The Fangirl's Ode to Kenshin

Disclaimer: As much as I'd love to own my own rurouni to cuddle and snuggle and have for myself, I don't own Kenshin. ;_;

Note: This was originally posted to the CSUN Anime Club message board (, in particular on the "Crazy Otaku" forum, where sleep deprivation and caffiene/sugar rushes reign supreme. So... yeah, I started a thread for 'cheesy anime improv poetry', and it has since become a monster beyond my control. (An amusing and funny monster, but a monster nonetheless.) With several of the club members rhyming about Hellsing, I took it upon myself to rhyme cheesily about Kenshin. I liked the end result so much that I'm posting it!

Enough about Hellsing!
Time to rhyme 'bout a new thing!
The man that I love has long red hair
And skills renown 'most everywhere!
Himura Kenshin is his name
(Though as Battousai he gained great fame)
After the war, he hit the road
To try and ease his heavy load
Since he killed a lot of guys
(Many of them twice his size!)
He swore never again another life he'd take
And with his sakabatou he'd make
Other people happy and keep them safe
But then he met this charming waif
(So what, she tried to kick his ass?)
He selflessly rescued the reckless lass
(Try saying that five times really fast!)
And the fake Battousai was revealed at last
And with Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, Kenshin attacked
And really hard, Gohei got smacked!
Never again would a blade he hold
But that's what he gets, for being so bold
After all, you should know that you cannot win
When you pick a fight with my cute Kenshin!

Closing notes: *snicker* If you'd like to read something a _bit_ more serious and non-rhyming, I've also written some other Kenshin fanfiction, including the post-Seissouhen supernatural comedy, "Twisted Paradise", one really angst-riddled POV fic from Sano's viewpoint, and a quasi-not-quite-but-kinda-sorta-angsty POV fic from Kenshin viewpoint. (And I'm nuts. I'm seriously considering trying to take on Aoshi for a POV fic. @_x Ororo... *thunk*)

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