It was cold, freezing in fact, which was on top of also being dark, damp, dismal, abysmal, and overall incredibly frightening. King Sombra, or at least the shadow that used to be him, knew right away exactly where he was. He knew that upon instantly being vaporized by Godzilla's beam, he had been pulled all the way back down to his father's domain. He had felt the amazing force of the pull when he was dragged all the way back into the realm that was Tartarus. This time, however, instead of landing in the priority prisoners block, he had landed in his father's actual living quarters, which terrified him beyond belief.

The shadow pony that used to be King Sombra was just starting to turn his head to the side, trembling all the while. All of a sudden, several super sharp ended hooks on the end of chains came flying from all around. Sombra screamed out as he felt them all dig into his disembodied soul and began tugging on him from different directions. The shadow pony was propelled up in mid-air by the painful hooks and chains that pulled on him from every angle possible.

Some of these bounds seemed as though they were pulling themselves, while others were actually being pulled by something else. Sombra could tell because he heard the low growls emitting from the beasts that held his chains and pulled on them so hard. He also saw their red glowing eyes before actually seeing the outlines of their bodies. He could not believe what he was seeing, but those who had him hung up so painfully looked to be super muscular bipedal wolves. This only served to make the situation that much more frightening for the once great pony.

"Hello... my son," a voice called out from the darkness.

"Oh, no," King Sombra whispered in a trembling voice.

A dim, white light suddenly appeared from above, the source of which could not be seen. The ceiling of this dark and cold area was too high up to be seen, if it was there at all. The light gave everything a very light blue tint and seemed to make the place even colder than it was before. As Sombra shivered and trembled, he looked ahead and spotted the almighty ruler of Tartarus stepping out of the darkness and into the light. His white, emotionless face was just as terrifying and intimidating as it had ever been, not helped by the black armor and robes he wore.


"I'm afraid so, Sombra," Haden replied. "You went to all the trouble to escape my realm, my clutches... and it culminated in you returning back to me." The white alicorn couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Tell me... how did you think it would all turnout for you in the end? Hmm? You've tried many a time to become this dark overlord and every time you failed, miserably in fact. You thought it would be different because of the monsters you associated yourself with in this conflict?

"Let me tell you something I've learned throughout my times, young fool. No matter what shape evil takes, no matter how powerful it may appear, there's always a good force even more powerful ready to stop it. It is just waiting to rise up and crush those evil forces, and it will, don't doubt that. Basically what I am trying to get across here, you silly little foal, is that no matter what, in the long run good will always triumph over evil. That, my son, is why you will always be a born failure."

"Guess I inherit my legacy of failure from you, my father!" Sombra practically spat out.

Suddenly a bright orange light flashed from Haden's horn, which caused Sombra a great deal of pain. After the helpless shadow pony screamed out in agony, his father came fast light a swift gust of wind. He got right up in Sombra's face.

"You are not my legacy, boy!" Haden shouted in the stallion's face. "Contrary to what you may think and I implied, you are no longer my son. You lost that honor the day you turned your back on me and what I tried to teach you."

"You mean what you tried to impose on me!" Sombra screamed back defiantly.

With that, Haden's horn began heating up until it reached above nine hundred degrees. He slowly pressed the tip of his horn against Sombra's dark form, which made him scream out even louder than ever before.

"No, Sombra, you will not be my legacy," said Haden. He lifted a fore hoof and waved it around. "This realm will be what I am remembered for. I will be remembered for bringing order to a black pit of lost souls that were worth nothing in life and are worth even less in death."

The growls and barks of the wolves around the two alicorn stallions began to intensify. Both ponies looked around, one in fear, the other with no emotion at all.

"Do you like my new friends?" Haden asked. "These... are the lycans. They were recommended to me by... a mutual acquaintance of ours. And I must say, a great princess who still runs Equestria so efficiently despite all you put it through. They needed a place to belong and I said they could stay here and have the run of the place as long as they kept the prisoners in check and did exactly what I say. Of course, they agreed and now... we're the best of friends."

A small smile of sick pleasure actually managed to crack from underneath Haden's monotone face that had barely shown an emotion in thousands of years. Seeing this just made the whole experience all that more frightening for Sombra. Hr looked to see that the lycans, as his father had called them, were getting closer, working their way up the chains they held on him.

"I shall truly enjoy watching you suffer you little tumor," Haden spat in his son's face.

The ruler of Tartarus looked to the lycans at his left and nodded his head. The lycans obeyed the signal and started tugging harder on Sombra's chains. Haden then looked to the lycans on his right and gave them the same signal, which they also obeyed. Sombra screamed out as he felt the strain on his body from the hooks pulling on him become even harder than before.

"Father... Please..."

Haden growled at Sombra's begging as he made his own hook appear with his teleportation magic. He used a levitation spell to bring it up as close to Sombra's face as he could get without actually sinking the tool into him.

"Don't you dare call me Father, boy!" Haden let out. "You haven't earned the privilege... Now, as we rip you to pieces over and over again for the next several thousand years, I want you to think about something. I want you to think about every life you took, every life you destroyed. Everypony who has suffered because of your sinful actions of the past. Then I want you to ask yourself if it was worth it.

"Before we begin, though, I want you to see something."

Haden turned away and waved a hoof as the glow of his horn intensified. The light around them expanded to reveal a door not too far away.

"What?" Sombra asked in disbelief. His eyes were filled with horror, for he knew exactly where the door led and why it was there. "No, you can't be serious!"

"Oh, yes, I can," Haden said as he turned back to his offspring. "I wanted you to see it up close when the only thing in existence that could bring you back to the world of the living... was destroyed."

"But, Father, what about if you should die while doing your duties here?!" Sombra let out in a panic.

"I will not let that fear control me any longer," Haden replied. "You and others like you held here in this damned place are too dangerous to have something like this door and the camber beyond it around! There's nothing you can say, my mind is made up!"

"No, Father!" Sombra shouted as Haden turned away from him.

A giant beam of attack magic streamed out of Haden's horn and collided with the door, instantly blowing it to pieces. Sombra screamed out as he watched the destruction of the door to the revival chamber. It was completely destroyed, along with any chance of getting into that chamber so a dead soul could return to mortal form. With its destruction, Haden turned back and stared at his son as hatefully as he could.

"Now, my son, prepare yourself," said Haden. "For we will tear your soul apart!"

The hook propelled by Haden's levitation magic sunk into Sombra's cheek and seemed to cause a burning sensation throughout his whole face. As the torture began, Sombra's screams echoed throughout all of Tartarus, as did Haden's laughter.


Godzilla made his way across the sand covered area of land as he headed for the waterside. He had walked all the way from Ponyville where his closest friends lived. They had stopped off there after finishing up at Canterlot so that his friends could finally be home. However, it was also here where Godzilla had made a big decision and was now at the beach to carry it out.

Godzilla was not alone, though, for he was accompanied by his best friend in the world, that being Fluttershy. Despite being home in Ponyville, when she heard the choice Godzilla had made, Fluttershy decided she really wanted to be there. She wanted to be with Godzilla and watch him see his decision through. Of course, Godzilla was more than happy to have Fluttershy along, who he was carrying in his right hand.

When they reached the water's edge, Fluttershy flew out of Godzilla's hand and was now hovering next to his head. They both stared out at the giant body of water that stretched on as far as the eye could see and even further. The entire time up to this point, both Godzilla and Fluttershy had extremely conflicting thoughts and emotions about this. Now that they had come this far, it had not gotten any easier, but they both knew it was probably the best decision.

"So... I guess this is it," said Fluttershy.

Godzilla let out a few soft growls as he nodded his head. Fluttershy turned to Godzilla with a serious look on her face.

"Are you sure this is really what you want?" Fluttershy asked.

Godzilla replied saying that it wasn't what he wanted, but what had to be. He went on further saying he didn't belong in the Everfree Forest. He said that the best place for him to be in Equestria the majority of the time would be the water. He'd still come on land from time to time for visits, but to ensure complete safety and tranquility stays in Equestria, it was probably best he make his home in the sea.

Fluttershy reluctantly nodded her head.

"I suppose you're right," said Fluttershy. A smile crossed her face before she went on. "I'm proud of you for making such a responsible decision. I thought I couldn't get any prouder than I already was, but once again, Godzilla, you've proven you're full of surprises. Like you said, we'll still have our visits and I will always look forward to them because I'll always look forward to you."

Godzilla's smile was as bright as could be because of how happy Fluttershy always made him. He leaned in and started snuggling the end of his snout against Fluttershy's cheek. The pegasus pony leaned into it and responded in kind to the kaiju's show of affection. The two stayed like that for several seconds, basking in the love they felt for each other, like the best friends they were.

After the two pulled back, Godzilla reminded Fluttershy that if she and the others ever needed him, she could always call him with the gift the Cosmos gave her. Fluttershy demonstrated this by singing out the notes she did when the Cosmos gave her the gift. When she did that, a pink light shined around her throat and Godzilla's full, undivided attention was put on said that it sounded like the best song in the world to him and he would always come every time he heard it, no matter what they needed him for.

"Thank you, Godzilla," said Fluttershy. "Thank you for everything."

Godzilla said she was welcome and reminded her that she needs to keep practicing on being braver in the future, even for the smaller things.

"I know," Fluttershy reassured him. "Don't worry, I have complete... a lot of confidence that I can at least try being braver from now on for a lot of different things."

Godzilla said he was glad to hear Fluttershy say this before both he and the pony mare looked out to the ocean once more. Godzilla then said he should probably get going now.

"Okay..." said Fluttershy. "Take care of yourself, big guy... I love you, Godzilla."

Godzilla told Fluttershy that he loved her, too, and requested she tell everyone else back at Ponyville he loves them, as well.

"I will," said Fluttershy. "Now... go on."

The King of Monsters did as his best friend instructed and began walking towards the water. As soon as Godzilla's foot first dropped beneath the waves of the ocean, Fluttershy began lowering to the ground. She didn't come in for a full landing until only Godzilla's tail was still dragging along the beach. By that point, Godzilla was knee deep in the water.

His tail wasn't fully submerged until he had gotten up to his chest in the water. When that happened, Godzilla flicked his tail up, which splashed a lot of water into the air. Some of it nearly hit Fluttershy, who had to dodged out of the way. When Fluttershy looked back to Godzilla, she saw a playful smile on his face. She responded with an amused, yet slightly annoyed smile of her own.

As Godzilla turned away, Fluttershy couldn't help but feel a sliver of sadness go through her. She did her best to fight it back, however, even reminding herself of the circumstances here. Come on, Fluttershy, you know this isn't goodbye, Fluttershy thought to herself. It's just goodbye for now. We'll see each other again. Very soon as a matter of fact.

Fluttershy watched until only Godzilla's head was above the water, which was when he stopped yet again. He turned back to Fluttershy, which made it even harder to fight back against her emotional sliver inside her. As the two smiled to each other, Godzilla raised a hand out of the water and waved it to Fluttershy. She instantly began waving back and called out, "Take care of yourself, Godzilla! Remember, you'll always be my best friend!"

Godzilla roared back in reply, basically saying the same thing to Fluttershy. Finally, when their last parting words and waves were finished, the great Godzilla submerged his head underwater. His back spines still stuck in the air, though as he turned away from the beach and began swimming further out to sea. Fluttershy watched until Godzilla's spikes slowly sank underneath the waves of the ocean.

"See ya next time... our friend, Godzilla," Fluttershy whispered.

With that, the yellow furred, pink maned pegasus pony who was the Element of Kindness, Fluttershy flew up into the air and turned away as she began her long journey home.

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