chosen to lead the salvage team.

"You hear that, Akane?" asked jack.

"Yes, sir. My team is ready to dive," Akane replied.

"Then go and meet your team. They're waiting for ya by the sub," said Jack.

Akane smiled before saluting and saying, "Yes, sir."

Then she was off. Akane made her way off the bridge, through the halls, and out onto the ship's outer deck. She then made her final approach to a submarine resting on the deck that had several people around it prepping it for underwater travel. All that is, except for three, who were just standing next to it and watching as Akane lightly jogged towards them.

"Commander on deck!" one of the three people said.

Afterwards, the three saluted their superior officer.

"At ease," said Akane.

The three lowered their arms and waited for word from their commander on the upcoming away mission.

"Alright then. Now you all know why we're here and what we need to do. You've done missions like this several times before both with each other and several different people. So this should be a walk in the park for you and I expect no less than your 'A' game on this mission just like all those times before. You understand me?" said Akane.

"Yes, ma'am!" the three said at the same time.

"Good. Sarah, you ready to ride?" Akane asked her pilot.

The tom boyish Sarah Robertson had a confident smile on her face to match the confident words she spoke.

"Aw, yeah! Ma'am, yes, ma'am! I've studied all the controls for this sub model just to be sure I'm ready and used the simulator also to be sure. And now I'm a hundred percent confident in myself."

'So what else is new?" asked Akane jokingly.

In all seriousness though, Akane always respected Sarah for her great determination and willingness to do almost anything. Even some things most men won't even dare to attempt. After the brief talk with Sarah, Akane moved on to Tom Porter, the sonar operator.

"How about you, Mr. Porter? You ready to dive into the deep?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'm ready, willing and able," Tom replied.

"Good," said Akane before she moved onto Jefferson Rose, the tech. officer.

"And you, Mr. Rose, how does the sub's technological layout look?"

But then she realized that the supposed tech. expert was not paying attention to her at the moment. Instead, he held up a small mirror, making many faces, most of which were smiles, admiring his features.

"Oh yeah, you are without a doubt the most beautiful officer on the ship," Jefferson said to his reflection.

What happened next was Akane slapping Jefferson's hand, making him drop his mirror as he yelled out, "Ouchy!"

Jefferson grabbed his hand and looked to it before looking back at Akane.

"What do you think you're doing?! You could've seriously bruised my hand and ruined my side career as a hand model!" Jefferson whined as he inspected his hand.

"Hand model?" asked Sarah and Tom at the same time in confusion.

"Well...future side career," Jefferson said in embarrassment.

"Okay, I wont hit your hand anymore," said Akane.

"Aw, thanks, boss-"

Jefferson was cut off by Akane's hand slapping across his face.

"YOW!" Jefferson let out as he grabbed at his face.


"Shut up and pay attention, rose bud! You are not hear to orgasm at your own face and prep for the covers of 'Play Girl' and 'Fag-Man Magazine'! You are hear for two reasons and two reasons only! First, you were suppose to examine that sub's technology so that you may learn how to use it, and look for any preexisting errors that may need attention, and to be ready to fix anything that may break on us while we're down there! Two, actually doing all that after examination when we need you to do it! The first is not optional, because you cannot do the second without doing the first! Which is why you're here in the first place! Now have you done it, girly face?!"

"Yeah, yeah, okay, Akane. Chill out," said Jefferson as he looked through his note book.

"I studied all the circuits and controls from top to bottom."


"Everything seemed to check out. Oh, except for a small detail. The second light on the right doesn't always turn on when the switch is flipped."

"Have you taken care of this?" Akane asked.

"Oh yeah. I found that giving the control panel a light smack will make the light go on if it doesn't at first," Jefferson confirmed.

"Oh really? Really? Seriously, 'just smack the panel', really? Is that you're well thought out and scientific opinion as an expert tech. officer?" asked Akane in a some what snide way.

"Hey, boss, technology is like the children of the world. We have to take care of it, nurture it, help it along as it grows and evolves and give it a little smack when it misbehaves," said Jefferson.

Akane rolled her eyes.

"Look, I'm no expert, but usually when things aren't handled properly right when they need to be, they get worse. Are you sure the light will be fine?" said Akane.

"As a certified chief, technological officer, I guarantee it. Besides, it's a light. What, is it gonna lead to? The sub blowing up? I mean, come on. Relax a little," said Jefferson.

"There'll be time for relaxing once this job is finished," Akane replied before she started walking towards the small submarine.

"Fall in behind me, single file," Akane ordered.

Her crew for this upcoming mission did as she commanded, running up and forming a single line that moved to their intended vessel. Each crew member took their turn walking up a ladder built into the side of the submarine that took them up to the sub's hatch, which they then climbed into so they could enter the deep sea vessel. Once inside, the hatch was sealed up and the crew got into their seats at their respective stations. Sarah Robertson in the pilot's chair, behind the control wheel, Akane Tishigawa in the high chair a few feet behind Sarah's where a captain or commander was meant to sit, Jefferson Rose took his sit behind the control panel for the submarine, and finally, Tom Porter took his sit where the sonar was located.

"Status report," Akane ordered.

"All piloting controls are on and functioning properly," Sarah reported.

"All systems at my station are a go," said Jefferson.

"Sonar's also working efficiently, ma'am," Tom reported.

Akane pressed a button on one of her chair arms and spoke into a microphone that was also built into the arm.

"This is Commander Tishigawa, currently in command of Sub 4 8 5. We are ready for lift and drop whenever you are." The voice of the crane operator came over the sub speakers.

"Roger, Commander, lifting will commence immediately."

"Understood," Akane replied before switching the communicator off.

Then as the crew fastened themselves into their seats, they felt the pull of the sub being pulled up by the metal cable attached to the top of the sub. The cable was supported by the crane that was currently being used to lift the small submarine off the deck of the ship and over the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Then the sub was slowly lowered into the watery waves below. And then it was off on its salvage mission, through the piloting skills of Sarah Robertson, who took it down into the deep of the ocean. She was added by Tom Porter's constant watch of the sonar screen that would tell them of any big objects, incoming, outgoing, or laying still on the ocean the sub got deeper into the water, the environment around it got darker and darker.

This was Jefferson Rose's cue to turn on the lights. He flicked the right switch, but as expected only three of the four lights turned on all the way, with the fourth blinking a little before the light completely faded away. Commander Akane Tishigawa looked over to Jefferson's station to see if he was really just going to smack the control panel like he said. Jefferson didn't disappoint as he did in fact lightly slap his hand on the top of the panel. Akane looked out the through the glass into the underwater world which was now better illuminated since the fourth finally light shined on. Akane turned to Jefferson who gave her an 'I told you so' kind of look. Akane simply rolled her eyes and went back to looking out at the world of the marine life.

Jefferson was surprised out of his gloating by a sudden spark popping out of his control panel. He would've fell out of his seat if he wasn't strapped in. Akane's gaze shifted in Jefferson's direction when she heard the sound of the spark going off.

"What was that?!" Akane asked in alert.

"Oh, uh... it was- Uh... Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing to worry about at least," said Jefferson.

"Are you sure?" Akane asked skeptically.

"Hey, who's the tech. officer here? You just go back to doing... whatever it is commanders do and let me handle the technical jargon. Okay?" said Jefferson in a very cocky manner.

Akane chose to ignore the brash and arrogant young technician. She's worked along side several others before and will probably work along side several more before retirement. Some of them had similar personality traits, in that they were full of themselves. But this was the first time Akane actually worked with Jefferson. She had worked with the other two on a few jobs, but never before did she work with Jefferson Rose. Probably because he was relatively new to the organization they all worked for. This organization specialized in salvaging sunken items and artifacts. They've been hired to handle several salvage jobs, even some for the U.S. Navy (off the record of course) that they didn't have the time or man power to handle. And this was one of those jobs.

Yes, the ship and crew above and submarine and the mini crew controlling it were hired out to salvage a naval submarine that was sunk in a training accident and lost for the longest time. But then the ocean trench it resting at the bottom of was discovered. And it is that very same trench the sub controlled by Akane's crew was heading into. As the submarine began to descend, Akane looked over to Tom's station to speak to him.

"Tom, is there anything on the sonar yet?"

"Nothing yet, ma'am."

But then suddenly, the sonar screen started beeping as a small blip appeared.

"Wait, I think I've got something!" Tom said excitedly.

"You sure?" Akane asked, her excitement also starting to rise.

"Yes. According to my calculations, the length and mass of the appears to add up to the speculated length and mass of the sunken naval sub," Tom affirmed.

"Coordinates?" Akane asked.

"Due east, on the side of the trench wall. About forty feet from our current location," Tom replied.

"Sarah, take us that way," ordered Akane. "Yes, ma'am," said Sarah.

She tried turning the control wheel. But for some reason it didn't move easily. As if it were sticking and stalling. She had to struggle with it for a bit. But she did eventually manage to budge the stubborn wheel and made it turn, thereby making the sub turn as well.

"You did say everything checked out, right, Jefferson?" asked Sarah.

"Hey, I'm certified in this eh... technological stuff. I'd think I know if something was fine or not. I already showed up the commander once today. Don't let yourself fall into the same category, babe," Jefferson replied.

Both Akane and Sarah glared at the arrogant, young man for his egotistical words. But they decided not to make a big thing of it and instead focus on the mission at hand. The sub made its way to the east side of the trench as Tom's sonar readings had specified to do. As the sub got closer to the stone sea wall covered in moss, coral among other things, Akane again turned to speak to Tom.

"Well, Tom, are we still on the right course?"

"Uh...a little to the left," said Tom.

"Make it so, Sarah," ordered Akane.

"Yes, ma'am," said Sarah.

She turned her control wheel slightly to the left to move the sub into the right place. Again the wheel stalled. Not as bad as before, but it stopped turning and had to be slightly forced three times this go around.

"Okay, we should be getting a visual confirmation right about..." Tom let his words hang for a moment before finishing. "!"

His sonar readings turned out to be accurate, as the sub's lights that had been shining across the trench side fell on what looked to be a partly damaged navy war submarine much bigger then their own tiny vessel, and of the hunter-killer design. The same kind of navy sub that sunk and disappeared. The same kind of submarine Akane's crew was looking for. Akane switched on her char arm's built in communicator and spoke into it.

"Captain Conrad, this is Akane Tishigawa, commander of the away team in search of the submarine, Titan. We found it. I repeat, we found it."

"This is Captain Conrad, I read you, Commander Tishigawa. We have confirmed your report and are prepping a salvage vessel to retrieve the sub now. Good work to, all of you."

"We're sending you the sonar coordinates right now," Akane said to the captain on the other line.

Then she turned to Jefferson and said, "Make it so, Jefferson."

"Aye, aye, captain," said Jefferson as he punched in the command to his console to copy Tom's sonar readings.

Then he would send them to the ship above them. But it turned out that things would be that simple, for after Jefferson punched in the commands, the console buzzed in alert and words appeared on the attached monitor that read, 'ALERT, SYSTEM ERROR'. Jefferson repeated the command sequence and got the same result. Jefferson did it three more times and got the same result every time. Jefferson growled in frustration and slapped his hands down on the control panel. The result was several sparks popping out of the console, the last one being the biggest. While all this happened, Jefferson had unbuckled himself from his seat and rolled over the chair arm, onto the ground.

Akane also unbuckled herself from her feet and hurried over to the control panel.

"What's going on?" she demanded.

"I don't know!" Jefferson admitted as he scrambled to his feet and hurried over to the smoking and sparking control panel.

"What do you mean you don't know? You said you checked everything out before we departed!" Akane screamed frantically.

"I did! ... Sort of."

Akane turned to Jefferson, staring at him in shock.

"Sort of? Sort?! What the hell is sort of?! Damn it, Jefferson, I thought you were suppose to be a certified tech. officer!"

"Look, I lied on my resume, okay?! I lied about my expertise and forged references because I needed a secure job."

Akane's anger reached its boiling point to the point where she couldn't stand it anymore. After Jefferson poured his heart out, Akane plowed he fist across his face, knocking him to the ground. All Jefferson could do was look up at Akane with the look of a boy caught in a lie by his parents, while also holding a hand over the spot on his face where he was hit.

"You bastard! You put all our lives in jeopardy by saying you're something when you're not! You're nothing but a fraud! And you lied for what? To get more money than the average working person?! You disgust me! I oughta kill you!"

After Akane shouted out that last sentence, Tom was put on the alert, making him unbuckle from his seat and hurry over to keep Akane separated from Jefferson, holding her back from the fallen liar revealed.

"It isn't worth it right now, Akane. It isn't worth it," said Tom.

Akane looked directly at Tom's face. She saw that he was pleading with her through his facial expression and his eyes. Akane calmed herself down and nodded her head in agreement.

"Okay, Tom. I'll get a hold of myself. I'm calm now, so please return to your station," said Akane.

"Yes, ma'am," said Tom, before walking back to the sonar area.

Akane looked at Jefferson, who was still on the ground, a look of guilt on his face.

"Be sure that you will face judgment for your deception. But not now. No, for right now, me and my crew have to cover your mistake," said Akane before returning to her command chair.

"Sarah, it's too dangerous for us to stay down here with our equipment going haywire on us. I want you to steer the sub back towards the surface, next to the ship and out of this trench," Akane ordered.

"With pleasure, ma'am," Sarah replied.

She then tried pulling the control wheel back which would send the sub propelling upward. But it was revealed to Sarah's agitation that the wheel was sticking again. She tried pulling on it harder, which did not work. She tried again and got the same result. Sarah tried several more times with more aggression in each pull, while letting out grunts of aggravation. Despite her persistence, none of her attempts at releasing the wheel were successful. After fifteen or so tries, Sarah tried turning the wheel to see if she could move it that way. It turned out the wheel wasn't able to move that way either. Sarah let out an exasperated grunt as she threw her hands up in the air and then slammed them back down on the wheel.

"Commander Tishigawa, I'm sorry to have to tell you this. But the wheel is stuck. It won't budge at all. I tried pulling it back, pushing it forward and turning it, but nothing worked. I'm afraid without a working wheel, we're stuck," said Sarah.

Akane looked over at Jefferson, who had crawled over into a corner.

"Nice job again on your ever so thorough inspection, dip shit," said Akane.

Akane while feeling the stress of the situation, she kept herself calm enough to try and think of a solution to what was going on.

"Oh no, we're not stuck," said Akane.

She switched on her communicator and spoke into it.

"Attention, this is Commander Akane Tishigawa in charge of the away team. Our tech. officer is a fraud and all our equipment is failing all around us. That includes our control wheel. We strongly request you bring us up via the crane," said Akane.

The response was immediate.

"This is Captain Jack Conrad, we're going to bring you up a-sap!"

"Thank you very much, captain," Akane said into her communicator before switching it off.

The crew waited for a minute or two before they felt their submarine being pulled up by the cable that was wrapped around the top of said sub.

"Don't worry, everybody. That crane is made of very strong steel and I guarantee it'll be able to get us back up to the surface with no problem at all," Akane reassured those around her.

Fate however was about to prove the commander wrong. As the submarine was getting pulled up towards the top of the trench, it found itself starting to scrape along side the trench wall. This started rocking those inside.

"Keep calm! As soon as we get some distance between us and the wall, it'll stop," said Akane.

But again, fate was not on he side. As the sub was dragged along, it hit the bottom of a loose rock in the wall. The force of this conflict made the rock slip a little out of its place and completely blocked the sub from going up any further. Instead it dropped down a little until it was caught by a part of the wall, trapping the sub in between the loose rock and the trench wall. All this made those inside the sub really nervous. Scared even. It didn't help that now red lights were switching on and an alarm was blaring.

"Oh my God, we're gonna die!" Jefferson shouted out.

"We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die! We're gonna drown and die! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna-"

"Shut up!" Akane screamed.

"I think he may be right, Akane," said Sarah.

"Don't encourage him, Sarah," said Akane.

"No, look," said Sarah as she pointed at the top of the window.

Akane walked over to the front of the sub and followed where Sarah was pointing. She ended up seeing water trickling in through a break in the metal frame that was holding the glass in place. "Oh, no. What are we going to do?" Sarah whispered with a break of fear in her voice.

"With how little water is getting through, this wont kill us," said Akane.

"No...we'll run out of air long before anything like that can happen."

Before Sarah could react, Tom Porter's voice called out, "Commander!"

Both Akane and Sarah looked over to the sonar station. Tom continued, "There's something coming this way! Something big. Something fast. It's coming towards the entrance to the trench! Ma''s even bigger then a whale."

Akane and Sarah looked out to see if they could spot whatever it was that was coming towards them. At first all they saw was the blue of the ocean water. Then there eyes adjusted and they saw all the contents of the trench. Then they saw the top of the trench, but nothing that looked like it was coming towards them. But then both girls screamed out in terror when they saw it coming towards the mouth of the trench. At first it was swimming. Then it landed on the seafloor just before the drop of the trench and walked a few steps closer.

Tom and Jefferson walked to the front of the submarine to see what it was that got a scream out of their two female companions. What they saw made them want to scream too. Instead they just stood there trembling, eyes wide with fear, trying to make some kind of noise, but were gagged by the terror they felt from the beast, the creature,.. the monster that they beheld. standing just outside the trench was none other then the mighty Apex Kaiju, Atomic Saurian and Monster King himself, Godzilla!

"Aah! It's Godzilla!" Jefferson called out before he start screaming like a nine year old girl.

No one could else could respond or react in anyway as they all seemed frozen in fear at the awesome sight of The King of The Monsters. The legendary kaiju had his arms to his sides. Unusual since usually they're held up so as to be ready to grab, punch or claw anything at anytime. Also, from his actions, especially in his head and neck, it seemed like Godzilla was searching for something. He seemed to be scanning through the trench on the outside looking in. His search seemed to come to an end when he stopped and then turned his head a little bit back the way he just looked. His eyes ended up falling on the submarine. At that moment, everyone felt as though they were about to relieve themselves right then and there.

Then again, the sight of Godzilla staring right at you would probably terrify any person to that point. It was at that point that Godzilla took the opportunity to lift his head into the air and let out one of his loud and mighty roars made of legend. At that point, the crew of the sub all lost it. They started screaming, crying, backing away from the front of the sub and scooting towards the back.

"He's seen us! Godzilla's seen us and he's gonna kill us!" Jefferson screamed out.

Their high fear and anxiety wasn't helped by the fact that after he got done roaring, Godzilla pushed himself off the seafloor and let himself float down into the trench on a course that would take him right to the sub. Once he was close enough, Godzilla shifted his body and landed hands and feet first into the side of the wall and climbed up until his face was directly in front of the submarine. None of the crew knew what else to do except express their fear through more tears and screaming.

They were all so busy doing this that none of them noticed that the look on Godzilla's face was less menacing and more curious and possibly even...concerned? Godzilla's head titled to the side as he tried to get a better look into the sub through its glass viewer. His curiosity seemed to disappear altogether once he saw the terrified humans inside. It almost seemed like the fear they were exhibiting was increasing the concern on Godzilla's face. He reached one hand towards the sub and scooped it up. While he didn't know a whole lot about humans despite living with them the first few months of his life, he was pretty sure that they couldn't survive in an ocean environment or any big water environment like he could. Then why were they down here in the first place?

Godzilla forced the question out of his head for the time being. He knew what he had to do. He let himself float back away from the wall and began to swim up ward as fast as he possibly could. While he may be slow and lumbering on land, through water he was faster then a cheetah running at full speed. Up, up, and away he went, out of the trench, through the ocean water, straight on until his head and upper body sprung out to the surface in a bubbling and foamy wave of water. Godzilla let out a roar, announcing his presence. And oh yes, the people on the ship all took notice. They all let out either gasps of shock or screams of terror.

The only one who didn't scream or shout was Captain Jack Conrad, who instead looked on in disbelief at the amazing might that was Godzilla. No one had seen this Godzilla since 1995 when his father, the last Godzilla melted down. Everyone thought this Godzilla had died that night at the hands of the evil, sadistic monster that was Destroyah. But instead, the power released by his father absorbed into him and transformed him into a full grown, living breathing Godzilla.

Since then he had seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. But now, here he was...and he was holding the submarine of the away team in his hand! The captain saw this and reacted with more alarm then he had before when Godzilla appeared. He's got my people in his hand! Literally he holds their fates of whether they die or not in the palm of his hand! I can't just stand here! I've got to rescue them! But how? Jack thought to himself.

While the people on the ship were screaming like they were about to meet their maker, Godzilla examined the ship for a little bit, then shifted his gaze to examine the submarine in his hand. That's when he noticed the cable connected to the top of the sub. He grabbed the cable in his other hand and stared at it in curiosity. Godzilla pulled on it a little bit, making it lift up out of the water. He pulled it toward him some more until the cable was completely out of the water and saw that it was connected to the crane on the ship. Godzilla was then able to put it together that the submarine was most likely meant to go back on the ship. Godzilla dropped the cable and proceeded to make his way towards the ship.

The people reacted by screeching in fear and started running towards the opposite side of the ship, some even jumping over the rail. Godzilla reached the side of the ship and then gently placed the submarine on the deck of the ship. Godzilla examined the sub one more time before he used his fingers to scissors the sub's tip and then pull it off. Everyone inside the sub was huddled up in fetal positions and shivering, expecting Godzilla's hand to reach down for them. No

such thing happened though as time went by. Then more time went by and still nothing happened.

Akane took notice of this and opened her eyes and looked up to see Godzilla staring down at her and her crew. While he was still an intimidating sight to look at, she noticed there was no intentional menace etched across his face. Instead it seemed as though...he was trying to soften his expression. His eyes seemed to be trying to do some sort of...puppy dog look. Also, instead of his arms being lifted at his side like they usually were, he dropped them to his sides. And instead of his loud terror inspiring roars Godzilla was letting out low and soft growls and roars, barely opening his mouth as opposed to when he opened it wide to show off his fangs. It was as though...he were trying to communicate! Akane didn't know how to react to this. But her face revealed surprise. Godzilla's hope seemed to rise when it looked as thought he may have made first contact.

But those hopes were shattered when a bright projectile came shooting out of the sub and hit Godzilla directly on the end of his snout. Godzilla looked to see Jefferson holding a flare gun up at him.

"You ugly monster! Go away and die! Leave us alone, go drown in a ditch somewhere and die!" Jefferson shouted at Godzilla.

The Kaju King looked back at Akane and saw that her realization had been replaced by confusing, indicating she didn't know what to make of the situation or how to proceed. It would seem that any hopes of first contact between Godzilla and the human race as Godzilla was hoping for were now lost. While the flare didn't hurt him in the slightest, the message was pretty clear to Godzilla. He was not wanted here. Godzilla looked around at all the people that were staring at him like he was the devil incarnated, feeling their hatred and fear irradiate off them and in his direction. Then Godzilla started to slowly turn away from the ship until his back was to it. Then he started to move away from it, out into the open ocean. But then when he was ten feet away, Godzilla looked back at the ship. The shame and the sadness on his face should've been plain to see. Instead, the people kept their same hate filled looks on their faces. Finally Godzilla turned away and dove into the ocean and swam off into the lonely darkness of the watery depths.

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